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A topic by Redbeet Interactive created Dec 31, 2016 Views: 148,476 Replies: 2,640
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Please put a multiplayer in this game, then it will get better still

Who do you like I like this idea

There IS a multiplayer already... it's spacific mod that you have to download ;)


This is my suggestion, maybe will make Raft more better..

- It will be good, if you can add the scenery like the one in the Life of Pi movie.. Such as fish swim around you, sunset, etc..

- Add objective of the game.

- Add beds, and Sleep system.

- Add more furniture..

- And last one, it will be good, if player can dive into the underwater. Such as, player can dive and see good scenery in underwater..

Thats my suggestion, just my suggestion. It will be good if you can implement it to Raft. But, if not, its ok.. I still love Raft!


Please add more fish, islands with animals and structures


Idea for the NPCs


Hello, you should add: doors, fishing nets, spikes (or something to defend your raft), small islands (with trees and treasures), ladders.

and imrove: windows (they're too low and small), chairs (why chairs when I can't sit there? And If you are sitting near the table food will refill 20% more hunger)

That is my ideas for this game


Great game so far! There are just a few things I can suggest since there have been several creative suggestions before me:

- It'd be great to be able to make baits with which you can catch different fish species that recharge a bit more hunger

- Jumping into the water should affect the player somehow, maybe it should give the player temporary slowness because of the wet clothes

- Tracking the days/the time spent on the current map would be useful

- some kind of roofing made of thatch would look pretty good

- small and rare obtainable items that can be used for decoration, like a pufferfish that hangs on a tiny rope

can you maybe make this into a console game I've watched tons of gameplay PC isent really my thing I bet you allot of people would buy raft for console


Could you please make a hammock? I would love to be able to hang one between palm trees and lay down in it.

I like this game very much,This game can not shelves steam?I must buy it because I love the game

This is pretty fun for about an hour, but I very quickly found myself with too many supplies and not much to build or craft. After I figured out how to start without dying instantly, I set myself up with a collection of item nets, purifier and cooker, and I was comfortable in no time. I could really use some goals. I like the island idea that's been suggested, but at the same time I wouldn't make much sense if the point is to live on a raft.

I think NPCs would be a good plan. Perhaps some other lost-at-sea characters could drift by, and you'd need to be able to provide for them as well. You could even assign a job to the NPC, so that while you focus on fishing and cooking, they repair damages, or fight off the shark. They should be rare, though. Even rarer could be a stranded animal, like a dog, which could help attack the shark, and randomly pick up items that pass beside or under the raft (probably mostly planks). Again, you'd have to feed it. The NPC/dog would also have thirst and hunger, as well as a health bar, so you'd have to make sure they didn't get pushed into the water, or could at least get out if they did. Dog would have to come with a bowl, which you could fill with clean water. Feeding could either also be done with a bowl, or just by selecting food and pressing E at the dog. The NPC could either get their own food and water, given it's available on the cooker, or you might have to hand it to them.

I feel like this would add a challenge, and in some cases force you to decide if you can afford to care for another life in exchange for a benefit or two.

Multiplayer also sounds like an interesting idea, as long as you don't add the option to fight other players.

More animals would also be a fantastic addition! Birds and other sealife that you could stab to eat would be really nice. Turtles, dolphins, even barracuda. Having dolphins could offer a sense of paradise or peace, but could also, if you're desperate, become food. The shark could also target them, giving you the chance to swim out for supplies, OR you could try to save the dolphin.

After some thought, and after looking at some other comments, I agree that more trees would be nice. Specifically fruit trees. Also, larger gardens would be a nice option, as well as a harpoon to stab into the shark and either pull it to you to kill it, or have it pull you across the ocean to new settings.

These new settings could have different kinds of fish, different amounts of different materials, or it could even be an island.

In regards to the island idea, after a night or two, a storm could happen, forcing the player to either return to the safety of their current raft, or risk being washed out to sea without it and having to start all over. If you implement all of these features, using the harpoon on the shark could also offer the slim chance of finding your old rafts, if you had lost them.



I want you to collect translation by Crowdin.


make npcs that trade with u!!!!

make roofs! making floors as roofs is so annoying!

make doors!

make nets only catch some of the items that float by so its not so easy


I think multiplayer would be really fun. ^-^ Also, being able to go underwater would be an interesting thing. Maybe have certain items or materials that can be found underwater. The islands concept that people are suggesting would be fun, but at the same time I feel like not having any actual land is something that makes the game more unique. So if islands are added, maybe they should be kinda sparse or rare?


so like wind waker? one random tiny island that has like a coconut tree? that would be nice, coconut milk for water, some coconut for food and maybe the shell could have a use other then making a coconut bikini xD

Underwater sounds fun, but how would you avoid the shark???


When you put a new update?

Optimized to work better game 4g ram + and I am 12 fps

Make a bed a roof and be functional tables and chairs


can anyone upload a good level because im a total noob and am useless at playing the game

there is not enough easily collectable resources

There is plenty, hon, if you use strategy. Gather lots of scraps and thatch, turn the thatch into rope, and make a water cooker. Try to put that wherever you plan your middle to be. Then make a harpoon and some item nets. Put the item nets on the sides of your raft, whichever side you see more objects floating past. Only ever put nets beside each other, not in front of nor behind, there is no need for that. Make a hammer and build around the water cooker. Build more item nets, then a food cooker, and a fishing rod. Occassionally collect supplies from the nets, build more nets (best to put them along the front of your raft, facing the direction the items are coming from). If you're feeling good about yourself by this point, you could optionally make a second set of cookers, just to double your food and water.


Please, optimize the game.

1,add durability (more playable)

2,bugs in multiplayer are horible ;)

3,more material for example cole,stone,etc.

Thank you for reading this. Kuba2028 :)


how do you select diffrent ites with the hammer im a noob


Hold the right button ;)


I would like to start off that I really like the idea of the game but this game needs more obstacles to overcome and more core mechanics like over sun exposure, freezing winds, storms, protein and vitamin C deficiency. That's just a few things I thought of. The reason I said it needs mechanics like this is because you picked a survival situation that has bare minimum of game mechanics to work with. Such as you can never go exploring to see new things or find new items, or the will never be a need for a stamina bar, because you shouldn't have a need to run for more than a few seconds. Let's take the forest for an example why do you need to build a base? To defend yourself from bigger and stronger enemies that will eventually be coming. Why do you need to pick up/make different weapons? To defend yourself from a horde of mutants, kill the cannibals, and hunt the different wildlife on the island. I've only played this for about 15-20 minutes and I more or less did everything that could be done. There should be a reason to fish other than just getting it for food, like chumming the water to lore sharks to or away from you. Why should I build walls? or why should I build a roof/2nd floor why grow trees. There should be a reason to keep moving in the water instead of drifting through the ocean. Such as making a sail to stay ahead of a monster of a great white shark. I don't know but the game just needs more core mechanics to build off of and not adding in chairs and tables at this point in time. Maybe staying on your feet for days on end would start hurting and you would need to rest your feet. That could be a reason to have chairs. Make resting important and time management when you should and shouldn't rest your character's body. Resting too much would give you sores making you weaker. But going nonstop would have a negative effect of needing to eat and drink more frequently, and needing to eat and drink bigger portions just to get back to normal.


I think adding more sharks would amp up the hectic ability. Like once 30 structures are placed a 2nd shark appears. after 70 a 3rd shark

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Well, I've played this game for a few hours and I think I have a good idea about some additions. I made this list with the idea in mind that these can probably pretty easily be implanted in the game's current state, unlike ideas about multiplayer and islands. Also I realized after the fact that this list focusing heavily on thirst and hunger.

1. Potatoes and Beetroots: Don't get me wrong, I love diversity, but as far as I can tell these two are almost exactly the same. The grow for the same amount of time, they provide the same hunger, they're equally rare, etc. So to separate their uses a bit, I was thinking that Potatoes could provide more hunger than Beetroots, but Beetroots provide more thirst. It would give players a reason to pick one over the other in certain situations. Speaking of thirst and vegetables...

2. Vegetables and Thirst: Why do cooked vegetables provide thirst while uncooked vegetables provide none (or close to it)? Shouldn't cooking them actually make them have less water, because of evaporation? At the least, I think uncooked vegetables should give at least some thirst.

3. Hunger and Thirst Death: This is sort of a big one; when your thirst or hunger goes down to zero, you immediately die. I actually had a really nice raft going but neglected my thirst for a while and just died out of nowhere. Thirst and hunger should start to lower your health instead, even in reality you would start to decline in health before death, not just drop dead (like suffocating in water would do).

EDIT: It seems like it does lower your health, except when it starts flashing red, not when its empty. The screen should start turning red or dark when you're close to death, its really easy to just let your health go down that way and not know it.

4. Coconut Seeds: Uh, do you know that coconuts are the seeds of palm trees (at least the coconut producing species, Cocos nucifera)? So really I think the "coconut seeds" should just be replaced with a plant-able coconut. In fact, coconuts should be found floating around. It makes sense, they do float and other parts of trees are in the water, plus this would provide the player with some food and water early on, and with lumber and thatch for later.

5. Coconut Food: Coconuts have an edible inside, usually called the "meat", so shouldn't they also provide some hunger? Granted, they probably should give a lot more thirst than hunger, but still.

EDIT: They do give hunger, I was wrong. Disregard 5.

6. Swimming: The ability to swim underwater would be nice, although I can't think of a particular use right now. It would just be a bit fun, maybe expand on it later with underwater things?

7. Fishing Time: For starters, I think fishing is way too quick. Mackerel is a really good food that can be caught very quickly in a short amount of time. It doesn't need to take a long time, but just a bit longer.

EDIT: Ok, really everything can take a bit longer to do, at least for growing vegetables and trees. The water purifier and cooking spit seem about fine.

8. More Fish: More fish would be great, like pufferfish that can be used to make poison to hurt the shark or rarer fish that give more food. Just some more diversity for fish. Also fish that swim around like the shark that can be caught would be awesome, but a bit harder to do I understand.

9. Shark Fighting: Fighting the shark right now basically consists of waiting for it to attack your raft, then shanking it 3-5 times with the spear, and then either harvesting the meat or watch it swim off. The shark attacking the part of your raft with your Water Purifier early in the game is basically a death sentence because you probably don't have a spear yet, which is terrible if you're unlucky enough. So, I think there needs to be more ways to not only fight off the shark, but also hunt them. First, I think the Axe and Hook should able to deal damage to the shark, but only a small amount, that way people can somewhat defend early in the game. Also, there should be a way to more easily attack the shark without having to wait for it to attack the raft, like throwing the spear or something. Otherwise its just a chore waiting around for it to attack and then shanking it and waiting and shanking and waiting and butchering and waiting all over again. Plus adding more sharks as the game progress would be great, which I don't think it does right now. Someone else suggested that possibly sharks grow in number the more of them there are, meaning you need to keep them in-check or else be swarmed, which is a great idea.

EDIT: Shark damage is low as hell right now, to the point they're not a threat. I can easily kill a shark by just shanking it while in the water while being attacked. Later into the game, I eat almost purely shark meat because its so easy. We really need more sharks and for them to do more damage. So what I said above doesn't fully apply anymore, but some still does. Also maybe the Axe should be used to harvest the shark instead of the Spear.

10. Throwing Coconuts: The ability to throw coconuts at the shark would also be fun and ties in to the above idea of early shark defense. Especially if coconuts are found floating around, as I suggested earlier.

11. Current: It would be nice if the current moved the floating items at a slight angle, not dead on like right now. It just feels artificial. I don't think it would really mess up the nets.

12. Corpses: Alright, this sort of breaks my rule about decently easy/quick things to implant (in this case, the model), but finding a floating corpse would be interesting, especially if you could choose to butcher him like the shark, plus maybe he/she has some rare items or something. An interesting moral decision, something real survivors have to cope with sometimes.

So yeah, my suggestion so far. This game has a lot of potential and I hope it isn't squandered like Stranded Deep's was. Keep those updates coming, cheers!


Can you add a turret to shoot the shark or some other type of tech plz. I what to go PEW PEW DIE SHARK DIE!!!!11!!1!


and npcs


Dude really ? Be real... in a normal survival game where are you stuck on a raft you would build a turret ? Be real.

Actually, if implemented right, it could work. It'd have to be difficult to build, though.

It wouldn't be a laser gun, as OP seems to be suggesting, but rather a shootable spear or harpoon (something I suggested in my own post). It would need a large base, though, like the tree planter, so you'd have to be well-prepared. It would also require a lot of every supply item, and several spears. You could shoot spears at the shark, assuming you have a clear line of sight and good aim. If harpoons (basically just spears with rope tied to them) are implemented, that'd make it easier to reel the shark in to kill it, or, if it goes with my post, have the shark pull you around.


