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i love the game already. here is what i think that could make it better,

+ add a day counter. this will be fun. we can then share our score with friends and others

+ add sounds for being thirsty and hungry.

+ add blood effect. whenever you get hurt make the screen red or with blood spots

+ add gears. with this you can create small machines which can automate the water cooking as an example.

+ add swimming underwater. with gears and scrap you can make a oxygen machine.

+ add ores. collect them by swimming to the bottem of the ocean.

+ add an ore furnace. melt the ores.

+ upgrade the floors/walls and more. with the ores.

+ add more options with the ores that i suggested.

+ add buoyancy bags (air bags under the raft). they will keep the raft floating when the wood is upgraded with a material that is more heavy

+ add the ability to sink. when you dont have enough air bags holding up the raft.

- items slow down. items keep on roling for ever. like when i chop down a tree the coconuts keep on roling till they disappear in the deep ocean.

-see through objects. when a player walks under a stair. you will glitch through it with your head.

-shark doesnt care. the shark sometimes just swims right through my raft.

-items fall through the floor sometimes

thanks alot for your time.

please keep on working with this!