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The game is fun, but extremely chaotic, i have to turn on slowmo only to get a hand on what is going on, i do plan on coming back to this game after some time to see its progress because it seems quite promising, For now, i suggest the game to be less all over the top, in my eyes dismemberment should be on where you hit your enemy, Not them just bursting to pieces lol, that annoying, although popping their heads out and them still walking was the best, keep that on here please lol

Thanks for your suggestions!

The game is indeed chaotic, sometimes I find myself overwhelmed while playing it too.

The reason for this kind of gameplay is that it's based on the original "Stick Soldiers" game, which was actually even more chaotic.

I don't really want to change this element of gameplay now, as I believe the game has reached a good and stable point. Making such fundamental changes could "break" a lot of things, and I do not have the required time to ensure this won't happen.

I suggest choosing simpler maps (it helps with the disorientation), teams mode, smaller number of bots, and easier difficulty level.

About the dismemberment, again, it takes after the Stick Soldiers style. Making more realistic dismemberment is unlikely to make the game look better; the chaotic limb-blast is part of the fun element.

Glad to hear you like the head popping, it has been one of my favorite gameplay mechanics since Stick Soldiers 1 :)

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Ah, I see, Do you plan on adding certain stuff? i had a little problem where i chose the second team, or in a short way to say it i chose red, And i saw myself blue, making me extremely confused, i ended up shooting my own teammates and wondering why the other blues were shooting at me, that was very weird, is it a bug or something? i havent played stick soldiers so im not sure of how it was, although its name does sound familiar, i might have played it but i might not remember,Although, On a side note, Very fun game, The chaos makes up for it as its fun, although yes it is hard to know what is going on it is pretty fun, And that team thing happened on the 2D Version

Indeed, the player color seems to be a bug. Thanks for letting me know, I'll make sure to correct it.

Thanks again for the feedback!