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A game about reclaiming intimacy in the haunted everyday.
A tabletop rpg about Social Justice, Element Bending, and Piles of Dice
A TTRPG of Myth, Mystery and Crime Set in the 19th Century Rural British Isles
A 1920s urban fantasy hack of the tabletop game Blades in the Dark.
A 200 word RPG about visiting somewhere else and leaving a mark.
Tabletop worldbuilding game that creates and solves a conspiracy in a single session
hyper-rushed upload of my funny little mutant game
[PWYW] A game about connection and doubt
A 200 word rpg to be played with your Twitter followers.
A messy winter holiday one-shot for Monsterhearts 2
The premiere tabletop video game developer fundraising simulator
The Kitsune is a Japanese mythology themed skin for the Monsterhearts roleplaying game.
Tell puns! Torment friends! Win prizes!
The Oni is a Japanese mythology themed skin for the Monsterhearts roleplaying game.
A One-shot Powered by the Apocalypse system where you rob a bank
Neighbors band together to uncover the truth of strange events in the area
Members of an ancient, now defunct order combat the forces of darkness
Musicians band together to get their souls back from the devil
Old folks living in a nursing home band together as people start to dissapear
Uncover a baseball pitcher's past in order to discover their future
Mysterious beings scrub the fabric of reality, preserving the status quo
Medics in an ambulance witness a truth as they try to get through the hardest night of their lives
Complete the Magnum Opus. Change the world. Look on your works, and...
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