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I'm kind of average in programming and less than average in pixel art  :)

Hey guys, is there room for one more person? I'm better with programming than pixel art, but still ok at both. I use gms 1.4

Just brainstorming some ideas:
Banana and/or pineapple plants for the tree growbed.
More sorts of fish you can catch(some kind of random selector).
Birds that fly across the sky.
Bow and arrows/ throwing spears to shoot the birds with(you swim out and get them when you kill them(can't use to kill the shark)).
Food that spoils after a sertain time span.

you know you need to use an axe to remove objects...
just equip the axe and hold left mousebutton or whatever( if you mixed with the controls) and it should break after a short while

Just a heads up, but you can jump o the water. Not really complaining, it makes it easier to ascape from the shark in the water, but I would like if you could fix it.
PS. Love the game so far.