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I have tons and tons of suggestions:

- Single Foundations: Give us the chance to build foundations wherever we want, let me have a single foundation float in the middle of nowhere, that could add tons of building opportunities.

- Bait Net: Every time the shark tries to attack your raft, it will attack the bait net instead (it will not take damage). It needs fresh fish (not cooked) to work, can only have one fish at a time.

- Fishing nets: Nets that catch fish and other sea food randomly, similar to current nets.

- Ceilings: This can be added to walls instead of pillars, ceilings are weak, so you won't be able to build something on top of them.

- Fences: A small fence.

- Water Canteen: To hold more water. Instead of carrying 10 tin cans.

- Archs: It allows to build floor on top of it. Size 1x2.

- Doors

- Sea Magnet: (Google it, first image) Allows you to gather scrap from the sea. Make it a like a crane, you use it (E) and comeback later to gather your newly found scrap.

Equipment System

This allows you to carry certain items that enhance certain aspects, it can be expanded and adds a lot more to do, here are some ideas.

- Satchel: Increases your inventory space.

- Hat: You don't need as much water as you used to.

- Belt: Somehow you're less hungry than before.

- Watering Pot: Your palms and vegetables grow faster.

- Sweaty shirt: You stink! The shark doesn't seem to like your smell (Shark attack less often).

- Coal: Your water purifiers and cooking stations work faster.

- Fishy Shirt: Is that a fish in your shirt? (Shark attacks more often).

- Knife: Sometimes you can gather more meat from sharks and fish.

- Rake: Sometimes you can gather more vegetables from your cropplots.

You get the idea. Make the system simple, let us carry 4 items only. that adds strategy and makes it more fun, this items could be make or found, is up to you, dear developers.

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I'm loving your ideas, I hope they get implemented :)