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We remember posting the original comment… but don't think we've ever played MRS Clause On A Demonic Adventure before… Weird…

Also, the decreased pay started on her first day of work after we bought her work clothes; thus our reason for connecting the decreased pay to her working, as it was the only time we've seen any change in pay.

1: How do we know what position we're in?

2: We've worked extra long every work day, except one, and haven't missed a day of work… so why would we get demoted…?

Extra Hours before she starts working: $180
Extra Hours after she starts working: $170 ($150+$20)

We earn less money after she starts working… We kind of want to go back to before we spoke to her about work and avoid asking how she feels and chatting with her so we can continue to buy things faster…

That's not a huge deal for many people.

Right now it's a bit of a problem (limited storage), but it won't always be.

@DIDGames, could you upload DIDnapper here? If that's not an option, at least include the link @frisil provided (or an(y) legit\official download link(s)) in DIDnapper 2's page — with the information it's the first DIDnapper and any info on additional software\files that may be needed… As it's very likely this comment thread will get buried sooner or later.

Where can we get the first DIDnapper?

It's appreciated either way that you look into fixing it. Take your time though, rushing is rarely a good practice.


I'm not sure how much information on the page you linked is useful, but it looks like it stops being useful starting with "command line"; so I copied everything prior to that:

Google Chrome 96.0.4664.104 (Official Build) (32-bit)
Revision e02d4fbca41e7b45560ab92a4cb4a3f6ab09b68a-refs/branch-heads/4664@{#1274}
OS Android 10; SM-G960W Build/QP1A.190711.020
Google Play services SDK=214102000; Installed=214516030; Access=1p
JavaScript V8
User agent Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10; SM-G960W) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/96.0.4664.104 Mobile Safari/537.36

If you need more information, just ask; I'll get it if I'm able to. I don't know what the information in "Revision", "Google Play services", or "User agent" is, but the latter two, to my uneducated brain, appear to have information that may lead to what may be causing the bug. I could be entirely wrong, but I copied everything prior to "Command line" just in case they are useful.

You're… welcome…?

That is good to know, though.

The 'hamburger' in the top left, or rathet the translucent box it is in, is the exact size of chrome's address bar, so my brain filtered it out, since there was a clear division between it and the rest of the screen, and being a solid colour, on load.

Since the buttons for discord, etcetera, were on the first screen, I hadn't bothered to look for a menu button, as I interpeted the opening page itself as intended to be a menu.

My apologies.


On the topic of autosaves, many games I play tend to overwrite your most recently loaded\saved — and in many cases only — save file when autosaving, so I feel most comfortable if I turn it off. I appreciate that, from how you worded it, the game has a dedicated autosave slot. However, if it has multiple auto save slots, I'd still like to turn it off as I have limited storage space.


I do appreciate you getting back to me on this. If there's any information that can assist in tracking down the bug, let me know how to find it and I will attempt to get it.

• There's a sidebar?

→ If I can only access the sidebar in widescreen mode;

→ → It doesn't start in widescreen mode.

→ → Widescreen doesn't automatically turn on\off based on phone orientation.

→ → I can't change to widescreen because the menu bug.

• It may not be unplayable for everyone, but since every dropdown I've tried is borked on my phone,

→ I can only assume all dropdowns are bugged;

→ → I can't turn off autosaving — a precaution I use to try to avoid instant file softlocks.

→ → I can't turn on widescreen — when playing games on my phome, holding it in portrait mode makes it impossible to see various things in browser-based software that are intended to be seen while using a PC. Less importantly, holding it in portrait mode is really, really uncomfortable.

→ → Any dropdowns that appear on any screen would be essentially non-functional.

So while I agree "Unplayable" is unreasonable as a objective rating, it was never intended to be. It is subject to my personal experience and preferences. I apologize if it came off as objective.

Unplayable in Chrome on Android (Samsung phone model).

Opening the second, third, or fourth dropdown menu (Widescreen, Perk notifications, and autosave frequency) immediately closes the menu and snaps you to the top of the scrollbar; and since those are the only ones I tried to use, and tried multiple times at that, I will assume this persists across all menus.

I also would suggest including the button to open settings on the title screen — most people I know prefer to adjudt settings and configurations before they start a new game.

Was\Is Pokémon printed\distributed by Jump?

I am not suggesting you remove Pokémon characters if they aren't\weren't, I just wish to know.

You already did adjust, that's why I thanked you.

It was a year ago that I had trouble.

I can, yes. However, when I sent that message, I was unable to see what I was typing. Here is what I was trying to type in my two posts here:

"I can't see what I'm typing, or the game description. But I enjoyed the game.

I hope you can read this."

"I also can't see the comments or the links. The colours are too similar."

However, the colours on this page, at least on the mobile version, have been updated since last year, and I can more clearly make out what I'm typing now.

nykTV, if you're read this, thank you for adjusting the page colours.

I was not aware adobe still offered flash support at all.

There is one that the standalone player won't work for, that I know of. It's kske or something like that. It's just a K-On paper doll game, but downloading the swf never worked, there was something on the site that made it work… some form of DRM I'm sure.

Regardless, thank you; I will try to check the link when I have sufficient PC access again.

I found it.

