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Hey folks! I'm Felipe and I'd love to get to know more gamedevs against the exploitation and discrimination of animals!

I'm a huge furry and I really hope I can get other furries to really take some time to consider how actual real animals are treated. Also, be careful when looking at my games, they're very gay and very explicit. I do always add the option to censor any explicit stuff, but it sounds important.

I'm very experience with unity, so if anyone needs help with programming, shaders, exporting the game or dragonbones, feel free to ask me.

Well... Fuck, thats not supposed to happen.

gonna try to fix that

Megalobutts is a masterpiece

Oh, thanks for the feedback, I'll check the problems with the text and the freezing.

Also, I can't believe I forgot to make it so you can only add objects inside the range, gonna work on fixing that as well :3

Got it, I'll try to add some keyboard controls to help with that. As for the hearts I guess I could add some way for them to be a little more automatic making things easier to enjoy.

Thanks for the feedback, bulltarot ♥

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funny, I want a tag like that so that I can exclude heterosexual romance from my searches lol

Oh no! Gonna look into that!

Thank you for telling me, wolfegalvin :

Oooh, good point.

Gonna look on how to do that

Oh, thanks for the interest!

Now that you mention it, I suppose the gameplay could be translated by using a finger to move the character up and down while using the other one to press the bonus points with on screen buttons.

I think that could be added on the next two montas :D

Awn, thank you so much! With all the positive reactions I'm getting now I do want to give the game some more polishing and add an arcade mode :D

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oh, I did have fun! Sorry if I sounded too harsh

Played it with a friend whos is into TF over tabletop simulator. We felt like the idea of transformation was lost on most of the game mechanics and sabotages. The use of the gems for making potions and using cards is flavorful but that same flavor is missing from the rest of the game.

Really liked the slightly abstract aesthetics. The zipper section was really cute :D

I love this one. Each level is a little kinky mistery and the visuals are great. I'd say it captures really well the feelings of being a hypnotist 

Hope someday it gets an export button for the spirals :D

Yay, bird ragdoll :D

Posing the character feels really good and the bird is really cute :3

Nice visuals, I love the character designs and the background style!

Beautiful, chill and incredibly innovative.

I may be terrible at it but I love everything about this game

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I love the gameplay, but the way the dicks move like liquid does gives me chills

Cool game :D

Welp, looks like I just fell in love with a giant and kinda cute insect god, that's not something I ever expected to happen.

The insect transformation really does feels eldritch and the beautiful card artwork really helps with that felling, great choice for theme in that. I also love the constant movement on the sprites, though thats just pretty in general.

Oh, I'm glad you liked the little swords! I did take quite a while to get better at it, so I probably need to work on the difficulty curve.

Anyway, thank you for the feedback :D

Awn, thank you so much! I was trying to make some fun dick designs so that the player feels compelled to see the next one XD

And I'm sorry about the monster friend, he'll live forever in our hearts

Oh, thank you so much for the feedback, it means a lot to me, eevee :D

Yeah, now that you mention it I do need to make it so that that strategy is less viable. I'll work on ways to mitigate that ^^

I can't get to the door, my brain is too smal D:

I think that's the cutest depiction of robots I've ever seen

It might be simple, but I feel like it really captures some very nice feelings of folks who are into being vored :D

The game is really cute and I love both the sense of scale and how fullness brings a nice twist to the incremental game conventions

Oh, I didn't think it could be laggy. There is now a windows version for download :D

I have collected 1000 chulas, I don't know what they are but I like big numbers so they make me happy

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Oh, it does involves demons! :D

But in it you're a demon that's fighting hierarchy throught magical challenges. I suppose you could say it's a fighting game, but seen from above and where mostly dicks and hands move. I do admit the premise is a bit convoluted XD

Here's  some gameplay preview with placeholder art ( very NSFW, of course)

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Ooooh, everyone's ideas look so cool :D

Currently I'm making a little game based on frotting and trying to have it work as commentary on violence being seen as acceptable in media while sexuality is frowned upon and excluded from most places and platforms. Right now I have pretty much all gameplay and systems finished, just gotta make the art for it :D

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Is there anything you would like to see improved? Anything you feel is missing? Found a bug?

Whatever is your feedback, feel free to talk about it here 😊

Oooh, good question.

While watersports can be pretty fun, liquid simulation in 2d has shown to be a problem to implement with the current system.

Still, I'll see if I can add that as a possible mode for the game after release 💦

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Hey folks, it's the developer here.

If you have any questions, this is the perfect place to ask 😊

oh, and thank you for the suggestion, I'll try that as soon as I can : )

woah, I thought it only didn't work on chrome : (

welp, it's a flash game, so I guess I can make the '.swf' file downloadable. Could that help?

yep, the whole jumping thing turned out pretty annoying and I should have realized that ^^'

and woah, that winged kobold is receiving way more love than I thought he would! I'm considering putting him on more games since people liked him so much :3 (But I believe most of his charisma comes from an suggestion from the discord of Strange Flesh to give him that pose that he does when grabbing the player with his hook).

And.... yeah, I know that flash is going to be extinct but I wanted to post the game on furaffinity after finished, so I used it anyway XD 

gosh, I'm going to miss flash : (

oh, and thank you for your comment ♥♥♥

Oh, sorry for taking so long to reply ^^

and thank you, I'm really glad you liked  and I'm also really happy with Drax's little run too ♥  (and now even happier since I know someone else liked it )

oh, and yeah, now I've noticed how terrible the jumping is in the game with such a slow gravity

Oh my god, that was so adorable!

I didn't knew I needed more romantic vore stories in my life until now, so thank you, Isy :3

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Everyone is impressed with this gamet, the whole premise of this game is completely absurd and ,for some reason,  the alien inside the ovni is the only creature with a round head.

Loved it, 10/10.

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Gosh, I loved that game = D

Not only are all the aliens adorable but the whole game conveys the idea of "alien" with the lack of genitalia or anything that would be actually considered NFSW. The way that the whole process of discovering what to do to those creatures works like a puzzle that contributes to this friendly alien atmosphere and the pressing segments afterward ccontributes to change the pacing.

Sex with Aliens may not be as horny as other games about touching people and bringing them to an orgasm, but it's way more fun to play than any other game of this genre.  ;  )

(my only complaint with the game would be the repetitive sounds, but they're not annoying to be a problem and they're kinda cute :3 )