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Suggestions for additions or changes to the game:

1) Half height walls

2) Taller windows

3) Sharpened stakes to add to outside of raft to repel Sharks

4) Compost heap - used to create soil for Croplots, it's weird that the soil magically appears otherwise

5) Rain collectors (and rain too I guess)

6) Seagulls - steal your food sometimes, and leave guano that can be added to compost heap

7) Flying fish, Scates, Squid and other sea life.

9) Barnacles - grow on foundation, and can be collected to eat

10) Fishing nets - to leave and catch fish, but attract sharks if not emptied often enough

11) Coconuts should be used to grow into coconut palms, not from a separate "palm seed" item. This would be more realistic

12) Thirst and hunger should go up more slowly, especially thirst. A human can survive three days or more without water and a few weeks without food.

13) Pitched roofs, that don't require pillars

14) Sharks that don't swim through foundations

15) Flotsam that doesn't drift through foundations

16) Crouching and sneaking options, similar to Minecraft that prevent you from jumping off ledges

17) Fall damage

19) Kelp & coral

20) Diving option? may be hard to implement, but could be fun to at least be able to dive a little

21) Dredging - would make more sense if heavier flotsam was dredged up from the deeps rather than floating

22) A few more types of item found in barrels but not from other sources, plus it would be good if we could keep the barrels for storage

23) Cook pots - to make more food at once, like a stew or soup that can be taken out with bowls.

24) Walls that can be placed alongside stairs and vice versa.

25) Doors

26) Temperature meter, so sometimes players need to take shelter from the sun, or stay near fires for warmth.

27) Campfires - for warmth, light and basic cooking

28) Abandoned rafts to find and explore

29) NPCs

30) Giant squid!

I'm loving this game and I hope you keep developing it, good luck with your studies.

Oh I forgot, coconuts should float.


I agree with most of theese should be up voted