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Hey All

First of all, i love this game! :-) I can´t wait to see what you guys introduce us to next.

Since this is the suggestion box, i would post my suggestions here to. I know a lot of them have been mention already.

But for what its worth i guess you will use it as a statistic.

-Ocean floor


--Sea wheat





--Rare items

-Fall damage

-Spikes (against the shark)

-More sharks once a serten number of sharks are killed

-Segls (food, feathers)

-New hook texture (no hook are made from iron plates)

-More items (knife, bed, pipe system, doors, ladder, stone walls, funnel, water barrel,)

-why are my inventory so big, and the chest so small?

-A small boat

-NPC raft at random (maybe even trade?)


-Build with 1 plank (place it or nail it to something)

-Whole trees will float around (rare)

-Where did that fire come from? (1x stick, 1x plank, 1x rope and/or 1x stone, 1x iron)

-The wheel selecting tool on the hammer, have a terairbal control

-Being able to make salt from the water.

-Be able to befriend the shark (feting it, and keep it that way)


-Multiplayer (really want that one)(yes i have seen the mod)

-Where did the dirt/soil come from? (ocean floor*)

-Fishing net

-Jelly fish

-Illuminated jellyfish (rare, and only at night)

-Flying fish (can jump on raft)

-Character customization (cloth, diving kit, amor, hats, helmets, pant, etcetera...)

-I cant find or see my feet?

-Floating ship/boat wreaks (find material/items)

-Random floating pictures of the team buildings this game ;-)

-Resource option (Get your own texture or make it yourself)

-When to thirsty you screen gets a bit blurry

-When you get to hungry you´re stormic will growl

-Goal? lvl1> a floating metropolis, lvl2> island, a new society, lvl3 > back to civilization lvl4> They are all gone. Its a flot on the hole earth! Noah was right, but to early lvl5> rebuild society. I got carried away on this on :-P

-Sorry for the long post.