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-Sharkbait, 5 fish, 5 metal, 1 rope, 1 board. thrown into the ocean, distracts the shark for several approaches.

-Sharktrap, 1 sharkbait, 5 nails, only distracts the shark a couple times, but damages it each time.

-Rubber, 1 Shark meat, can be used in more advanced recipes, such as flippers or something like that.

-Flippers, 2 Rubber, allows you to swim as fast as the shark, maybe slows movement on the raft.

-Beds, 4 thatch, 5 boards, 5 nails. this will skip through the night, but may yeild some undesirable results for slacking off.

Game Options

-Difficulty, a peaceful mode with no sharks, easy with one, normal with two, hard with three.

-Volume Sliders, maybe individual one for the shark, the player, ambient, and music.

-music, while i enjoy the realism, the silence is honestly deafening,maybe just some calm music though, maybe more dramatic in the water.

Other Stuff

-A weather cycle, rain would be interesting, maybe being wet in the middle of nowhere isn't the best for your health though.

-NPC rafts, a small chance to see one, will trade materials/food for materials/food (ex. 5 scrap for 3 fish)

-Movement, most likely in the form of wind and sails, change walls into sails, because honestly they don't seem to do anything yet.


I really like the idea of a bed to skip nights, and little boats to sail around with.