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These look nice so far, I'm curious if you can make Star Trek-like designs with this (saucers, nacelles, etc).

This is awesome. I hope some one releases a SimCity Social remake (an old Facebook game I loved).

I've never made skins before but I got the general concept.

How do I preview an FBX model with the skin file? Is there a light app that's easy to use to do this? Anyone have any tips or notes?


I like the art style, very EGA-esqu

Looking forward to hearing more about it

Yeah most of those aren't made any more and some only work with 95. I'm not sure how useful they would be these days.

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Looks like ren'py exports to an executable for windows--I think this would fall under maker although it seems borderline.

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I'm looking to see what game makers are out there (for PC platforms). I like discovering new software but it's often complicated by the moe generic terms. For this purpose, I'm talking about apps that let someone make a game, usually of a specific genre, in order to help them make a game for release and am trying not to include apps that let you create content but only for use in said app (although that info is also welcome but less useful). For example, looking for RPG maker and not for Godot, game maker studio, unity, or unreal. The game makers I'm aware of already include:

==For Stand Alone Projects==
(Makers you don't have to purchase in order to play other content--releases as stand-alone)

  • RPG Maker 95 - RPG
  • RPG Maker 2000/2003 - RPG
  • RPG Maker XP - RPG
  • RPG Maker XV/XV Ace/MV/MZ - RPG
  • RPG Maker Unite - RPG
  • RPG In A Box - RPG
  • RPG Paper Maker - RPG
  • Wolf RPG Editor - RPG
  • SmileBuilder - RPG
  • Eclipse Skywyre 2D ORPG Maker - RPG
  • SRPG Studio - strategy RPG
  • Yami RPG Editor - action RPG / tower defense
  • Visual Novel Maker - visual novel
  • Twine - visual novel
  • Ren'Py - visual novel
  • VisualNovelty - visual novel
  • iF Visual Novel Game Maker - visual novel
  • Pixel Game Maker MV - 2D game maker
  • FPS Creator - FPS
  • Black Ice Mod Advanced - FPS
  • Raycast Game Maker - FPS
  • Easy FPS Editor - FPS
  • Mega Man Maker - mega man clones
  • CraftStudio - collaborative 3D game maker
  • SHMUP Creator - 2D shooter
  • Shoot 'Em Up Kit engine - 2D/3D shooter
  • Stratagus/Wargus - real time strategy
  • TilEngine - side-scroller tile games
  • Lugdunon - mini-MMO
  • DotWorldMaker - mini-MMO
  • M.U.G.E.N. - fighting
  • I.K.E.M.E.N. (ikemen) - fighting
  • Adventure Game Studio - point and click

(Makers you have to purchase in order to play other content)

  • PlataGO - platformer
  • Platform Builder - platformer
  • Maker King - platformer
  • Platform Creator - platformer
  • Super Retro Maker - platformer
  • Super Dungeon Maker - zelda dungeon maker
  • Super Voxel World - 3D world sandbox
  • Roblox - game making/sharing platform
  • Core - game making/sharing platform

I don't know much about Cube2/Tesseract but it's not very customizable without programming is it? I can script, sure, but I'm not a game programmer. My hope with eFPSe is I could create retro games pretty easily. I like a lot of its flexibility (room over room, true 3D spaces, no code weapons and enemies, built in custom object editor for angled walls, etc) but it's oddly restrictive in some areas (importing models, no ability to create secrets built-in, doors can only be on tiles with nothing on layers above or below it)

Animation problems:

Trying to define an animated tile such as xwater0 with the frames xwater1, 2, 3, and 4 crashes the editor

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I know right? These models are awesome! Especially if they added simple legs and arms to the exported model.

It's a program called Easy FPS Editor. It's a neat FPS game maker that's no longer updated--I want to import a cube primitive so I can use that for secret walls.

Any plans to save the results to PNG or OBJ/FBX

Yeah, the app I'm using only supports MD3s.

Been having problems finding an online converter or software that's not broken in some way.

I will try Blender. Thanks.

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Hmm. OK. Yeah I tried Maverick Model 3D and Windows 10 did not like.