Amm... I had this idea for a long time that "Raft" could add up some new features like storm, doors and maybe a bow to kill a shark from a far distance just to make the game more fun. ;)

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добавте генератор работающи на спирту ризину стекло пластик провода медь автомат калашникова самогонный аппарат чтобы какосы переплавлять в водку и спирт











Maybe there are boats come into play would make the game much more enjoyable


To optimize to the water in 1.5 you guys should try and do what Planet Coaster has done. Make the water 2 planes, one above the other. Then give them a reflection map and a water texture, below the water let there simply be nothing. The game is only rendering those to flat surfaces and their textures. Then you have good looking water with barely any lag.

Here is what water looks like in planet coaster and it causes no lag.

Billedresultat for planet coaster water ultra


I would suggest quick switching, in form of pressing ctrl and clicking a item stack and automatically putting it in the opposite inventory (chest <-> player)


In my opinion it would be cool, but we dont want to make "RAFT" a big ripoff of another games like other people are saying to put diving into the water to find some spacific items. I mean thats a huge ripoff of Subnautic. Like QuickSwitch with "CTRL" meh to much of a MC ! ;)


Well how would it be a ripoff if its a common and useful feature in nearly all big games that have stacks of items or are survival/collecting style kind of games

Okay.... but the same thing... can't you just take a stack and put it in ? I just don't understand. It's not hard dude ;)

Let's say it that way, if you build big and you get over 5-10 chest full of thatches when you farm wood, you sort your chests or you move items from one floor to another (for example from floor 1 to 10) it is very time consuming to drag them with the cursor, especially when it sometimes doesn't move the stack due to not selecting the slot because of some reason.


I agree, i dont want this to be some deep sea rip off, and people from what i have been reading wanna turn it into minecraft or Subnautic

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добавить генератор работающий на спирту самагоный апарат чтобы какосы переплавлять в спирт и водку и добавить АК-47


The possibility to add mod's

Just ask for what you want, it's still being upgraded and worked on, there's 0 need for mods

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i like it and i think i got some improvement ideas

i think maybe find a way to steer the raft and the bigger your raft the more paddles you'll need. later down the road they could potentially add cyclones, sharp rocks, whales, ect. to avoid by steering away. it would be a unique game mech. huge waves could push things way to fast aswell making it harder to grab stuff sometimes. also a pet you have to take care of aswell could be fun and hard aswell and you can build a cage for it.


some more deadly fish good or sometimes two at a time. some creatures i can think about is different types of sharks like a hammerhead, megaladon and others. but other species aswell like piranhas, crabs that can walk on your raft and pinch, birds that will perch before they take food from you, colossal octopuses that can put three tentacles at a time on your raft like old sailor stories, jelly fish so if you jump in the water your injured. maybe rarely a mermaid that will cause mischief or help and a siren that will sing and make you want so swim away from your raft. they all could have different personalities and come at different times, weathers or locations. i think your health could need like bandages or meds or morphine to stop bleeding and heal. also more bars for like having to pee (we do drink alot of water lol) or being to hot and cold.


i think maybe it could use more aesthetic like weather changes snow, glaring sun,rain, foggy that could be cool and they could effect you too (if its hot stand in the shade, if its cold stand close by fire, if its foggy it could make it harder to see and maybe get a rain catcher? idk)scenic things too like dolphins jumping by or a huge whale off in the distance blowing water, shooting stars at night, flying fish. aswell as scary scenery like a bitten corpse, dead fish all bellied up, oil spills, a huge tentacle waving in the distance. you could see ufos off in the distance but one night you hear weird noises so you go outside and see a ufo beaming a whale and bringing it up and over your raft as huge amounts of water are dripping ontop of you. the whale... wailing! you hear engines and they both suddenly disappear..... or you know you could add decorations potted plants with flowers, art, telescopes,a hula girl dash bobble thing ect. and a way to upgrade your raft maybe start off wood but transition into metal and eventually make your raft more boss with radars, harpoon guns, canons and electricity so it feels progressive. the barrels could also be crates and they could carry man made stuff like decorations.

i hope i helped a bit


Please make the new update accessable on mac. All of my friends have macs and they really want to play the new update.

I suggest to add Multiplayer, if that would be possible without too much lag, that'd be amazing! My brother only wants to play with me if there is Multiplayer, so please add that and add more fish. One fish isn't enough, also add the ability to SIT in the chair.

-shop & currency system
-upgrading system
-anti-shark stuff (like traps etc.)
-more types of fish
-more enemies (orcas, birds, other types of sharks, pirates)
-learning system

yeah that should be a good start...

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Wow doors in a middle of an ocean wow who needs doors who the hell would go rob you sharks ? oh oh maybe some whales use your BRAIN its called raft we dont need NPCs we have the shark bruh and WOw SHOP what the hell men are you saying that theres another dude stranded and build a shop for living wow great idea wait a second im gonnna kill myself

Wow. Much maturity. Such eloquence. Very open-minded. Listen here douche, I want my raft to have class. I'm talking long-term play, not a ten-minute "ok I've killed three sharks got too much food & water, game's done and over". I wanna be able to built a floating palazzo and doors are also for the looks. Heck you can't sit down and you don't have valuables so why put chairs and tables? For the looks. If you're alright with only floors and food, good for you, but I wanna deepen the experience of the game. Doors are not just to prevent robbers, and shopd and NPCs would go a long way to make the gameplay longer and people want to play longer too.

when interacting with a chest and having the crafting menu open, you should be able craft with the items from the chest. it would make crafting expensive stuff easier, faster and more tidy.

I found that by the end game you store most of the stuff in the chests and have only useful stuff in your inventory.

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This game is a great step in a the direction of survival gameplay. It's unique, you don't have to spend a lot of time to scavenge stuff, and then spend a lot of time to craft it. Everything comes towards you, and that keeps a flow. You get to reanact that "stranded in the ocean" fear.

Now I understand this is a game in the making. Although the game would be AMAZING with multiplayer--that's not what I want to throw in.


The start, obviously, lacks in introduction. We just land on a piece of wood. And then stuff flows towards us. OKAY, but how? I'm not suggesting a compelling Oscar worthy story--but it would be nice if we see ourselves trying to survive in the ocean after a shipwreck of some sort. This would also explain the constant flow of supplies for example.

From this concept: Let us assume our player is a survivor of the shipwreck. Why did the ship go down? Again, I'm not suggesting a complicated storyline. But lets say you sunk in some place like the Bermuda Triangle, Somewhat resembling it at least. I'm not suggesting the very same Bermuda Triangle, but you know, because plot.

In time as we progress, we would see other ships in the horizon. But due to the Bermuda Triangle theme, disaster happens and that other ship goes down. It causes drama and horror with the player, and also gives an excuse to exert more supplies to the player.

The character opening this "How to survive by yourself" manual would explain why the character has a vast understanding of crafting. He/She would open it every time He/She attempts to craft. It would add nicely as a detail. Your call, Devs.

From this concept: As the player progresses, the player will be able to obtain more unique manuals for cooking, weaponry, crafting, and architecture.

Please, oh please, add a cutscene of some sort for when the shark enters the waters. It just appears out of the blue. And not in a menacing way, it just asserts itself in. We should have our player react to it with some voice acting or some music. #LoveForTheShark

I would value and urge you, the Dev's to implement such keen details. It would ensure a staple of glory and care to a game that's already headed to success.


I recall reading weather changes that will be implemented. This would make the gameplay more quality as there will be more challenge. What I can add to this is:

When the player reaches a high level of structure on His/Her Raft Structure, possible boss battles could happen. Such as: (Please take with a grain of salt.)

Using a slingshot to shoot incoming pre-war sea-mines.

A giant octopus battle.

A great white shark battle, constantly attacking the raft. (Possible reference to jaws?)

A school of shark immigrating and attacking your raft.

A jellyfish infestation which opts out you even THINKING of entering the water.

A fire caused from lightning.

A cyclone closing in from the horizon, forcing the player to sail a course to avoid it.



Sea Lizard Monsters... (Perhaps another boss battle? )

Ghost Ships...

Hallucinogenic ocean fruit... (???)

UFO Wreckage... must I say more?

(NOTE: I am not saying that we should make aliens a part of the game. But it could be cool. Cue X-Files theme. )


Now I know you Dev's already have their neck full of requests. This being the "multiplayer idea". And it's hard. OK, understandable. The bugs in multiplayer would possibly be a nightmare anyways... But if this game is keen on being single player, why not have the player be able to see some very small islands in the distance, and have the player sail his raft towards it? Maybe he could find some old pirate treasure, a sword possibly.

Ya'll have a pretty sweet game. Awesome work! Cheers.


Backpacks. Be able to craft it with thatch and nails. Even create Shark Skin so hunting sharks are more looked into.

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Hi guys, I just played your game and think it is pretty nice already. I personally think the challenge might be a bit too hard in the beginning, maybe you should consider to give two game modes, an easy and a harder one as a choice. The game itself plays very stressful. To keep players busy is one thing, but to stress them out another you don't want to have. Scarp metal is definitely too much after a while, in the very beginning you do really need the amount you did add (it could be used for tougher walls and foundations in the end-game, then it would not add up stored in boxes too much). The raft would need some spikes or anything like that to protect it from the sharks later on when you developed and did built all other stuff, because there comes a point when they start being annoying when your base gets too big and you can not run to them anymore in time. Food is fine balanced, water needs 3 of those cookers, but is then fine too.

It is a raft game and no sail to the islands game, I did get that, but maybe you could give the players some more decorative items for building, for example baskets to drop coconuts, shelfs for tools or the storage boxes, bigger boxes would be also very nice. Also I would remove that wood pillar cage around the trees to let them look nicer. Some end-content might only get available after building everything else, maybe by a level up system, like spikes, decorations and maybe advanced cooking recipes, maybe also any better weapon against sharks or tougher foundations and walls.

These are just a few ideas. Seagulls could fly by and drop feathers or build nests and drop in there eggs if you build a house. I had trouble to drop a roof on my house that I did build a bit higher upwards on pillars, no idea if it works at all but maybe you should add thatch for picking it up in the ocean (or the possibility to dry the leaves to get thatch) and a nice roof option to build. I know you called the leaves that swim by thatch but it works rather like fiber that you usually use for crafting ropes, thatfor I believe you should at least let us dry it for a second recource. And a nice roof option is also missing.

Maybe adding an aquarium or pool in the middle of your raft to have some fishes multiply could be nice. Let us sit down in a recline or deck chair or give us a bed to lay down, because the character says often that we would be tired and it could also be used for respawn ;)

Thanks for reading my ideas. Happy developing guys ;) For more help you can contact me in steam.

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  • New walls / wall height
  • More furniture
  • Remove the issue where you need a floor in between pillars
  • Extended pillar building capabilities 5x5 / 7x7 ?
  • Indipendent foundation to enable "floating homes" without the need to connect the foundation to main base
  • Custom roofs (so no pillars are needed in the top rooms of a building)
  • Doors / Doorways
  • Doublechests


  • Backpacks
  • Difficulties (1 shark is too easy)
  • Different plants/food/trees
  • Better weapons (to help with increasing difficulty)
  • Ability to crouch/duck



    Hello, first off. I have to say, for a simple free game this is amazing and I am already in love. I can't wait to see where this game goes and have marked the download page as a favorite to check back for updates. I hope they come often.



    Multiplayer Support
    Would be nice to play with friends, if some of the other features would be added.

    Seagulls (For hunting/eggs see below)
    Hunting birds with a bow would be nice, maybe add that you can collect eggs from them and build bird cages, you could even have areas that you could release the birds in "cages/rooms" which would give the birds a place to nest/provide the player with more eggs for raising their own birds.

    Aquarium/Tank Space
    I would suggest this space be something similar to the "Nets" that capture floating items in the water. If you were to say combine 8 nets you could place something in a 6 block space that would store live fish. This way you would be able to breed them rather than catching them.

    Bow and Arrows
    Simple weapon used for hunting or fending off a shark attack from a safe distance, without having to bother to run all the way to the shark attack.

    The idea would be to give an alternative to using a fishing rod. Maybe add swordfish or marlin for spear fishing that you have to see and either chase in a row boat (see below for boat details) or wait for it to come close enough to your raft.

    Hunting - Sharks, seagulls, whales?
    I would love to be able to use a small pistol, or even a rifle, but the bow will work fine if added that would be used for shooting birds, sharks, or maybe even whales.

    Row Boat - Something to chase your prey, sharks, whales, birds, or maybe even pirates.
    2nd Line of defence should you need to abandon ship. I would suggest the rowboat can be tied to the original raft in the event of a pirate attack, shark negligence, or maybe simply because you want to start over. Maybe even give the row boat a little storage space just in case you need to abandon ship.

    Reduce thirst use, please.
    it just seems you die of thirst rather quickly and it gets REALLY annoying to constantly be turning salt water into drinking water.

    Without anything else attacking you save the shark, the game rather gets boring rather quickly. Adding pirates who could be simply based on the size of your raft would be awesome, small raft, means small pirate ship. Big raft, means big pirate ship. The pirates would board your raft, destroy your items, as well as come after you. Killing pirates yields loot, as well as new items/weapons. Capturing a pirate ship would mean a back up to your raft, but would be near impossible without the proper weapons... and maybe some friends.

