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This is game is great, very entertaining. But on a failed drift it doesn't show the final time. Even when you have like 3 seconds left, it just stops without fanfare. Also, the shape and sound for the time penalties (red) should be different that a time bonus (green), I kept picking up the red ones thinking they were bonusses xD Other than that excellent game, congrats on releasing it.

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This is a pretty original puzzle game. But I think the user-interface needs some work. I think it's better to hide the SKIP button behind a pause menu, it shouldn't be that big and visible, else players will just skip all levels and won't understand the game. Also it could use a level select screen, so you know how many levels there are, and also which ones you skipped. Still, very cool game.

Great game, but which developent tool or framework did you use to creat this? It looks very cool, was it Unity or C2 or something else?

Also, in Donkey Kong II when the key is in the upper screen and you lose a life, the key doesn't reset back to the starting position. iirc it does on the actual device, both in game A and B.

Interesting experiment, but honestly why not just make it a "regular" steroscopic display with 2 normal images with depth effect? What's the point of the squiggly static texture? I'm familiar with stereoscopic images, but I could only barely see it using the Lite OWL viewer

This is an excellent collection, very professional looking presentation, with the box art and everything 😎👍. Are the games all just simulations, no emulation? I like that you also included some non-Nintendo games, like Bandai and Tomy. I've also created some LCD game simulations, see here

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Sorry I still don't get it, so step 3 is the very first move? So: urldlruurrd ? EDIT wait I got it :D literally a minute later

A very difficult game, but it's a clever idea. I'm starting to think level 6 is impossible. Here's the best moves I could find: ururdldllludrrrllluull

This is  a pretty cool game. But why is the tutorial at the end of a level, not at the beginning? When a player finished a level, they already understand the game mechanic.

Also the clear gems reflecting the beam seems to take different paths depending on where it can go to. This makes it a bit unintuitive imho. It would be better if this mechanic was a bit simpler, i.e. the beam always bends at 45degrees for a clear gem, always straight forward for a red gem.

Cool little game, but I got soft-locked after eating the fish. I ended at the lower-right side of the map, ate the last fish, got bigger and then couldn't move anymore because there was a tree in the way.

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Very cool game, the graphics and music are top notch. The first tutorial levels are good, but imho even the last puzzles are still a bit too easy, could use some more game mechanics maybe, like button to make new bridge appear, maybe a movable floating platform (a canoe?), a trampoline to skip one tile, push crates, removable obstacles? idk

Also, just a level nr in top left corner doesn't mean a lot, players don't know if there are 15, 25, 50 or 100 levels. This type of game could use a level select screen, so the player knows how many levels there are.

Looks cool but I got soft-locked, when you move down to the platforms near the fire-work NPC there's no way to get back up again

The gameplay mechanic of closing your eyes to blindly find the next water part was pretty clever. But the QR scanning  was too gimmick-y, why not have normal hint text-boxes? imho that was just a needless barrier to be able to play the game

Cool game, but there is a typo "yuo" in the ending message

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Cool game, but annoying to play bc the cursor keys UP and DOWN also make the page scroll up and down a bit. Would be cool if you could also control the game with the WASD keys.

(EDIT: wait, the scrolling only occurs with the keypad cursors, not the regular cursor keys)

Really cool game, only feedback is that it can use a level indicator. I mean it's unclear on which level you are, there could be 20, could be a 100. I got to the electricity levels, I kind of gave up after that, was I near the end or halfway or just 1/4th? No way to tell.

Excellent game, got it on Nintendo Switch and played it all the way through,  including both endings. Really clever mechanics and the level design is just top notch.

The only downisde is the game is a bit short, and the pause menu with just tiny icons (no words) was a bit confusing. Other than that alround a great game. I hope there will be some sort of sequel.

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Played and finished it, excellent game. The rain/umbrella/glide mechanics are pretty clever. The end-stretch is brutal though. Also, the ascii graphics are kind of gimmick-y, and might scare away some players. If this was developed as a platforming game with like 8bit NES style graphics, that would probably reach a larger audience. Anyway very cool game idea.👍

I like the music and presentation, but gameplay-wise it's a bit too simple imho.

Do you think the ZX Spectrum could do a version of Liars Dice? They played it in that scene from Pirates o/t Carrribian. There's an online version of it here but it uses lots of AI so not sure if the Speccy could handle it

Not bad, I like the music and the enemy and player animations. However the level design is a bit too maze-like imho, could be use some different tiles.

