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Thank you! 💖

Thank you, it really means a lot to me to see this kind of support! 

No problem, thanks for letting me know.  I won't take action against them.

I have disabled the downloads on gamejolt too, so they shouldn't be available. Do they show as available to you? 

Thanks a lot for your understanding, it really means a lot to receive such a supportive response! Yes, I am well aware of the fate of SS3, I had been eagerly waiting for it :(

I'll do my best to maintain a healthy pace. Thanks again and hope I'll be seeing you around! 

Glad you figured out the maps, in general the easiest way is to put the maps folder in the game folder (where the executable is). 

So, here's a proper reply following my quick previous one.

GuideMissile, I remember you for being a long-time dedicated player who has been actively commenting on the game. I appreciate your support and your kind communication.

I put a lot of thought on the matter and it was a very difficult decision to make. The situation is that, thanks to Poki and to my own hard work in the last 2 years, I am now finally able to provide a multiplayer experience to the players. But for multiple technical reasons, I can't continue supporting the downloadable version.

Until now, I continued providing downloads for the old version on and gamejolt. However, this has proven to be counterproductive: players kept playing the old version and asking for features or bugfixes that already exist in the new version. They even make youtube videos that still show the old version.

For as much as I could, I tried to please everyone. This has been detrimental to my physical and mental health. Even if I kept it up, I would soon burn out and give up on the game as I almost did before transitioning to Poki.

As such, I have to make the difficult yet reasonable decision to cut off the legacy downloads. I know many people will be displeased, but there is no easier way for me. 

There are downloads of the old versions in other sites, if people really want to google them. These contain some preloaded maps, and a ZIP archive of all the available maps up to now is here: SV maps archive

I will also write a devlog describing the above for all to see. Again, I really want to make sure that everyone enjoys the game, but sometimes there are hard decisions that must be made. I hope you will understand.

Nope, the server went down by itself because of high traffic by Poki. Working like crazy to get it back up.

Will get back with a fuller reply! 

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Hello! The current update is 2.1.0 and it is available on Poki:

New updates will be regularly made on Poki. For multiple reasons, it is no longer practical to update the downloads on, and I will probably remove them in the near future.

I hope you'll continue playing on the new platform! 

great vid, thanks for playing!

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Run the executable "StickVeterans.exe" inside the folder. But I recommend you play the online version at which is heavily updated!

Thank you, much appreciated! <3

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Coming soon! :)

Hi! It won't be an executable as Stick Veterans is now a Poki exclusive, meaning it can only be available on Poki websites. 

It should also become available on the English Poki website soon, until now it was in beta, that's why it's only available through Brazilian and a few other localized Poki websites.

I will let you guys know when the full release happens and I will update the link! 

Thank you, very happy to hear that!! 

Oh yes 😎 let me know what you think!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Let me know what you think about it!

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I recommend the browser version, it is newer than the downloadable version!

Thank you! 💖 Glad you enjoyed it!

Cool video, thanks for making it!

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Try playing the online version of the game at

Well they're stick figures so they play alike! 


Only with the sniper rifle at the moment! In the latest version (browser, not standalone) hold down the right mouse button to do it.

Right click! 


Sorry to hear that! I assume you tried the downloadable version, can you try playing the online version?

Working on a new update now! Gamepad should be working fine, did you see any issues?

Just to make sure, are you playing the browser version in the description links, or the old downloadable one? 

That would be interesting indeed but it's a lot of work haha, it would essentially be like making an entire new game!

Would love to do it sometime, it would be a great addition, but for now I'll need to focus on enriching the multiplayer experience. 

Thanks for suggesting it! 

Thank you, it means a lot to hear that! Hope you like the update! 

Thank you! Always happy to hear from you guys that you enjoy the game, especially returning players!

I am truly moved by your words! I can understand the nostalgia as I've felt the same way for older games I had played.

It means a lot to me to know that this game has also managed to inspire joyful feelings in the same way.

Thank you for sharing this! <3

Does it really run that bad? I've done a lot of optimizing and it seemed to run pretty well well for most players!

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It has just been updated! I've just posted about it in this devlog!

Ah yes, someone had mentioned this and I have fixed it, but the fixed version has not been uploaded yet! It won't be long before I release it though!

It should support any gamepad, so yes! It just needs settling up as I described! 

Hello! Yes there is, but you need to set up the controller for both 3D and 2D:

  • In "play 3D", look for the gamepad setup button, 
  • In "play 2D", uncheck "use mouse and keyboard for player 1" and then press "P1 controls..." ,
  • You may also need to adjust gamepad sensitivity in Options. 

The controller setup will be easier in the next update. 

Also note that there is aim assist only in 2D game, so you might find it harder to aim in 3D!

Well said! Thank you! 💕

Hello! For this, you need to setup the controls for your gamepad for 2nd player. Either do it in main menu, or press Esc in-game and choose Player 2 controls. Then, follow the instructions by pressing the corresponding buttons on your gamepad. Let me know if it helps!