    Fellow Stranded Sailors
    Help them aboard, hold them hostage, or simply share your supplies with the handy help. Plucking people from the ocean gives you a friend, prisoner, or slave. Their fate is in your hands. Arm them and let them help you fight the pirates or gear them and make them collect supplies.

    on the hunting seguls I wouldnt get add a bow but just make it so were you have to through spears at it


    Here's my wall of text list of suggestions:

    • Shark Revamp; sharks should get more aggressive and more destructive as they lose more health. Also, sharks' spawn rate should increase as the game progresses (it would hit a cap eventually). Sharks should also make more noise.
    • Floating Items I; the number of items that float around the raft should gradually decrease over time. It should never hit zero, but shouldn't remain at a static high either.
    • Floating Items II; items that float under the raft should sink. This not only creates a greater sense of urgency in gather items but would prevent people from using planks to create a barrier around nets and thus make nets more valuable.
    • Net Capacity; on the topic of nets, they should have a limit to the number of items they can hold. The player would be able to hear sounds indicating that the net is being strained, and if they choose to ignore it, the net would break and all items will sink.
    • Water Hazard; placing too many items on a raft with too little base surface area should cause the raft to sink (not necessarily tip over, but slowly dip into the water). Too much sinking would cause the bottom floor to collapse and all items on it to be lost.
    • Fire Hazard; since it is a wood raft, inventions with fire should pose a chance of creating a raft fire. Additionally, standing near the said inventions should carry a risk of accidental burns.
    • Durability; all items (including the raft itself) should have a durability. This makes sense since the environment is constantly damp and salty. This would also make collecting resources much more important.
    • Food System Revamp; make it so that both plants and fish must be eaten in order to stay alive. This could be done by having two food bars instead of one. This would also give players an incentive to farm.
    • More Plants and Fish; create different plants which could be grown and different fish which could be caught. Certain types of either/both would be poisonous (see below) and it would be up to the player to learn which ones are.
    • Special Food Items; barrels should carry special foodstuffs like chocolate or cola. These foods would give some sort of speed/strength buff, or perhaps just serve as a rare little treat for the player to find.
    • Poisoning; food items should carry a risk of poisoning (which inflicts DoT and perhaps messes with the player's FOV and movement). The risk should be much greater for raw food items.
    • Hypothermia; nighttime should carry the risk of hypothermia. This risk would be reduced by standing close to fire and increased by going into the water at night. Fatigue should also set in much faster at night.
    • Hyperthermia; as the game goes on, standing in the sun for increased periods of time would cause the hydration bar to deplete faster. This would give players incentive to build a second level (or at least plant a tree) for shade.
    • Heavy Injury; certain acts (spearing a shark, for example) should carry the risk of sustaining a heavy injury (which inflicts a large DoT). The injury would take long to heal unless the player has a...
    • Medical Kit; craftable item (also obtainable in barrels) which counteracts the effects of the poisoning, hypothermia, hyperthermia, and heavy injury. It would also replenish a small amount of health.
    • Diving; going underwater should be possible, and retrieving sinking items while diving would also be possible. This would have the fatigue bar see more relevance. Fatigue should set in faster while under water.
    • Sleep System; since there's now a day-and-night cycle, perhaps make it so that some form of sleep is required such that lack thereof would cause fatigue. Sleep should not be possible unless the player has a roof over their head or is in a...
    • Bed; allows players to sleep, but also lets the player recover from poisoning, hypothermia, hyperthermia, and heavy injury at a faster rate. I say 'bed', but it really should be more of a sleeping bag.
    • Auto-Craft Machines; craftable machines should be implemented which automatically craft simple items (ropes, nails, etc.) over a short period of time. The machine would take raw materials out of your INV and give you the finished products with "E".
    • Hand-Held Torch; a tool which carries minimal fire hazard and lights up surroundings when held in the hand. The torch would be lit by holding it close to a fire and would extinguish if the player goes in the water with it.
    • More Hostile Entities; be it mobs, storms, tsunamis, strong winds, or et cetera, there should be more sources of danger to keep the player on-guard and diligent.
    • Rifle; a primitive rifle should be craftable so that sharks and other hostile mobs (see above) could be killed faster and from farther. It would require depletable but craftable bullets to shoot (obviously).

    On the topic of the fire hazard, I think the foundations shouldn't be able to burn. Since the foundations are right on the water, and realistically they would probably be too wet to catch fire, that shouldn't be an issue. This could be countered with the idea that the foundations would rot that you mentioned with durability, and just have a slightly faster rotting rate.


    If not already in game, controller support would be great. A tent to build and sleep in at night. Hold shift while hovering over a item in your inventory to automaticly put it where it belongs. (example: minecraft). Bigger chest space.

    And especially much more items in a stack. 10 is very little especially if your progressed alot and you have too much items.

    Thank you, please take these into thought.


    Love the latest set of updates. These are my thoughts:

    • Like the table - be great to be able to put items on the table, like the cooking and water stations
    • A set of achievements to work through, so you feel like you're progressing and have some direction
    • The ability to put two walls on one foundation, so you can make wall corners!
    I love the torches and the day / night cycle. However, my sound doesn't appear to work. The sound on my computer is fine and not muted and the in-game sounds in the Raft control panel are all up to max and not muted.

    How do you open the control panel

    Press escape and then go to options and press audio for the audio controls




    - For later on some high tech machines or equipables.

    - Have the item flow change direction from time to time so it's a bit more difficult to get resources.

    - Keep the background sounds and music calm when the shark isn't attacking and when it does use sound/music to create a bit of a panicking situation and to let the player(s) now the raft is getting attacked.

    - Don't let the player be able to pick up items when the inventory is full so the player doesn't loose items and the object count stays low so it won't get laggy or anything from items.

    - Maybe have the table be able to 'store' food and drinks on top of it so you don't have to carry it in your inventory.

    - Sitting and eating/drinking could give a heal boost when damaged.

    - The building selection wheel, maybe it could be handy to use scroll wheel to go through the items instead of using the mouse position, I've had that a lot of times I selected the wrong thing.

    - Maybe give the player a 'survival hand book', with tips/objectives that give the general idea of the game.

    This is about what i could think of.


    I think the shark should only appear when you get in the water and instead of it attacking your raft, there should be bad weather so lightning or something could catch the raft on fire.


    new game mechanic like scuba diving and getting coral and stuff, make the raft drift and make paddles in which you can move your raft if it's small enough to go to other areas which would be different under water


    Maybe new weapons, like guns and bullets from scrap metal, and more sharks the larger your raft gets.


    Raft is a good game with astounding potential, so I'd like to add a couple of ideas I'd like to see in the game. (This post may be a bit long)

    1. Ocean expanse.

    Raft has its own swimming mechanics which no player needs to use, since everything is done on the one immobile platform, so I was thinking that every so often, there would be another small raft that would appear on the horizon, which may contain chests, barrlels, lamps, and other things the player could benefit from. The player would then have to swim out and retrieve the loot before it floats away, adding a little more urgency as you have to temporarily abandon your own raft, leaving it vulnerable to sharks.

    To hasten the trip between rafts, the player could also build small boats, allowing the player to go a bit faster and be less fatigued, however the shark can also attack boats, immobilizing the boat and forcing the player to deal with the shark or resume the journey boat-less.

    Random Rafts could also be secured in place to form a permanent raft if they have an anchor attached, allowing for the player to see more random Rafts. This may however lead to the player creating a large bridge across the entire ocean, so the anchors will cost very heavily on rope and scrap, and each new raft that is secured might have its own shark.

    2. Dangerous Depths.

    So far, Raft hasn't been a particularly difficult game and is mostly grinding for more buildings, so the addition of new monsters and hazards would certainly get the blood pumping of the players. To stop players from creating enormous bridges across the map, foundation blocks would be affected by rot, which appears on a 1 in 500 chance, but only after a certain amount of things have been placed. Rot can appear on any foundation, regardless of whether it can be attacked by the shark, and will slowly degrade the foundation as time goes on. When it finally destroys the foundation, it will spread to each foundation and continue to degrade them. If a rotting foundation is repaired, the rot goes away and the foundation stays. This forces the player to constantly maintain and oversee their raft, or risk large portions of their raft being obliterated by long-term rot.

    This next idea, while perhaps a little overkill, would be a very entertaining aspect if added. Every so often at dawn, the moon would appear red, indicating a blood moon. When a blood moon appears, two large red eyes will appear in a randomly determined water space near the player's raft. These red eyes of course belong to C'thulu, and if the raft near these red eyes is not well lit with torches and lights, then the raft that is near the space with the red eyes will be destroyed by a whirlpool. This will add the sense of desperation and hopelessness that a true raft should have.

    At the cost of a little extra materials, the player would be able to reinforce their raft in key locations, adding a little extra durability to withstand the disasters of the ocean. Fortified raft foundations won't be completely made of metal due to the nature of rafts and can still be affected by rot, C'thulu and sharks, but they take longer to be broken.

    3. Home Adrift.

    This idea is fairly obvious, as it just gives ideas for more customization options in raft, but I figured I'd pitch it anyways.

    They player would rarely be able to collects extra containers such as handbags, satchels and boxes which hold luxury items such as pot plants, bags, torches and other helpful items, along with small items to make you feel at home, like posters, playing cards and other trinkets and collectables. Luxury items help with practical purposes, while trinkets just help the place look cool.

    That's all I could think of right now, I hope that you enjoy my ideas, and that they are not to difficult to implement into the game. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have a good day!


    Add spike to add to the edge of the foundation that hurts the shark and causes it to swim away but the spike also have a low durability so after a shark attacks it twice it breaks and the player should also get hurt from it if we touch it. Also add more objects like fences and smaller walls. also a slider that lets you limit your fps so people don't overwork their graphics cards

    Add a back pack that requires 20 thatch and 8 string idk why those numbers but yea the thatch acts like the fabric the backpack is made of and the string is for the straps and to tie it together. And since its made of leaves when there is scrap metal is should have the risk of cutting open the bag and dropping the items.

    Ummmm idont know why but we are gonna needing more aquatic animals like whales,killer whale and hammerhead shark or maybe great white shark and add harpoon or maybe boat to go hunting some whales......



    - Adding a backpack or bag, I think someone else suggested it but I second that!

    - Adding items like rope, nails, or cups into the barrels. That seems logical.

    - Floating crates.

    - Storms, rougher waters, stuff like that. (I loved the addition of night by the way!)

    - Extra sharks as time goes on or more enemies (like maybe a squid breaks a foundation or somethin?)

    - Types of fish, like tuna and stuff, that give more or less food and water.

    - Maybe like sticks and planks? Making an axe with planks seems weird. (or like 'scrap wood')

    - A tree that gives fruits, maybe like a banana tree or a pineapple plant.

    - Baskets (from the palm leaves), that you could place and fill with food!

    - Strengthening or upgrading your foundation. I don't wanna lose my nice second floor!

    That's all I've got for now. Thank you so much, guys. Your game is amazing.


    I ask you to optimize and add multiplayer game without Demp or else

    allow players to build multi story buildings


    Just to let you know, someone put this on the gamejolt website, I have reported it just to be sure as you explecidly said its only available on itch.

    is there an end to the game

    I think you can add island and you can add some items to keep shark from your house or you can add some items to kill it except spear and let us sit on the chair and use table please :D you can add bigger chests they are too small and some other things to eat and some other fish spicies too and some boats would be nice too to get to the island


    you can add bed to skip night too

    I saved just before I died.How do I restore to an earlier save?Whenever I load it I die in 1 second from hunger.

    (2 edits) (+2)

    i think it canbe a goo idea to add Animal fat in the game, it can be use to make working the standing lantern.

    And i think the wood ishould be needed to make the campfire

    Adding different kinds of fish can be well also

    It would be necessary to be able to improve its constructions of wood to metal


    It can be useful to add a bow when you are too far away to shoot on the shark

    (1 edit)

    I'm sure a few of these have been touched on but

    - Ways to collect fish in bulk (like a net) and introduce other types of sea food- clam, squid, seaweed

    - Ability to dive and collect/explore

    - Use ability to collect plastic litter and craft into items (like snorkel gear)

    - Different player modes like seen in Minecraft: Survival (Easy, Medium, Hard), Casual (no shark but still thirst and hunger), Exploration (crafting but immortal), Free build (all resources and unlimited health)

    -Introduce other threats like weather

    -a bed (or hammock) to get through the night or recouperate health

    -I saw the mention of islands and boats and really like the idea

    Better optimization because more builds more lags :D in low in 640*480 50-60 fps if i start - i build much and now 12-20 FPS

    yeah me too


    Leather From Shark to do Backpack and any birds like seagull :D

    I want WEATHER so much! Rain (you need build roof to protect yourself), sunshine ( you have to go cover in xy hours or you die) etc :D


    I would like extra sharks/difficulty levels.

    (1 edit)

    Here are some features that should be included into Raft, and also any other player will have fun with:

    *Play with friends in LAN (Basically playing with players in your network)

    *Have boats so you can go a certain island or multiple and have palm trees so you can use your axe (Melee Weapon or Tool) to chop them down for wood & thatch!