Also, the impact of the different weapons on enemies wasn't distinct enough to notice the first time playing. Maybe insta-kill same-colored enemies? Or maybe the player could absorb the same colored bullets for energy or something(?).

Wow, this is a really clever game! 😃 Congrats on making this. One thing though, it doesn't display any level nr and it could use a level select screen.

Cool video. I like that it also shows how many levels there are. I was stuck at level 14, and then I though idk if I want to continue playing, maybe there are 15 levels but maybe there are 50 or 100 levels in total. Knowing there are 31 levels is useful, because then the player knows how much more difficult the levels will get.

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Saw this at CoolMathGames, awesome game. I'm stuck at this level (9?), is it even possible?

oo    ooo
oo    ooo
oo    ooo
o  ooooo
oo Xo 
ooo ooX

(also pls nr ur lvls more clearly) EDIT: omg just got it it starts LLL 😅

This is a pretty clever game. imho you should number the levels though, to get a a bit more sense of progress. And also so people can talk about the game more easily, like "I'm stuck at level 4" or whatever

Looks and plays pretty cool, however the savepoints (flame torch) don't work(?). When you've lit a torch and then die, you still go back all the way at the beginning.

Yes it's always 5 differences, but the same photo will have a different combination of 5 differences each round. The included edited photos each have about 16~18 differences but the game will pick 5 at random for each game.

You're right, I hadn't noticed the Endless tag. You can search puzzle + endless but looks like not all devs have tagged their games like that.

Although I still think a tag like "Match-3" or "Tile matching" or "Pattern matching" or something like that would be appropriate. It's hard to pin down Tetris / PuyoPuyo games as a genre, but over the years it's become a genre unto itself.

I think some sort of Endless puzzle tag should be added. I really like puzzle games but imho just the Puzzle tag doesn't quite cover the extensive genre.

Specifically an "Endless puzzle" tag would make the distinction between pre-defined level based puzzle games and random/endless puzzle games, so traditionally the "Sokoban" vs "Tetris" style games, so:

Cool game, it reminds me of Magical Drop, except you can't pick up multiple blocks of the same color. That would be a cool feature to add.

This is a great game, except for the tutorial levels. The switch-pods, the ones that toggle water pipes and platforms, are not very visible. Like in level 5, it kind of blends into the background and can easily be missed. I think they also need a symbol, same as the recharge pods, to make them more cleary visible. Also maybe add texts "press JUMP to start" or "press DOWN to active elevator" or something in the first few levels.

Other than that this is one excellent game, great job on the leveldesign and balancing the difficulty level. That buzz saw level is brutal but very satisfying to beat 😆

Pretty interesting game/experiment. But in the webversion (Win10, Chrome) when you walk straight ahead, it always crashes when I walk into the 15th room. With an error popup "An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See you browser JavaScript console for more info. The erro was: RunTimeError: memory access out of bounds".

I think maybe unused rooms also need to be unloaded or something(?) to free up memory.

This is a pretty good game, but the wall slide/jump mechanic is a bit.. idk.. unreliable? Got 9 flowers, 220 deaths. The ending was a bit underwhelming, could use like a % complete screen or image+text or animation or something.

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Not bad but way too hard. Could be a good game if you could restart from the checkpoints, or else the enemies shouldn't respawn every time you revisit a room. Also it when the game restarts, it doesn't reset the top-down/side layer properly.

Looks like a pretty cool game, except I think it all runs too fast on a 144hz monitor. The guy controls really twitchy and I don't have enough time to find all miners.

Wow, the difficulty is exactly right, but that last part was brutal 😲 Still though excellent game, good level design and animation too, but the last part could use a friends-radar or map or something, my god 😆

I like the teleport mechanics, especially the rotating clock-hand, this is a really cool game.

Excellent game and really good music, I also like the penguin collectables as a bonus. The endgame message is nice, but it could use a bit more than just a plain-text screen imho, like a victory picture or something.

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I agree, I liked the Wii game setup of moving and aiming independently. I'd rather have the mouse cursor always be visible on screen, so the aiming sight not always stick so close to the tank, and the keyboard to move around. Also, the explosion animation (both enemy and player) can have a bit more *oomph, like maybe show it longer or something.

Other then that, this looks pretty dope :)

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Nice game, it's a pretty clever idea. It needs a level select screen though, so you can try to find the ?? level without having to reset the entire game.

Also why are the "start(10)" and "thank you for playing" texts so dark? You can hardly see them