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Thank you! Hope to make it better! 

Sorry to hear that! Does it recognize any buttons / axes at all? Or is it completely unresponsive? 

Still have to wait for the new version, but it will be ready soon! 

Nope, sorry! It's a long list, and things on the list are not guaranteed to make it to the game. 

Hey aj, the idea is not strange at all and it would be fun too. The problem is that it would take a lot of time and effort, and I don't know when I will be able to get it done, but it's certainly on my list of desirable additions. 

Indeed these are two things in the game that often confuse people. 

Ai waypoints are a necessary procedure and can't simply be fused with the spawpoints. The name is misleading; What this procedure actually does is calculate the available paths from one point to another, for multiple points in the map. As such, it can't be removed, however I can add a message about them whenever the player tries to test the map without waypoints. 

The need to download the maps is not obvious either. Built-in maps are a solution I thought of, too. However I don't want people to keep playing the same maps all the time and be unaware of the new maps constantly being published. I might add an ingame message for that too. 

Thanks for the suggestions! 

Thanks a lot for the overwhelming praise :) 

Did you notice this in deathmatch only or other modes too?

Allow me to point out that "building AI waypoints" (a tool in the top-left dropdown menu of the editor) is required to be done so that the bots can move.

This tool essentially analyzes the map so that the bots know how to traverse it, otherwise they stay still. 

If you already did this and they still don't move, please upload the map from the "upload and publish" tool in the editor menu, so I can see what's going on. It may be a bug after all. 

Thanks, I've thought about it too, it is among the planned features! 

Sounds good, I may add it if I make a "specialty kit" based mod, where you choose your weapon on respawn and can only change by stealing dead people's kits. 

Might be a little redundant now though, since maps are already full of weapon pickups. 

I've been thinking about it too but there are various problems with it. 

I would suggest playing on more flat maps, where more running and less jumping is involved. 

Somehow didn't see this comment until now.

These gamemodes look pretty fun, some of them I hadn't even heard of, since I haven't played any of the new COD games.

I might try to add some of them to the game. Thanks for suggesting them!

Thanks for the suggestion, I've actually tried this. 

I eventually realized that anything more than two teams becomes too chaotic (with the game being chaotic enough as it is). 

Having more than two teams becomes unnecessary complexity for the players. Turns out this is why most games are two-team based. 

I'm eager to see it released too! 

 Can't say for sure, as it really depends on how my free time fluctuates.

If all goes well, it could be ready in a month, but please keep in mind this can vary significantly. 

Working on online multiplayer as next update, it's just that I haven't had enough free time lately to do that :/

still planning to finish it though! 

Good suggestions, noted for future additions! 

Grenades are among the first things I want to add after making multiplayer, so with some patience you will get to see them! 

As for pistol variations, I also think about adding them, but that might take longer to happen. 

Thanks for the suggestions! 

First of all, I like your concept for the map, and I appreciate the effort you put into making it. However, I am very skeptical about the features you mention.

As for the trigger blocks, do you mean blocks that perform a certain action when you touch them? I'm afraid that would take a lot of work from my side, especially now that I am working on the online multiplayer.  Making action blocks would be close enough to making a new Garry's Mod (I mean, it would be cool, but is far from my currently set goals).

Making adjustable per-map gravity and other options has been mentioned before. So far, I avoided adding it, because it would cause uneven player experience. When you get used to a certain gravity, suddenly changing gravity throws players out of the game expertise they have gained by habit, and this frustrates them.

I'm sorry for not being much help, but please undestand it's important for me to consider the work/gain ratio for any proposed features. I like your suggestions and wish I could immediately get them done.

Glad you like the changes! More of them are underway! 

Thanks, I was worried this might be a bug, no problem then :) 

Weird,  that's not how they are supposed to be. 

  1. First,  check that you are indeed in TDM. When you hold down Tab, you must see two lists of players (one for each team). If there is only one vertical list, you are not in Teams mode. 
  2. If you really are in teams mode, then this is a bug. Try enabling colorblind mode in Options, this should at least change the team colors to black and white. 

As it seems to me, though, you are probably in FFA mode and haven't chosen Teams for some reason.

Let me know if this helps please! 


It takes a lot of experience and experimentation, you only need to keep trying! Some tips are to use the copy/paste functions, the rulers (press R) and axis locks (press X, Y, or Z). 

It's called "wooden house base.ssm" and it's already uploaded, you can use the search box in the maplist to find it more easily! 

That's relieving to know, thanks! 

Indeed, I noticed that too afterwards. It's a very annoying bug and I am very sorry for not noticing earlier. And thank you very much for pointing it out. 

I'll upload a fixed release soon. 

Hey Seragamer, I haven't been able to find any problems with the uploader. Is the upload still not working for you? 

Very happy to hear that :) 

First of all, congrats on making such a great map :) 

Secondly, yes, these edits where made by me. Specifically I added top and side windows to let more light in, as the map looked kinda dark with the current game lighting. 

I should have let you know about the edits before making them, sorry. 

Please let me know if you want me to revert the edits. 

That's weird, maybe it's a bug. I'll look into it as soon as possible. 

The game's behaviour should be the same regardless of what map you're playing on. 

Can't promise anything about the multiplayer release, there are lots of issues that may delay its completion. Please remember that this game is a project I work on in my free time, which varies constantly. 

I'll do my best to make the multiplayer global, but I'm not sure if it will be possible without employing costly services, which I want to avoid. 

What message does it show? It should be telling you the reason why. 

Also, you don't need to upload the map, a screen-capture should be just fine. 

I just tried CTF again and I don't see the bug you noticed. Score only increments when you score a flag.

I would be much obliged if you uploaded a video showing what happens in your game. 

As for the rest suggestions, they all sound good, but I will think about them after I'm done with multiplayer. 

I mostly agree with you on the weapon / character customization part, so I will think about it. 

Vehicles are also something I consider adding. In that case, I would probably add support for arbitrary terrain in the maps so that they can be vehicle-friendly. Lots of work to get it done, but will probably do it sometime. 

Juggernaut level also seems a good idea but I will have to think it through thoroughly. 

As for the CTF game, I thought the score was based on flag scores, and kills didn't count. Have you noticed something else? It may be a bug. 

And yes, I should improve the jetpack graphics. Completely forgot about it. Thanks :) 

Thanks for your suggestions!

  • The next update will most likely be focused on multiplayer. This means that I probably won't be working on other new features until that part is done.
  • Weapon customization and skins are a possible addition, but they would require a lot of work, so it would take a while until we see them done.
  • Payload mode is very unfitting for a game like this; it requires maps especially built and thought-out for this specific purpose. I don't plan on adding this feature, though I might reconsider in the future.
  • Minigun is among the additions I intend to work on.

By the way, please prefer to write a single cumulative comment rather than multiple comments one after the other, it tends to create some confusion :)

Glad to hear your praise and suggestions! 

Online mode is my main goal to achieve in this game. Not sure if I would want to add micro transactions, but I might try it and see if players are positive towards it. 

Thanks for the feedback! 

Always happy to hear positive comments! Thanks and good luck with your projects too! 

Does it show any errors or just the standard crash message? Also, what operating system are you using? 

If you are on Windows, please go to the folder StickVeterans_data, open the file "output_log", and send me its contents. 

glad to hear that, will be happy to see your videos when I do!

Awesome video, really enjoyed it! Great map making skills too! Keep up the good work! 

Saw your previous video, enjoyed the new one too! Happy to see you like the game, and I really appreciate the videos and your kind words! Hope the best for your channel too!