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Collections also have their own URL.  If you add your NSFW projects to a collection but do not display that collection on your creator profile, I think you could then add a hyperlink to the collection in the text of the page.  That way no titles or thumbnails would appear on the main profile page.

They would still appear under "creator of" in your user profile, though.  I don't think it's possible to alter that list.

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Very somber, but also thoughtful and touching, especially towards the end.  The somewhat melancholy tone and the ethereal atmosphere make this story stand out.

Adorable, wildly energetic, and very very pink.  This was so much fun to play through <3

Beautifully illustrated and deftly written in a creative setting.  There's just enough here for a satisfying look into the world and Maggie's life, and I'd be interested in seeing more.

One small issue: the game cannot be installed through the Itch app.  I think this is because the platforms are not marked for each file.

The conclusion isn't as satisfying as I would like.  I was pretty much making this up as I went along during the jam, so I just decided to leave it a little bit open-ended.  I might revisit these events later on in another game.

Since you finished the game, do you have any feedback on what worked well and what needed improvement?  I mostly only get feedback on the first floor, so I would be interested to hear what you thought about the rest of the dungeon.

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Hi!  Thanks so much for completing the game.  I hope you enjoyed it.

The text after the final boss is the end of the game.  There's only one ending.  I could probably make this a little smoother and more clear than just kicking the player straight back to the title screen, so that it doesn't look like a bug.  I'll give that some thought.

There's nothing beyond that locked door, and there is no way to open it.  When I first designed that level on paper, the layout and events were a little different and you would have needed to explore that area.  As I was working on it, I changed some things around and just ended up not making use of that space.  I left the door there just for fun, pretty much.

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Cool Breakout clone with some fun and spiteful level designs.  The edge mechanic adds some fun chaos that can quickly turn things frantic and kept me paying attention.  The unpredictable bounce angle can be a little frustrating to deal with though.  This is what usually got me killed, especially if the ball was already moving faster than normal.

I wasn't able to clear any levels.  I think extra lives would reduce some of the frustration of dying near the end of a level - maybe 2 extra lives, with bonus points added for each remaining life after a clear?

Here's a very basic solution:

I assume your following behavior already works, and that you are turning the follow behavior on when the player enters the circle collider, and off when they exit the collider.  Create an object layer just for walls and assign your wall game objects to that layer.  While the follow behavior is active (i.e. player is in range), cast a ray from the enemy's position to the player's position every 0.2 seconds or so (you don't need to do it every frame, just often enough so that it feels responsive).  Set the ray to collide with the wall layer and any other layers that should obstruct following.  If the ray returns any hits, it means line of sight to the player is blocked by the wall, so pause the follow behavior.  If there are no hits, line of sight is clear, so resume following.

It looks like a horror game with a small child as the protagonist.  No clue what the title could mean.

This is a pretty fun and very polished coffee-break strategy game.  I really like the clean iconographic aesthetic, and it feels great when your tactics work out just right and you slaughter the entire enemy force with no losses.  The special orders are really satisfying to use and can really turn things around when used wisely.

I wasn't a big fan of the extremely limited movement, as it made the game feel more like tower defense than what I was expecting; this was particularly frustrating when it came to rescuing peasants.  I also found the economy to be very strict, but I assume this is working as intended to put a lot of pressure on unit deployment and dismissal.

I think a possible area for improvement would be in how to play.  I had no clue what I was doing at first, and it took some stumbling to work things out.  There are some mechanics that I'm still not clear on, like how the special orders (e.g. Dragon Breath) are unlocked, how the "reset cooldown" banner works, or exactly what I earned from saving peasants (I think a popup hint said they give you gold, but I still always had virtually nothing after each mission).

Great work!

Hi, can you be more specific about the issue on the help screen?  I tried this myself in the web build, and clicking on the arrows advanced the screen as expected.  I didn't find any dead spots.

I don't think the grey square is a bug on my end, it's just what the canvas looks like after the application is closed (granted a quit button isn't totally necessary for a web build).

