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Lexie Bean

A member registered Jan 02, 2017

Recent community posts

I agree, i dont want this to be some deep sea rip off, and people from what i have been reading wanna turn it into minecraft or Subnautic

Maybe you should post these great ideas into the right area so the mods and devs can see them :)

Hi, im having a small bug problem myself! when i log off 3-4 of my chests will be empty when i load back up the save. Along with that 3 of my palm tree planters will lose any trees grown in them along with seeds. Its as if my game is not saving and going back but only with placed/collected items. Say i place walls and a chest with items i would log out and then back in moments later, to see all the items still placed but everything in the chests gone!
So long story short, i dont know if i have some how bugged my save or if this is a game bug i have somehow run into.
P.s this started happened after i killed the shark and it started to swim through my raft just going around and around till i killed it. Now when it attacks my raft its still mostly in the water so its extremly hard to kill it/ harm it to stop it

I know you guys plan to add a lot of things, and i know some people ask a lot but i thought i would type out some stuff that could be a nice add down the line!.
- A neat little way to auto kill or something strong we can make to kill the shark to keep him from taking down the raft
- Maybe a way to reinforce a raft part, more health
- A way to discard items (i have a whole chest of palm tree seeds! and no way to throw them away)
- A way to move items without having to destroy the whole raft to move things
- More types of items to find/make
- Islands to explore
- Ways to auto set up gathering water (Maybe rain catchers)
- Weather could be cool
- more ideas if i think of them!