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A full version of this game would absolutely include a map editor though. 

Definitely looks like a bug. Sorry about that!

You can press Shit-U in the menu screen to unlock all the levels if something goes wrong.

That definitely seems like a bug :O

Looking forward to seeing you beating them all!

Hey thanks for playing and making this video! It's great!

Thanks for playing! You should be able to lower the resolution from the launcher? That said it might not help cause the game is pretty CPU bound.

We're hoping to do better tutorialization and teaching in-game (it's not THAT hard if we can teach the mechanics correctly) - but if you wanna make videos that would also be great!

The screenshots are mostly from the only (as of now) level with lava: 8 - Furnace for your Foe

Thanks for playing! We'll try and fix these things. Did your progress not save at all? Or just the level when you won and lost at the same time?

Thanks for playing! CPU usage is something we wanna fix, but it's a lot of work so it'll be a while.

It's finally live!

Yeah, there's definitely a lot of work that needs to go into optimizing the CPU usage. It's not a priority at the moment, but definitely something we're aware of. Gotta find ways to get more bugs on-screen! 

Wow! Great video - thanks for playing! You catch on really quick, you should play through the other levels.

We're starting one really soon! Like, this week!

Thanks for playing! Anything in particular you got stuck on at the start? We'd like to improve the tutorialization / on-boarding if we can.

Thanks for playing!

Map editor and survival / sandbox modes is definitely something we'd like to do in the future. A lot of tower defense games do a thing where after you beat a level you can keep playing in a highscore survival mode. Maybe we should do something like that?

Wow! Thanks for playing and making a video! You gotta build more solar panels and capacitors, all your batteries went flat!

Yeah. We're doing a little bit of an experimentation phase at the moment. But different types of enemies are high on our list!

It's all Unity.

Oh no! Is that in-game? Escape is supposed to pause.

Wow! Thanks for playing - I was grinning the whole way through!

Quite a few people are reporting crashes. Sorry about this! If the game crashes can you please send me your output log (or post a link to it here). Logs can be found at Users\UserName\AppData\LocalLow\Free Lives\Second Earth\output_log.txt

Thanks for playing. Sorry about the crashes - we'll try fix them! (Merci d'avoir joué. Désolé pour les crash - nous allons essayer de les réparer!)

Thanks for playing! Future versions will hopefully be more optimized and have more aliens!

Hey there! We're in the process of setting up our Discord - should be up soon! In the mean time follow us on Twitter or Twitch - we've been streaming some development of the game recently.

Merci, nous sommes heureux que vous ayez apprécié!

Not really supposed to be scary. What we really wanted was for the computer to be haunted in some inexplicable way that you can't explain to your mom.  We never got round to fully telling that joke (this is a 48 hour game), but I still think it could be funny if we did it right. Thanks for playing!

Ah sorry about this, the game only works in 16:9. You can't change the aspect ratio but you can change the resolution if you hold shift while opening the executable. Hopefully a lower resolution will fix the issue for your monitor?

Oh no! Anything specific seem to cause this? Or just random?

Woah! Amazing perseverance! 

Seems like you got a tower that was climbable the whole way except for the final block!  The next version of the game will definitely be easier and more interesting to climb. Also gotta make sure you can get up that final block.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback. Anything specific you'd like to mention?

Glad you like it! I've done a bit more work on it recently, adding more levels and things. There will at some stage be a proper meta game.

They can only be placed on existing roads. This is totally not explained anywhere!