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In my opinion it would be cool, but we dont want to make "RAFT" a big ripoff of another games like other people are saying to put diving into the water to find some spacific items. I mean thats a huge ripoff of Subnautic. Like QuickSwitch with "CTRL" meh to much of a MC ! ;)


Well how would it be a ripoff if its a common and useful feature in nearly all big games that have stacks of items or are survival/collecting style kind of games

Okay.... but the same thing... can't you just take a stack and put it in ? I just don't understand. It's not hard dude ;)

Let's say it that way, if you build big and you get over 5-10 chest full of thatches when you farm wood, you sort your chests or you move items from one floor to another (for example from floor 1 to 10) it is very time consuming to drag them with the cursor, especially when it sometimes doesn't move the stack due to not selecting the slot because of some reason.


I agree, i dont want this to be some deep sea rip off, and people from what i have been reading wanna turn it into minecraft or Subnautic