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A topic by Dasius created Jan 18, 2017 Views: 92,747 Replies: 2,039
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The Chimney has a visual glitcch if you stand on top of the roof. (Don't know if next is bug) You can throw a chest all the way across the map if you flick your mouse when holding it and release halfway.

O.o you really shouldn't be able to throw something across the map in the 9's versions... everytime I've thrown something they've hit an invisible threshold and "hung" in the air (kills their momentum) - Once I walk towards it, the "threshold" moves, the item, falls - free from "hanging"... 

I suppose I haven't tried with old or new crate... but ores, ingots, and Logs all stop midair before they go skyrocketing away. 

Although. I've never attempted throwing things from very high up on the map, like from the roof, if that's what you mean.

Perhaps the "threshold" only triggers if you're on the ground. I wouldn't know since I've not tried.

It only works with closed lid crates and bought crates from the parts shop.

WIN 10, 8GB Ram, 64-bit, NEVIDA GeForce 940M, DirectX 12

MLBS 0.0.9e

1. I don't get the Quality "minigame" when pressing shift(or ctrl) when Pickaxe is heated.

2. Colors on screen has become "bleek", wooden textures are now pink-ish

3. when I installed first time it tried to download files for DirectX 2.5? I think :S and it aborted when unable, is this why I have problems?


So the "bleak Colors" might be a settings issue.

I tried the x32 version on my x64 win10. It didn't solve any problems but it created a few :P

I'm still unable to get  the "minigame" to work so I guess the INT-stat is a waste for the time being.

You need to hold Ctrl while hammering the heated ingots I think, not sure, and maybe also some points in intelligence?

I have tried to place all points in INT and hammering while press in CTRL, noting happens.


Right now, the implementation isn't complete so you won't see much result.


Hey Geledin,

1. Implementation isnt finished for the minigame. It was more as a proof of concept. Further iterations of it will be done further in the year.

2. That might not be the game and might be a graphics card issue or monitor.

3. I don't think any graphics card to date uses Direct X 2.5 but in the event you are using a very old graphics card, you migh tnot be able to run this game as it requires Direct X 11 or more.  If you don't have the latest Direct X drivers then you might have problems running the game. But obviously, that isn't your issue. If you are having trouble with Direct X installation or updates, you should probably contact Microsoft or go over to their forums and ask for help as I unfortunately do not have the knowledge or qualifications to help you. :)

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Version 0.0.9 Alpha

If you stand ontop of your shield you can fly. Also when you fly off the map the game crashes. AI's don't want to take Bronze tools if they ask for copper but are completely fine with Adalite. Inside the castle, you can walk through the models after you fly over the walls. In the mine, you can stand ontop of the rocks and get a visual glitch, see YT video for this.

Whenever you stand ontop of a shield, then right click it to pick it up, you can go flying across the map. 

Intel i7 7700k, GeForce GTX 1070 2x, DDR4 8GB 2x, 128 GB PCI-E Gen3 SSD.

EDIT: The shield flying glitch only works if you first destroy it on the anvil and place it back together on the table. It also only works with the stone shield findable at in the woods.

In the video you say that you haven't  found a way to glitch in to the mine. Do you mean the door? The one in the mine? Because I discovered today that the door is open during the darkest part of the night,  when your lantern are least effective (need medium settings to see this)

Thank you, I'll try this and I'm going to find more glitches. 

Do you also know when the other door opens? The one near the lake?

I would guess that they all open at the same time...trying it out as I'm writing...

wow!,  I was standing at the door close to the lake at "the darkest hour". The door, along with the crate I had disappeared in the dark,  just gone. I followed the mountain wall towards the mine. There is a place right up against the wall that looks like a texture glitch,  like a piece of terrain is missing. I walked in to it, fell through the world -or so I thought- and landed at the alter in the church!! :O

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the door do not disappear,  I got turned around. It would seem that the door close to the lake does not open at all. I stood in front of it for 24hours (in game).


I don't know how the upgrading works, can't find it out either, I literally pressed every button while hammering. 

And yes, there is a piece of terrain missing there, I'm going to make an update video soon on all the glitches, problems and texture/terrain fails. Because I found something in the church, some thing(s) in the area's that are currently unaccessable. I will inculde them but since they are not supposed to be open yet it doesn't really matter. there are quite some visual glitches possible that need fixing though. 

I just hope that Dasius will actually see it...


