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Please remember: I can't fix bugs if you don't report them! Map uploading had stopped working, now it's fixed, but I had no idea this was happening!

Thanks, glad you liked it! Unfortunately I'm too busy with other projects to keep working on this one :( I've already fallen behind with Stick Veterans updates. 

I'm flattered! Thanks for the understanding and for the constructive feedback! 

Happy to hear you liked it! :)

Thanks for the suggestion, but the game has been made in a way that only allows static maps. This means that destructible blocks are currently not possible. Might change this sometime in the future, but can't promise.

@KingMadness thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately adding statistics / achievements is not feasible for the near future, it takes too much work! 

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback! 

Thanks for the kind words and the suggestion! I have thought of that too, but I have prioritized other important work that the game needs atm. 

Thank you! The game is certainly not abandoned, I just don't have enough time to work on it these days. I hope to catch up with the lost time within the summer! 

¡Lo siento por la respuesta tardía! No puedo encontrar lo que está causando su problema, por desgracia. Por favor, espera la próxima actualización del juego, puede que te funcione mejor.

Thank you! Working on it! :) 

Thank you! I am currently reworking the ability system, final version will be more balanced! 

¡Eso es muy malo! ¿Qué Windows tienes? Si juegas otros juegos de Unity, ¿funcionan bien?

¡Me alegraré de verte cuando lo hagas!

Si otros juegos tienen este problema también, entonces está relacionado con la computadora. Probablemente necesites un nuevo hardware o una nueva computadora. Lo siento, me gustaría poder ayudar más!

Intenta jugar otros juegos de Unity, ¿funcionan bien? Además, por favor actualice DirectX desde aquí:

(1 edit)

Lo siento por la respuesta tardía! Te daré algunas instrucciones en inglés, ya que no puedo traducirlas correctamente.

1: right-click on Stickveterans.exe and choose "Create shortcut".

2: right-click on the new shortcut and click "Properties".

3: add the text "-force-glcore" in the end of the "Target" field. Click "OK" and then double-click the shortcut.

I hope this works! Let me know otherwise!

¡Eso es muy extraño! Intenta eliminar y descargar el juego de nuevo. También elimine la carpeta "Stick Veterans" en "AppData / LocalLow / Junkbytes" y ejecute el juego nuevamente.

Por favor, hágamelo saber si esto funcionó!

¡Por favor copie y pegue el contenido del archivo "error" en un comentario, o envíelo a! ¡Gracias!

Thank you, I appreciate your support! Still actively working on the game! :) 

Stunning graphics and very well made game! Couldn’t find any other wrecks after the first one for some reason, even though I used the long range scanner. Was impressed to see a wing break off when I crashed!

Great game, love the aesthetic and gameplay, some more audio/effects as action feedback may be nice.

Liked the astronaut and his animations, and it’s a fun physics playground! Kinda hard controls and it could use some music, but good entry.

Really like the graphics style, I couldn’t tell how I was supposed to play it right, some instructions would be nice. Some music and basic sounds will help a lot.

Well made game programmer-wise, it's admirable you got everything working right and have well-written instructions. The game mechanic feels quite nice. Programmer art is certainly sth to improve on and the music is quite repetitive, but otherwise good entry!

Good attempt, liked the card mechanic, if it gets developed it will be a cool game.

* graphics need some more consistency (as said by @erikkire ) and some spicing up
* sounds will help a lot
* more types of cards and a shop would be good
These are just suggestions, it's understandable you couldn't do it in such a short deadline.

Hi! As long as you upload them using "Upload and Publish" from the map editor toolbar, they will be available from the map repository for all updates. The updates will remain backwards compatible. 

Thanks, though I rely mostly on spamming attacks (especially when slow motion kicks in). Also, you can essentially hover in place while attacking downwards, which is a good way to clear out enemy stacks. 

Spectacular game, really!

The movement mechanics are very fluid and the color palette is simply beautiful.

It took me a while to realise there is infinite jump, at first I thought I was walljumping :P

shame that it doesn't save your progress :( 

This is where I got after ~2 hours of playing, but I closed it afterwards and didn't get to try out the unlockable characters.

Great work, good luck with Ducksoup Dungeon 2!

Hi, amazing songs, I am impressed! I showed your theme remix to the maker of the original and he really liked it too!

Is it okay with you if I use the songs for the next SV release? I'll credit your name on the title screen, of course.

Oh boy, reading comments like this hurts me even more for neglecting this game :'(

It's a little bit of both, really. Work and other obligations take way too much of my time. 

But what I am working on now is also part of the reason. Rewriting the multiplayer mechanism keeps proving to be way harder than I expected. I am scouring my code for parts that I must rewrite, testing my changes is tough, mistakes are hard to debug, and I am essentially at a point where I feel I am re-doing old work in a more complex way, only to have moderate satisfaction when I'm done. All this takes away the fun part in developing the game.

Obviously, the game is not "abandoned". What I intend to do, is to finish up all the stuff I've started so far (no starting on new features anymore), publish a cumulative update, and then take a much needed break from SV to work on other projects. I am considering cleaning the code and putting it on GitHub, so maybe other people will contribute on the game too.

TL;DR game is not abandoned, but progressing really slow.

Sorry to keep you guys waiting, and thank you for sticking along. Your feedback is really what keeps me working on the game.

After a long search, this is the easiest solution I could find: use gamepad-tool from

See also this post:

Let me know if you run into any problems! 

That's weird :/ I'll try to download the distro and test it today, I'll let you know once I figure it out. Thanks for reporting the problem! 

Good suggestions, thanks! Don't know which guns I'll add next, but I will consider these! 

I wasn't aware of that. Could you please let me know more? 

  • How much ram do you have and how much does SV use on your computer? 
  • What operating system are you using? 

No problem, hope you enjoy the game!

Thanks for the suggestion, these would probably be nice! At the moment I have multiplayer revamping as a priority, afterwards I will see how feasible each of these additions is. 

sorry, I somehow didn't see this comment at first.

I will think about it! I'm currently prioritizing main content rather than hidden :)

A lot more suggestions than I can handle :) 

Some of these can be done, a few can't, and some need too much effort to be worth it. I don't want to make a huge answer again, so I won't elaborate. 

Long story short, some of the proposed features can be done, and hopefully will. But I am currently working on other things, and don't want to postpone them, so it will be on a later update. 

Discord sounds good, but I have never used it before, so I need some time to check it out myself first. I don't want another responsibility in my head without being ready for it. 

Again, thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate them. 

All these features make me anxious thinking of the amount of work they need :) mostly testing, that is. 

But it's nice to see you are so dedicated. 

  • Question about "game rules": do you actually mean map rules? Because game rules are customizable by the player, and I think you want map-specific uncustomizable rules. 
  • Game rules / can't respawn: you mean essentially making a "last man standing" mode? 
  • Game rules / max bots: I'd rather not force such limits. Isn't it better to have it in the map name like others do? E.g. "My map [max 8 players]". 
  • Game rules / gravity: I may add it I guess, along with the "jump speed" which has been requested again. I still don't think it's a good idea though. 
  • Properties / can't respawn: you mean objects that are only for the first player to reach them? Or objects that can be taken only once per player?