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can anyone upload a good level because im a total noob and am useless at playing the game

there is not enough easily collectable resources

There is plenty, hon, if you use strategy. Gather lots of scraps and thatch, turn the thatch into rope, and make a water cooker. Try to put that wherever you plan your middle to be. Then make a harpoon and some item nets. Put the item nets on the sides of your raft, whichever side you see more objects floating past. Only ever put nets beside each other, not in front of nor behind, there is no need for that. Make a hammer and build around the water cooker. Build more item nets, then a food cooker, and a fishing rod. Occassionally collect supplies from the nets, build more nets (best to put them along the front of your raft, facing the direction the items are coming from). If you're feeling good about yourself by this point, you could optionally make a second set of cookers, just to double your food and water.