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The concept alone of this game was intriguing to say the least kind of reminded me of the blind mudokons from the abe's oddessy/exodus games, with a truly original twist, in allowing you to design your own prompts to make the player character move.

I really enjoyed this and would love to see further expansion of this design in a full release because the potential is really high for this kind of idea.

If I have to pick out a flaw in the design, it would be that the character will lock into decisions once they've been made and wont allow you to change your mind if you make a mistake. More than once, I accidentally said "Yes" instead of my input for "No", so I naturally waited there to see if the character would prompt to say "Is something wrong, shall I ask the question again", however he never did, forcing me to make him run to his death. Nor does he respond to random or wrong inputs which could also be used to indicate a problem.

Game was overall great, and while I am sad there wasn't more levels to play, I also understand that 48 hours is a short time limit for a single person/small team.

Thank you, this is great feedback! I agree that being able to change your decision, or at least having a few more confirmation prompts, would have been a better choice in case the game misunderstands your input.