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This is awesome.

I would play more of this.

How does itch's algorithm work? This showed up on "new and popular" for me... and it's just awful. Popular how? Number of plays? What about ratings? I don't understand why I was just subjected to this.

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Once the ball gets below a certain height there's no way to recover. Also I re-test this game every time I come to check the comments... I just managed to hit the ball off-screen and am just running around haha.

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I can't get more than 1 hit in. Any type of initial hit I try, the next hit goes so low to the ground that the ball just stops. I've gotten to 4 max... You lose velocity so fast and there's no way to change the direction of the ball.

I mean the racket swing animation is cool but everything else is so broken that this is unplayable.

What an absurd game. I'm not going to put in the effort to finish it, but I like it.

The monkey's descent is only based on his xy-velocity without any natural lag time for height, which makes going around tight u-turn corners especially frustrating. 

This is fun and funny and a great concept for a game - but the physics are absolute horseshit.

Be nice if there was a way to exit the game besides alt-tab'ing out once you accidentally(?) go to the disco and get the credits...


1) It's not clear from the tutorial that you actually have to click *on* the snowball. But you figure that out quickly enough.

2) If you get behind on any snowball, it's pretty much game over. You have to wait for your next punch, and inevitably have to just get hit in the face with a light blue to have enough time for the next snowball.

3) Is there actually enough time to destroy dark blues? I haven't been able to yet.

4) Maybe have a snow-bomb that clears the screen? 

5) Some bumpin' jams would be cool. I like the character design. And the background is pretty. 

It's hard to say, exactly. Extra moves with more snowballs? It's a timing and precision game, whereas I wish it was a twitchier reaction game. 

Hey Simone, Annika, Vincent. This game has potential! You should work on it more and make it more fun. 

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Uh... full screen isn't full screen... can't click the menu. Be neat to see some troops do.. anything. 

The puzzles are brilliant. Imagine how hard they are to solve, and then imagine how difficult it must have been to make them so exacting. This game really is pretty incredible. Complex design with simplicity in execution, addictive, thoughtful, funny, sexy. It's got everything.

Grandma's spine wouldn't let go...

Much, much better. It's mostly about being able to move just slightly faster than them so you can stop and reload. I was actually able to make it to the end of level 1 and see all the cool stuff you put in there (the pools of blood are a nice touch). 

My main problem this playthrough was not being able to do many inputs at once. For instance, I'd hit "right" to pull out my gun, hold it and then press and hold "down" to aim down, and then hit "S" to crouch, but then you can't fire the gun unless you release "right", which is a little unintuitive.

Hey leafo. If you could, please take a look at my previous post:

It would make the site so, so, so much more useable. Thank you.

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Impossible just using keyboard controls. In fact I think I soft-locked it by going tot he right from the beginning... can't fall through platform.  I thought I tried everything, but you have to hit "S" + "Space". Game's still hard as hell the way the controls are. You'd have to memorize where all the zombies are. Edit again: memorization won't even help, because there's a megazombie downstairs of the burning houses who takes more than two shots and who can't be shot from the perch and rips you to shreds. So. 

You can press R to return to the checkpoint.

27.18... seemed a lot shorter. Really fun, very frustrating. Some of the puzzles seem very thoughtful. Amazing job for being a game jam game. Glad I didn't give up!

I was in a bad mood when I wrote that review, forgive me. I've actually fiddled with making a game so I know how much knowledge you have to have in order to pump something this good out in so little time. Like I said, the idea is good and the art and music are cool. 

I only played through once, so I can't speak too much to the difficulty ramp-up. It seemed alright - if you get really good at the sword it probably helps. I used the railgun first because it insta-killed; on another playthrough I'd probably upgrade something else because you don't get enough ammo/I never knew when more ammo was coming. I actually didn't see the ammo counter, totally my bad. 

You can leave the tipping system up. That was unfair criticism. If people like it they should throw you some money. 

On retrospect, I don't mind the pace of the game too much. It just doesn't always feel justified... like maybe his spelunking suit doesn't look heavy enough for how slow every action is. It's like the movement/camera controls in the original Resident Evil... you get the feeling that it's done purposefully for effect, but also it's just so frustrating. 

I like this game more than I gave you credit for. It just didn't solve my bad mood at the time. 


1) You put the "instantly kill myself" button (K) right next to the "fire gun" button (J),

2) You gave the railgun limited ammo, but not an ammo counter, nor do you tell the player this until after they've gotten the first upgrade,

3) Can't hit "esc" to exit fullscreen,

4) You made it double-tap back to turn around, which would make sense... except that you can't fire while backing up,

5) Every action takes so, so long,

6) You expect people to pay $2.00 for this. 

This game is less "horror" and more "horrible."

Shame, because it's a cool idea. 

Twitchy games rule, and this one is great. Imagining the bgm as Elephant Rave's helps you get in the zone. 

Please let me know when it's back up! This game looks very charming :3

Is there any particular reason you didn't allow "W" to be used for jumping...? It doesn't seem to do anything else. And then maybe, you know, keys for grenade and melee too instead of HAVING to use the mouse?

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Is this game... broken? Neither the web version nor downloaded Windows version... do... anything. Stuck on a blue screen with the title.

*Edit: known issue being worked on!

Please turn it back on! I'm looking for free little games to play online with friends, and this is a perfect candidate. Also, I f&%$ing love Advance Wars?!

I liked everything about this game except playing it. Cuckoo Casino is especially tedious. And, where's my chicken hat?! Am I missing something??

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I played this for 3 hours and got all three endings. 

I have to say, this game is totally mesmerizing. I was captivated the whole way through. I love the art style and feel of the game. All of the monsters are so cool, and the music and sound effects are incredible.

That said, I have no idea what anything was about. The "story" is totally off the wall and makes absolutely no sense (don't get me wrong - that's half the fun!). I also must just suck at choosing dialogue, because I got none of the other characters. I also found a ton of bugs... some silly, some disappointing, none really game-breaking. For instance I consumed my two grease magic scrolls and got no spells. 

I'm tempted to play this again to get other characters. That's how good I think it is. Anyways, I hope you fix it up because I think this could be a classic.

Hahaha, I like how outside your bubble it's a burning pile of books, but inside it's a happy burning pile of books!

If you get caught while hiding behind a rock, you reappear invisible.

Are you sure it's the poverty and such that's got these people down? You sure it's not, you know, the enormous thousand-eyed spider of darkness hunting everyone down?

Fun game. Atmosphere and art are really great.

That's awesome. I'm following tutorials myself right now and the people who put what they've learned out there for free have my highest respect. I've spent ten minutes but I can't find the other game - but it was just blocks that you punch into other blocks that come at you from off-screen.

I killed the last boss(?) without even looking at it from the beginning of the room. Cool music and sound effects. There's a whole lot of tearing between your tiles. 

I got softlock trapped between the old farmer man and a grass pixel. Also I wish there was more... game to the game, and a little bit of natural discovery, instead of "Get ready for this story it's gonna be so epic!"

I will say: the music and the art is beautiful. 

Second game I've seen with this punching mechanic. What tutorial does this come from?

I loved it. Great job on the music, especially. 

Perhaps the jankiest thing I've ever played. 

Neat idea, but the missiles jolt you and make you miss the ball.