Thanx Grimalkin for the bug report

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When i sold to the AI it then stand still and wont get out of my shop. Windows 10, 64bit


Hey mamaminha,

For this version, you'll need to restart the game to fix this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

alpha version, 0.0.9e

theres one bug that if you steal something from the other shop in the town it says (stolen) but if i log out and log in again its mine and not stolen anymore?


Thanx Lolmanle.

Will look into that.

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The game runs just fine in the beginning but when I get to day 5-6 I get terrible framerate, have anyone else had this problem ? (seems to get better when I restart the game) running 0,0,9e


Thanx Shadowhunter512512,

Will look into why that is happening.

0.0.9e have had an issue with people just walking up and turing invisible, the dismiss cross is still visible but I cant press it,

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I have problem with selling shields. When come somebody who need shield and I make it, he don´t take him.

My version: My Little Blacksmith Shop Win 64 Alpha 0.0.9e

My performance: Windows 10, RAM 16GB, Intel core CPUCan´t sell heater shield

23. 3. 2018

Another picture

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Have you tried adding the fourth piece (round piece, sorry don't know the name)?

It would look like the shield has a big circle in the middle

Yes, I try it, but nothing was heppened.

For an item to be accepted by a customer you must see a notification in the bottom corner of the screen saying "You created (item)"

There's 5 ingots worth of parts for a shield, the boss, the two handles, and the rim

I don't know entirely, but Try not to create a wood piece and/or combine the wood piece and a rim, and then save and reload - at minimum, the wood piece will break and be unusable, and I dunno on the combined rim/wood, Afaik, a fully assembled shield will be fine


Also you can't give higher or better tier items to customers that ask for a lower tier item. So if the customer asks for Copper, you can't give them Tin. However, if they ask for Tin, you can give them a Copper item but not Iron as it is better then Tin. Etc..

Are you not supposed to be able to give any shield?

Then that may be a bug. I constantly gave out shields all willy nilly whenever the opportunity arose to sell a customer a ridiculously high-tier shield even though they were only asking for really low tier.. even been telling people of this possibility, (Not the weapon, The weapon follows what you said and I've been repeating that too, that its can be tier or lower)


You can only give "any tier that is lower" if they're vague

If for instance we look at the pic, and they instead asked for a tin polearm, no extra specification, You can give them any polearm that is tin or copper.

But if they ask for a Tin Polearm with a (something something) small blade and an uncommon grip

They will ONLY accept Tin.

Shields ignore this afaik, at least right now, in 9e

Also I have a few bucks in Paypal if you wanna tell me which choice fits best for that, donate or pay-to-buy, or not Itchio, or whatever.
can't be a patron thing, thou.


Glad you mentioned that. Those customers that ask for a more specific request are considered "Special Customers". What they are asking for needs to be met. You can't give them anything higher or lower or something that is similar. Needs to be exact
Ya shields will get another check on its functions to make sure it's working properly. 

If you can't via Patreon then through is fine as well. Thank you!

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It's a problem with the physics in the game, you can fly by standing on an object and then (try) to pick it up. I tried to pick up a shield and it send me flying ( was fun ;p ).

there is one side of a wall missing in the cave (one side doesn not exist) and some in places items can go trough the floor or wall.

If I crouch under a tree My vision gets blurred out sometimes.

My pc won't save my screenshots so I can't show you what I mean, I'm sorry.

Love the game and I hope to see more of it!

ps: shield-surfing should just be the normal form of transportation ;p

My Little Blacksmith Shop Win 64 Alpha 0.0.9e


IIf you're having trouble recording or screenshotting the game, Try running it in window mode at screen-resolution

From my experience, the game runs borderless and priority, so running it window works perfectly fine in comparison to fullscreen with it at your desktop's resolution

Me personally again, cannot take screenshots unless I run it in window. Fullscreen just comes up black

That said, The Shield and some other physics items still "flying" are known, its not as prevalent or easy as before this recent version, though.

The trees aren't the only thing that can blur you, if you manage to get your eyes too close to anything, they can become that way, its just easiest with trees that are solid because of size and solidity

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hey Diamorr,

Thanx for the bug report. Will look into the missing walls and floor issues.
The reason that is happening, with the trees, is because most likely "View Depth of Field" is turned on in your graphic settings. Turning that off should eliminate that problem.

Thank you for the info!


No problem.

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Near the castle (opposite of the stable) you are able to get under the map, the ground is open.

And I'm not shure if the horse is supposed to follow, but it doesn't.

great game! keep up the good work.


as for the horse.

