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You said you would try to fix an issue with it not being able to be installed at the ssme time as the main game, so, was curious.

Kinda a let down that itch doesn't let you let people download seasonal content they bought normally while disabling future sales of it until the next time the season comes around…

I'm slightly miffed I have to pay $6.59 on top of the $3.44 I already paid for 1-3 to get one more chapter…

Also curious why I can no longer download the christmas special I had paid for…

I voted other.

My suggestion is Hamster.

And where can I find the link to the discord…?

There's no option to DM you there…

"If the android version doesn't work for you, don't hesitate to ask me in DM for another link !"

How\Where do I DM\PM you.

Just in general.

… Uh… I… I'm alread in 100 servers… Discord won't let me join more… Sorry…

And really… I didn't give a link on my project page…? I must have removed it went development went into stasis… or I just straight up forgot to add it…

Since project is in stasis, I'll link my Twitch Discord instead. I only suggested my development server because I thought my project page had the link.

Paid version

↑ going to bed after buying high quality food.

After waking up and eating breakfast, I saved the game where the choices are [getting dressed and heading out] or [stay home for the morning. — I had planned to go eat irl… except I was compelled to click load. I have no idea what told me the save borked… but, apparently something did, as the loaded save shows. ↓

I wish I culd tell you what compelled me to load, but I have no clue…

Would you mind joining my project's discord?

It may actually be better to DM you rather than clutter your Comment's section with bug reports…

The movie night stopped showing up.

•Get caught by boss on Saturday, can't do work.

• Can't work on monday, nor tuesday.

• Show up on Wednsday, get 300 monies.

• Choose not to leave early, game locks up.

• Save and reload.

• Screenshot; none of the banners work.

So… uh… the game needs to check multiple values… I was FORCED to go to daily needs, which I had JUST left after buying Thick Pink Diapers, which triggered the message I need bigger diapers AFTER buying them. I knew I didn't have the money to buy diapers, yet the game wouldn't let me out of the loop until I went.

As for why I chose to request a specific diaper; I thought I had just bought bigger diapers. The mall calls them Pink Overnight Diapers, so, not being able to see the diapers I have at hand prior to that point (I had always let her change me) I had assumed that Thick Pink Diapers was different from Pink Overnight Diapers.

Game should check how much money you have, and if you have any diapers bigger than what you're tryin to wear…

I have not tried to recreate the bug with the office. After having the game lockup in the office again afterwards, I assumed it was the same bug, so I didn't save and reload before making similar choices again.

So I have to do two things now.

• Get caught by boss before seeing movie scene (as I haven't chosen romantic, choosing it would muddle the test) and see what happens

• The biggest challenge Recreate seeing the scary movie before getting caught. What makes this so hard is that the house event is random, and the lockup happens the next day, I may not get caught by the boss. Getting caught by… Sara…? May not have the same result. I need to try and recreate it to see if it's a one-off bug, or if it can be easily recreated to get more information.

Wait… that's not recently added content? I never encountered it before today, and have already encountered it in every playthrough since it first appeared.


I… I have had a lot of practice finding bugs…

When I enjoy a game… I tend to see its flaws… When I'm not able to speak to the developers, I just tell the people I know what problems I encounter… So people often feel like I hate games because I seem to either stop playing, or endlessly complain about, them.

I just stop playing games I don't like. I don't see a point in "complaining" about a game I don't like, as it's likely the unchangable portions that make me not like playing it.

When I do point out stuff I don't like, or that troubles me, in a game—and then continue playing said game—It means I enjoy the game enough, and my "complaining" is me venting how I think it could be improved.

And in cases like this, where the game I enjoy is still in development, it's crucial to help the developer clear up any bugs now before the become a bigger, harder to fix, problem later on.

The term "glitch hunter" often refers to a player who try anything and everything the developers and playtesters may not have accounted or checked for, to see if a anything useful to speedruns can be gleamed from such actions.

I, on the otherhand, will, if given the time, try every option in the game at my disposal, and see what breaks.

And I will repeat doing those actions until they stop breaking things.


speaking of, I have come to relise that the game was made with specific ratios in mind. It's clearly made for large, squarish and landscape screens.

While playing in desktop mode on mobile—a small portrait screen—there is

• unusual culling of the middle text area

• misaligned, unresponsive menu elements

• misaligned 'pink square' image(?) and asociated ovlayed text.

I don't have a vertical desktop monitor to test how the game looks on one, unfortunately.

Paid version bug.

