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Thanks! It was a fun experiment

^^ Same as OP! Finally had a moment to play it through. Impressed by the attention to detail variety, and much more. Congrats on the demo and looking forward to what comes next.

Thank you!

Looks like original GBDK based on gbtoolsid:

Love it!

So cute, good tunes, nicely polished. Everything feels dialed in just right. Now just need to play enough to get some combos and build strategy.

BTW, since the web version is using binjgb there is also usb gamepad support. May need to click to set focus for the browser.

USB/Bluetooth/etc Gamepad:

  • Chrome / Firefox Mapping ( when "standard" gamepad available):
  • A, B = A / B
  • L/R/U/D = Use D-Pad
  • Start = Start button
  • Default mapping otherwise :
  • Rotate = First two buttons  
  • Start and Select = Second two buttons

Graphics look nice!

Might be fun to see a 1-level demo version of this for people to try-before-they-buy.

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Thanks - That would certainly explain the behavior.

Yeah, if they changed it to take the cut after fees and taxes were deducted that would be a reasonable solution. It seems more in line with the spirit of the give 100% idea, versus "owing" itch more and more each time revenue is shared with them.

While it may be by design, the current approach does seem "bug-like" in that it could create very small accounting nuisances over time. If they can take 100% of the funds before taxes/fees are paid, and yet they are also still paying those taxes/fees then they're just going to accrue something like "accounts receivable" that will never get paid (at least I'm not inclined to pay additional fees in order to compensate for that).

Thank you!

I sent in a support request about a week ago but haven't heard anything back. I bumped it a few days ago but still no reply. Maybe they're just backlogged- seems slower than their usual turnaround though.

OK, thanks!


I have Payments turned on and all of the ones made have been set for 100% to be donated to

My Payout amount is negative. Each time there is a new Payment, I believe the Payout amount goes further negative. It seems kind of strange.

Is this the intended behavior, and can you verify this is what's happening?

Not a big deal for me since I don't plan to collect payouts for myself. But if someone was considering whether to use the 100% to setting, it might give them pause if it would start subtracting money from their possible future Payouts.

Can share Payment and Payout amounts if it's helpful.


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The main options are:

* Emulator (most will probably work, Emulicious, SameBoy, BGB are among the most accurate). You can often use gamepads with them. Or emulators running on other handhelds / gaming systems.

* On real GameBoy / Color + Everdrive (or equivalent flash drive) which you can load the digital ROM onto

* On real Game Boy + the physical edition cart

Thank you!

FYI: Edited the topic to include a summary of the answer

Thank you, glad to hear it!

I've been playing the full digital version for a few days and loving it. It feels like there is so much depth to the world and possible story lines, plus the great art, humor, world building and all the little clues that keep you poking around for how to unlock and discover more.

Highly recommended.

(As Athanasius mentions in another comment, the Send Owl digital distro the publisher uses is kinda junky. Not something a developer usually has much control over though. If you have any kind of javascript blocking make sure to turn it all off before trying to access your downloads, otherwise you might run out of downloads without getting the file. I had 1 left by the time it worked.)

Thanks! It's been fun to build and to learn more about compression, and to make something people enjoy using.

I haven't heard of those games, thanks for the tip!

Update - Saving of stats is in the new version which should be out in a couple days.

Just a small update - the next version which is coming out very soon will have Sound Effects. Still no room for music.

You can run it on a PC using any of the popular Game Boy Emulators (Emulicious, BGB, Same Boy, etc)

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Is it possible to do that without having to set up payment information?

(Edit: Clarify that for me, and perhaps for others,  needing to set up payment in order to give all proceeds to go to could be a barrier for doing it. If it is already the case that no payment info is required to do 100% then great!)

Also - might be nice if it was automatically clear to the end user that it was all being donated to

I would love an option to direct all donations to be given to (the company), in addition to the other current options ("0 or donate" (to creator), "Paid", "No payments").

