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You have only one tone.
Submitted by J.J. Morgan — 3 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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One of my favourite games by far! Felt like Ghost Trick mixed with Nintendogs (the recording of commands), I really liked it! It looks really polished, I am pretty impressed you got done this much in just 48 hours!


OMG! I LOVE the concept. Please make a real game with that. I'm pretty sure a lot of people will buy it. This is a really really fun.

I'm a bit curious. How many variations of "beep" do you detect?
Great Job! :D


Thanks! The game recognizes a "short" and "long" beep past a certain time threshold. I originally had planned a third "very long" beep (>3/4 second), but figured that would be too confusing.


Wow. That was so cool. I LOVED figuring out that you could make your own rhythms for the noises, that was great. Totally felt like a secret language and blew my mind when I realized what was happening. Like you said at the end in perfect meta fashion, I do wish it was a tad longer! Excellent work, and I won't make you wait, you earned full stars from me. Great work!

Submitted (1 edit)

OK, this is absolutely phenomenal, especially as it adapts its inputs to your choice of signal rather than forcing them on you like most games would. If you go somewhere with it, let me know. :)


Hey, that was really, really awesome! This gotta be one of my favorites entry's so far. The mechanic was pretty cool, loved how you could make your own commands. I'd love to see the rest of the plot, it had kind of a portal vibe to it, some science mystery!  Great job


This is an amazing idea that I enjoyed a lot! It played quite smooth and I love that I could choose my own cues. Also, the subtle humor in the writing is spot on. I would pay money for a full version of this! Well done!


Really enjoyed this game. Everything looked and sounded great and the gameplay was unique. I only wish there was more to it.


I really enjoyed this one! I love the concept and the clever spin you put on the simple "one button" idea. Nice work! The art and sound effects are also amazing, and so is the story! I also love the ending, and I also really wish you had more time to fully develop this idea! Like he said, so much wasted potential... Or not! I think you should really continue this idea and see where it goes! Best of luck, and I hope you get featured in the video! You deserve it! :D

The concept alone of this game was intriguing to say the least kind of reminded me of the blind mudokons from the abe's oddessy/exodus games, with a truly original twist, in allowing you to design your own prompts to make the player character move.

I really enjoyed this and would love to see further expansion of this design in a full release because the potential is really high for this kind of idea.

If I have to pick out a flaw in the design, it would be that the character will lock into decisions once they've been made and wont allow you to change your mind if you make a mistake. More than once, I accidentally said "Yes" instead of my input for "No", so I naturally waited there to see if the character would prompt to say "Is something wrong, shall I ask the question again", however he never did, forcing me to make him run to his death. Nor does he respond to random or wrong inputs which could also be used to indicate a problem.

Game was overall great, and while I am sad there wasn't more levels to play, I also understand that 48 hours is a short time limit for a single person/small team.


Thank you, this is great feedback! I agree that being able to change your decision, or at least having a few more confirmation prompts, would have been a better choice in case the game misunderstands your input.

Iiiinteresting, this is a unique take on the theme! This is a tricky idea to make gameplay for, but I think you're on the right track with the timing-based puzzles. Good job on this!

Give our game Einnsámr a try as well :)


Great game concept. I loved the implementation for the theme here. the most unique concept so far. The writing and dialog is very well written.

The only Issue I can point out is that the inputs or commands can be unclear or unresponsive at times.

Overall the game is fantastic, and I would love to see this made into a full experience.

BTW if you have the time could you give our entry a try:


this deserves SO MUCH MORE PLAYS AND RATES. loved it!

Very well polished for 48h. awesome work!


Thanks for streaming the game!

Most beautiful game ...   people must play and rate this more... 

can you make this full experience after the jam..  


Hyper underrated

We need to get this guy onto the video!

Wait... no one answered? The only way you can respond is by liking this comment?


This is one of the most creative games I've seen! I don't know what it is about deciding the prompts myself as part of the game, but it made me feel so much more invested than if they were predetermined or even set in a menu. It did seem a bit finicky at times (I wasn't sure what the thresholds were for hold time exactly) but that was never a big problem. 


Thanks! You're right, it could be more clear what the thresholds are between a "short" and "long" tone. If I remember correctly this was set at .2 seconds, but maybe having this configurable would be better.

Very well done


Great game! Nice graphics i love this style and good concept with using intercom.


Thats one of the best games I saw here! Amazing looks. Interesting concept. Very well done! Sometimes it was hard for me to give the signals. 


The main mechanic is amazingly well done. So far this is the jam entry I'd most want to see turned into a full game!


Absolutely brilliant! I replayed it to try a different action at the end screen

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