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We'd prefer that the game remember what checkpoints we've been to.

Though we understand if that's beyond your skills; Thank you for retooling the save system at all.

All four of the checkpoints we unlocked require a password.
If each one needs a different password, why not have a single checkpoint screen that takes you to a different location depending on the inputted password?

But what even is the point of having checkpoints if we need to remember a password for each of them?

If they all need the same password, why not ask for the password to get to the checkpoint screen, and then choosing a checkpoint takes you there?

But still, why do we need to remember a password?

If this is for windows, the files are not marked as such, thus resulting in us not being able to install with the itch desktop app.

This appears to just be a fake loading screen that never loads…
Are you sure you uploaded the correct files?

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I got to the night of day 2, and as the nightmare of my parents started, got this error;

Upon rolling back, and scrolling back, the error would continue to happen once I tried to pass this screen;

Which is a page or two about the nightmare that caused the initial screen.

Would you tick the boxes for the OS the executables are for in your project's dashboard?
Not a big deal, honestly, since we can download manually. It's just that we can't download the game via the desktop client if you don't, making it just a little inconvenient due to missing out on automatic updates.

It'd help if the game gave clearer instructions, then.

We will try this when we're more awake, if we remember.

Thank you.

Wild Lamia is a boss?

Must be the boss of 0-3, I guess.

It's been a while since I played last, but pretty sure it's the interact button\key. The same button\key you'd use to talk to characters.

Unless you mean digest — in which case it's left shift on the keyboard.

I don't remember which button on gamepad\controller.

Will the sandbox mode work correctly in the next update?

We've never seen it function like the image on its button — going into it just opens a 'normal' battle with one ally unit and no enemies.

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I kind of… fed my entire army to just a few units to try and level them up…

It didn't work…

Edit: I am having trouble woth 0-2 (there is no 0-1), as I can't get strong enough to defeat the boss — was kind of surprised when the enemy scientist assualt pred(?) ate them.

The game keeps locking up.
If a unit looses all its HP while surrounded on all sides, or if the boss gets eaten, the game just refuses to continue.
The music continues to play, as do the digestion sounds if applicable, and you can open the escape menu, but the level must be exited before gameplay continues, making it rather bothersome.

On a different note;
Is there a way to get more units if you feed any to the other units you have?

Hey, we enjoy your games, but could you assign operating systems to them?

When we go to download your games using the itch desktop client, we are unable to, since the client only allows the downloading of executables for the operating system it's running on, and doesn't find any.

This is how the 'pc' version should be flagged when it comes to operating systems if you want the Windows itch desktop client to be able to download it (for execuatables);

Of course, whether you change it or not is up to you.
We just didn't know if you were aware.

Our Opinions of Changes

We recently updated from alpha.7.0.4798 to alpha.8.0 (alpha.8.0.0?)

The Apartment is Gone:
Will it be readded in a future build? I liked how there was a few different things there. And it seemed like you had plans for using a computer, and even a patio. The shower was nice to have, too.

Being Blindfolded Became Boring:
We miss the darkness that was in the alpha.7.0.4798 build. We do kind of like the NPCs being invisible while blindfolded. Having both the darkness and the NPCs invisible would be nice. But if we can only have one or the other, we prefer the darkness effect.

Spotted and Watched Time Counters:
We like these! Not sure if they currently serve a purpose, but we can see them being used to alter the score of different game modes.

Clock Was Removed:
It seems the clock in the bottom right corner that told you what time it was has been removed. Not sure why. We kind of liked it, though.

Anyway, those are our opinions of what we noticed had changed so far. They are subjective, and as such may not reflect the opinions of the majority of the community whom are interested in the game. We are simply posting our own opinions on the changes.

Oh dear, that's terrible.
We hope they are okay, and that they recover(ed).

If we had a large sum of money, we would send them a sizable chunk to help cover the costs of living.
Sadly… The economy is terrible here…

Ah. I thought we read all the rules.
Missed the part about games from certain other bundles not being allowed.
Our bad. Apologies.

You're quite welcome.

We're also glad to see that most endings have the MC realise they were in the wrong. Most stories like this we have played have the MC keep the other characters permanently hypnotised.

However, we a bit disappointed every ending we have reached is kind of sad. Not saying the majority of endings need to be happy, or that a true ending needs to be happy. Just that a lot of the younger generation are in situations where happiness is rare and fleeting, so we hope that if there isn't one already, at least one ending in the future will be happy, even if it's not the true ending (if a true ending does or will exist).

We have some path ideas (not limited to happy or good paths), if you're open to hearing (reading?) them. We can start a new topic for them if one doesn't already exist, if you are interested.

During the Fembot Hiroko Route, there's an option to ask Hiroko to remove her tennis uniform.
After removing it, you bring her to the living room where her character image has the tennis uniform again for a few pages of text before it returns to the undergarments version again.

Nevermind, figured it out.
You hold what is normally run in RPG Maker games.

It's been a while, how do I digest what I eat while doing the stealth mission?

Bug Update:

Now it's happening at the room north of the reception.

Will update next time I have the itch desktop application open.

Thank you for the fast fix.

Game dies while doing stealth mission.
If you talk\interact with the front door, nothing happens.
After talking\interacting with the front door, if you open the menu, the game locks up and becomes unplayable.