The movie scene needs to be fixed.

Watching a scary movie always resuts in the game crashing at work the day after.

I have not yet tried the Romantic movie.


You don't mind me going out of my way to find and report bugs, even though I'm not paying for the bug tester tier on Patreon, right…?

"As for clothing, that is picked at the mirror and chosen the night before."

I hav the female clothing. I bought it before work. Since I'm not female yet, it doesn't let me choose it.

On top of that, neither getting dressed before going downstairs, nor getting dressed before heading out let me choose what to wear.

There are two fixes I can think of;

• option to choose clothes in the morning.

• Hide the female clothes items when shopping until the first time you become female.

This isn't a "change it now" post. I didn't have a screenshot last time, and I offered a second fix. I don't code much, or at all really, so I don't know which would be easier.

"GLUEING IT TO THE PLAYER'S FACE!? YES PLEASE! OH that idea just is exciting!"

Glad you approve of the idea. I added some addition punctuation to what I quoted so it makes sense to me.


As for the lie being a reference to choice, it'd help to change the text of the link to reflect that. I don't have a lot of privacy, so I skim the results of my actions, so some details get lost. The link definately refers to wanting, not choosing.


Paid version bug report:

Whenever the game locks up progression, I save and reload, to see if the game continues where it left off… it usually does… I reported a time it gets stuck recently.

Well… new one…

Now after getting caught the first time instead of the second time…

Entered my office… Game locked up.

The aftermath is much more strange this time, compared to my previous lockup report…

The game rolled back to… well… the log only goes so far back.

• slime vs mouse

• sleep m→f tf

• buying daipers… for the first time

• this screenshot.

No idea what is going on, but the game got really confused. My web browser locked up immediately after selecting the "Don't worry about it" option, leaving it in a red highlight. After it locked up, I had to unload the browser from recent apps to use my screenshot button again, too… which is weird, but likely unrelated to the game itself.


Another text-bassed issue that does not need an immediate fix.

The thing about RPGs are they are Roleplaying Games. You play a role, and that role isn't always a blank slate.

The reason I made the FO4 vs KotOR is because of player choice.

FO4 let's the character choose how they look, and even their name (I think), but your motivations and such are already defined. You want your kid back. Any choices you make tend to be to gain money, power, or information to your end goal. At least from what I see when my niblings play.

In KotOR [Spoikers from here on out] you play an existing character, though I think you can choose the gender and maybe a few other customizations, that had a backstory and defined charactizations; but lost their memory, and everything that made them who they were. And now, they are you. You get to decide if they are benovlent or malicious now.

When you first become a woman, and confront the goo girl, your options are

"Accept the change" (may be worded differently), "Demand to be changed back", and "Thank her"; the last one, to me, implies that by picking the third option, you make it something the character wanted.

It doesn't say 'regretfully', or 'begrudgingly' or anything that would imply it's unwanted like the first two.

I'm used to self-insert games that don't throw up a personal preference menu, or at least give access to it, before the gme starts to alter the player's characters views and personality on things through player choices.

And for most of the game, from what I can tell—more so now that I know I need to fill a quota per week—most personality things are decide by player input, like whether they let the guy grope them, or if they find the diapersuits comfortable or not (I assume, since neither option says it'd be lying). And if diapers aren't their thing… Why are they playing this game…?

So that option saying Lie after I had thanked the goo girl makes that thanks to her insincere, and that kinda makes me feel bad…

It makes sense for it to be a lie if I had not chosen the third option… But… yeah…

If the character is predefined, and only changes when the story thinks they should, the choices the player can make should reflect that.


Also, do I get to keep the pacifier I'm given? Can the slime goo-glue it to my mouth and only remove it when I eat?


Keep up the great work.

Is it possible to make an android version?

I don't suppose it's too late to add Android support…?

Patreon version again;

The new scene with the boss… I chose to go to my office at the end. Nothing to click to continue… I reloaded…

Despite being coloured, I can not tap the home banner…

I assume this is due to it's unfinished state you mentioned… Is there a way to fix it without resetting my save again…?

These next two are just inconsistancy errors I encountered and have no actual effect on gameplay.


This happened… while at home…


Not a big deal, it's just I'm not wearing pants…

With simulated people… like how various multiplayer games have training modes against bots…

But I don't think it would actually work for an app like this, since it would likely need thousands of stock webcam\phonecam porn, which not only would be difficult to arrange but would also bloat the file size.

