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I thought of decorative stuff for castles and battles, Like torches, Those big torches that are mostly on the ground, for the castles, So when its night it looks cool, Should also Add Two handed weapons!, They should be Their own type, Like siege and ranged, Holding a really big sword would be cool, The units shouldn't group up like that, as soon as they do that, EVERYTHING JUST LAGS AND DIES, You should try to fix that, Because its impossible to do anything when that happens, As for the ocean battles, THEY ARE AWESOME!, You should be able to use the cannons, Would be pretty cool

How many times did i say cool?

Do you even know how hard it is to make videogames? I got (Insert offesive disease here) Reading your comment, Making games is hard, Updates are delayed so the next update is STABLE, And not some Glitchy mess.

An aquarium is something different, They arent even fully nice, Meanwhile, In the game, You are some dude on a Raft surrounded by an aggresive shark that really wants to eat you, Its nature, Sharks are only aggresive to human depending on what type of shark it is, Or if its just hungry.

A shark is nice to humans only when its not hungry thank you very much, Were have you seen a shark being tamed? I would like some proof, Not sure if even possible.

The game is not being developed anymore, and there is no save option so, Yeah...

No, Pc only

Beta 5 is going to be in, but beta 6 will be paid and it will be on steam

Real knights had in on top of their noses, making their visibility a bit better, But they did see it, only that it Wasnt as bad as in the game

Amazing, Just amazing.

How do you tame a shark even? do you even logic bruh? You seem to want this game to be subnautica in a certain way, but really? Taming sharks?

Do you mean becoming free shark food?

Damn right!

La pantalla rosa es algo que ver con algun antivirus bloqueando cierta cosa de los graficos, creo que para solucionarlo tenes que desactivarlo o algo asi no me acuerdo, espero haber ayudado

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Ah, I see, Do you plan on adding certain stuff? i had a little problem where i chose the second team, or in a short way to say it i chose red, And i saw myself blue, making me extremely confused, i ended up shooting my own teammates and wondering why the other blues were shooting at me, that was very weird, is it a bug or something? i havent played stick soldiers so im not sure of how it was, although its name does sound familiar, i might have played it but i might not remember,Although, On a side note, Very fun game, The chaos makes up for it as its fun, although yes it is hard to know what is going on it is pretty fun, And that team thing happened on the 2D Version

Quick question, Will level bundles become user made levels? Or will they be levels created by you? Would be cool to see what people have to show though, I am not a proggramer though, So im not sure if its easy to do something like this or if its hard, I would assume making things that involve this kind of stuff is pretty hard, but if you do plan on making it like this, take your time, no one is rushing you

I Have another suggestion for the game, The ultra helmet and the viking helmets...Oh my god that Line Is making me blind, i cant even hit the floor, Make it smaller,or maybe change how the helmets look, because jesus, I cant see a thing lol.

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For your not being able to sell weapons problem, put them in the inventory, And they will go to pick it up, If you already figured it out, im going to leave this here for other people to see

The game is fun, but extremely chaotic, i have to turn on slowmo only to get a hand on what is going on, i do plan on coming back to this game after some time to see its progress because it seems quite promising, For now, i suggest the game to be less all over the top, in my eyes dismemberment should be on where you hit your enemy, Not them just bursting to pieces lol, that annoying, although popping their heads out and them still walking was the best, keep that on here please lol

You can get the app which is just like steam only that with games, it updates them for you,without having to download it all over again

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A creative mode would be nice, Not like "NUUUGH I WANT DIS TO BE MOINCROFT BECUZ MOINCROFT IS FUN HUEHUEHUE" nope, similar, like any creative mode, were you can be creative and have your mind be your limit, no costs, no sharks (well, you should be able to add sharks if you want) also, WHO NEEDS PILLARS WHEN YOU CAN BE CREATIVE AND not be annoyed by that, Although its not necessary, if you guys want the creative mode does need pillars or doesnt need pillars, it is your choice!, And no,Its not for "HURR DURR MOINCROFT" Its more for having creative stuff, also being able to visit other's people creative raft would be nice, like, some way of having a "Best and most creative Raft" Leaderboard, and if you want, You can go and try to get to be the most creative raft, but if you dont want to appear on the leaderboard even if your raft is creative, then, you can choose to not go on the leaderboard, as in the pause menu in creative the Leaderboard button should be there, and being able to vote rafts and such,If this is too much but you want to add it, please, take your time, your game is wonderful, and if this is too hard and such, im not a programer (in what way was it written? not sure, my main language is spanish lol) so i dont know if it would be hard, i do know making games isnt easy, but if this is hard, then do it later in the game when there already more stuff added, or if its too hard, then dont do it, i still love this game and will do always, And take your time in this nice game, dont rush it, as it can end in buggy messes as anyone would know, and nobody wants that, especially in this great game (can someone tell me how many times i complimented this game lol, its still great and love it) So yeah, this isnt needed, only add it if you guys or if you want, Also, I want to offer myself as a translator from english to spanish, To make people who speak spanish see more interest in the game, as certain people avoid games that are in english and have no translation because not knowing the language very well, I just want to help make the game Better, as if it wasnt great already, i just want to be helpful

This was seven days ago so im guessing you already figured it out but im going to say it anyways for other people to see, Put it on the inventory, With all those weapon racks, once you leave it there the costumers will go and pick it up

The game is amazing, and it has a lot of potential, if you arent going to continue atleast put a save option, but not continuing is a lot of wasted potential

If you would have looked at the arrows your life would have been easier

The game is fun and interesting, but, What are those floating-Gravity ignoring crystals or gems or whatever they are, Do they have any use or do you plan on them having a purpose? or are they there because, Why not?

The game is very fun! and funny heh, I have a little suggestion, Remove the invisible walls! its no fun when you are flying trough the sky like a plane and then being stopped by one of the invisible walls, i understand its made for people to not jump outside of the map...If that is even the reason its there, if it is, you can make them fall off their bike if they are on it when they go outside the track while they are on it, Im mostly making this suggestion just to be able to have some more funny crashes, and if they were also made to avoid falling off the map, dont worry about it,it isnt really a problem if you are already off your bike

Re-Download the game

For what i heard it was not going to stay there, so maybe its gone


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The game is a lot of fun, And the music just makes it better!, I have a little suggestion, How about choosing your team? Its boring being blue all the time! would be nice to see what the reds see, ITS NOT EASY BEING RED AND BEING SLAUGHTERED BY BLUES! Also, Lord Of Lords....That just sounds silly, maybe change his name to Lord of kings? or king of lords? Not sure, But lord of lords just sounds silly lol

I loved the game, So i have a little suggestion, Maybe being able to choose your team?, Its kinda boring being blue all the time, So being able to choose your team would be a nice touch

Amazing and very fun game, Cant Wait for the full release!