Hey, it's been a while. Life takes us all over the place.

Reporting a bug:

Been playing Aeon or whatever the MMO is called, and found a typographical error.

The sixth word should be "just", not "judt", unless we're somehow mistaken.

Is this an enhanced version of Voronica Cleans House, a sequel or prequel to it, or a disconnected (not bound by any kind of continuity) story with the same character?

To clearify:

• The VR link we clicked took us out of the game and to a web page that was for sale; but still in the game window.

• As we were playing from the itch desktop client, and not a web browser, there was no way to return to the game, and had to close the game window.

• Despite saving the game, when we reopened the game, it was the same screen as when we first booted up the game. If there is some secret menu we need to access to load our game, we highly suggest putting the load game option under the new\start game option instead.

As for clearing the cache, how do we do that for your game in the itch desktop client?

Saved the game.
Used VR.
Game opened a dead website.
Couldn't go back (itch desktop client)
Closed game.
Booted up game.
No load game option.

Can this be fixed please?

Non-mini version?
We wish to collab with other streamers… And it would be nice to be able to show the other streamers' own veadotube avatars that respond to their own voices.

If there is no non-mini version, apologies for the assumption.


Should have gone with AGI — the common shorthand for Agility in numerous RPGs. Str, Def, Spe, Dex three-letter shorthands commonly use the first three letters, with the only outliers having the same second and third letters (Atk), the same three letters as another stat (Spc, Spd), or names with multiple words (MDf, MAt, SpA\PAt, SpD\SDf…).

Congrats eather way on becoming Self-suffecient Game Leaders~! 😉

Out of curiosity;
What does "AGL" stand for?


Thank you for the update~! It's very much appreciated.
And this information will help us sort our recent downloads by version correctly.

Today is 2023-01-08 and itch says the html files were updated six days ago…
So what version of the game are we on now

We're wishing for you to get the better pain management you desire.
As for not mattering; you and what you're working on matter to us.
Well, what you're working on matters to at least a few of us.
And while we don't know you personally, reading this makes us concerned for your wellbeing; so we'd say you have importance to us.

We do hope things get better and stay better this year. Sorry it took so long for us to notice this update; the holidays have been a mildly hectic event for the past few weeks.

Is there a way to get all three outfits from when you fashion shopping with your co-worker when working in the bakery?

So, you know the little note icon in the top left that tells you if you have homework?
An android, there's no easy way, at least that we've found, to mouse over it; which is fine for what it does right now, since it gets a little notification mark when you do have homework.
However, the money and day:time tabs on the right side suffer from this, as there's no easy way to pop them open and keep them open for reading on mobile.

We had an idea of combining the homework icon and the day:time button into a single button that uses the calendar icon, that serves the following functions:
• Shows the past month(optional), current month, and next month (month names optional)
• Show's the current stage of the current day via a horizontal line on the current day (at the top is morning, the upper half is "midday", the lower half is evening, and the bottom is night.
• Shows what day homework is due (if you get homework on Friday, it'd be due Monday
• Shows the days you've promised to spend time with people, and puts an icon (perhaps the character's head?) at the top, upper half, lower half, or bottom depending on when you need to meet them.
• An icon in one of the corners of a day to let you know what day you need to buy cat food (when you have a cat).
• An icon in a different corner of the days when the rent is due, that also tells you how much you'll owe.

That is all quite a bit of additional graphics and work, so even if you are going to add it, we don't expect it any time soon. We just have terrible memory and often forget when we've promised to meet someone, and with no way to check, we are prone to set up to meet multiple NPCs at the same time.

We also had an idea to include how much money you have with the rest of your stats, instead of having it all by itself.

Having them as tabs that slide onto the screen is a good idea; but it would help if you tap\click the tabs to have them slide open, which pauses dialogue progression (so tapping doesn't progress the dialogue and auto stops progressing text as well) until you tap the tab at the side of the extended… page? to slide it back offscreen until only the tab shows again.
Which, again, we don't expect to be added anytime soon if you decide to add it, due to the amount of extra work we imagine to be involved with implementing such features.

We (my system) would like to customize employees;
• The details the current first employee creator lets you edit
• Stats
• Species
• Traits
• Everything (within the confines of a level one employee)

If you could create an editor that can allow players to customize employees that they can then export, which players can then import to their save games. A way to level up (scaling stats accordingly) employees to a more desired level would be nice.

Also some things about the first employee editor;
• The ability to change the male underwear to "invisible", like there is for females, would be great.
• One of the pairs of clothing buttons (I think pants? Maybe panties? I don't quite remember which) are backwards from the others.
• Two of the hair bangs styles are the same, and are next to each other.
• Doesn't correctly assign the Dark Skin or Heterochromia (unless it's not Heterochromia Iridum it's refering to, but the randomized employees with the Heterochromia trait happen to have Heterochromia Iridum, so that's what I assume it is.) when the created employee has dark skin or two differently coloured eyes.

We do really enjoy the game, though, but would like to see it continue to improve.

We've recovered some of the files quite some time ago; there was an outdated build in a hidden folder on our roommates computer. It's not as far as the demo build…

Thought we posted an update about that somewhere.

We keep needing to spend income from sales on food; so there has been little progress due to lack of funds to pay for assets and lack of motivation as a result.

Thank you for the advice, though; it's appreciated.