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I agree that the Romi POV section was a weak point.  I felt like it suddenly diminished the tension around what Romi was thinking or doing during those few days, when we really should have stuck with Juri and found out along with her.  

Now what I think would be neat would be to see the entire story from the beginning from Romi's POV, after completing Juri's side of it (or even when the existing POV switch happens, to build up even more tension before the climax).  Romi is cool and guarded for most of the game, so it would be interesting to see what is going on behind the mask all that time.  Extra content maybe?  :)

Do you have gamepads or other inputs plugged in that you're not using?  Sometimes those can generate input noise like that.

Beautiful, dark, and unconventional.  Very well done.

The one thing that bothered me a little was the bad ending, which was so abrupt that it felt like an afterthought.

Very well written and relatable with great art.  I do wish the ending was just a little bit longer.

I've been playing around with making games for a really long time, but my first serious attempt at making something was maybe 8 years ago.  I picked an engine that didn't work out very well and bit off way more than I could chew, so the project just dragged on for several years until I got too fed up with it to continue.  I did learn a lot, but it was a disappointing end.

The first game I actually finished and released to the public was for a game jam, which was a valuable experience in learning how to scope and finish a project, even if the end product wasn't worth much.  I've now released five games and am slowly taking on bigger and more complex projects.  My goal is just to make things that I can be proud of and that hopefully other people enjoy playing.

I think your afterword sells your work short.  This is a fantastic slow burn.  Really very well done.

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Very impressive pixel art!  Yulia is a fun character, and I would really enjoy seeing her return for a longer story.

By the way, the game does not install properly through the Itch client.  I think you need to specifically designate the files as Windows and Mac.

Hi there, I'm posting here because comments are disabled on Six of Crystals.  I can't proceed at all in Six of Crystals - Astron just speaks in an endless loop when the game starts.  I also had to get the VX Ace RTP to play - this might be good to explain on the page.

I enjoyed the rest of this series.  I really liked the cute pastel art and the sci-fi theme.  I do wish the entries were longer so that we can see more development between Maya and Luna, as well as more detail about the setting and the many secondary characters.

Great job completing this series.  I look forward to playing 6oC and whatever you make next.

I don't see any major problems with it.  The main thing that might be a little clumsy is this:

The game's idle speed is adjustable. Most players can finish within several minutes, and there is also a speedrun leaderboard.

This doesn't really flow as a paragraph, and I don't think it needs to be in the blurb at the top, either.  It might be better as a list of features, like this:

  • Adjustable idle speed
  • Fast-paced rounds - only a few minutes
  • Leaderboard for speedrunners

Just a thought.  The only other thing that bothers me a little is using the word "army" twice in the second sentence.  Maybe change it to "Recruit and upgrade your troops"?

You have a good start here.  I like that the story starts out fast-paced and that a lot of objects can be inspected for flavor text.  The script is a little rough and could use some proofreading and editing.  Keep up the good work.

Thank you!  I definitely want to make more Magic and Metal in the future.   Let me know if there's anything I can improve on.

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MM0 is a turn-based dungeon crawler similar in style to Wizardry VI.  The scenario pits your party against mechanical and monstrous opponents as you scale (and loot) an alchemist's tower.  Gameplay consists of turn-based combat, dungeon exploration, and a small puzzle or two.  I estimate it should take around 4 hours to complete on a blind playthrough.

This game was developed as part of a game jam last year, then updated several times with new features and revisions.  As of now I consider it more or less finalized.  

I'm starting work on a second RPG similar to this one, so feedback is welcome, especially on the later parts of the game.  Your comments will help me make the next one better.

This is really pretty.

This is really just a demo. I'll try to continue it as best as I can, but if there's no interest, then I won't put effort into something people aren't having fun with.

Honestly, most games don't get a lot of feedback or recognition, just because there are so many of them.  I really think you have to create for yourself first.  Make something that you want to make because you want to make it.  I know it can feel like you're shouting into a void, but like any other hobby, you should do it first and foremost because you enjoy it.

