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Hahaha, I like how outside your bubble it's a burning pile of books, but inside it's a happy burning pile of books!

If you get caught while hiding behind a rock, you reappear invisible.

Are you sure it's the poverty and such that's got these people down? You sure it's not, you know, the enormous thousand-eyed spider of darkness hunting everyone down?

Fun game. Atmosphere and art are really great.

That's awesome. I'm following tutorials myself right now and the people who put what they've learned out there for free have my highest respect. I've spent ten minutes but I can't find the other game - but it was just blocks that you punch into other blocks that come at you from off-screen.

I killed the last boss(?) without even looking at it from the beginning of the room. Cool music and sound effects. There's a whole lot of tearing between your tiles. 

I got softlock trapped between the old farmer man and a grass pixel. Also I wish there was more... game to the game, and a little bit of natural discovery, instead of "Get ready for this story it's gonna be so epic!"

I will say: the music and the art is beautiful. 

Second game I've seen with this punching mechanic. What tutorial does this come from?

I loved it. Great job on the music, especially. 

Perhaps the jankiest thing I've ever played. 

Neat idea, but the missiles jolt you and make you miss the ball. 

I'm not gonna destroy my mouse button to get through level 2, sorry. 

Don't you think you should have finished this before publishing it?

I have no idea what's going on, but I'm suddenly aroused by and terrified of geometry. 

Poor sanic :'(

Muito diálogo. Sem música. Não consigo ver os espinhos antes que eles machuquem você. E eu caí do lado esquerdo da tela ....

The super frustrating old-school platforming was actually really fun. And the music's beautiful. 

Started off as a neat platformer teat take on that one "unlock everything" Kongregate game,  but then you... don't really unlock much. 

I don't trust this Dr. Dark guy.....

Pretty sweet game. Jumping feels good and the buster cannon's satisfying. Sweet tunes, too. 

What've you got against right-handed people?! 

Little laggy, but pretty fun. 

I mean, I can run Skyrim at a reasonable FPS.

The lag on my spectrex360 makes this pretty unplayable. 

Well, it's a good thing you're not punished for dying. I'd have to say, the ship switching directions makes aiming through tight holes very hard and also less believable, I think. It's also funny that chest size doesn't matter.

I like the floatiness of the ship and the music. Pretty cool.

The jumping is terrible for a jumping game. 

Be more fun if most of the game wasn't just.... trying to hit C again before your double jump ends and falling to your death. It's more memorization than gameplay.

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Itch has many good games. Itch has thousands of terrible games. Itch has many, many games that I never want to play. For instance, if you sort by Windows + Free + Top Rated, many of the top 50 results are gay furry visual novels. That's not my jam. Yes, I could choose "action" or "adventure", but I want to be surprised, and since there are no negative filters, i.e. a way to say what I don't want to see, I have to sift through hundreds of games I have no interest in. 

Even games that I've played before and liked - I'd rather not see them in the results. Sort the Court, for instance. 

So please implement a way that logged-in users can forever hide games. (Negative filters would be nice, too.) Oh, and make it so that you can do this from the search results page.

Thank you.

More fun than a lot of other games I've played on itch.

Should have called this game Memorization Knight.

The lady at the very beginning won't let me leave even though I put on pants.

There's something weird where when I'm flying the page scrolls with the game.......

This was awesome - I want more!

Well. It's cute. And I like an old-school pixel art open style RPG. Killing slimes will always be fun. Of course there are so many things wrong with the game that I can't begin to list them here, but I hope you continue working on it. 

What, no weapons upgrades? Also.... there needs to be a shield pickup for things like the Hand of Fate... 'cus I'm not about to plod through the whole game again to see what's on the other side of that insta-death trick. Other than that - sweet game!

This is pretty cool, but you can't do any tricks!!! And there's that one long pile of garbage that you can't jump over....

I've always wanted to play a crappy Metroid clone with midi classical music and you whip a farmer, guy?

This is dope as hell but it froze on me :(

I want more of this game. Much more. I want more of the antics, and this stupid ghost making me die, and monsters to actually whack with my awesome sword, and 8-bit BGMs, and more powers, and puzzles, and everything! Give me more!!!

This game is INCREDIBLE. This is all I want out of a video game. The concept, level design, and execution of the main mechanic are just A+. I wish I could be a spider all day. Thank you for making this game.

Maybe if there were a reason for me to fight other swords besides upgrading/downgrading for the heck of it? Also the sword swing's path doesn't respond the way I as the player feel it should... it's missing some feedback or this hitboxes are off or something. Like I say I like the concept, but it feels like there's not much purpose to my floating around.

This actually gave me serious Contra nostalgia, but it's FRESH, and the music is so good and the graphics are so... refreshing? it makes me want to get to the next level just to hear/see it.

This is super crunchy and difficult and I really dig it. I wish you could get new weapons. Also, the power ups disappear way too fast. I haven't gotten past level 2 on Normal after 4 tries, but I wish I could see the rest!

This was great! As others have said the jumping feels crisp, and the magic abilities and how to use them is pretty great puzzle game action. It felt a little unfair towards the end of the game when you didn't know what powers you'd need where and had to restart the level, but, overall great game!

I don't know if this game is interesting enough to put up with how asinine the controls/movement is.