I appreciate the platform which they have been providing at no direct cost, as well as how they have been running the platform. So it would be nice to have an easy way to give back to it in a potentially ongoing way.

I don't personally want to get payment for my projects, and don't want to set up paypal or other payment methods- but if there was an option that sent all donations to the running of then I would turn that on for my projects.

If a version is not added here, you can always put a request in for a .pocket conversion patch.  Use the "Wishing Well" link on this page:

Thanks for the notice. The two that I can see (lavender town and nill tronic) are both selling the original, non-improved version by stacksmashing, although only one acknowledges where it is from.

RTC is not on my to-do list for now.

There is another GB Wordle you can try which does have that feature, though it still seems to be early in development:

I enjoyed reuniting the two friends :)

Nice guess :)

And thanks for testing. I'll make the PT-BR available as an official download.

No sound fx and music at this time. Sound fx maybe, but music is unlikely in the 32K ROM format (which is intended for a physical cart release). There just isn't much room for anything after the dictionary. :) :) :)

There might be a non-32k ROM release in the future, that one could have music.

Thank you. :)

I think I found a suitable dictionary and answer list. I made a test version here, if you wouldn't mind checking it and sharing your feedback (feedback can be in the github issue or here on

Glad you've enjoyed it!

Saving the stats is certainly on the list and might be in the next release, along with a couple other things. Not yet sure when that release will be though.

There is now a version (0.85+) with a German dictionary (see limitations noted above) and translated User Interface text. Looks like your wish came true. :P

Thanks to Skite2001 for User Interface translations!

We were just talking about adding a pre-packaged zip for this, but haven't done it yet.

In the mean time you can go to the github repo at the following URL, click the "Code" button toward the Right side and then click "Download ZIP". You'll get some extra stuff in there, but it will have all the entries and you can search for ".gb" and ".gbc".

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We discuss some work on this in the comment thread directly below -  you can download an initial version with a German dictionary from the related github issue.

It remains to be seen how well the user interface text can be translated and still fit within the current constraints.

I built a ROM with the German answer list and dictionary then added it to that ticket (you're also welcome to comment there if you'd like). I did some brief testing and it seems to work as expected.

If you want to give it a try that would be great.

If it looks good, maybe I'll add an intro popup message indicating the language and explaining the limitations.

I put German word lists reduced to 5 letters and English A-Z in a zip file here:

If you're interested, you can take a look to see if they are suitable.

If they are, and you are up for it, it would be nice if you might skim through and remove typically offensive words from the shorter "answers" list (this shorter list is where it chooses the secret word for each round).

Translation from English is unsuitable since there are thousands of words and many wouldn't be 5 letters once translated. See "answers.txt" and "full.txt"

Better to find an already compiled German word list (perhaps even Wordle list) and then filter that to 5 letter words (and as you suggest, exclude ones with special chars is sufficient).

Then split into a set of most common words (answer list) and remaining words. Sometimes that sorting is already available somewhere. And perhaps look through answer list to remove the more "offensive" words.

There is another update with many improvements coming very soon. :)

For German language a potential problem is the code (dictionary compression, keyboard, font) does not support special characters like umlaut, etc. Everything is built around the 26 English letters.

If you have words that are limited to those criteria then it is possible.

Given the above,  if you have the two lists of words (Answer words and Remaining 5-letter words) then perhaps I can try to make a build.

You are welcome to try making the changes yourself, but it may be easier if I do them.

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That's unfortunate, sorry to hear that. For problems that only occur on emulators and not real hardware, I'll generally consider those to be bugs in the Emulator and will not address them. A better solution is for the given emulator having problems to improve the accuracy so they can run games without special accommodations.

The web emulator on this page is available as an alternative.

The controls on this feel great. Looking forward to any updates if you release them. :)

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Final Results for the Tool Category

"BrainFox" has won the top ranked place for the Tool category of the competition.

It's a brainfuck interpreter that can be run on your Game Boy allowing  programs of up to 7200 commands in length.

Congratulations to Yprit, as well as the other excellent entries in the Tool category!