The horse is currently disabled for being a naughty bad horse :< He broke a bunch of people's spines and forced them to crawl slowly in the ground and kicked their things sky high into the air and then spat on them as he decided to soar away and scoff at our ideas of physics and gravity. It's planned to eventually come back, I think... when its not so psychopathic.

I ain't afraid of no horse, I'll be playing the game without being scared of the psychotic horse :)


I love the game so far, but I can't seem to go to bed when the time comes. I click on the bed but nothing happens.

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Hey man, I really love this game! I love how it's coming along, but I do have a few bugs I've found that you could probably look into, some big some small. I'm using My Little BlackSmith Shop Win64 Alpha-v0.0.9e. After reading through this, some of them are kind of just changes to the game that could make it better. (By the way, I did notice that the first reply I saw on this at the top was about a year ago, which made me think it was abandoned :P).

1. When re-loading the game, the pedestal in the forest near the mine entrance that you put the weapon into screws up a little. The weapon disappears and you're forced to make a new one and more and more unneeded earth crystals appear the air over each other. The same goes for the chests in the world too, which means you can continuously re-load your game just to exploit the chests that give high-value ingots.

2. Chests are a little too frustrating to open using the grab function to push (or pull) it open, maybe put in an animation for opening it instead?

3. When you use an axe to cut down trees, they act a little...weird. When the tree is cut off from the stump, it doesn't collide with the stump making it fall through and hit the ground instead. And when it falls over, it usually hits a tree and sits still and spins on the spot, which can trigger a 'flying tree' bounce if you're lucky (the wacky collision causes it to launch a short distance).

4. When creating a shield, you have to make the metal rim/outline for the shield you want, but when shaping the shields, the first two heater shield rims are fine, but then they struggle to stay on the anvil after that. Maybe it's caused by the new objects spawning slightly inside the anvil, causing them to bounce off.

5. The shield rim has complete surrounding collision, in other words the big, gaping hole in the middle of the rim doesn't allow items to fall through. This isn't that big of an issue but it would be good to fix to logic's sake. I noticed this when creating a shield, I put the rim on the crafting bench first, then the other metal things (Hadn't made the wood part yet) and instead of sitting in the middle of the rim, they just slid off onto the ground, and that makes 'em dirty and stuff :| (EDIT: This only appears to be a problem with the Tower Shield Rim).

6. I had a moment when I completed everything I needed to do and could do or else I wouldn't gotten tired and not been able to go anywhere fast enough, so I went to the bed, but I wasn't yet tired, so I had to wait there for a while before it let me go to bed. Maybe you could put in a thing where you could go to sleep, like, 8 hours or so later after you wake up so you don't have to wait to be tired to go to sleep, but it's not too short of a time so you don't sleep over and over again.

7. Another thing that happened was that I had a customer and I completed everything they wanted, I got their name on the sales board, got the money and everything, but he was still standing there for some reason, like he wanted a kiss or something. This happens rarely, it may be my computer but it's worth mentioning. (EDIT: Check the replies to see more about it).

8. When you move around an item, it still has complete collision with everything, but when you put it in rotation, it loses all collision, making it possible to unintentionally get it stuck in the walls or ground by rotating it. (EDIT: The rotating problem only seems to happen on static objects, such as the walls, ground, anvil, furnace, crafting table etc. but still collides with dynamic objects like ingots, crates and so on).

9. Also a rotating issue, when you rotate an item and finish rotating and are still holding in the grab button, it floats there in mid-air but you can't move it by mouse or force, you can even look away from it and it will still be sitting there in that one spot in the air. Only when you let go of the grab button does it fall on the ground again.

10. When combining items on the crafting bench, do you drop the item on the other to combine them or do you hold the item you want to connect to the corresponding part you want it to connect to? I really don't know. In other words, combining grips to the guards don't register properly and take longer than they should to connect, which wastes time. After connecting those two though, the blade snaps on quickly as it should. A solution to this, which is only a suggestion, is to make a new way of connecting them. You hold the item you want to connect, then you look at the item you want to connect it to and left click to snap them together, over the crafting bench of course. (EDIT: After testing some more, I found out that it may only be an issue if the grip, guard and weapon head is on the crafting table at the same time. Without the weapon head, the grip and guard seem to snap just fine).

11. When completing the combination for the vault door at the end of the mine, why do you have to spin the middle so many times?