    *Have the ability to mine ores when setting sail to an island on the shore

    *In order for the suggestion above this one you are reading needs to have the requirement tool added to Raft: A pick (Made out of stone)

    *Be able to make stone walls as another player has said in the recent replies

    *Have more options and be able to add an amount of ram to raft so then the game can run a bit slight faster (Not saying my PC cannot run Raft that well) and also have a control menu in the top left or right hand screen so then you can see the list of controls much more easier then going into game directory and then finding ReadMe.txt file and then trying to know the controls better then your previous experience

    *Also have multiple modes such as Unlimited Mode, or OP Mode and Creative mode (Ability to fly and get a item menu like in Minecraft) and also have some difficulty in case people want to be CHALLENGED in Raft (SuperEasy/Easy/Medium/Hard)

    Also if you are playing Medium or Hard the shark should take a foundation chunk out of your raft more often then Super Easy and Easy difficulty!

    *That is all I have as idea's or suggestions! Hope this help the Raft Developer a whole ton!*

    The ideas you listed were very thought out and could have more of a different approach to what developers were thinking. You listed a lot about having an island and obtaining stones and such. The game is called "Raft", not "Islands". Although I like how you indirectly incorporate islands as a "goal" for the player. If you were to keep the whole game set on a raft, you could have a lot more challenges then finding an island. Possibly attaching sails to go around traveling to different areas of the seas which have different types of enemies other than sharks. Stingray? Eels? Other than that, your suggestions were good. I like the idea about LAN, also the stone walls, but made out of metal (to actually have more of a use to metal). Your suggestion about the difficulty is nice, but I really don't think we need a copy of Minecraft Creative. I'd just stick with the Easy/Medium/Hard. Instead of just more/less sharks, maybe alter your hunger/thirst and attacking period of sharks.

    Maby you can make like strong fundation tha has double hp something like metal fundation metal walls etc.

    You can make first aid kit that heals you for 25%

    Sleepeng bag for sleeping over night


    more sharks

    more crafting stuff

    PS im the guy that asked if i can help you in art way xD


    Just brainstorming some ideas:
    Banana and/or pineapple plants for the tree growbed.
    More sorts of fish you can catch(some kind of random selector).
    Birds that fly across the sky.
    Bow and arrows/ throwing spears to shoot the birds with(you swim out and get them when you kill them(can't use to kill the shark)).
    Food that spoils after a sertain time span.

    A question, is the ocean endless?

    a suggestion, why not a way to automatically cook food or water? You'll especially need that if you go through with the island idea everyone is talking about

    What about different fishes with diffrent rareitys and that some could give you more on the food then other fishes, just a little bit boring with only mackerel. (Sucks at English)



    Can you add a vsync option so that this game doesn't use all of my gpu?

    Bed to sleep at night and rest

    There should be risk of shark attack during sleep so you either wake up and have to repair or wake up during the night to fight it off

    Add This Game to Steam's Greenlight Program

    I love the game and would love to see it reach its highest potential possible, but that will not happen until it is added on steam. The fact that it is not on steam is the only reason i do not play RAFT anymore... I want to be able to see how many hours i put into the game and eventually i will want to be able to unlock achievements. Even if the game is still a prototype you will still be able to receive mass amounts of support through steam and easily put a price tag on the game to help out develop the game further.

    In conclusion i am basically saying i will not play this game until i can pay to play it on Steam. Lol.


    Instead of having to use pillars to build upwards; you should also have beams so you don't have to branch out the lower levels using tons of pillars that clutter the raft up


    I suggest adding mod support so you could have more maps/game modes, etc and by that you could build a bigger community. + i want to learn programming (have already a little) and i really like raft and with this i could enhance my programming skills and 3D modeling, and get more contacts associated with all of that. Thank you :)


    *Make throwing spears to throw at the shark! (Items: 2 Planks, 1 rope)



    ive played the game for a couple hours now, and i love the essence of it, survival at its finest. Now it does need some work.

    As for the game overall, it became repetitive, so i suggest creating some new topics; raft upgrades (a foundation that can hold the shark longer, as the game moves forward the raft becomes too big to reach the shark in time). I did get a bit frustrated at the attack animation, it was unpredictable, sometimes not effective or simply not satisfying (yes... proper attack sound is a plus). but also i found the way of defending the raft boring. So i propose 2 things, a spiked foundation or spike attachment to the foundation to hurt the shark as it destroys its target, and also a roped spear or simply a bow and arrow... in order to make it a bit more fun to kill the shark.

    Also, the shark thing became predictable, i somehow managed to synchronize my character´s thirst with the attacks(almost, a short time window), so you could make the attacks RNG or introduce new enemies. like fish that break the nets or even birds that steal the food you leave a while in the cooking station after it´s done. In order to make the player be more aware of it´s surroundings.

    After my raft became big enough i thought i could repair the foundations that were damaged by the shark, only to realize its easier to destroy the damaged one and create a new one, as repairing it consumed way more resources. which makes the repair option worthless, so you could improve it or just remove it from the game.

    When chop´ping down the palm trees, its not very responsive... sometimes i have to find a different angle than last time for it to start working.

    And lastly a bit more noob friendly, after 2 or 3 hours i realized i wouldn't die if i fell in the water.... which at the moment caused quite the laughter, but also annoyance for the inconvenience of avoiding every water net. This is also directed to the food topic.. after 3 games i realized i could craft the fishing rod early instead of saving resources for more foundations.

    PS: make the crafting menu bigger, and block the player´s movement while in the menu.. thats how i found out i wouldn´t die in the water.

    (1 edit) (+1)

    i love the game already. here is what i think that could make it better,

    + add a day counter. this will be fun. we can then share our score with friends and others

    + add sounds for being thirsty and hungry.

    + add blood effect. whenever you get hurt make the screen red or with blood spots

    + add gears. with this you can create small machines which can automate the water cooking as an example.

    + add swimming underwater. with gears and scrap you can make a oxygen machine.

    + add ores. collect them by swimming to the bottem of the ocean.

    + add an ore furnace. melt the ores.

    + upgrade the floors/walls and more. with the ores.

    + add more options with the ores that i suggested.

    + add buoyancy bags (air bags under the raft). they will keep the raft floating when the wood is upgraded with a material that is more heavy

    + add the ability to sink. when you dont have enough air bags holding up the raft.

    - items slow down. items keep on roling for ever. like when i chop down a tree the coconuts keep on roling till they disappear in the deep ocean.

    -see through objects. when a player walks under a stair. you will glitch through it with your head.

    -shark doesnt care. the shark sometimes just swims right through my raft.

    -items fall through the floor sometimes

    thanks alot for your time.

    please keep on working with this!


    maybe add raft to steam, its a bit weird to delete and download the same thing over and over again. that or maybe add more uses for foods or even a way to make automation, like a hopper. That just my ideas for now. and dont stress your self on the multiplayer, this kind of game is fine either way, single or not XD

    You can get the app which is just like steam only that with games, it updates them for you,without having to download it all over again

    thank you

    (1 edit)

    Any Android development? I want to play Raft on the go!

    And a save file that would be compatible with future updates!

    I'm not going to read through every single post to see if it's been mentioned or not.

    You need to fix the picking up objects, and if your inventory is full, it'll randomly drop items to open up space and I end up losing the shit I wanted to save and I keep the shit I don't want. Then when I go to try to pick them up, I have to first make more room in my inventory, and by the time I get back to actually picking up the item that the game decided to drop, It has either disappeared or rolled into the water.

    I get once you have 40 net grabbers in a row, it really doesn't matter if you lose something, but it is quite annoying because it keeps happening. There needs to be double the amount of inventory at the very least.

    "It's scary to think humans can send people to the moon, but can't have a civil conversation on the internet"

    (1 edit) (+1)

    The game is called "Raft" so throwing out potential ideas of it becoming an explorer and more survival

    Weapons and Tools

    Bow and Arrow - These are a classic when it comes to survival games

    Spikes - which are to be built on foundation to fend off AI

    Armor - For foundation and player


    Weapon Upgrades

    Armor Upgrades

    Building Upgrades (i.e. Stone)

    Bigger Cooking station

    Bigger Water Purifier

    Bigger Chest


    Swordfish - More aggressive than Shark that'll jump and attack you on the raft

    Birds - Will come steal your food when cooking

    Dolphin - Can feed him… he does nothing but looks cool and you can waste food on him

    Seals - They hop on and waste space


    Natural Disaster - Could do some random damage around raft



    Rain - Oh cool… rain…

    Snow - Floating ice that comes by and damages nets

    Day system where each day gets harder

    Maybe with the cans make metal foundation or add a plate of metal on an existing foundation and as always gotta have some furniture cuz i love it oh what about lemons ya know scurvy n stuff


    Hi guys, I saw this game on youtube and it looked interesting enough, so I bought it. Its obviously in a rather early stage, but it has a lot of promise I think. There is a lot of things that can be added and I am sure will be if you three don't loose interest (and I hope not), but there is one thing in particular that is bothering me.

    When you build a planter it automatically comes with soil. I would think soil would be one of the most difficult resources to obtain in the middle of the ocean. Obviously, even if you can get to the bottom the salt levels would be way to high for anything to grow in the soil from there. You could do something with purifying maybe, not sure how that would work. But you must be relatively near to land considering all the resources that just float by, so I can imagine every now and then you might see an entire tree, including stump with soil (even if I feel this should be a rare or even very rare occurrence). There will be some salt pollution, you could toy with that by making plants grow at a reduced rate or not being entirely healthy. Either some of the time (matter of luck, or in a later state due to available equipment maybe) or all of the time.

    You could do more with this as well. For example, animals have been known to move between islands by hitchhiking with trees. Maybe if you are very lucky you also get an animal. At mid to late game, poisonous spiders or snakes can be milked for poison to lace weapons with maybe. A monkey can maybe be kept for fertilizer. I am not sure what other species have been known to travel this way, but it might be something to toy with (obviously much, much later).

    furniture and food my favorite things to do in these types of games i love cooking in game and decorating, maybe when stabbing the shark and its almost dead could collect bones from it and make decor or armor.

    or maybe a couple huge rocks stick out of the ocean and you can put a rope around it and collect some cool stuff

    or make a spear and throw it at some seagulls or some birds trying to migrate somewhere else

    I'm sure it's been suggested already but I would LOVE to have some difficulty settings - let users control how fast the hunger/thirst bars decrease, how often the shark attacks - I would love to see the addition of "Creative" and "Hardcore" modes! Creative mode could be focused mostly on building with very slow hunger/thirst bars and a robust health bar, the shark could get nerfed, and generally cater to a player who would rather experiment with building than constantly hover around the stove and water purifier. Hardcore mode could have multiple sharks and key resources could be more scarce, providing a challenge for experienced players.


    Here are a couple of suggestions regarding tools, enemies, and overall additions.

    I have played raft and gotten so far into the game that it has become, for lack of a better term, easy and boring. Here are some suggestions I thought of that I think would improve the game. I'm not sure if people have thought of these yet.

    1. Give tools such as nets, spears, hammers, etc. a certain life span.

    Nets would naturally wear down after a certain amount of days and you can only repair them to that amount. For example, after 4 days the health of the net is 60% and you can only repair it up to 60%. It goes down each day until you have to build a new one. ln a similar way, the spear and hammer and axe only last a certain number of uses, let's say 50, before it breaks and you have to build a new one. You should have to build new torch containers (cup + thatch or some other material) to replace burnt out ones. The torch would still be there, you would just replace the top part.

    2. Shark improvements

    The more days you survive the more frequent and difficult the shark should become, maybe even more sharks you have to worry about.

    3. More enemies/different locations

    Surviving on a raft in the middle of the ocean is a simple concept that could be placed in any ocean. If there was an option upon starting a new world, to choose the location where you want to survive, it would improve the game a lot. You could choose between tropical ocean, icy ocean, night ocean (always night). Depending on the location you choose would have different enemies and not just sharks. Sharks, whales, storms, waves, etc. Just something to consider.

    4. Bigger item barrels/interactive barrels

    When you drop items they turn into small barrels. I think those barrels should be a little bigger. Not as big as the ocean barrels, but bigger than they are currently. Maybe coding doesn't work for this, but if there was a way for them to not disappear unless they fall in the water that would be great. If your body could also interact with them such as "kicking" them around that would also be cool

    5.Labels for chests (and maybe other things)

    This isn't really that important, it could even be something you could turn off in graphics, but I think the ability to label chests would be great for sorting.

    6.Lastly, the ability to throw items/toys

    The ability to throw and kick items around would be cool. I made a soccer field on my raft and sadly nothing to play with. If you could craft a ball or just be able to use the item barrels that would be cool. The ability to use rope and wood and nails to make a basketball hoop would also be cool as well

    I actually do like the Label Idea- I'm very organized when it comes to that, be easier to get to what I need

    I have some ideas to improve the Raft experience. (If something is not understood well, I'm sorry I speak Spanish and I'm using google translator)

    + Put a difficulty meter (To be able to avoid the shark, for example)

    +Add islands to increase the adventure

    +Enhanced storage space for better storage

    +Longer length of the game, since you can get all the Objects in an hour and a half more or less

    That's all, I want to say that the game I like a lot and that's why I want to help trying to give ideas.



