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Hello form me as well - love the game! Here are a couple of suggestions from me:

1) Advanced foods - combination from several of the existing foods. Fullfills more the hunger bar and lets say gives you a speed boost for a certain time or somethign else

2) A cooking pot to cook the above mentioned advanced foods.

3) Bigger water containers - not sure what exactly can it be but its sorely needed.

4) A ladder to go one level up

5) More things to garden - maybe aesthetic, maybe food related. Any or both are ok with me.

6) Railings!

7) Doors - a revolving one and an ordinary one that one that can opened / closed with "E" button.

8) A stand for fishing pole - one leaves the fishing pole and after a while comes back to get the caught fish.

Best regards from me and keep up the amazing work!!!

Railings is a GREAT idea