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Hey, I just picked up this game today and I love it, I have a few suggestions.

Walls/Window walls should prevent the shark from jumping onto your foundation.

Give us more ways to deal with the shark, maybe some kind of warning when he's getting close or more noise when he's on the raft, or even some way to stop it like I said above. It can be difficult to manage all of the aspects of food, hunger, collection and watching for the shark at the same time.

Alerts, like I said above, alerts would be nice, sure the water blinks but the food doesn't do anything and if you don't look down there and notice the blinking than you could die and lose a very good world over something as stupid as no water.

Beds would be nice to progress through the night, just more of a vanity.

More challenge, if you are good at managing the shark then the game can get kind of boring.

Different fish (better or worse) fish from fishing, also make fishing a more viable option for food, a player can survive very easily without ever picking up a rod.

Weather, could be vanity but maybe provide some challenge.

Food spoilage could be an interesting mechanic, provides more challenge and you have to actually worry about your food.

You guys are doing an awesome job with the game so far and I'm really excited to see how this game turns out in the future, keep it up

I agree that a shark shouldn't bite through walls. It looks weird. The walls should prevent the shark from attacking that side of the raft. It can always attack your nets.