    (1 edit)

    I'd really like to see a creative mode, and stacks of 50 when you get materials - maybe you can unlock them somehow; "increase storage" tiers or something.

    I honestly don't like the new water - it's too dark for my taste. it doesn't seem tropical enough, if that makes sense

    (1 edit)

    A creative mode would be nice, Not like "NUUUGH I WANT DIS TO BE MOINCROFT BECUZ MOINCROFT IS FUN HUEHUEHUE" nope, similar, like any creative mode, were you can be creative and have your mind be your limit, no costs, no sharks (well, you should be able to add sharks if you want) also, WHO NEEDS PILLARS WHEN YOU CAN BE CREATIVE AND not be annoyed by that, Although its not necessary, if you guys want the creative mode does need pillars or doesnt need pillars, it is your choice!, And no,Its not for "HURR DURR MOINCROFT" Its more for having creative stuff, also being able to visit other's people creative raft would be nice, like, some way of having a "Best and most creative Raft" Leaderboard, and if you want, You can go and try to get to be the most creative raft, but if you dont want to appear on the leaderboard even if your raft is creative, then, you can choose to not go on the leaderboard, as in the pause menu in creative the Leaderboard button should be there, and being able to vote rafts and such,If this is too much but you want to add it, please, take your time, your game is wonderful, and if this is too hard and such, im not a programer (in what way was it written? not sure, my main language is spanish lol) so i dont know if it would be hard, i do know making games isnt easy, but if this is hard, then do it later in the game when there already more stuff added, or if its too hard, then dont do it, i still love this game and will do always, And take your time in this nice game, dont rush it, as it can end in buggy messes as anyone would know, and nobody wants that, especially in this great game (can someone tell me how many times i complimented this game lol, its still great and love it) So yeah, this isnt needed, only add it if you guys or if you want, Also, I want to offer myself as a translator from english to spanish, To make people who speak spanish see more interest in the game, as certain people avoid games that are in english and have no translation because not knowing the language very well, I just want to help make the game Better, as if it wasnt great already, i just want to be helpful

    Something that I have been thinking about while playing the game

    *Better weapons to kill the shark with= like a bow and arrow, sling shot, be able to line the raft with metal, that way when the shark attacks, it gets more injured

    *Being able to build more resistant raft, like Metal- can't be destroyed, or not easy too

    *Possibly Storms- I thought storms would be an extra thing to live against

    *I do like the thought of different goals to meet

    *Skill building?


    I really do enjoy this game, just reached a plateau where there isn't anything to do

    (5 edits)

    Concerning NPCs

    1. NPC's that arrive on small rafts of their own, males, females, quests that determine their roles or how they interact with you. Different ways in which you can be threatened by npcs. Pirates.

    2. Random encounters with npcs where as soon as you turn your back on the nice guy as you go get the items he's looking to trade, he stabs you in the back. Or that friend you made finally got sick of your lazy ass, and has you for lunch.

    3. Encounters with small raft villages/outposts that provide quests, trade opportunities or info concerning possible dive sites, other outposts or areas to avoid. Some allow you to join, others are threatened, give you a limited time in the outpost. A bartering system that effects attitudes.. the town trader or people drinking at the bar flips out causing a fight, landing you dead or incarcerated.

    Concerning game play - this reminds me of Water World.

    1. Add a diving system, dive down into sunken cities collecting trinkets that could possible be dismantled for parts to be used for more intricate crafting. quest items, deep see spear fishing.

    2. Wind, and a way to determine your direction? Such as with a compass or using the stars,so you can sail to different locations, wind turbines, power generation. anchors. boats?

    3. Hunting and a better fishing system. I've always wondered what shark fin soup tasted like. Make it a challenge, different gear for different fish, make it interesting.

    4. Items. How does that lantern stay lit? bio-fuel? whale oil? oils left over from cooking that fish? Gas or fuel, hoarded by groups like the smokers in water world. Where does the dirt come from for those plants? the collection or dirt and possible rocks for growing or building ovens, kilns or forges. Blacksmithing from salvaged items.

    Just a few thoughts..

    Until you mentioned Water World it hadn't even occurred to me that maybe this game takes place on a planet that's nothing but ocean. But then where are the supplies coming from? I mean, I like that idea, because it provides a reason to be on the raft and stay there, even if you encounter other people, but then there has to be a source for the wood and thatch, if nothing else.

    How do you open the control panel


    Hi, I think putting the controls list into an ingame menu would be extremely useful, especially for new players.

    why can't I down load

    why can't I down load

    Add Achievements!!!.... The Game Is So Empty Without It.



    How about some sort of weather? Rain/Snow for example. Without a roof u aint able to cook while its raining.

    Wind Maybe?

    Lightning (coulda set ur Raft on fire).

    A sail maybe?

    Scrap droprate should be lowered.

    U shoulda get 5 planks out of a Palm.

    Scrap could be used to reinforce Bottom Floor, so that they can survive 3 Sharkattacks (the borders of the Bottom Floor could be steel-plated).

    A Water-Barrel (craftable) to collect Water, where u can drink directly (with E) so i dont have to carry 30 Water around if i wanna play for 1 Hour.

    Multiplayer support.

    Inventory size should be improved (adding a craftable Backpack to the game to get 1 more row in the inventory?)

    Electronic Scrap from Barrels to craft a Radio?

    Pointing Lights to light up the sea from upper floors (dont now the english word for it Spotlights?)

    Add clothing scrap

    A craftable Bed.(Planks + Nails + clothing scrap)

    Keep up the good work,


    Pls add inverted y axis on mouse.

    it would be cool if you added different modes like ones that are like the normal one right now maybe one for people who just want to focus on building or something like that oh and maybe make the day night cycle a little but longe

    (1 edit)

    - Please, add the V-sync graphical option vertical synchronization. Thanks

    guess I have an idea for a weapon (again)

    weapon~ Harpoon gun

    uses~ killing shark from far distances. (maybe in later updates, you could see the fish, so you could use it to catch them easily)


    • wood
    • scrap
    • nail/screw
    • crank - crafted by wood, nail, and scrap
    • spear
    • rope
    • spring - crafted by scrap
    I guess this list also adds a few more items too =P

    hope you might be able to read this, and add it in a later update! (if not that's fine) but ye, bye!




    Some additions towards building your raft:

    - Roof (the only roof currently is just floors that need pillars. How about a roof that doesn't need pillars?)

    - Triangular roof (like the roof on a house)

    - Triangular foundation/floor/roof

    - Walls that can stack on top of each other

    - Large Pillar (pillars that are 2x2 which allow you to place floors 4 blocks out from it (instead of just 1)

    - Cannon: End game mounted item that will need to have gunpowder (rare from barrels) and scrap metal to shoot. Used to damage shark if your not around while it is attacking.

    - Ladder

    - Roof with a hole in it so you can either put ladder on side of a wall, or put it connected to the hole roof.

    - Lastly, metal reinforcements. It's been posted about a lot, but I felt I needed to add it to this.

    I have a few, a threat other than the shark; something a little more unique, and maybe some defenses to prevent said threats from destroying your Raft. Right now it feels like having to stick the shark with a spear every so often is just annoying micromanagement.

    Maybe make the furniture be functional instead of straight up cosmetic down the line, and of course, the more aesthetically pleasing things to build the better.

    I also feel the current way of getting materials needs an update, given the early development stage of the game it works for now; but we need something like... Well, why not let your raft actually float out instead of being stationary?

    Like, come across wreckage from other ships and so on; and give us a way to anchor our raft, either with a straight up anchor of sorts or a way to pin it to other wreckage, like a harpoon gun with a rope attachment. And, obviously the bigger your raft, the more of an anchor you'll need. Give us a little exploration and the game will go a long way. I feel like this idea will help preserve the game's uniqueness and set it apart from other stranded survival games, while giving the players more things to do; and a more unique method of gathering materials other than just fishing for them with nets and your hook.

    Sorry for bad English and im not American,British or any other English speaking country.

    You can add waves and more fish and birds (like seagulls) doors,bed,little boats,turtels,rain and storms,lighting and that's enough

    (1 edit) (+1)

    i've played this game for a little bit and thought of a few things ya could add...

    Sharks: a clear reason as to why they would attack the raft(like dont make to much noise), maybe more appearing at night and less to none during the day.

    A bed would be a good way to get through the night especially since I feel like my character would sleep during the night anyway.

    maybe something to store clean water in.

    something that i can craft to stop the shark from attacking certain part of my raft (like spikes made from scrap metal).

    these are just some of the thing that i thought about... I'll let ya'll know if i think of more...

    But good game so far, i cant wait to see where this goes!

    *coughs* other fish types. other wall designs.
    uhm ,, ,, door? *coughs*


    I Think you should add Lost Animals in the sea ( Got From a Ship or From a Wave/Tsunami)

    you should add Air so you could swim in the sea for a bit and catch some fish

    Tools you should add: Knife, Shark Tooth Sword, Sword, Hoe, Bow


    Multiplayer 1~4 players.

    Islands (CAUTION!: Animals Are In The Islands so They could chase you off. Have a shark tooth sword or probably a bow, just in case!

    Rare Items: Submarine Suit, Pack of Blood( To distract the shark) and the most rarest DIAMOND HOOK (Has a longer Range)

    You Have To Clean the submarine suit to wear it

    you could find a House On the island so you could probably steal stuff from it or you can add an NPC to live in it :D

    You Could have BLOOD like

    Food, Water, Health, Blood

    after your blood is down health will quickly go down by 25%

    only if you get hit by a shark make sure to drink/eat the pack of blood as it will heal ya

    Nightmares and dreams.


    i liked these ideas could you make an opininon on my suggestions ?

    you should make the game for chrome

    make the game for ch

    Why not add the option of removing a shark?

    its an a great idea to make a +great+ gamemode that people will donate you so much on this gamemode what im gonna advice for you,

    i think you should make some a couples of ideas and here the list:

    -bigger stacks

    -show shark's health

    -Available option to Play CO-OP with itch,io members with friends from 1-4 players to join lobby's with password or without (before i saw the prototype trailer my friends told me that its gonna be a amazing game and its really an awesome game! but my opinion is you should add CO-OP option that's will be a GREAT change in game!

    -add crouch On control (CTRL)

    -Customise custom controls or play with a controller and customise the controller's controls

    -custom chat with players on the server (if you will add the co-op)

    -Some Commands that only the host can do (Again, if you will add the CO-OP)

    -much more troubles expect the shark (if you made this awesome game, trust me you could do more)

    -mysterious islands (sorry if i didn't spelled right mysterious) that there can be a chest or some stuff you could take like scrap planks and more...

    -ships to find these islands or to move places

    -some servers on your servers to make a 32 max players on public lobby (WITH FRIENDS ITS WILL BE MAX 4 PLAYERS)

    -timer for the shark to spawn, like imagine you killed the shark you got shark meat and now you want to find treasures under the water or through the ocean and there's will be a timer like 6:00 Minutes to the shark spawn or something like that (are you still with me or you sleeping on your Keyboard? xD)

    - i hope if you will make at least 3 suggestions of these it was so hard to thinking on these ideas but hey, do what you want its your awesome game!

    thanks, SouthStorm


    J'ai Quelques pour ce jeu idée Qui connais très Un grand succès:

    _rajoutez des animaux comme des oiseaux qui donnerais des plumes pour faire des flèches avec le rajout d'un arc pour tuer le requin du radeaux

    -de la pierres ainsi que du silex

    -autres espèces d'arbre comme le pommier pour les pommes

    -basez vous sur minecraft avec plus de rp de la logiques et de la physique

    -des portes et fenêtres en verre grâce a du sable que l'on pourrais cuire dans un four et que lon trouverais sur éventuelles îles que l'ont pourait explorer

    -rajouter des outils tel que la pelle pour le sable et la pioche pour la pierre un peu a la stranded deep

    -sus îles rajouter des animaux tel que les cochons les vaches

    sur ce bonne chance je continue a faire des dons pour ce jeu il as bcp davenir ;)

    I would absolutely love to play this game in VR with the HTC Vive/Oculus Touch Obviously VR isn't owned by a large amount of people so other content should be added first. Just something that would be pretty cool in my opinion!

    hello! i was thinking.. maybe tye character wouldnt get hungry/dehydrated so fast. one day without food or water can kill you.. but thats not usually how it goes.. maybe make it slower. *constructive critiscism (if thats even how you spell it...)*

    I just got the game today, and I think its pretty cool however it be awesome to get a small tutorial guide along with a creative mode


    In game music kind of like minecraft's where it just comes on at random points would be a great asset, and I can do such a thing. Email me at if you're intereseted. Instead of just an item net, I would also recommend a fishing net to capture different types of fish, mackerel still included. A bow would be a neat addition to hunt new animals, maybe even birds. Anything's possible with this masterpiece of a game.


    I think we need some sort of barbed fence or some thing that has more durability then wood and might cause the shark damage when it attacks it. Also maybe beeing able to retrieve broken parts of your raft as I have lost countless amounts of wood and potatos due to the shark.

