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To turn off the Emulated LCD colors in BGB that look washed out:

-> Right click on the emulator screen -> Options -> Graphics
-> GBC LCD Colors -> Uncheck "Enable"

The art and overall feel look really good. It all fits well and has a great tone. Music sounds good too.

My only suggestion at the moment is a personal preference- having the Coria's movement freeze while slashing on the ground makes the movement feel a little stiff instead of smooth, it would be nice if movement was still possible when doing that (as it is when slashing in the air). I also understand it's usually a deliberate design choice with reasons for it. :)

(for the programmer) By the way, BGB is reporting an Uninitialized WRAM access exception on startup. You can turn the exceptions on in the Exceptions Tab of the Options panel. It's a good way to catch potential bugs.

Great style, art and a well composed narrative.

Great game! Love how spacious it feels, the tone of the graphics, how the cavern expands and all the upgrades play out. Looking forward to figuring out the alternate ending. :) 

That was a fun little game. :)

I also happen to have written a short Game Boy game with a cat and a checklist of tasks to complete:

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Since the tagging system here could be combined with the "Console" / "ROM" option for filtering, it could make finding what you want work pretty well (and avoid that lumping together).

For gamepad support: in case it's useful, here's a commit on github from when I added gamepad support to a Game Boy js emulator (used it here on Firefox support for standard mapping may have improved since then.

The graphics look great, and the palette switches are a nice touch. Love the sound too. Nice work!

Right now it's not easy to search for (and tell the difference between) games that will run on real console hardware versus ones which are just 8/16-bit console styled or inspired.

For example, many of the games tagged "gameboy" or "nes" are only built for and run on Windows/Web/etc.

So if you're trying to find games to run on a real NES or Game Boy it's labor intensive to look through each entry in the results to find out if it's meant for real hardware.

If there was a "Console" option for the platform list (Win/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS/Web) that could make it easier to filter out unwanted results (for both wanting or not wanting console-hardware games).

(I opened an issue for this on Github last year, but it hasn't had any action so I thought I'd open it here too. )

Here's the (current) link to the ROM file being served by It's on a CDN so it's got a strange looking address. (you can also see it in your browsers developer -> network panel by filtering on "".

For baerheather: The ROM file is inside the zip file you upload to, often in a "rom/" folder and labeled ""

Hope this helps.