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Great game! Couldn't resist playing all the way through once I started. Looks good, sounds good, puzzles have decent variety. It was nice that there's no timer (feels chill, yet quick paced).

Controls feel a little slippery (inertia), but am assuming that's intentional and seems like a fair part of the challenge. It doesn't take long to get used to that and start making nudging corrections mid-jump.

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We're not going to debate it.
Next time you're welcome to participate in good faith instead of using gbcompo merely to advertise your other work. Nobody else has had a problem doing that.

For others reading this: 


If someone makes a Mega Duck flash cart with multiple banks (or a cart slot adapter so regular GB flash carts can be used) there will  be a whole lot moorreeeeee. Lots of games larger than 32k that would fun to patch, but not much point in that until there's a way to run them on it.

Thanks for sharing this, it's great! Making the topic sticky :)

Did you have a ROM file for this entry that you intended to submit? There isn't one attached to the itch page for the game.

Also, the link to your game page doesn't seem to be accessible, is it set to public?

Please email gbcompo <at> with a link to this forum post and we can help sort it out.

Looks like it's ok now. You're good

Perfect, thank you!

The game page for your entry doesn't seem to be activated yet, be sure to set it to published or visible before the end of the compo so that it's accessible to the judges.

Thanks for participating!

Yes, you are welcome to create a page and share it with others outside of the compo. GBCompo does not reserve any exclusivity over  entries.

The game is password protected at the moment, be sure to remove that before the end of the compo so that it's accessible to the judges.

The game is password protected at the moment, be sure to remove that before the end of the compo so that it's accessible to the judges.

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Hey all. The deadline is very close, here's a quick checklist for your submission:

1. Be sure that you attached the GB / GBC rom in the "Uploads" of the entry you are submitting. The file must have "_jam" in the filename, such as "" or "mygame_jam.gbc". If you wish you can include additional files such as manuals, documentations, source code, etc;

2. To be eligible for the OSS bonus, be sure you have a compatible "LICENSE" in the git repository or archive of the source code for the entry. The repository can be in the "Open Source repository" filed while submitting, or in the "Edit Game -> Top menu -> MetaData -> Side Menu -> External Links -> Type: Source Code" field of the entry so we can see it. Review Rule 5 for the list of acceptable licenses you can apply to your code and/or assest.

3. We will download every entry after the deadline and the judging will take place on those files. Be sure the ROM file uploaded is the intended version. You can keep updating the entry after the deadline when we download the tiles, but we won't take that into consideration for the compo.

4. Check that you have access to the email set in the account, since it's the one we see on and the one we will use to contact you.

5. If you have issues uploading or submitting your entry on, email us: gbcompo <at> Good luck!

Please, take also a moment to review the rules here:  (the full rule set is here: )

It is more than just nudity. This is the formal rule, note the emphasized part. 

> NSFW content is not allowed. Please keep it safe for work and avoid anything overly edgy or distasteful.

There was some additional discussion about this in GBCompo 2021in the following issue. More context in the link, but here's the relevant excerpt:

> If it meets ESRB-Teen then it should be fine.

> In general, if it's relatively tame and isn't trying to "push the boundary" it's probably ok. As the saying goes- it's hard to define it precisely (and we don't want to enumerate every single thing), but you likely know when it's getting iffy.

Nice! :)

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It's not a problem, you are welcome to use your team's shared profile.


Intriguing entry!

I suggest adding a "Flashing lights" or equivalent warning on the entry page so that people who may be sensitive to that kind of thing are not surprised.

Sure, it was your choice whether to revise the description in good faith. Just wanted to give you an opportunity to do so first. I'll remove it from the compo now.

Entries of all effort and skill levels are welcome, however please do not use GBCompo merely as a way to advertise other content. You're welcome to keep the entry in the compo if you remove the ask to redirect and instead focus the content of your page upon the entry itself and participation in GBCompo.

Press Select on the level screen to see the help popup

Fun game, enjoyed the progression and new elements as the level increased. It seems to skip over level 28 for some reason.

Please note the rules for the Jam. You're welcome to resubmit an entry that follows them.

Summarized rules: (full ones on

This competition is about making software that can run on actual game boy hardware.

  • The entry must implement/interpret the jam theme (applies to Game category only).
  • The final deliverable must consist of a GB or GBC ROM file.
  • GBC features are allowed (entries may be GBC only)
  • SGB features are allowed (but don't rely on them)
  • You can use RGBDS (ASM), GBDK (C), ZGB (C), GB Studio, GBSDK(C+RGBDS ASM) or anything that produces a valid ROM.

Keep in mind this Jam requires entries to run on n actual Game Boy. So you'd want to be comfortable working in or learning how to use tools to compose music for that hardware, such as hUGETracker or gbt_player + OpenMPT, etc.

You may include link cable support in your entry, but it should not be required in order for the judges to play it. This would be considered "extra hardware and an add-on device". You might allow this setup to unlock additional features, but should not rely on the judges having two Game Boys and a Link Cable.

  • Hardware #13: Entries cannot rely on extra hardware or add-on devices, they must be playable without a specific setup.