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yes, but you forget one crucial detail: This is a video game. guess what, metal doesn't normally float on water either, it does in the game though. Why? Because it's a game. wood, barrels, and leaves don't magically come out of the either to drift past a raft being moved in a direction by some unseen force despite there being no evidence of sails either. But in the game they do. Why? Because it is a game. If the developers want to add a crocodile, even though you seem to be floating in the ocean, the developers will add a crocodile to the game. Why? Because it is a game. If you have some comments about the merit of the idea, maybe suggest some possible alternatives, I'd love to here it, if you want to talk about how crocidles are fresh water, despite the fact that that comment has already been made 3 times now, I will say it again. This is a game.