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oh, and thank you for the suggestion, I'll try that as soon as I can : )

woah, I thought it only didn't work on chrome : (

welp, it's a flash game, so I guess I can make the '.swf' file downloadable. Could that help?

yep, the whole jumping thing turned out pretty annoying and I should have realized that ^^'

and woah, that winged kobold is receiving way more love than I thought he would! I'm considering putting him on more games since people liked him so much :3 (But I believe most of his charisma comes from an suggestion from the discord of Strange Flesh to give him that pose that he does when grabbing the player with his hook).

And.... yeah, I know that flash is going to be extinct but I wanted to post the game on furaffinity after finished, so I used it anyway XD 

gosh, I'm going to miss flash : (

oh, and thank you for your comment ♥♥♥

Oh, sorry for taking so long to reply ^^

and thank you, I'm really glad you liked  and I'm also really happy with Drax's little run too ♥  (and now even happier since I know someone else liked it )

oh, and yeah, now I've noticed how terrible the jumping is in the game with such a slow gravity

Oh my god, that was so adorable!

I didn't knew I needed more romantic vore stories in my life until now, so thank you, Isy :3

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Everyone is impressed with this gamet, the whole premise of this game is completely absurd and ,for some reason,  the alien inside the ovni is the only creature with a round head.

Loved it, 10/10.

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Gosh, I loved that game = D

Not only are all the aliens adorable but the whole game conveys the idea of "alien" with the lack of genitalia or anything that would be actually considered NFSW. The way that the whole process of discovering what to do to those creatures works like a puzzle that contributes to this friendly alien atmosphere and the pressing segments afterward ccontributes to change the pacing.

Sex with Aliens may not be as horny as other games about touching people and bringing them to an orgasm, but it's way more fun to play than any other game of this genre.  ;  )

(my only complaint with the game would be the repetitive sounds, but they're not annoying to be a problem and they're kinda cute :3 )

Whenever I try to take a picture, instead it shows the message "Error: Failed to copy from image 234 - width,height values must be within the image bounds in main.agc at line 188"  : (