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Ooooh... I have a list. Just some things that I think would be cool to add to the game. I know somethings are probably added now, but I made this list before the 1.05 update.

1. Day & Night Cycle
- A starry night sky would look beautiful.
- Some ocean life is nocturnal.
2. Weather
- Rainstorms with and without thunder and lightning
- Hurricanes(Typhoons, Cyclones)
- Tsunamis
- Clouds
- Wind(should be random like real wind)
- Snow
* Relatively rare and happens closer to the poles, but it is possible
- Makes the player actually need to make a shelter
- Storms, Hurricanes, and Tsunamis have a chance to damage the raft, items, and the player.
- Big waves and strong winds have a chance to steal resources
- Gives those walls a use besides just being decoration
3. Temperature
- Humidity, Hot, Cold; it would make the game more realistic.
- Food(meat) spoils faster in the hot temperature.
- Humidity can cause mold to grow.
* Mold can affect the player's health.
* Mold can affect the integrity of the raft's floors and walls.
- The player would have a chance to become ill.
4. Illnesses
- Its not a real survival game until you worring about your medication
* Eating raw fish would give you food poisoning, being out in the heat to long possibility of heat stroke, etc.
- Would make the game more realisitic
- Adds an extra level of difficulty to the game
5. Medication
- Idulging in medication when you're not sick can cause you to become ill.
* Drugs like advil can thin your blood, Alleve will tear up your intestins, etc.
- Taking the wrong medication for an illness won't make it better.
- The player has a chance to become addicted to drugs or to overdose.
6. More Fish
- We're in the middle of the ocean, there are a lot of different varieties of fish.
* For reference, I recommend Finding Nemo & Finding Dory.
- We don't need to have a million different types of fish.
* Some nocturnal species would be nice for night fishing.
7. Whales & Dolphins
- Dolphins and certain whales could attack the shark(s).
* The dolphins would protect you.
* The whales that attack the shark(s) would then turn around and try to kill you if you're in the water.
- Dolphins could be playful and possibly tamed.
* Once tamed could be trained to bring you resources
- Depending on the type of whale, they could be docile or hostile
- Whales can be hunted for food and resources.
* Sperm whales have a special oil that can be used to make candles
* Blubber can be made into oil
8. More Resources/Materials
- Other Food
* different vegetables/seeds
* other fish
* whale meat
- Sand or Glass(if not craftable)
- Cloth/Fabric & Tarp
9. More Crafting Recipes(for stuff originally in game)
- Reinforced walls, foundation, pilars, & stairs
- Half-walls & Fences(For balconies)
- Roofing
- Ladders (rope ladders, wood ladders, and metal ladders)
- Bridges(rope bridges and wood bridges)
- Edge Spikes(spikes that go around the edge of your raft protecting from enemies.)
- Leather(Shark skin can be made into leather. Who knew?)
- Clothes(shoes, gloves, jackets, bookbags)
- Pillows
- Blankets
- Bow and Arrows
- Glass
- Windows
- Curtains
- knives
- Shark tooth Spears/Arrows
- Shark Cage
* For underwater building or fishing
* Enemies are able to attack the cage
- Underwater Viewing Platform/Window
* Allows you to check on the fish population so you'll know your chances of catching fish each day.
* Allows you to check what enemies or allies you'll have for the day
- Beds
- Chairs
- Table/Counters
- Water Barrel
- Drying Rack
- Salt
- Cured Fish, Smoked Fish, & Dried Fish
- Sushi & Other Food Recipes
- Cooking Pots(The kind you can make soup in)
- Fish/Crustacean Cages
- Bigger Chests
- Fish Storage Barrel/Aquarium
- Doors
- Shades/Shutters for Window Wall
- Lanterns
- Forge
- Gears
- Machinery
10. Whale Crafting Recipes
- Oil
- Lubrication
- Candles
- Soap
- Paint
- Varnish
- Whale Bone Weapons & Tools
11. Predators & Enemies
- Sharks need to be harder
* More sharks appear after so many are killed
- Squids for night enemy(Squids usually hunt at nightf)
- Whale attack!!
* Orcas will attack humans.
* If you attack whales for resources, they will attack back.
12. Nit-picks
- Multi-player/Co-op
* The more players, the higher the shark count and the tougher they are.
* Maybe less food and materials floating by
- Fix the walls so stuff doesn't go through them.
* i.e. An item is rolling for the edge of the raft that has a wall. The wall should then stop the item; the item shouldn't go through the wall.
- Fix the walls so they can be placed around other objects like pillars
- Birds that can be domesticated
* If their big enough, they could bring you stuff
* Can be an egg resource
- Diving for sunken ships would be cool as would finding islands if a story line or a plot is ever introduced to the game.
- Upgrading from a raft to an actual boat
* You'd be able to build a ship if your raft becomes big enough
(a) If the game has or gets a storyline, this could be one of the ways to win the game.
(b) Upgrading to a boat would tell the game to send bigger and tougher enemies at you.