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Fantastic work, so easy to use. Thank you, and all your backers!

Would happily crowdfund to expand this with more cases!

It works, brilliant! Now if only I didn't die so often :D

I get as far as the screen that says "Sounds made with your mouth" and then nothing happens :( Doesn't respond to keys, clicks or gamepad. Running Ubuntu, tried both the Linux and Web versions.

Crashes on when I select "Start" on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 😭

Eagerly awaiting Cozy Fishing! And thank you for making all these other updates to your existing packs in the meantime. The tweaks to fit 16x16 limits for more rigid game engines and tiling tools make life a lot easier!

Sadly I get no text in the menu or dialog bubbles on Ubuntu 20.04. I had a look at settings.json but didn't spot anything relevant. Great concept though!

Hmmm, I get a permission error trying to launch the game on Linux. Any chance you can look at that? The game looks amazing!

System details (the distro is basically equivalent to Debian):

{  "cpu": {    "manufacturer": "Intel®",    "brand": "Core™ i7-6500U",    "vendor": "GenuineIntel",    "speed": "2.50",    "cores": 4  },  "graphics": {    "controllers": [      {        "model": "HD Graphics 520 ",        "vendor": "Intel Corporation",        "vram": 256      },      {        "model": "Device 9d24 ",        "vendor": "Intel Corporation",        "vram": 4      }    ]  },  "osInfo": {    "platform": "linux",    "arch": "x64",    "distro": "PureOS",    "release": "9",    "codename": "amber",    "logofile": "linux"  },

Error message:

May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [INFO] Now running!
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [INFO] Exited!
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [WARN] Exit code 0x1 (1) for (TimeOut_Linux.x86_64)
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [ERROR] Had error: Exit code 0x1 (1) for (TimeOut_Linux.x86_64)
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [ERROR] No messages for standard error
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [ERROR] → Standard error: empty
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [ERROR] → Standard output ===============
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [ERROR]   Found path: /home/user/.config/itch/apps/timeout/TimeOut_Linux.x86_64
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [ERROR] =================================

I got a launch failure on 64-bit-only Linux. Although it looks like you've made a "universal" (32- and 64-bit) build?

Great news!

Do you have time to make beta builds for Mac and Linux? 🙏

Intriguing trailer! Would it be possible to make a 64-bit or universal-Linux build? Some systems don't have 32-bit dependencies.

Now I can't blame the equipment for all my deaths :D

Well done on the jam, well deserved!

I have a 64-bit Linux machine, no 32-bit libraries available, so I regularly install games that fail on launch.

Is this something that Itch can resolve, or is it dependent on the developer? I can't imagine I'll get much success leaving requests on three-year-old games, so is there any way to filter for strictly-64-bit Linux?

Of course all the games I can play are brilliant. Thanks!

Absolutely brilliant!

Great setting, great mechanic. Too hard for me! :)

No Linux version! I should have known!! Please excuse me while I compile my grievances from source.

Another trackpad player here. If there was a keyboard alternative to left-click I think that would do the trick!

Loving it. After the tarot cards are described, the text switches to Cyrillic for a while, then back to English. (Linux version.)

The way you combined the game concept, controls and level design was great!

After getting on to the council, a meeting was triggered where I aided the Comfy Kingdom and the Celestial Kingdom (twice). It's now days and days later. Can I expect any more council meetings?

Thanks again! Even the single exclusion is very helpful. I found one related GitHub issue, and created two others for tracking:

This is really helpful, thanks! I couldn't figure out how to combine exclusions, or use non-tag exclusions, for example a single filter for:

> not tagged pixel-art and not tagged visual-novel and not action genre and not platformer genre

It also occurred to me that OR might be better (quicker?) in some cases:

> genre adventure or genre role-playing

...I'm not sure if building a whole query language is in-scope though :)

I don't feel like playing a visual novel today. Can I browse with a "not tagged visual-novel" filter? Using the client is preferred, but URL hacks on the website are fine.

(Similarly for categories, genres and other features I can browse with regular, inclusion filters.)