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*Make throwing spears to throw at the shark! (Items: 2 Planks, 1 rope)

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Here are some features that should be included into Raft, and also any other player will have fun with:

*Play with friends in LAN (Basically playing with players in your network)

*Have boats so you can go a certain island or multiple and have palm trees so you can use your axe (Melee Weapon or Tool) to chop them down for wood & thatch!

*Have the ability to mine ores when setting sail to an island on the shore

*In order for the suggestion above this one you are reading needs to have the requirement tool added to Raft: A pick (Made out of stone)

*Be able to make stone walls as another player has said in the recent replies

*Have more options and be able to add an amount of ram to raft so then the game can run a bit slight faster (Not saying my PC cannot run Raft that well) and also have a control menu in the top left or right hand screen so then you can see the list of controls much more easier then going into game directory and then finding ReadMe.txt file and then trying to know the controls better then your previous experience

*Also have multiple modes such as Unlimited Mode, or OP Mode and Creative mode (Ability to fly and get a item menu like in Minecraft) and also have some difficulty in case people want to be CHALLENGED in Raft (SuperEasy/Easy/Medium/Hard)

Also if you are playing Medium or Hard the shark should take a foundation chunk out of your raft more often then Super Easy and Easy difficulty!

*That is all I have as idea's or suggestions! Hope this help the Raft Developer a whole ton!*