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Bugged, unfortunately. Used my last shiny health token and got 6 tokens back, paid off death and got a shiny health back, the guard wouldn't stop repeating himself over and over until I placed a coin in the "make it shiny" bucket, then he did the correct dialogue, but twice, even though after the first time I was down to the correct number of tokens, and then death came after me, even though I'd already earned back a health token from him? So I just hit "next" and died.

Awesome idea for a game. Loved it. More, more!

I don't know exactly how this works, but I hovered over a game, pressed "1" on my keyboard, and it's gone. Works perfect as far as I'm concerned!! Amazing job.

I like the camera switch. Thanks for making Kevin beatable - learned a brand new game just by jumping in!

Trying to read through the thread to understand this. Looks cool, powerful.

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I love that there's a [excellent, well-curated] preloaded list of games to hide hahaha. I pretty much have just given up on Itch being usable the way I want it (I have so many games purchased I need to go through, anyways), but I'll try this out and see if it makes the experience better.

Very fun - thanks for not making it too hard :)

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Flappy Bird, meet Slappy Sperm.

(also this game rules)

This is awesome.

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Plenty of them are tagged just fine for my purposes. See below as an example of something pushed on my front page that I would never want to see. I say both exclusion filters and never again button, please.

This was awesome. Reminds me of Bushido Blade. 

Fucking 10/10 masterpiece.

Love it.

This is already pretty damned great. Level 5 is nuts.

Need to reduce the hitbox. Cool game though love me a Contra clone.

Now can I complain about this game?

Once you get past lower-floor RNG hell and get an exploding shotgun, it's basically just knock-off Nuclear Throne, which is all I wanted when I clicked on this game. 

But for the developer himself to 1. first, talk smack, then 2. throw a reddit tantrum over some legitimate criticism... come on man. With a couple YouTube videos a small child could make this himself in Godot in a couple weeks. Maybe not 3 days, but get over yourself.

Shout out to Spirit Lamp for bringing me back here. 

Kinda' sucks that this game is on here. 

I really like this. Great job, and thank you for making it.

Alright, so the CPU on easy is still pretty tough, and maybe I just don't know the controls but: 1) is there a way to scroll the map besides clicking in the bottom-left mini-map? 2) is there a way to select which troops to build without clicking?

I just can't move fast enough to counter the enemy otherwise.

Oh hell yeah! I'm gonna try it out tonight!

Cool. At least with me, with the lag it makes the game basically unplayable.

Also, why are half my shots missing? Is that intentional? I thought maybe I need to actually put the reticle on the zombie instead of overshooting, but that didn't make it consistent either.

Why is the screen shaking...?

Game sucks cry harder.

Once you're past level 5-6 the density of enemies actually gives you a chance to get hearts but you still need RNGeesus. Show me someone that got past level 7 on easy and said "yes this is a good game" and I'll reconsider.

Hi y'all. Can I bump this topic? Site's still an unusable mess. Thanks!

Wow. Most 1 stars I give on Itch are because they're broken, unfinished, unplayable garbage non-games. This one deserves a 1 star because you made me play it. Truly something special here.

Oops, had to shoot through a wall to get to a guy in time, but he didn't drop a heart. Guess I'll just die.

It's randomized, but demands perfect play, even on Medium. My answer: naw, no thanks.

I came :(

I liked it. Good job!

Nice little idea. Needs a score!

You got the graphics down but not more important things like hitboxes.

Pretty fun. Doors are messed up - can go through them and stuff. Neat art style, although it makes me default to 2d top-down to see everything, and I usually don't switch back to regular. 

That was great. Thank you for the fun distraction.

Horror is the worst culprit. Your 90% is not an exaggeration. 2 YEARS on since I made this suggestion, and Itch has become even more unusable. I don't use the site any more - I only play the pop-up suggested game if it's free/cheap and am working my way through a bundle I bought  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have been wanting to play this so bad since you put those videos out! Thank you!

Oh I wasn't joking. It felt like I made the "wrong" choices and ended the night early or something.

This game rules. Super addictive, nice progression, no frills, easy arcade action.

Look at this. The "adventure" tag. Tags are so broken. Please, please I beg you - give me negative/exclusion filters. The site is completely unusable. I don't want to see 10 second horror demos or queer virtual novels ever again. Help me, itch.