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This is a great game, except for the tutorial levels. The switch-pods, the ones that toggle water pipes and platforms, are not very visible. Like in level 5, it kind of blends into the background and can easily be missed. I think they also need a symbol, same as the recharge pods, to make them more cleary visible. Also maybe add texts "press JUMP to start" or "press DOWN to active elevator" or something in the first few levels.

Other than that this is one excellent game, great job on the leveldesign and balancing the difficulty level. That buzz saw level is brutal but very satisfying to beat 😆

Pretty interesting game/experiment. But in the webversion (Win10, Chrome) when you walk straight ahead, it always crashes when I walk into the 15th room. With an error popup "An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See you browser JavaScript console for more info. The erro was: RunTimeError: memory access out of bounds".

I think maybe unused rooms also need to be unloaded or something(?) to free up memory.

This is a pretty good game, but the wall slide/jump mechanic is a bit.. idk.. unreliable? Got 9 flowers, 220 deaths. The ending was a bit underwhelming, could use like a % complete screen or image+text or animation or something.

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Not bad but way too hard. Could be a good game if you could restart from the checkpoints, or else the enemies shouldn't respawn every time you revisit a room. Also it when the game restarts, it doesn't reset the top-down/side layer properly.

Looks like a pretty cool game, except I think it all runs too fast on a 144hz monitor. The guy controls really twitchy and I don't have enough time to find all miners.

Wow, the difficulty is exactly right, but that last part was brutal 😲 Still though excellent game, good level design and animation too, but the last part could use a friends-radar or map or something, my god 😆

I like the teleport mechanics, especially the rotating clock-hand, this is a really cool game.

Excellent game and really good music, I also like the penguin collectables as a bonus. The endgame message is nice, but it could use a bit more than just a plain-text screen imho, like a victory picture or something.

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I agree, I liked the Wii game setup of moving and aiming independently. I'd rather have the mouse cursor always be visible on screen, so the aiming sight not always stick so close to the tank, and the keyboard to move around. Also, the explosion animation (both enemy and player) can have a bit more *oomph, like maybe show it longer or something.

Other then that, this looks pretty dope :)

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Nice game, it's a pretty clever idea. It needs a level select screen though, so you can try to find the ?? level without having to reset the entire game.

Also why are the "start(10)" and "thank you for playing" texts so dark? You can hardly see them

Very cool game 👍 Though it's slightly too easy, the amount of levels is good imho, but the final few levels should be a little bit harder.

I like that it uses the Bejeweled game mechanic in a different way. But wouldn't it be better if the block&player swap places instead of copying the block? Then it's more like in those match-3 games.

On Chrome Windows10, the game loads but immediately after the "made with unity" screen it gives an error Uncaught abort(135) at Error at jsStackTrace (blob:

Pretty cool game, but the difficulty gap between "normal" and "hard" is way too much imho. I was able to finish "normal" right away with just 6 deaths. But in "hard" I couldn't even get on the first platform, let alone the first checkpoint.

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Pretty good game, played it all the way through. One thing though, why do you have to press up on a disk and explicitly save the game? Why doesn't it always save automatically? I got quite a a bit into the game then closed the tab, and had to restart.

How did you release so many games in so short time?; Bobby Jump, Slide Box, Eco Connect, One Screen Run etc. This game Economical 2 and Telepobox are some of your best imho.

Ah I see, come to think of it, I saw it on Reddit not JayIsGames

Very cool game, great animation. But I feel like I've played this game before years ago on JayIsGames, can that be correct?

Cool game, but I just tested it on a 144hz monitor and it's way too fast, like unplayable.

Very cool game mechanic, controls and pixel art also very good. Game overall is imho maybe a bit too easy though

Very cool game mechanic, but the game overall is a bit too easy imho. The controls and pixel art is very good as well.

Pretty cool mechanic, I really like it but the game is a bit too short. Maybe add a deaths counter and a timer for scoring, but definitely try to  expand it with extra levels and challenges

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Great game, but it reminds me of Ludum Dare #29 there was a game with a very similar mechanism called The Sun And Moon by Daniel Linssen :) EDIT: wait actually I was thinking of Outer Bounds

Excellent game and really cool chain-mechanic. The music is very catchy too.

Btw in full screen the framerate drops to unplayable, but that might just be my browser though.

Pretty cool idea and a great game 😃👍 But there is not save-game or level select?

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Another very cool game by havana24 as usual 😃👍 Nice idea but a bit short, could use some more levels.

Also, the 3th or 4th level the first time there is a wall+switch it is solvable without using the switch at all (btw also there's no level indicator or overview screen)

Pretty cool idea, but it needs a few more levels, and maybe a reset button for when you have a bad run :D Btw it kind of reminds me of Economical

Wow, for such a hard game I expected at leats a "congratulation" screen at the end :(

Wow I saw Platfoban on CoolmathGames. Congratulations on this game it's excellent, great idea and execution. But I am completely stuck on level 19. There is a walkthrough video but in it level 19 is a different one, probably from an older version or something? Any hints?

Wow nice one, really cool concept

Nice, pretty cool game 👍 I think 100 levels would be a bit too much, but one more world would be great

Cool concept, but it could use a better tutorial, even just a screen with some text and icons would be enough.

At first I was just placing block to build a path ahead, but then later the guy wouldn't move there. Took a while to figure out that there's really no point in placing blocks that are not adjacent to your character. But why does the game allow it then?

Pretty cool game, but after finishing the gme and looking for the secret I ended up outside the map. I actually was below the game map and there was no bottom. May put spikes as an outside border, so that you reset back to a flagthe. And is it possible to add maybe clouds or stars or something? Then you actually see something move when you fly through the empty sky parts.

Excellent little metroidvania-style game. The end screen could use a nr of deaths and time display or something, instead of just "The End".

Excellent game! Such a simple yet clever idea, nice puzzles too :)

Sorry, no clue how to play or what the goal is, definitely needs a tutorial screen or something.

Excellent game, nice and simple. :) Could use a bit more levels though, like an even 25, maybe with more elements like breakable blocks or on/off blocks or teleporters? Also maybe a level number like "1/10" in top left corner so you know which level you are on.

The rope physics are really cool, but when I have succesfully lasso'd the enemies and then quickly walk around, they don't touch the rope and are freed again. The loop should slowly roll-up or contract once it is electrified imho.

Pretty cool game, it's kind of similar to my game Send In The Clones have you seen it?

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Great music, awesome game idea and excellent execution! :) Congrats on this cool game. You could probably get this published at like CoolMath Games, I'd recommend contacting them.