That said, I'll try to give yours a shot when I can and leave some feedback.  I want to be more active in doing that here, but I am recovering from RSI right now, so I can't play a whole lot.  How long is the demo?

If you're looking for general feedback and you have the time, making some small games for game jams can also be a good way to get started.  Jammers tend to be more active in playing and commenting on each others' games, I find.  Plus, it's good practice, not just for making games but also for finishing them.

A very sweet story with heartfelt writing and gorgeous art and music.  I can really relate to the doubts and loneliness of both main characters, and I feel happier for having played it.  Great job.

I only have two little critiques.  One of the piano tracks (the one when Serena first enters the library) is a little overpowering; I found it a bit distracting in the scenes where it plays.  I also think the script could benefit from one more editing pass to iron out some minor mistakes here and there.

These are small issues, though.  Overall, I enjoyed this story a lot.  Again, great job.

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Thank you!

Neat little spooky game.  Nice job :)

If the project isn't fun to work on and you're not satisfied with where it's going, nothing says you have to finish it.  I've written off projects before because they turned into a quagmire or just weren't shaping up the way I wanted.  It's disappointing, but I still learned from the experience.

I didn't finish much of anything until I started doing game jams, which gave me a tight scope and a deadline to work in.  That gave me practice with scoping and finishing projects, which is a skill in itself.  Completing several small projects also let me make mistakes and learn from them in a small sandbox that would be over and done in a few weeks.  Then I do a better job on the next project and the next.  The more games I make, the more comfortable I get with making them, and the more I figure out the styles and techniques that work well for me.

There's no harm in putting it down and trying something new.  You can always come back to it later, if you want.

Fun little game, I really liked the music and Lilly is cute.  Do the coins do anything?

I had a problem where the right and bottom of the screen are grey, and you have some typos on the title screen.  I think it might also be good to make the hit box on the cactus a little bit smaller, since you die if you just barely graze it.

Hello, I'm a solo developer mostly interested in making traditional action and roleplaying games.  I work with Unity and have released five games in all.  I haven't completed any large projects yet, but I'm getting there.  I go by Antiquity in the Itch Discord.

Yes, you should not have any trouble with your saves.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

In-game control help is a good idea, I'll look into it.  The character switching is a bit tricky since the left/right arrows are used to change pages between equipment, spells, etc., so switching characters needs different keys.  Maybe pgup/pgdn could work for this since they're close to the arrow keys.  At one point during development I did have numbered shortcuts - I can't remember if there was a reason I removed them.  I'll take another look.

Input rebinding is on my to-do list, so that should make things easier once it's ready.

Let me know if you complete the game (or if you have already), I'd love to hear your final thoughts.

This is a good start - the idea of just running the hotel is an interesting one and the graphics and music are appealing.  What are your overall plans for how the final game will play?

Small criticism: the protagonist is really slow.  He needs to pick up the pace if he's going to be a successful hospitality mogul.

Is this one still early in development?  I ran around until I reached the edge of the map, but didn't find anything to interact with.

This is an interesting game and I got pretty into it once I worked out the basics, but it's tough to understand at first.  I think it would help a lot to write up some instructions that explain the different symbols and mechanics.  Some of them I figured out, but others like mood I have no idea about.

I also had some trouble moving on the tactical map.  The spot where you have to click seems very precise (right on the gold border?) so I sometimes had to click a lot to move.

Aside from that this is a pretty cool concept and a neat combination of time / money management with the tactical space.  The art and music work well.  I failed miserably after the first week, but I'd like to give it another go with a better understanding of the game.

This is a nice relaxing quest and I had fun playing it.  I enjoyed the peaceful music and the retro 3D graphics.  It reminded me of playing some early MMOs.  Good work!

Glad it's fixed!  I might need to adjust the analog sensitivity on the gamepad.  I'll look into it.

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Which version are you playing?  Does it happen the same every time you start the game?

Also, if you have a gamepad plugged in, have you tried unplugging it?  It could be picking up the right stick.