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In that case your best bet would be to contact the support for your antivirus software of choice.

Sorry for the rather belated reply. I refuse to solve Google CAPTCHAs.

Thank you, acceca. :) That was exactly what I meant. I’ll try to be less vague next time.

You’re welcome. And there’s nothing you would need to apologize for. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. ;)

Hello, ZuG0R. Having ”[a]t least one embedded image or video”, like this community’s rules asked for, would not only prevent your announcement from being removed but would also aid the readers in quickly determining if this game might be of any interest to them.

Hello, andre-lima. You wrote “Desktop only, sadly.” - which is a bit confusing to me, since there is no download link. Did you perhaps mean to write something along the lines of “Playable in browser only, sadly.”?

Hello, SpacePupStudio. I just wanted to let you know: There’s a typo in the title of this announcement.

Hello, Just2D team. I noticed your very pretty graphics, but I think it’s a shame that none of the screenshots you used feature any of your writing…

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I wouldn’t mind sharing but unfortunately I don’t know how this works… I was assuming it’s a .css-thingy.

The author of the game I linked would know and based on my past experience with the skilled developers publishing on itch, I’m pretty confident that they would be genuinely delighted to share their knowledge with others - in the game’s comments or elsewhere.

It’s entirely possible that the developer had a different thought process about their tagging situation than me… :/

While I’ve noticed a handful games vanish from itch in my (limited) time, in most of these cases they were either in a prototype stage (pretty common) or legally dubious (thankfully less common). While I can’t be certain, the description you gave made it sound like a game with interesting mechanics - which tend to stick around. :)

I mean no disrespect towards your computer of choice when I say this, but the game being available on Mac will help you to narrow the number of results down in future searches.

Hello, andre-lima. Having ”[a]t least one embedded image or video”, like this community’s rules asked for, would not only prevent your announcement from being removed but would also aid the readers in quickly determining if this game might be of any interest to them.

As someone who uses Windows because I am to lazy to get used to one of the Linuxes, reading “sacrifice some Windows users” warmed my heart and I just wanted you to know that. ;)

And (more importantly) Thank You! for sharing your very detailed insights with the community and coming up with such a snazzy title for it.

A friend of mine plays one of those pay-to-win mobile games that (to the best of my knowledge) uses PayPal. A few months back they told me about their positive experience with a Turk/Turkish(?) guild, so I would guess that there is a way around that…

I’m sorry if I sound ignorant to your situation, but itch adding another service anytime soon seems highly unlikely. And even if they do, it might be blocked in Turkey as well… So your best bet would be to look for a solution yourself. One that comes to mind would be opening a bank account in a foreign country. Doing this might have other benefits for you, and your loved ones as well, if your current government is that controlling of your financial situation… :/

And since we’re talking about this topic: Consider looking into the Tor browser, if you haven’t already.

A good first step would be to have a look at other people’s asset packs. There are several of them available for free, so you can get a very detailed impression of what people would expect from it. (And maybe consider donating to the asset pack that helped you the most…)

A good second step would be to add a space and capitalization to your user name. It will look more professional that way. ;)

If the developer took care of their tagging situation this should help:

I have created a filter based on what we know right now (assuming it was 3D because of the first person, it was free or pay-what-you-want, or otherwise it would be in your library), but it still spits out 255 results. If you happened to have played it on Mac 57 results or 50 results on Linux. Or 201 results on Windows.

Maybe have a look at the Tag Directory yourself and see what else seems fitting.

Unless somebody who played that game as well happens to see this thread, your best chance will be: Going though those 200-ish cover images and hope the one the developer chose was representative of their game…

Much better. Thank you for listening. :)

Hi. I don’t have the headspace to try out your game right now, but in my browser your thread’s title is 3 lines long. Maybe shorten it? ;)

You made some good points. It’s certainly more realistic than every single developer suddenly learning not to put a novelization of their games into the description. ;) On top of that, it sounds like something that could be implemented without too much effort or too many disruptions. (That being said, I have been wrong with such estimations before…)

And just to let you know: The option to display the download button above the game description already exists - it’s just that not every developer takes advantage of it, even if they should.