There are aspects of this app I like, and others I'm uncomfortable with. That's not saying anything about the app should change; just that I'm not quite it's target audience.

Though I am interested enough to see what your future endevours may entail.

Nano-control community · Created a new topic Android issues

Disable mouse input!

The game is unplayable on android due to mistapping\\misclicking.

Ether the buttons are in the way, or I tap the screen around the buttons, either way, the game is unplayable.

Saved in six different save slots just trying to get to slot 40. Tried to press the accept button for the top choice in a dialog option, and instead it jumped to the bottom and accepted that.

When interacting with your mother after the bath screen, the on screen buttons vanish entirely until after the event, meaning it was a lot easier for me to tap the right option.

For android, use mouse gesture controls OR on screen buttons, not both.

Choosing He is the most important person to me plays out a scene where she expresses her feelings, and then the game locks up.

Even if you buy women's work clothes ahead of time, you can't wear them to work the next day; as "put on clothes and head out" does not give the option to choose which clothes.


Is the player character supposed to be the player, or are they a given character?

The difference is Knights of the Old Republic* versus Fallout 4.

If the character is supposed to be the player, then telling the boss I wanted to be female wouldn't be a lie.


Is it possible to earn money without working at the daiper store? As much fun as the daiper suits are… It gets incredibly dull when it's mandatory to get any kind of progress…

Want a crib? perma daipersuit… Want baby chair? perma daipersuit… Want food? perma daipersuit…

Thank you for fixing the save issue. I haven't tried actually refreshing the page via the browser since the load button was added, but the Load button does indeed seem to load the save.

Will try using other save slots in the future and let you know.

A restart link on the final page would be nice.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this.

It says dating simulation in its tags… Does that mean it has an offline mode where I don't interact with actual people?
That would be great.

I don't really want more emails, my inbox is getting full as it is.

Ah. Very confusing, thanks for explaining.

Bought game, need to register for full version…

So I bought a demo…

I was hoping for something I wouldn't need the internet to play…

(1 edit)

Again, not trying to be rude or anything like that.

I'm just trying to report bugs that may need to be adressed in a game I enjoy.

No, refreshing the page takes you back to the very beginning of the story, regardless of where or when you last saved.

So either your loading code is broken, or your saving code is.


Auto trench coat is bug or intentional?


Found a way to play PC version on android…

Locks up when trying to work instead of going home early…

So… What is the point of multiple save slots in the patreon release?

There's no way to load, so there's no point in saving.

Additionally, is the patreon version supposed to behave like you already have a trench coat when you go to the office?

If I tell the boss I just like daipers, they mention that if I wear daipers to work, the daipers must be visible… yet there's no option that allows me to follow that rule…

No problem, stay awesome.

Ah, okay. I did Deny them; as I do with most apps that don't require them.

I was just curious if it had some AR functions of some kind.

Would you be so kind to make the patreon-only version paid-only instead? It'd be kind of a bummer to pay for one month, get the final patreon build, and a few months later a bug is discovered, and you have to pay for another month to get the update.

Not saying don't make it available on patreon—people already paying per month\release and desire to keep doing so shouldn't have to pay on another site to get the final version with backer content. I'm just suggesting having multiple aqusition options after the game is done.

If that's not to your taste, perhaps intergrate Patreon with itch; though, I should probably figure out how that other seller did it before I suggest it, it is something that can be done.

Anyway, I rattled long enough. Don't feel obligated to use either of these suggestions; I'm not saying they are better than what you have going right now—more of something to look into if you want to check other options; for all I know, you already have and decided it's not worth the hassle.

Regardless, keep up the good work, I love the game; even if I seem to only ever report bugs or suggest changes… I apologise if that's how it seems.

Haven't played in a while, so don't know if they already exist…

I've heard unique dialogue exists for 'mom'… not sure if 'mother' gets the 'mom' dialogue or the default dialogue… if it even fits…

I would like to see unique dialogue for 'sibling', 'owner', 'pet', and 'toy'…

I could try to write the dialogue for these if you wish to include them but you and your team don't want to write them yourselves.

but… why though…?

So, her always being upset is bug?

I thought it was something I did… like her disliking High Quality food, or I was submitting to her too easily, or she disliked the daipersuit… but the only lead I had was buying High Quality Food was immediately followed by her getting permanently upset.

Thanks for your hard work… Will the full version (when you've finished development) have a price tag? If so, how much?

Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere…

Why is she always upset after I buy high quality food, and then remains upset even if I only buy decent food?