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Hello, Raft Developer. I very recently started playing this game, and I have to say, I certainly enjoy it! As for my suggestions:

  1. Ranged Weapons, like a bow and arrow. I know it's a common request, but it would be very helpful (especially for that damn shark). Arrows can be stored in stacks of around 40.
  2. Plastic, new material used to craft arrows and reinforce foundations (increasing their health). Appears as a plastic bag, bottle, or a milk container.
  3. Definitely add more varieties of fish, like salmon and tuna.
  4. Death animations. If you die from the shark, it will drag you down into the blue abyss.

Other than that, it seems pretty fun.

EDIT 1: I'm not sure if it would ruin the whole "being stranded with no help" thing, but maybe add a bit of an RPG element, kinda like Fallout?

  • Other rafters who you can kill, take their resources, and break down their ship if you're desperate. It would be kind of rare to see them, though. Passive until provoked.
  • Pirates, who hook onto your ship and try and kill you. A lot rarer than passive rafters, and almost never appears at the beginning. Has very good loot when killed.
  • Speaking of other ships, maybe some way to damage the other ships, like luring the shark to their ship with a piece of meat?
  • Actions would get you experience, which can be put into stat points.
Tell me what you guys think.