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Hi all! RR2 dev here. If you all have any questions about the game, please join the The official Robot Rumble 2 server!

People will answer to all of the questions you have, plus it's a nice community.

Rumble Box arena was in game before, its just that those were AMT made arenas, and AI doesnt work in AMT arenas as of now

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Noone knows, not even Charlie himself

From what im noticing, it has something to do with jumping when hugging the car

Hi! Atm the game is undergoing some changes. Premade bots are gonna be done in the future. At the moment you can join the discord and in #botfile-sharing you can find user made robots. There are also tutorials on building bots.


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Huh, it should be there. Try the same thing without the \Robots. Alternatively join the discord server. I have made a pretty neat program that should locate your bot.

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I remember having the similar issue once, i think i cleared the cache in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Nerd Island Studios LLC by deleting data, and reinstalling the game (if you had any bots, in the Robot Rumble 2,0 folder, there is a Robots folder which contains bots)

Could you explain the issue more specifically? At what exact point does the game break? Can you not select a bot or does it crash?

There are some great user made ai codes in here:

Ai is going to be changed in the future.

1. I doubt that they can use the bots you said because they are under the RW license, and they would need to acqure the rights which is hard

2. I honestly would like that, maybe it should work like Bot Builder?

3. Uh they will fix it most likely after the physics rework

4. I also experienced that which is weird

Hey! Any news or progress?
IK that you have a class to teach so yeah, no rush

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This is actually  a great idea! Cant wait for it!

Are plates gonna be KJ limited? 

Like UHMW part will break off with less KJ, than Steel part?

Also White alu and steel when?

When are we getting buffed HP, and no axle damage?

I have posted my issues on GTM, Keep up the good work tho!

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Any Android development? I want to play Raft on the go!

And a save file that would be compatible with future updates!