I will try Blender. Thanks.

I have a need to convert models into MD3 format; I am currently using Kenney's Asset Forge and it does not export to MD3.

I don't really want to start downloading random converter apps online and the online converters only support MD3 -> other formats.

Anyone know of a reputable way to convert OBJ or FBX to MD3? Thanks.

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Interesting. Yeah I found a FBX -> MD3 converter online yesterday and I'll have to try it as a destructible 3D decoration at some point to see how well it works. Otherwise I could just hide items behind destructible 2D decorations. A destructible tile would've been a more elegant solution though. Nice art btw. Right now I'm trying to figure out how weapons work and figuring out the art aspects of them.

NM, it's a bust, it only converts MD3s to FBX or OBJ. I don't really want to deal with Misfit or MilkShape.

Good to know, thanks

Nothing per se, OBJ and FBX formats are just more widely supported.

So all further development with eFPSe is stopped?

All right, since the app only recognizes MD3 for now, I think I'll use 2D decorations for now. Thank you.

Any chance for FBX or OBJ support, or adding destructible tiles, the application?

Catacomb 3D didn't have moving tiles, only Wolf3D did that. Catacomb 3D has tiles that can be destroyed, however. Example here (not my video, but it illustrates the point):

Is there a way to add hidden objects/secret areas?

How about adding a tile that's destructible (sort of like Catacombs 3D?) so you can open up a secret area?

ok, thank you!

the manual says that gives it infinite ammo and makes reloading unnecessary.  Is that not correct?

I'm trying to start off with a simple weapon.

It's a wand that has two graphics, an idle state and a fire state, with infinite ammo and no reloading.

The weapon has max ammo 0, mag ammo 0, damage 10, fire rate 1, bullets 1, reload 1, projectile 512, explosion 0, recoil 1, spread 0, recoil recovery speed 0, ammo in box 0, checked users projectiles, set the idle frame, the fire 0, and fire 1 frames, used a blank image for the projectile and projectile death (again just for testing)--and have it when map starts.

However when I press fire--nothing happens. My test enemy doesn't take damage and the sprites don't change/animate.

Any ideas?

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that is awesome! I wish this was a "full" game! I got full camp in 1:21 after I figured out what I was doing!

funny that you made this with powerpoint!

I tried copying over the tiles.dat into a couple of test projects, there doesn't seem to be any issue and I don't see anything that looks like an ID in the file. Thanks!

Thank you

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I've recreated the custom modifiers I want, but how do I back them up so I can use them in other projects?

Where are they stored?

Nothings preventing me, but I figured I'd ask first--who knows what people have come up with.

I'm jealous of your game's art.

Is there any one that keeps a collection of the custom objects people have made?
Specifically I'm looking for a window-like model like something seen in the game jam game Interval.

What items are the in the sprite sheets? What weapons and ammo types are there?


I figured, but I also figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

If you ever fork or expand it though, it'll be nice to see what's added.

I could see great potential for isometric games if your character creator did the backs of the characters in the same 3/4 view. It would be great since it would show unit facing without any special indicators.

Would you ever consider picking up this engine or a making a similar engine but support multi-player support? It would be fun to run cooperative campaigns.

Regardless, I enjoy using the editor, it's a very fun program!

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Any chance of seeing the packs expanded with walk/attack/death frames? EDIT: I see that you answered this question--but I did not initially see it.

For me, I want something like game maker studio, but with 3d and 2d game support, no drag and drop but code but with a lot of premade functions for common game problems and genres, automated memory management, being able to use zips as resource packs (mount, read, write etc), but no unnecessary components like sprite editors or draw programs (there are better 3rd party apps, I'd rather have the ide focus on easier coding for beginners). Lots of tutorials and templates. Keeping the core of something like GMS, sprites, objects, textures/backgrounds/graphics, sounds/music, rooms with layers, model and animation support (fbx, obj). It has to look nice and be performant. It doesn't have to be an unreal or unity killer. Maybe use a suite of preexisting apps--tiled for various components but optimized to work together