12. I had an issue when diving in water. Logically, the higher you dive from, the lower you go, and that's what I just happen to do, but instead of bobbing back to the water's surface, I must've passed some sort of barrier that allows you to swim without falling to the bottom and I fell all the way to the bottom, but the ground wasn't solid so I fell through and re-spawned at the church. Maybe what you could do is look around all the areas of the lake and make sure whatever mechanic you have there works right, and make the bottom of the lake solid just in case of it happening again.

13. Speaking of which, can you make certain items float in the water? Like make ingots fall slowly downwards because they're heavy, but if it's a crate and/or there's items inside, it should float on the water's surface and so on. I've had many a time where I've accidently dropped an item while swimming and it's become lost to the depths of Davey Jones locker.

14. The cliff-sides are climbable. I mean the ones that stop you from going outside the world boundaries. Trust me I did it, I even climbed onto the cliff walls around the castle to see the unbuild wackiness that is the castle. Maybe go over the barriers for the walls to make sure no one climbs up them and gets themselves stuck in a hole or finds anything they're not supposed to.

15. The ore veins don't update themselves when you're not near them, so after the period of time they require to change their type, they don't change until you're about 5~ metres in front of it (Note: I'm sure this ONLY happens when they're set to change). This is really annoying as I see it, think I can mine it, but then it turns out to be something I can't mine when I get to it (I have my render distance set to far, which is the second highest view distance). (EDIT: This may be a post processing or other issue I'm not aware of, I'm not fully sure).

So that's about all I have found for now for bugs and other improvements that could be made. I'm sure you already have a lot on your plate currently, but did you not say "*Don't hold back, I can take it :) **" Remember that some of these things may only be my computer being wack on the game, so don't go pulling hair out if you can't find what I'm talking about.

Windows 10, 4.00GB RAM, Intel(R) Core(TM) 1.90 GHz Processor, 64-bit  x64-based (Yes, I am using the Win64 version).


Also, I got some pictures on the person not leaving after you give them what they want. It turns out that if you move to about the point where I am in the second picture outside, they leave the shop, even if the door is closed or the shop is open/closed. Plus, this happens most with me when I re-load the save, and they're the first person to arrive when you open the shop.


Oh boy, bug report 2.0. In the last 2 days I found a whole lot more bugs and things I'm sure shouldn't be happening. I'm still using the same version My Little BlackSmith Shop Win64 Alpha-v0.0.9e.

1. When the customers ask for shields and (lets say you use an uncommon log to make the wood part dark) after you give them the created shield, the wood becomes the common log colour and the shield type changes to a Coal like dark (which is probably Titanium); that includes the rim, boss, wrist and handle being that colour, however the weapon as far as I know stays the same as what you give them.

2. You can put a corner or a crate inside another crate, which then you can close the crate and the other crate will be locked in place, which means you can hold 2 crates full of ores or other things at the same time (Attached Image).

3. Your arm has the same texture as the bricks do...why and how (Attached Image).

4. Ore Veins have a chance to drop you 1 ore, please make them drop at least 3. This doesn't feel good (Attached Image).

5. The blur issue people have been having occurs when you're inside something your not supposed to be in, like a wall that's not completely solid for example. This blur only occurs if your Post Processing option in the Graphics Menu isn't turned to Low, if it's anything but low, you will get the blur effect. I've seen people talk about how they go under trees and they also get the blur, it's because under some of the trees is considered a spot you're not supposed to be (I've taken the spot that Grimalkin used in his video for this test) (Attached Images).

6. When rotating a crate, the rotation point is the centre bottom, so when you try to turn it upside down on level ground it will rotate into the ground. For this all you have to do is lift the centre rotation point to the centre of the crate.

7. When creating large amounts of alloys at once in the furnace, the furnace doesn't properly register that all of them are being created as alloys. I found this out when I had 5 Copper ore and 5 Tin ore and I put them in all at once, and in return I got: 4 Bronze ingots (Supposed to get 10), 4 Copper ingots, and no Tin ingots (Supposed to get neither of those two). It appears that when it made the Copper ingots, there was no Bronze being made for those ones, so Tin ingots should've come out too. But the indicator, or the molten metal rising in the ingot shaper, went to full (which I assume was the Tin ingots being made) but then went back down to nothing and continued to do so for the next 3-4 ingots without producing anything. So in summary, putting in bulk amounts of the 2 ores to make alloys doesn't work properly and screws up the processing system. (Note: I was only making alloys, I DID NOT have anything else in there at the same time that was creating something else).

8. (This has already been said multiple times, but for clarification) Having any solid objects being put underneath the player character and following to grab it makes you ascend into the air.