    Retrieving Broken Parts would be ideal Not all the peaces but some


    I think It should added this


    Wheat seed


    Weight balance.

    Implement a simple weight and buoyancy system so the raft has to be balanced.
    If you stack too much on one side, the raft will gradually tilt and fall over.

    If multiplayer is implemented, people may need to run back and forth to compensate.

    This game is off to a really amazing start! It's not really like any other survival game I've played, and the only thing I would have against exploration of any sort is that it would make it more similar to Stranded Deep and/or Salt. Having to stay on the raft is the whole point of this game, and I really like that limitation. However, as it is right now, sustainability is reached fairly quickly, and the only reason to build the raft up/out is to have a place to put your stuff, and for appearances. Without a weather system, there's no reason to build sheltered areas. Without food spoilage, it's fairly easy to just hoard veggies and fish. I would like to see some means of deterring the shark, at least temporarily; other people have suggested foundations made of metal, or iron spikes put around the edges, and I like both of those ideas. The player could also leave caught fish tied in the water at the edges of the raft, to give the shark something more interesting than busting up the raft for no reason.

    But even with all of those ideas, there's still not an end goal beyond simply surviving as long as possible. Even a "you survived X days" thing like in Don't Starve would be better. Maybe have islands, but since there's no way to steer the raft, have it so that not only are you risking a shark attack by leaving the raft to swim to the island, but put a timer on-screen for the few minutes you have to gather stuff from the island and get back to the raft before it drifts too far out of range to get back safely. Or maybe each day there's a microscopic chance of drifting into sight of a rescue ship or the mainland, like a 0.5-1% chance, just so there IS an end to survive towards. It wouldn't even have to be terribly detailed, maybe the land or ship fades into view and then the game fades to black with "you survived X days and were rescued".


    Here are my thoughts:


    - Being able to fancy things up after time would be nice. For example the water purifier, it could be used as it is in the beginning of the game, but with time it would be nice to be able to build a better looking or even semi or fully automated water filtering system/device with more materials and/or more complex materials.

    - As many people already suggested, more and also usable furniture would make the raft more personalised and would generally help getting more out of the game.

    - I would suggest being able to craft a backpack of some sort, so one is able to carry more items.

    - I think it would be fun to be able to dive just a little by putting oneself on a rope attached to the raft or so. This could be used as a way to implement new materials in the game like stone, sand, shells, corals and generally stuff that can be found in the ocean. I think it should be a limited option though. If one would be able to dive very deep or too far away from the raft, it would take away the game from the general idea from surviving on a raft, which I really enjoy,

    - Having different wheather from time to time would be a nice touch. Rain could force the player to build their grill and water purifier under a roof and seeing higher waves instead of the always flat water could add more diversity.

    - It's nice to have a shark buddy around so one doesn't feel too alone on the ocean, however, one could add more animals. Maybe birds in the sky (maybe shootable with a crafted bow) or dolphins who can be seen jumping out of the water from time to time.

    - Being able to catch fish with a net

    - It always looks like the raft is on a fixed point in the ocean and the incoming stuff is floating by without the raft itself moving across the ocean, I think it would be nice seeing the raft moving as well.

    Bug fixes:

    - When your raft is big enough the shark sometimes swims in circles and swims through your raft. Not attacking it but unnaturally swimming through the wood.

    - The shark can put his head through your walls in order to attack your foundations of the raft, which seems kinda pointless.

    - I wonder why repairing something takes more wood than the original building process.


    those are IDEAS BAM

    • Harpoon gun
    • hammock
    • different types of hammers, such as the builders hammer (the regular one) the weapon hammer (to make weapons obv) and maybe a few more ¯\_◕ᗜ◕_/¯
    • clothes, such as a straw hat, and maybe you spawn with raggedy/ torn clothes
    • straw, spring, harpoon, cloth, dirt, screw, screwdriver, crank, button, blade
    idk those are just a few ideas, here are some ideas for crafting recipes
    • harpoon~ rope x2, spear
    • crank~ wood, scrap
    • button~ scrap, spring
    • spring~ scrap
    • screw~ scrap
    • screwdriver~ scrap, wood
    • straw hat~ straw x2
    • weapon hammer~ hammer, scrap x2, blade
    • blade~ scrap x2
    those are a few crafting ideas for stuff (□ ε □)
    everything else that you can't craft, you can find in barrels (づ☯ᗜ☯)づ


    I do get that this "adds to the thrill" or whatever, but in the worst case scenario, you should give us a function in the options to make this "feature" optional.
    I have been able to build an amazing boat and the game is really fun and addictive, but I wanted to see what's happening to a barrel which has been stuck in the sea for no reason. I knew I was probably going to die but I was expecting to be able to load my last save file.
    BUT NO! Apparently NOT!
    Seriously, all the best to the dev(s) but this is something that I really didn't enjoy.
    Besides that - the game works fantastic and I really like it! Can't wait for more updates! :)

    note: the original poster is Xano, I really like this idea so yeah, reposting

    "This game is a great step in a the direction of survival gameplay. It's unique, you don't have to spend a lot of time to scavenge stuff, and then spend a lot of time to craft it. Everything comes towards you, and that keeps a flow. You get to reanact that "stranded in the ocean" fear.

    Now I understand this is a game in the making. Although the game would be AMAZING with multiplayer--that's not what I want to throw in.


    The start, obviously, lacks in introduction. We just land on a piece of wood. And then stuff flows towards us. OKAY, but how? I'm not suggesting a compelling Oscar worthy story--but it would be nice if we see ourselves trying to survive in the ocean after a shipwreck of some sort. This would also explain the constant flow of supplies for example. I understand this is a game in works, but this can be worked on.

    From this concept: Let us assume our player is a survivor of the shipwreck. Why did the ship go down? Again, I'm not suggesting a complicated storyline. But lets say you sunk in some place like the Bermuda Triangle, Somewhat resembling it at least.

    SHIPS: In time as we progress, we would see other ships in the horizon. But due to the Bermuda Triangle theme, disaster happens and that other ship goes down. It causes drama and horror with the player, and also gives an excuse to exert more supplies to the player.


    The character opening this "How to survive by yourself" manual would explain why the character has a vast understanding of crafting. He/She would open it every time He/She attempts to craft. It would add nicely as a detail. Your call, Devs.

    From this concept: As the player progresses, the player will be able to obtain more unique manuals for cooking, weaponry, crafting, and architecture.


    Please, oh please, add a cutscene of some sort for when the shark enters the waters.--It just appears out of the blue... And not in a menacing way, it just asserts itself in. We should have our player react to it with some voice acting or some music. #LoveForTheShark

    I would value and urge you, the Dev's to implement such keen details. It would ensure a staple of glory and care to a game that's already headed to success.


    I recall reading weather changes that will be implemented. Surely this would make the gameplay ooze with more quality as there will be more challenge. What I can add to this is:

    When the player reaches a high level of structure on His/Her Raft Structure, possible boss battles could happen. Such as: (Please take with a grain of salt. Perhaps they might be TOO ambitious. )

    Using a slingshot to shoot incoming pre-war naval sea-mines.

    A giant octopus battle.

    A great white shark battle, constantly attacking the raft. (Possible reference to jaws?)

    A school of shark immigrating and attacking your raft.

    A jellyfish infestation which opts out you even THINKING of entering the water.

    A fire caused from lightning.

    A cyclone closing in from the horizon, forcing the player to sail a course to avoid it.



    Sea Lizard Monsters... (Perhaps another boss battle? )

    Ghost Ships...

    Hallucinogenic ocean fruit... (???)

    UFO Wreckage... must I say more?

    (NOTE: I am not saying that we should make aliens a part of the game. But it could be cool as hidden stuff. Cue X-Files theme. )


    Now I know the Dev team already have their inbox full of requests. This being the "multiplayer idea". Maybe it's too much. And it's hard. OK, understandable. The bugs in multiplayer would possibly be a nightmare anyways... But if this game is keen on being single player, why not have the player be able to see some very small islands in the distance, and have the player sail his raft towards it? Maybe he could find some old pirate treasure, a sword possibly.

    Ya'll have a pretty sweet game. Awesome work! Cheers. "


    I feel like the shark is something that could be improved the most. He is not very scary or powerful and there is only one. Here is my idea for modifications on the shark

    • Fix the shark's attack. There are some bugs/irregularities with the sharks attack. If you are standing on the very edge of the platform the shark can attack you as if you were in the water. The shark can also attack you without facing you directly. He can be next to you and bite and you will take damage even though it doesn't look like he is. Sharks in real life, especially great whites, have powerful jaws and are extremely fast. You should consider changing his attack so that instead of swimming up to the player and biting over and over, he will charge violently towards him and deal one very powerful attack. Following this attack the shark would dive underwater and appear somewhere else after a brief delay just as he does now after he his significantly damaged. Not only will these changes make the shark more realistic, but they will make him more intimidating. Players will see the shark charging forward and be terrified for their lives. You should also consider not making the shark stalk the raft so closely. Maybe make him swim farther out and occasionally dive under the water to confuse the player and make him loose track of where the shark is.
    • Make the shark drop more valuable resources. Shark meat is cool but considering you can grow your own vegetables it isn't extraordinarily useful. If his drops had a bit more utility it might make hunting the shark a more worthwhile endeavor. A possible option for one of these drops would be shark teeth which could be used to craft better tools. Also if there was a much larger delay in spawning another shark after the first is killed then the player would have yet another reason to kill it, as it would insure his safety for a significant duration.
    • Make killing the shark have drawbacks. What if there was a reason to not kill the shark? Maybe when the shark dies there is a chance that his blood will attract more sharks. The blood of the player getting hurt by the shark might do this as well, making him more hesitant to pick a fight with the beast. This would end up making the shark a lot more interesting. Players will have to decide if they want to hunt the shark for his rare materials and risk attracting more of them which will cause more problems for them in the long run. Also this makes the game increase in difficulty over time which would make the game more interesting.
    The shark is the only antagonist in the game. Without a valid antagonist the player's life would lack purpose. The game would become dull very quickly. That is why I have suggested these changes. I hope you will consider implementing them as I think they will drastically improve an already terrific game.

    Can the developer PLEASE make multiple lives. It's really annoying when I die in the game, and I can't play in it anymore. It makes my rage.

    Hey Raft Guys Dvoloper............ ummmm anyway just add some more monster and a thing to see or go underwater with craftable masks and more types of fish. Add that sharks can jump and even come on the thing...... XD But add some more vegetable. More weapons. More fruits. More something good. Make the moon large or something. Add durability. Anyways good game keep updating and make a way to play the previous saves on the new version!!!! XD!!!

    Been playing this for a while now and I've been enjoying the ability to freely build with the occasional shark attack. I also enjoy the endless sea and that you aren't expected to find land ever just endlessly float in the ocean. It's a fun concept really.

    A thought I had was to add in the ability to make doors and a bed that you can sleep in and be able to sit in the chair that is already in the game.


    I think if you add bows and birds the game will be more entertaining or at least a soundtrack


    You should add beds and a sort of spectator mode where you cant place down items or anything but where you press a button and you will be abe to fly around sort of like a ghost. This could be used for checking out your work from all angles so you can make shure its perfect or you could use it for cinematic shots.

    (1 edit) (-1)
    • It would be nice if there were more animals such as some birds, fish, or maybe whales, so the game would have more interactivity and would be better.
    • it would be good if you could create some kind of oar or motor and so you can move to some sides, if you could create islands and elements that can be found on an island (rocks, crabs, seagulls ...) and at some point Or create a compass and find a map with the address to another island.
    • be able to have a variety of weather, rain, sunny, cloudy, storm, day, night
    • More opportunities to be able to collect food and water through creations

    Nice ideas hope they add them

    Good ideas, except I prefer the game being completely open ocean without islands.

    i think the island get the game more history to can play

    Sorry I don't understand your comment.


    You should add whales to the game! Have them come around once in a while, and they risk breaching out of the water and smashing into the raft. If they smash the raft it'll take out like 3-5 foundation. You could add an item to deter whales, and you could also kill and harvest them which would take a long time. If you kill the whales you can get a ton of meat, and blubber which can be used as a new crafting item (maybe as bait for the fishing rod or something). Also if the whale carcass is left out for a while it'll attract a lot of sharks that will eventually go away.


    A bed would be nice. WIth the new update of the day and night, it would be awesome if you could sleep at night and wake up in the morning.




    Good idea


    Make the game so you can have a raft population. The people will be able to fish(verb),harvest plants,chop the tree,defend the raft and increase the population. This will make the game easier but,to balance the game you also need food,water and cloths for the people.


    I reckon that lan multiplayer would be a fun add to the game


    Also online multiplayer would be good too.

    They said they wont add multiplayer they arent a big enough company to do so


    Pls add a boat and island's

    Please don't add islands, that would make the game less unique.

    Boats would be really cool though.