Vosmug 2015 - Demo Version v.0.1.1

You are correct, it is not Flash. I had been downloading various flash games when I originally downloaded it, some of which were converted into exe files. (I wish a lot more Flash games did this. Yes, I know it limited them to Windows… but now that Flash is dead, so are a ton of flash games that were never ported to console… now trapped as swf files that even flash emultators don't correctly run… I miss the flash games that never made it into the massive archive of flash games that were lucky enough to be preserved…)

Since GHV - demo 0.1.1.exe was barried in the depths of my flash folder (animations, games, music videos…), I must have mistaken it for a converted flash game.

What engine or code was it built in so I can put it in its correct place?

On a side note, I have no idea where I got the demo. Maybe Newgrounds, if you ever uploaded it there…

In any case, I'm glad it was finally released; even if I missed the début.

That is assuming I had my own PC.

Installing the RTP on multiple other people's computers is not… Since they don't play RM games, they don't understand how installing numerous images, sound files, etcetera — seperately from the game — will fix said game, since all the games they play include their required files.

In any case, when I get my own computer, I will likely install the RTP of every RM.

When I used RPG Maker, I would put the RTP files I used in the game's personal file folders for that type of asset so they would get compiled with everything else.

I think VXAce was one of the ones that even let you choose where it looked for the RTP, which you could set to the game's folder for assets.

Well, thank you anyway. Stay awesome.

If you still have the source files, are you able to add the font and other requires files to the folders that compile into the game so we don't need the RTP?

I run the game off a portable hard drive, as I play the game on friends' computers. It would be rude to install the RTP on every computer I wish to play it on.

To keep the file size small, only add the required files, not the entire RTP, into the compiled folders; if possible.

Slight trouble trying to start the paid version of the game…

In the version released a few months ago, there is a bug where Moira's name remains displayed above the text box in a few cases where the player is speaking…

I only noticed it after the give-in path's CG scenes; twice I noticed, bedroom and… foyer? Foei? Foyay? The room by the front door…
I think…

What is the difference between
Deepground Lab full
Deepground Lab
in the download list? You need to pay to access any of the downloads, so I'm confused…

Does DGLunlock.ini go anywhere in particular, or do I just put it in system or system32 with other dll files?

At the time of posting this, there's no install instructions anywhere on the game page or this game's download page…
I bought the "All My Games" bundle, if that helps…

My [currently functioning] laptop's settings goes from 640×480 (I never use that resolution) up to 1280×720 (which is also the resolution I use by default), if that helps at all.

I'm at my sibling's home right now, so I don't have access to my Roomie's more powerful laptop, which goes up to 1366×768.

There's no room for anything under Quit, though; unless it's beyond the borders of my monitor, which would explain why I don't see it.

What's the hidden option on the title screen?
If I press [S] on quit, it makes the selection change sound, but I don't see anything get highlighted. I clicked it and my ad blocker said the game's exe was trying to open my web browser; and that it will silently block further attempts for it to do so, unless I manually permit the address in it's options.
Since I don't know where the hidden\off-screen option wants to take me, I am currently unable to grant an exception permission.

I wonder why compiling for android was made more complicated in MZ…

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Are you sure about that?

I know it's not RPG Maker MV, which has a similar file structure. (Dev said so three months ago)

My computer says its file descriprion is nwjs and the original filename was nwjs.exe or nw.exe or something like that, but I have no idea what that is.

For RPG Maker, the file description is game and the original filename is Game.exe according to my computer.

Is there the the option to return to the previous choices, or does that path continue untill you run out of question and then lock up still?

What engine are you using?

It looks like RMMV (RPG Maker MV), but I'd like to know for sure so I can correctly organize my games.

The layout of the files for this one is unfamiliar to me, as is the icon.

Was this also made in RPG Maker MV, another RPG Maker version, or different software altogether?

Those questions only ever showed up on a second playthrough for me… Were they not intended to be included?

It fits at 75%, thank you.

After you complete the first playthrough, the second playthrough is completely different, asking six or so questions. After you run out of questions, you can no longer play the game without a hard reset as there are no new options to progress.

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That is the downloadable version.

What do you mean 'adjust the screen'?

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If you tell the person you're helping that you're using your own semen, she says later when you ask if she remembers the rules that you said you were using horse's…
This may also apply to other semen options…

Edit: The game is literally unplayable after the first time unless you fully reset the story.

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[Bug][v.0.1.2 Public - Downloadable]

I can't see all the buttons.
While this screenshot if from the browser window, the issue persists in fullscreen.

Since this page hasn't been updated since May of this year, where can I get the free versions from june, july, and august of this year (2021)?

Could you include a txt text file or a png image file that has the controls listed in the compressed folder(zip, rar, 7z, etcetera)?

We're just leaving the heynau stream on mute to rack up points to get the mission code, because we honestly have better things to do then watch a stream a stream that we're only part of because some of us have a desire to have every skin that is in some way available to everyone.

We may be unemployed, but we have a social life, even if it doesn't always seem like it. We wish we didn't need the Twitch application open for it to count, an its worse that we have to adhere to the streamer's schedule. It's also much worse that the code changes every so often.

This is just one way to force their viewer count up with people like us going to their stream solely to get points to unlock a skin. We're not happy, and if we hadn't spent money on this game (bought it on Steam), then we'd have just stopped playing it entirely.

It is otherwise a pretty good game.