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Hi, im having a small bug problem myself! when i log off 3-4 of my chests will be empty when i load back up the save. Along with that 3 of my palm tree planters will lose any trees grown in them along with seeds. Its as if my game is not saving and going back but only with placed/collected items. Say i place walls and a chest with items i would log out and then back in moments later, to see all the items still placed but everything in the chests gone!
So long story short, i dont know if i have some how bugged my save or if this is a game bug i have somehow run into.
P.s this started happened after i killed the shark and it started to swim through my raft just going around and around till i killed it. Now when it attacks my raft its still mostly in the water so its extremly hard to kill it/ harm it to stop it