    • Hello I think that this game is amazing but it can be even better if they add
    • Being able to drive your raft around with sails, motors or whatever so then you can meet Npc's sell stuff for you or have quests
    • Some sort of story
    • More ways to build with maybe stone, windows, pictures or just to customize your raft
    • More animals maybe a coral reef or something
    • More tools/items which are complex)require steps)
    • Machines
    • Weather
    That is all I can think of at the moment, anyway great game and well done so far for the developers good luck at school and with the game.

    PLEASE! Update this game for the mac version. I've been waiting too long. I can't handle it.

    Please update ASAP!


    first off all something that a lot have said
    -beds ,that heal you and obviously change the time off day
    also -different gamemods such as sandbox mode with unlimited life and items
    -this is kinda like a bug ...but I think items spawn a bit I go to my nets and I see 51 items in one net(and I have chests full of items)

    that's all,thanks


    Could you please try to support for mac with future updates, I bought this game because it's one of the rare indie games that actually support mac systems. I only paid money for this game as I thought I would be able to play it. I would really really appreciate it if you could find the time to do this. I'm aware that you only have 1 developer doing this game, but if you can make some assurances that future updates will include mac that would be great. Otherwise I've spent money on a game I can't play. In addition, I don't want to mess with these partition things on my computer to run windows either, as Im sure I'll break something lol.



    An option to disable sharks and hunger etc, this would be a nice background game to have running.

    Maybe no sharks/hunger in an easy mode and keep them in normal mode.

    They could add a hard mode too!

    (1 edit) (+1)

    Hello, Raft Developer. I very recently started playing this game, and I have to say, I certainly enjoy it! As for my suggestions:

    1. Ranged Weapons, like a bow and arrow. I know it's a common request, but it would be very helpful (especially for that damn shark). Arrows can be stored in stacks of around 40.
    2. Plastic, new material used to craft arrows and reinforce foundations (increasing their health). Appears as a plastic bag, bottle, or a milk container.
    3. Definitely add more varieties of fish, like salmon and tuna.
    4. Death animations. If you die from the shark, it will drag you down into the blue abyss.

    Other than that, it seems pretty fun.

    EDIT 1: I'm not sure if it would ruin the whole "being stranded with no help" thing, but maybe add a bit of an RPG element, kinda like Fallout?

    • Other rafters who you can kill, take their resources, and break down their ship if you're desperate. It would be kind of rare to see them, though. Passive until provoked.
    • Pirates, who hook onto your ship and try and kill you. A lot rarer than passive rafters, and almost never appears at the beginning. Has very good loot when killed.
    • Speaking of other ships, maybe some way to damage the other ships, like luring the shark to their ship with a piece of meat?
    • Actions would get you experience, which can be put into stat points.
    Tell me what you guys think.

    Plastic from bags could be useful to collect rainwater.

    I love the idea of NPCs, it gets quiet once your raft gets over a certain size.

    (1 edit)

    My ideas are small additions, but I think we could use:

    • Raft drift
    • Beds
    • More fish (salmon, tuna, halibut, etc.)
    • multiplayer????

    That last one would just be kinda fun and isn't really an hard-set suggestion.


    • I think scrap spawns too fast for how little I use it
    • I think we could use more types of veggies and fruit
    • Boats???

    Please make this great app for android and ios+.Please!!!!!!This game is so best but i can't play because i don't have laptop.So please make for android.

    (1 edit) (+1)

    instead of islands why not have other rafts. The other rafts could have people in them or have the raft as a wreck which you can loot for resources. The rafts with people you can either attack,offer resources or ignore them. If you attack you can loot their raft and attach their raft to your own. If you offer resources you can either trade or befriend them. If you befriend them they will join you,your and their raft will attach. With this the goal of the game will be two things. Unite the rafters all into one raft or conquer the other rafters to become the strongest rafter.


    I'm with you there, more rafts no islands!


    I have tons and tons of suggestions:

    - Single Foundations: Give us the chance to build foundations wherever we want, let me have a single foundation float in the middle of nowhere, that could add tons of building opportunities.

    - Bait Net: Every time the shark tries to attack your raft, it will attack the bait net instead (it will not take damage). It needs fresh fish (not cooked) to work, can only have one fish at a time.

    - Fishing nets: Nets that catch fish and other sea food randomly, similar to current nets.

    - Ceilings: This can be added to walls instead of pillars, ceilings are weak, so you won't be able to build something on top of them.

    - Fences: A small fence.

    - Water Canteen: To hold more water. Instead of carrying 10 tin cans.

    - Archs: It allows to build floor on top of it. Size 1x2.

    - Doors

    - Sea Magnet: (Google it, first image) Allows you to gather scrap from the sea. Make it a like a crane, you use it (E) and comeback later to gather your newly found scrap.

    Equipment System

    This allows you to carry certain items that enhance certain aspects, it can be expanded and adds a lot more to do, here are some ideas.

    - Satchel: Increases your inventory space.

    - Hat: You don't need as much water as you used to.

    - Belt: Somehow you're less hungry than before.

    - Watering Pot: Your palms and vegetables grow faster.

    - Sweaty shirt: You stink! The shark doesn't seem to like your smell (Shark attack less often).

    - Coal: Your water purifiers and cooking stations work faster.

    - Fishy Shirt: Is that a fish in your shirt? (Shark attacks more often).

    - Knife: Sometimes you can gather more meat from sharks and fish.

    - Rake: Sometimes you can gather more vegetables from your cropplots.

    You get the idea. Make the system simple, let us carry 4 items only. that adds strategy and makes it more fun, this items could be make or found, is up to you, dear developers.

    (1 edit) (+1)

    I'm loving your ideas, I hope they get implemented :)

    Please, low the water loots, i can't hang all the resources. Upgrade combat mechanics (i press attack and nothing happens at the same time). Raft swing in water surface and some dirty water as a soil source. Also increase needed materials to make things (but foundation).

    I would like to build a garden, like with dirt, and grass, and stuff, maybe even flowers, I would also like a way to make it so the shark can't eat everything, the shark is a threat at the start of the game, but as you go into it, he becomes more of an annoyance, so I don't really see the harm in making a mid-game way to shark proof land, so I propose adding dirt as a resorce, necceary for making tree, and regular plots, and with 100 dirt, or something, you could turn a shark proof raft piece into an island piece, you could also make a composter to turn excess thatch, wood, even food, into more dirt

    Hey, I just picked up this game today and I love it, I have a few suggestions.

    Walls/Window walls should prevent the shark from jumping onto your foundation.

    Give us more ways to deal with the shark, maybe some kind of warning when he's getting close or more noise when he's on the raft, or even some way to stop it like I said above. It can be difficult to manage all of the aspects of food, hunger, collection and watching for the shark at the same time.

    Alerts, like I said above, alerts would be nice, sure the water blinks but the food doesn't do anything and if you don't look down there and notice the blinking than you could die and lose a very good world over something as stupid as no water.

    Beds would be nice to progress through the night, just more of a vanity.

    More challenge, if you are good at managing the shark then the game can get kind of boring.

    Different fish (better or worse) fish from fishing, also make fishing a more viable option for food, a player can survive very easily without ever picking up a rod.

    Weather, could be vanity but maybe provide some challenge.

    Food spoilage could be an interesting mechanic, provides more challenge and you have to actually worry about your food.

    You guys are doing an awesome job with the game so far and I'm really excited to see how this game turns out in the future, keep it up

    I agree that a shark shouldn't bite through walls. It looks weird. The walls should prevent the shark from attacking that side of the raft. It can always attack your nets.






    Release this game in Steam Greenlight, I think she will be claimed momentally :)


    Agreed :)

    A steam release could help with funding I would pay $5 for this alpha / Bata this could help fund further development Also posting what you need to further develop the game would be cool

    The shark is a good early game advisary, but quickly becomes more of an annoyance then a threat, I think the game would benifit from more threating, less annoying advisaries later in the game, when the raft has suffecently grown. I have two ideas depending on which way you want to stear the game, one is zombies in barrels, a barrel would be floating in the ocean, and if it hits your raft, a zombie will crawl out of it, and start trying to kill you, possibly with some kind of wepon. Another idea is to have a crocadile, or an alligator, come and eat the shark at some point, replacing it, the reptile would be less likely to eat parts of your raft, although it still could, but could decide to climb up on your raft, and come to eat you. either way, more of a threat to you then to your raft.

    Crocodiles and alligators are freshwater, so that wouldn't work.

    Zombies? I think that idea is exhausted at this point.

    I agree there should be other enemies, but I think giant squid, bigger sharks and seals would be more appropriate.

    I disagree that the fact that crocodiles, and alligators are freshwater should matter, it is a game, and they are allowed a certain amount of creative license, as for zombies, while I agree they are very common, especially in the crafting genera, there is a reason they are popular, they are almost always a threat, although usually not an unmanageable one, and they are fun to kill.

    Bigger sharks, and squids would, in many ways, be more of the same, they would be a threat in the water, or to the raft, but at this point, either of those would just a boring annoyance, or would fundamentally break the game, we need an enemy that challenges you in a way the shark does not in the mid-game, something that is more a threat to you then the raft, because honestly, your raft is pretty secure at this point, and you don't really want that to change.

    As for seals, I think they would be bad because people would not want to kill them, seals are generally seen as cute, and sympathetic, and having to fight them would probably not do the games favors.

    Crocodiles are not freshwater! They're called salt water crocodiles for good reason.

    yes but they dont go far from shore they stay close to it in a game where your raft is in the middle of the ocean there is no crocodiles

    This is a game. The trivial rules of reality don't matter here.

    yes, but you forget one crucial detail: This is a video game. guess what, metal doesn't normally float on water either, it does in the game though. Why? Because it's a game. wood, barrels, and leaves don't magically come out of the either to drift past a raft being moved in a direction by some unseen force despite there being no evidence of sails either. But in the game they do. Why? Because it is a game. If the developers want to add a crocodile, even though you seem to be floating in the ocean, the developers will add a crocodile to the game. Why? Because it is a game. If you have some comments about the merit of the idea, maybe suggest some possible alternatives, I'd love to here it, if you want to talk about how crocidles are fresh water, despite the fact that that comment has already been made 3 times now, I will say it again. This is a game.

    (1 edit) (+1)

    Since I'm at the point (and I'm sure several other people are as well) where getting a palm seed from every coconut is just becoming a waste of inventory and chest space, any chance we could eventually get an option to cook the coconuts? Greatly increase the amount of nourishment (either food, water, or both) at the cost of not getting a seed when eating it?


    -Sharkbait, 5 fish, 5 metal, 1 rope, 1 board. thrown into the ocean, distracts the shark for several approaches.

    -Sharktrap, 1 sharkbait, 5 nails, only distracts the shark a couple times, but damages it each time.

    -Rubber, 1 Shark meat, can be used in more advanced recipes, such as flippers or something like that.

    -Flippers, 2 Rubber, allows you to swim as fast as the shark, maybe slows movement on the raft.

    -Beds, 4 thatch, 5 boards, 5 nails. this will skip through the night, but may yeild some undesirable results for slacking off.

    Game Options

    -Difficulty, a peaceful mode with no sharks, easy with one, normal with two, hard with three.

    -Volume Sliders, maybe individual one for the shark, the player, ambient, and music.

    -music, while i enjoy the realism, the silence is honestly deafening,maybe just some calm music though, maybe more dramatic in the water.

    Other Stuff

    -A weather cycle, rain would be interesting, maybe being wet in the middle of nowhere isn't the best for your health though.

    -NPC rafts, a small chance to see one, will trade materials/food for materials/food (ex. 5 scrap for 3 fish)

    -Movement, most likely in the form of wind and sails, change walls into sails, because honestly they don't seem to do anything yet.


    I really like the idea of a bed to skip nights, and little boats to sail around with.


    Suggestions for additions or changes to the game:

    1) Half height walls

    2) Taller windows

    3) Sharpened stakes to add to outside of raft to repel Sharks

    4) Compost heap - used to create soil for Croplots, it's weird that the soil magically appears otherwise

    5) Rain collectors (and rain too I guess)

    6) Seagulls - steal your food sometimes, and leave guano that can be added to compost heap

    7) Flying fish, Scates, Squid and other sea life.

    9) Barnacles - grow on foundation, and can be collected to eat

    10) Fishing nets - to leave and catch fish, but attract sharks if not emptied often enough

    11) Coconuts should be used to grow into coconut palms, not from a separate "palm seed" item. This would be more realistic

    12) Thirst and hunger should go up more slowly, especially thirst. A human can survive three days or more without water and a few weeks without food.

    13) Pitched roofs, that don't require pillars

    14) Sharks that don't swim through foundations

    15) Flotsam that doesn't drift through foundations

    16) Crouching and sneaking options, similar to Minecraft that prevent you from jumping off ledges

    17) Fall damage

    19) Kelp & coral

    20) Diving option? may be hard to implement, but could be fun to at least be able to dive a little

    21) Dredging - would make more sense if heavier flotsam was dredged up from the deeps rather than floating

    22) A few more types of item found in barrels but not from other sources, plus it would be good if we could keep the barrels for storage

    23) Cook pots - to make more food at once, like a stew or soup that can be taken out with bowls.

    24) Walls that can be placed alongside stairs and vice versa.