9. (This has also been said before, but from my point of view) I had a moment where a customer came in and as soon as he was about to order, he disappeared but the cross was still there, but un-clickable. To get out of this, you can either reload or go into sandbox mode and back. Considering the fact that I'm on day 67 (I think) and this was the first time it happened WHEN I decided to put an axe and two shields perhaps a little too close to the selling bench, I also had a delivery crate near it too but it may have not contributed to this issue, this is not coincidental.

10. The lighting of the entrance to the cave is odd at a certain time of day. When slightly outside the lighting was fine, but when I moved slightly inside the mine, the lighting went really dark. I even went back outside to test if it didn't suddenly turn night, and it lit back up as normal, proceeding to go back in made it look like night again (Attached Images; use the crate as a reference for distance).

11. The Steel Alloy Ingots have the same coloured name as the Adamantine Ingots, implying that they are both Legendary items, but when creating a Steel Pickaxe it had the same properties as an uncommon tool, because it couldn't mine anything epic or higher, only common and uncommon ore veins (I don't know if this has something to do with the type of Hammer you're using, as you can see I'm still using the Copper Hammer 'cause I haven't bothered upgrading). Maybe change the colour shown for steel to match their correct properties, or make steel have the same properties as adamantine (I'm using the colour of the name to match the rarity, which in turn makes me think which ones they should be able to mine).

12. Trees also have a chance to drop no logs. Either that or when the tree gets cut and falls through the stump, and doesn't fall over, destroying it like that may make a log spawn inside the stump making it impossible to grab.

13. When on the roof, you can look at the back of the chimney, which isn't there because it's a one-sided view, so from one side you can see it, but from the other side you can't.

14. I think dynamic objects launch too far than what they should, like when I have items inside a crate and I don't have the lid on and accidently grab the crate, which in turn makes the items launch all over the place, furthest record launch has been about 25 metres so I have to go and find them wherever they go.

15. Instead of falling through the bottom of the map when going in the green (acid I presume) stuff in the mine, how about making it so when you go about half way down into the surface of the green liquid, then you die and re-spawn at the church instead of being able to see under the world for a short moment.

16. You can pick up dynamic objects further than your zoom length, so if you grab something further than it limit and scroll once, up or down, it'll snap back to it's proper position.

17. There is barely any force behind throwing most things, the only thing that I've found that actually throws with probably a little bit too much force is the ores.

18. When fuel has depleted in the furnace, you put more in there and you have to turn it back on, but it usually takes two presses for it to turn back on.

19. I assume trees are supposed to regenerate, hence the percentage on the stumps after you cut them down, but they don't (It may not even be a feature yet but just checking).

20. The very back of the mine/vault, there is a little ledge that you can't get up onto (as intended), but by using the crate as a lift to get on top of the ledge, you can see massive holes in the side of the walls (Again, not supposed to be able to see the holes without getting on the ledge).

21. Rarely when opening chests, instead of the item spawning in there as usual, they fling out high into the air usually taking about 3 seconds to come back down. This may be a spawning issue having to do with collision with either the other item in the chest or the chest itself.

That was just a whole bunch more bugs and issues I found since the last post, a lot of the last ones were tiny but can still be annoying in some degree. There's probably a lot more that I would have to go digging for through pure experimentation and not 90% of it being from me just playing the game.


see this is why I made my own thread when I had a similarly large list ready to go... it becomes a bit more of a hassle to deal with when its here.

The first thing i can remember from what I read.

That's not how metal works.

"rarity" means nothing, really.

Coal is mineable

copper mines copper

Tin mines copper and tin

Bronze mines copper and tin

Brass mines Zinc Copper and tin

Iron mines Iron Zinc, Copper and tin

Steel mines Iron zinc Copper and Tin

Adelite mines Adelite Iron zinc copper and tin

Mithril mines Mithril, Adelite, Iron Zinc Copper and Tin

Adamantine Mines Ada, Mith, Ade, Iron, Zinc, Cop, and Tin

Titanium Mines. (There's a possibility, a slim one, That brass might be able to mine Iron. Unlikely. But I haven't tried yet.)
Putting a crate into a crate ain't exactly a bug
Shield "Visual" in Customer hands isn't "exactly a bug" either, All that really is is simplication, Probably mostly because They didn't ask for a specific shield, They just wanted a sheield - You could give them a Copper Polearm and a Titanium shield for all they care. (on a copper polearm request) - Which is why it probably does that, in both ways. Because they didn't ask for a type of shield, they'll accept any type of shield
and because they'll accept any type of shield, it turns all those shields into a generic placeholder kinda shield, reflecting the type of shield (Round, Tower, Heater) because /THAT/ part /was/ defined.

