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A creative mode would be nice, Not like "NUUUGH I WANT DIS TO BE MOINCROFT BECUZ MOINCROFT IS FUN HUEHUEHUE" nope, similar, like any creative mode, were you can be creative and have your mind be your limit, no costs, no sharks (well, you should be able to add sharks if you want) also, WHO NEEDS PILLARS WHEN YOU CAN BE CREATIVE AND not be annoyed by that, Although its not necessary, if you guys want the creative mode does need pillars or doesnt need pillars, it is your choice!, And no,Its not for "HURR DURR MOINCROFT" Its more for having creative stuff, also being able to visit other's people creative raft would be nice, like, some way of having a "Best and most creative Raft" Leaderboard, and if you want, You can go and try to get to be the most creative raft, but if you dont want to appear on the leaderboard even if your raft is creative, then, you can choose to not go on the leaderboard, as in the pause menu in creative the Leaderboard button should be there, and being able to vote rafts and such,If this is too much but you want to add it, please, take your time, your game is wonderful, and if this is too hard and such, im not a programer (in what way was it written? not sure, my main language is spanish lol) so i dont know if it would be hard, i do know making games isnt easy, but if this is hard, then do it later in the game when there already more stuff added, or if its too hard, then dont do it, i still love this game and will do always, And take your time in this nice game, dont rush it, as it can end in buggy messes as anyone would know, and nobody wants that, especially in this great game (can someone tell me how many times i complimented this game lol, its still great and love it) So yeah, this isnt needed, only add it if you guys or if you want, Also, I want to offer myself as a translator from english to spanish, To make people who speak spanish see more interest in the game, as certain people avoid games that are in english and have no translation because not knowing the language very well, I just want to help make the game Better, as if it wasnt great already, i just want to be helpful