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Hi there. I'm playing on Windows. Every "new" game I start, the overworld's chest is still open and portals are still there. I can reset the RNG seed but it's still the same. Reseting the data works.... but then I lose all my hard-earned Lore.

Is there a way to reset everything *but* the Lore? Thanks. 

I just want to stay alive until level 10 before I have to swoop in to save my minion from getting dogpiled by a bunch of OH MY GOD WHAT IS THATs. Or figure out what the stupid runes even *do*. Love this game - thanks for my creepy bedtime entertainment.

Is this 2D Bushido Blade? Hell yes

This was awesome. Lags in the dungeon after a couple bosses though. If there's some kind of memory clean up you could do it would make this game 100x better. 

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Fun. Slows down A LOT after there are ~10 bloodstains on the ground. Be cool if they disappeared after a while to keep the action going.

This game got me so excited to be a benevolent libertarian dictator. However, it soon becomes apparent that there's always  a "best" way to do everything. It would be fun if there were more down-the-road consequences. And if there were a flag to make it so someone you've already seen that day... doesn't show up again. Or, if they do, have them say something unique built off what they said before. ESPECIALLY when your gold is running low. That was frustrating and really destroyed the immersiveness. 

With just a little extra coding and some thought about how decisions could affect the kingdom long-term this could be a masterpiece. 

I should definitely just git gud. However, I feel that - because jump isn't the up arrow and is its own key - I should be able to teleport upwards while holding the right and up arrows. As is, I have to completely let go of the right arrow to teleport up, and it makes everything unnecessarily harder. Ruins the ninja flow.