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A member registered Feb 04, 2017

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Okay.... but the same thing... can't you just take a stack and put it in ? I just don't understand. It's not hard dude ;)

Dude really ? Be real... in a normal survival game where are you stuck on a raft you would build a turret ? Be real.

In my opinion it would be cool, but we dont want to make "RAFT" a big ripoff of another games like other people are saying to put diving into the water to find some spacific items. I mean thats a huge ripoff of Subnautic. Like QuickSwitch with "CTRL" meh to much of a MC ! ;)

Did you save it corectly ? Because i know a lot of people who saves in the menu bar but the actual save is underneath it !

There IS a multiplayer already... it's spacific mod that you have to download ;)

Hold the right button ;)

Amm... I had this idea for a long time that "Raft" could add up some new features like storm, doors and maybe a bow to kill a shark from a far distance just to make the game more fun. ;)