While I don’t have a Mac, that sounds to me like your Mac is configured to only run software if the developer has paid Apple for the privilege. Since most software available on is available for pay-what-you-want I would not imagine many developers have that kind of money to spare…

With that out of the way: I would imagine that there is a setting somewhere in your Operating System (probably Mac OS or Windows) that controls if software from “unverified” developers can be run/played. (There will be plenty of illustrated step-by-step guides online.)

However(!): Before you change that setting make sure you have antivirus software installed and running. Because changing that setting will allow you to run every piece of software that you can get on your computer - and you can’t always be sure if those programs are what it says on the label.

Well, if it’s “temporary disabled” that implies that it’s both temporary and intentional. Meaning you and everybody else using “this app” will not be able to sign in with Google for as long as it takes.

If you ask me, not having to tell Google when you log in where sounds like quite the improvement. ;)

Thank you for pointing out that possibility. That would explain so much…

(I’ll take a step back from this thread now and see how it develops.)

No problem. And since you took the time to update your post, I took the time to update mine. :)

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Hello, NicoEP. Having ”[a]t least one embedded image or video”, like this community’s rules asked for, would not only prevent your announcement from being removed but would also aid the readers in quickly determining if this game might be of any interest to them. (And yes: I’m sure there are users on this platform who have never actually seen a Pong variant.)

Thanks for taking the criticism well. (Although I certainly would be happier if you updated the post I do respect your decision not to be bossed around by each and every person on the internet that makes a comment.)

For what it’s worth: I remember We Need To Go Deeper from seeing a Let’s Play and thought it looked like an interesting team game to be played with friends - but Steam is still a no-go for me.

Don’t get me wrong: At no point did I suggest you should be content with your situation. I think after over two weeks without a response of any kind you have made the right call by opening this thread. But I think there’s a good chance that employees or volunteers of itch will be unable to help you with the information I am aware of.

I do not think you are crazy or that your internet is “crappy”. Just FYI: With a download of about 700-something KB to 1 MB per second (on good days) my internet is crappy in most people’s eyes. And I just hate to reveal those things, but sooner or later it would have come to this anyway: At the moment I live in Europe as well. So I don’t think that’s necessarily the cause of the issue.

Also: With my limited perspective, this seems like the 6th case this year,to me, so I would not have expected it to be a common problem. Then again: If it’s not too much to ask, poke those people on reddit and other forums to join us here (and maybe contribute to this thread). They already have accounts, so they might as well make their voices heard where there’s a better chance they will actually be noticed by the people they think are responsible.

Unfortunately “they should hire more people” is only a possibility when there is a profit. As far as I know does not have that kind of income. And hosting alone cost them in the ballpark of $30,k per month - and that’s independent from the number of sales made (since there are a lot of games in the pay-what-you-want category that itch host for free). Like you said: There are a lot of other sales platforms available. Itch is not really “big” - it’s just “popular (with some people)”. I don’t think itch see themselves as competition for those stores. (Although my experience with them so far has been better than the one I had with GOG after an equal amount of time.)

And, of course, as a last resort you could always look into what recently bought games you can still get your money back. “I cannot download the digital goods I paid for at in under half a day” does strike me as a really good reason for asking for a refund.

I hope the download issue you and others have gets sorted out one way or another and that you also have a nice day. :)

To be honest, I considered the possibility but I thought a role player would come up with either something better or something stupider. ;)

Hello, awesomesause31. If this game is so much fun, why don’t you tell us about it and show some action filled screenshots?

Hello, Deli Interactive. Concerning your pitch: The game is not so much available on itch as it is available through itch. As far as I can tell from your store page you’re still only offering a version of the game that requires a Steam account.

Hello, James Chip. Just to let you know: There’s a typo in the title.

I have a suggestion about the store page: Consider looking into the (somewhat hidden) “Metadata” tab of your project page. There might be important information missing that players might like to know beforehand or even filter for when looking for now games to try.

Support is currently swamped. There’s a good chance they haven’t read your ticket, yet.

“for people who have questions or need support about”*

A new Tetris. You know: “Just make one of the greatest games of video game history - but fresh…” ;)

Don’t get me wrong: I played a lot of Tetris-variants and other puzzle games in my time. But none of them brought the same joy to my brain as the first Game Boy port of Alexey Pajitnov’s best known game. If I had to name just one iconical game that’s worth rehashing and that people will actually give a fair try, Tetris would be it.