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Explores honor culture and toxic masculinity an old fashioned duel
Someone must be to blame.
opinionated crows try to solve a mystery
A Freeform RPG Of Karaoke & Revolution
A two-player RPG of lost relationships and public reunions.
A freeform larp-like about carp that might overeat and are maybe magic.
A documentary about alien culture.
One is Adventurer. One is Troll. Adventurers hunt Trolls; Trolls eat Adventurers. Or maybe they never stopped to chat?
A walking around kindalarp.
Trapped in a cabin with horrible people, keep quiet or risk attracting unwanted attention.
Super light larpish Inferno
an experimental scenario with performance art elements
A storytelling freeform game.
an improvised opera
a roleplaying scenario about domestic violence
Pretend to make motorcycle sounds
a roleplaying scenario about post-traumatic growth
a roleplaying scenario about status and voice
Consensus-based, story-focused, improvisational roleplaying
a photography larp for two
Be a squirrel, be a troubadour
A nanolarp for 4 Players and a Gamemaster
A live action roleplaying game of mind bending horror.
A game about covert border crossings, played while on a hike
A three person larp about wrestling and pride by Frankie Garza
A people-watching game where you decide the fate of humanity