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Wow, really cool game and great presentation too. Two minor points; the green suns level is quite a sudden increase in difficulty. And also, web version doesn't save the level progress?

Really cool game, it's a clever mechanic, reminds me of the floating water blocks in New Super Mario Bros except with a new twist. Nicely done.

It's actually kind of amazing that you found an original spin on the age old platforming formula. I also liked the twist in the middle. Congratulations on making this game, excellent stuff.

Pretty clever game, I like it. But a bit dull ATM, maybe add some color like red/blue pieces. And I would add some more sound effects, like chimes that go higher and higher for every capture, maybe a whiplash at gameover when your piece is captured. Other than that excellent little game.

Excellent game, really interesting mechanic. I would add hints texts, like how to use the sticky lights. Also a bit more animation on the guy, especially a wall-slide animation so that you have a visual clue that you can wall jump.

I'd recommend distributing the game as .zip file instead of .rar

Very cool idea and a fun game. The only thing I would change is the hint "only one ___" to something like "Only 1 button" or "Only one keypress" or something. I would have never guessed it, if it wan't in the comments here.

It's a neat idea. I would add closed off walls, so that the player is forced to use teleport to get to certain coins. Also, maybe give bonus points when the teleport is used for a narrow escape (no bonus points when just jumping around)

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Pretty cool idea and I like the old-school scratch effect. :D Only thing I would change is remove the live hearts, just have infinite retries. In this type of puzzle game, running out of lives and restarting from level 1 is just frustrating imho. Also, more levels, and start with like a really easy one so the player can get into the game.

When leaving a comment on a game, click "Post comment", then realise there's a small typo and you can edit the comment. Why is the comment then marked as "(edited)" even when you edited like within 5 seconds to fix one single letter? You can't even see the edits so what's the point? 

I think there should be a sort of "grace period" like 5 minutes where you can freely edit a comment without it being marked as edited. I understand it could maybe perhaps serve a purpose to indicate an edit after someone else has already replied.  No need to keep a complete paper-trail of every typo right?

I know it's not really important, and other sites like youtube do this too. But I often make typos so yeah bit of a pet peeve...

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Pretty cool game, but I would start with an easier level. Also instead of a palm tree I think a flag or star as exit would be more intuitive. Other than that the graphics are really good for a PuzzleScript game.

It's like Super Crate Box and that's a good thing, fast action and it's controls well. Btw I think shooting enemies while they are in the air should give you more points as they are harder to hit.

The graphics and animations are really good, but the game it's basically Breakout, except with an elaborate start-up sequence. You have to grab the gun, fire the bullet (=ball) and then grab the stick (=paddle).

Also once the crabs reach the floor, there is no way to fight them, if the bullet hits them it's game over.

Really cool game, but there's no progress save? I accidentally closed the page and had to restart from the beginning ;( ohnoes

Nice graphics and music, and also pretty clever idea.

Interesting concept and well presented. However there is not much strategy to the game. When I randomly press press up, down, left, right the blocks will eventually match anyway, even when starting on level 5.

Pretty cool game. Only one thing; when you have selected flag-mode (flag=purple) and then click with the mouse it flips instead of flagging.