    25) Doors

    26) Temperature meter, so sometimes players need to take shelter from the sun, or stay near fires for warmth.

    27) Campfires - for warmth, light and basic cooking

    28) Abandoned rafts to find and explore

    29) NPCs

    30) Giant squid!

    I'm loving this game and I hope you keep developing it, good luck with your studies.

    Oh I forgot, coconuts should float.


    I agree with most of theese should be up voted

    Maybe more Fish :P In the game is only one type of fish :)

    Carp and so on

    More islands

    deep in water

    duck [CTRL]

    swim in ocean and collect for medicine something




    1,Maybe create a cooking pot - you can throw to it some water potato and something else and you get soup or something.

    2. Can i find a barrel on the sea, but ca not create a barrel and make canned fish or pickle, and other such things would be a good varity : D

    ya time based cooking where your food cures or your drink ferments and provides more nourishment but more planing as it takes longer to create


    Hello form me as well - love the game! Here are a couple of suggestions from me:

    1) Advanced foods - combination from several of the existing foods. Fullfills more the hunger bar and lets say gives you a speed boost for a certain time or somethign else

    2) A cooking pot to cook the above mentioned advanced foods.

    3) Bigger water containers - not sure what exactly can it be but its sorely needed.

    4) A ladder to go one level up

    5) More things to garden - maybe aesthetic, maybe food related. Any or both are ok with me.

    6) Railings!

    7) Doors - a revolving one and an ordinary one that one that can opened / closed with "E" button.

    8) A stand for fishing pole - one leaves the fishing pole and after a while comes back to get the caught fish.

    Best regards from me and keep up the amazing work!!!

    Railings is a GREAT idea


    Hey All

    First of all, i love this game! :-) I can´t wait to see what you guys introduce us to next.

    Since this is the suggestion box, i would post my suggestions here to. I know a lot of them have been mention already.

    But for what its worth i guess you will use it as a statistic.

    -Ocean floor


    --Sea wheat





    --Rare items

    -Fall damage

    -Spikes (against the shark)

    -More sharks once a serten number of sharks are killed

    -Segls (food, feathers)

    -New hook texture (no hook are made from iron plates)

    -More items (knife, bed, pipe system, doors, ladder, stone walls, funnel, water barrel,)

    -why are my inventory so big, and the chest so small?

    -A small boat

    -NPC raft at random (maybe even trade?)


    -Build with 1 plank (place it or nail it to something)

    -Whole trees will float around (rare)

    -Where did that fire come from? (1x stick, 1x plank, 1x rope and/or 1x stone, 1x iron)

    -The wheel selecting tool on the hammer, have a terairbal control

    -Being able to make salt from the water.

    -Be able to befriend the shark (feting it, and keep it that way)


    -Multiplayer (really want that one)(yes i have seen the mod)

    -Where did the dirt/soil come from? (ocean floor*)

    -Fishing net

    -Jelly fish

    -Illuminated jellyfish (rare, and only at night)

    -Flying fish (can jump on raft)

    -Character customization (cloth, diving kit, amor, hats, helmets, pant, etcetera...)

    -I cant find or see my feet?

    -Floating ship/boat wreaks (find material/items)

    -Random floating pictures of the team buildings this game ;-)

    -Resource option (Get your own texture or make it yourself)

    -When to thirsty you screen gets a bit blurry

    -When you get to hungry you´re stormic will growl

    -Goal? lvl1> a floating metropolis, lvl2> island, a new society, lvl3 > back to civilization lvl4> They are all gone. Its a flot on the hole earth! Noah was right, but to early lvl5> rebuild society. I got carried away on this on :-P

    -Sorry for the long post.

    (3 edits) (+1)

    I think it would be very helpful to all the people that are playing raft on a Mac laptop (me). Currently the version 1.05 isn't available for mac users. Please make the new update available for mac because not everyone uses Windows. (also make v 1.05 available for linux too) :)



    It would be great if co op is available, and some natural hazards, like rain, thunderstorm would be great as well


    Ooooh... I have a list. Just some things that I think would be cool to add to the game. I know somethings are probably added now, but I made this list before the 1.05 update.

    1. Day & Night Cycle
    - A starry night sky would look beautiful.
    - Some ocean life is nocturnal.
    2. Weather
    - Rainstorms with and without thunder and lightning
    - Hurricanes(Typhoons, Cyclones)
    - Tsunamis
    - Clouds
    - Wind(should be random like real wind)
    - Snow
    * Relatively rare and happens closer to the poles, but it is possible
    - Makes the player actually need to make a shelter
    - Storms, Hurricanes, and Tsunamis have a chance to damage the raft, items, and the player.
    - Big waves and strong winds have a chance to steal resources
    - Gives those walls a use besides just being decoration
    3. Temperature
    - Humidity, Hot, Cold; it would make the game more realistic.
    - Food(meat) spoils faster in the hot temperature.
    - Humidity can cause mold to grow.
    * Mold can affect the player's health.
    * Mold can affect the integrity of the raft's floors and walls.
    - The player would have a chance to become ill.
    4. Illnesses
    - Its not a real survival game until you worring about your medication
    * Eating raw fish would give you food poisoning, being out in the heat to long possibility of heat stroke, etc.
    - Would make the game more realisitic
    - Adds an extra level of difficulty to the game
    5. Medication
    - Idulging in medication when you're not sick can cause you to become ill.
    * Drugs like advil can thin your blood, Alleve will tear up your intestins, etc.
    - Taking the wrong medication for an illness won't make it better.
    - The player has a chance to become addicted to drugs or to overdose.
    6. More Fish
    - We're in the middle of the ocean, there are a lot of different varieties of fish.
    * For reference, I recommend Finding Nemo & Finding Dory.
    - We don't need to have a million different types of fish.
    * Some nocturnal species would be nice for night fishing.
    7. Whales & Dolphins
    - Dolphins and certain whales could attack the shark(s).
    * The dolphins would protect you.
    * The whales that attack the shark(s) would then turn around and try to kill you if you're in the water.
    - Dolphins could be playful and possibly tamed.
    * Once tamed could be trained to bring you resources
    - Depending on the type of whale, they could be docile or hostile
    - Whales can be hunted for food and resources.
    * Sperm whales have a special oil that can be used to make candles
    * Blubber can be made into oil
    8. More Resources/Materials
    - Other Food
    * different vegetables/seeds
    * other fish
    * whale meat
    - Sand or Glass(if not craftable)
    - Cloth/Fabric & Tarp
    9. More Crafting Recipes(for stuff originally in game)
    - Reinforced walls, foundation, pilars, & stairs
    - Half-walls & Fences(For balconies)
    - Roofing
    - Ladders (rope ladders, wood ladders, and metal ladders)
    - Bridges(rope bridges and wood bridges)
    - Edge Spikes(spikes that go around the edge of your raft protecting from enemies.)
    - Leather(Shark skin can be made into leather. Who knew?)
    - Clothes(shoes, gloves, jackets, bookbags)
    - Pillows
    - Blankets
    - Bow and Arrows
    - Glass
    - Windows
    - Curtains
    - knives
    - Shark tooth Spears/Arrows
    - Shark Cage
    * For underwater building or fishing
    * Enemies are able to attack the cage
    - Underwater Viewing Platform/Window
    * Allows you to check on the fish population so you'll know your chances of catching fish each day.
    * Allows you to check what enemies or allies you'll have for the day
    - Beds
    - Chairs
    - Table/Counters
    - Water Barrel
    - Drying Rack
    - Salt
    - Cured Fish, Smoked Fish, & Dried Fish
    - Sushi & Other Food Recipes
    - Cooking Pots(The kind you can make soup in)
    - Fish/Crustacean Cages
    - Bigger Chests
    - Fish Storage Barrel/Aquarium
    - Doors
    - Shades/Shutters for Window Wall
    - Lanterns
    - Forge
    - Gears
    - Machinery
    10. Whale Crafting Recipes
    - Oil
    - Lubrication
    - Candles
    - Soap
    - Paint
    - Varnish
    - Whale Bone Weapons & Tools
    11. Predators & Enemies
    - Sharks need to be harder
    * More sharks appear after so many are killed
    - Squids for night enemy(Squids usually hunt at nightf)
    - Whale attack!!
    * Orcas will attack humans.
    * If you attack whales for resources, they will attack back.
    12. Nit-picks
    - Multi-player/Co-op
    * The more players, the higher the shark count and the tougher they are.
    * Maybe less food and materials floating by
    - Fix the walls so stuff doesn't go through them.
    * i.e. An item is rolling for the edge of the raft that has a wall. The wall should then stop the item; the item shouldn't go through the wall.
    - Fix the walls so they can be placed around other objects like pillars
    - Birds that can be domesticated
    * If their big enough, they could bring you stuff
    * Can be an egg resource
    - Diving for sunken ships would be cool as would finding islands if a story line or a plot is ever introduced to the game.
    - Upgrading from a raft to an actual boat
    * You'd be able to build a ship if your raft becomes big enough
    (a) If the game has or gets a storyline, this could be one of the ways to win the game.
    (b) Upgrading to a boat would tell the game to send bigger and tougher enemies at you.

    I would defiantly love to have a FOV slider, change and increase FOV, other then the base FOV value, i really enjoy a high FOV in first person games like these

    (1 edit) (+1)

    My post was lost, so again. Update Linux and Mac versions and i will donate more. Over 50 days and there is still 1.0.4.

    Edit: I see it now, it is in blog - No Linux/Mac support. So I supported Windows game, which I can't play. Great work devs. Keep this information hidden, you will get more money ;-)

    Some islands there and more building things but good game i love it

    next update?


    more sharks than one

    new materials

    some islands or rafts can you answer me when you read this.


    How about some KEYBOARD INSTRUCTIONS. I died the first time just working out I had to press B and had to drag things to the hotbar that then re-arranged themselves whenever they wanted. I guess this "Makes It Fun" ?

    Make the shark less darn annoying!

    The problem is the shark is a completely silent, noiseless predator, and with an expanding base that might incorporate walls there is so way of predicting if the very floor you're standing on is being mauled by a shark. The shark doesn't feel threatening, it just irritates the player.

    A suggestion would be to make a barrier of scrap and nails. This can be crafted fairly cheaply and will provide extra resistance to survive at least 1 shark attack. This can help solve the problem of the build up of scrap I seem to have too. Barriers could be attatched to the sides of foundations, and can make loud denting sounds when a shark is trying to eat it.

    Just my thoughts :-)

    Было бы интересно, если вы добавите взломанную версию скачать т. е. с бесконечной resersami goladom и воды и бессмертия ради удовольствия илиже добавлен режим

    It would be interesting if you add a cracked version download ie with infinite resersami goladom and water and for immortality for fun ilizhe added a mode


    The game is really awesome so far, kudos to you guys!

    I'd love to see challenging late game content like storms, waves, pirates, anything that keeps the game a challenge.

    Also islands would be nice, but you would have to leave them again for some reason haha because the game is all about the raft.

    And some interesting rare loot that is different from the usual stuff, so that I'm always worried if I miss anything while I'm building. I like that tension.

    Way to go, keep it up.

    (1 edit)

    If transportation happens in this game, you're gonna need something to move the raft.

    First of all, power.

    You need to make engines (scrap + ???) and place them on the edge of your ship so that it can move.

    The more things your raft has built on it, the more engines you'll need. (Maybe you can make more efficient engines?)

    Then, you need something to drive it. I think a helm would fit. With rope and planks. Place it, and have enough power to move your raft, and you're off!



    I really like this game and if you can maybe add a new environment, boat or island?

    Also the Version 1.05 for Mac. Please and thinks.


    I think you can add more weapon and building.

    add a version for ios!🌴

    add a app for ios cuz i dont have any computer and i would looooooooove to play this game!



    Add a class system (ex: magic with rituals and spells etc., scientist with devices like turrets etc.).


    Add classes such as magic with rituals, spells, demons, deals, wands, staffs etc. or scientist with turrets, bigger on the inside trchnology (like the TARDIS).

    (2 edits) (-1)

    Add animals you can tame such as seals and small squids. The seals and squid would be tamed with fish. The animals would have an ability. The squid would be able to bring resources from the ocean floor the more squids you have the bigger items you can get. Squid would be able to bring small clumps of sand, scrap metal, rock, coral and other junk. Seals would be able to defend the raft and hunt tuna for you the player to eat.

    Also allow the player to get palm oil from palm seeds for something.(I always have a chest full of palm seeds)

    So shark just ate one of my foundations with pillar on it. Resulting in loosing foundation itself, pillar, floor, wall and and two palm plants....

    Really need to implements some sort of automated defence against shark. For example scrap reinforcement (jaws cannot chew on metal right?) spikes or whatever.

    Or something that will prevent shark from destryoing foundation completely so it can be repaired on regular basis wihtout the need of runnning around the raft with spear non stop guarding it.

    The defense against that is to just build squares around the base of your pillar. If any of them get eaten just replace them. Yes it's annoying that the shark is constantly coming back, but if it were completely negateable there wouldn't be any challenge.

    repair your foundations

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