3 and 4 aren't really bugs, also rarer veins have a chance of dropping absolutely no ore, between the vein being rarer, and the chance of ore being lower generally for rarer ore. 
The Blur isn't exactly a bug either, though it may be over...reaching its boundaries. - It's part of view depth, Though View depth of field should prevent it from working if turned off, and I don't think it does, so that may technically be a bug. But it's supposed to blur, When things are very in front of your face, You're supposed to focus on them, causing distant things to become unfocused, When something squishes up into your eyes, your vision in game, will blur, It just happens to be there's a lot of places, should and shouldn't be at, where it blues very heavily.

Screen resolution scale can also affect it.

Not sure if 6 is a bug, sounds like you're just talking about rotation and how it's currently supposed to work, and don't necessarily agree with that.
7 isn't necessary a bug either, It's just not designed to function the way you did it, either, Though I can't swear it isn't desired for it to eventually function that way.
To make an Alloy, You need to make the alloy, You can't stick a bunch of one thing in at any one time, Cause then you're just making that one thing.

So you *should* putting for example
One Tin, One copper = 2 bronze. - One Tin, One copper= 2 bronze, one tin, one copper = 2 bronze.
you /can/ mass queue up the production, and get it to churn out all 10 (about 7 or so by the time you've inserted it all though)
AFAIK you can also "intersect" it with other materials, You just /have/ to properly fill it.
so something like One tin, One copper (properly accepted), One Adelite, One Iron, One Carbon (Properly accepted)  (DO NOT JUST drop a bunch of them in, nor just drop them in even in order) one mithril -> 2 bronze, one adelite, 2 steel, one mithril.

Repeat. DO NOT just toss them in. Don't toss in tin and let go, and then toss in Copper, letting go immediately after, without it being "accepted" and then go to toss in another tin or another thing

You need to Insert a core (one of the main materials, that isn't Zinc or Carbon)
It will react, then you need to insert the other ingredient, keep trying to insert it until it actually disappears from your hand while you're holding it, When it disappears, that's when the smelter has accepted it as part of the alloy, Then you can put in another Tin, or Copper, or Iron, and repeat, waiting for the 2nd ingredient to be accepted.

18- It takes two pressures usually because it wasn't shut off, Much like a circuit breaker when you go to reset it, You're supposed to take it from "Not on but not off" to "Fully off" and then "Back on" (at least that's what I've always been told)

The tree thing has been mentioned, It's mostly because of them spawning in the log/world (or lack of spawning because the stump/world physics were where it was going to spawn) - If you use a "solid object that you can lift yourself with" you can easily push the tree down and cut it, allowing more consistent results for logs, The tree not falling is the real bug, previously almost all the time they did, but something changed which ended up causing them not to fall over, will likely be fixed next time, but no guarantees

The chest - The reason is because the spawn location is designed for two ingots

but the spawn pool is designed with the option of a handle. or ingots

A handle is slightly.. bigger, than an ingot, causing the top ingot to spawn in the handle, and more often than not, be flung into the air as it tries to resist the edge of the handle... I believe this is known and/or addressed, I think i've mentioned it along with "nothing sadder than watching (insert ingot) swimmin with the fishes" (or something like that)


First part, noted

"rarity mean nothing" that's acceptable, I was only using it at a reference of what they could do because it made sense at the time.

I'm already aware of the things each type of tool can mine, except for alloys because there's no indication of how good they are unless you test them, as far as I know. The only one I do know is steel because I found out the bad way.

Putting a box inside another box isn't really a bug, I know that, but when you say it, it sounds too bizarre doesn't it. At that point it's stuck halfway in the other box while still not moving by themselves because it's turned static, which is odd.

I'm aware of the shield thing, where they don't ask for a specific type so it turns into a pre-set made one of that type. But they don't exactly ask for the type of weapon they want either, such as "Copper one-handed sword" (for example). They don't specify what shape of the blade, type of guard or grip they want, so why doesn't that turn into a pre-set version of a "Copper one-handed sword".

I know 3 isn't a bug, but that must've been a stuff up somewhere. I know your arm isn't meant to be a rock (If it is, well damn it then).

For number 4, I did originally think it wasn't meant to happen, but now that you mention that it's a rarer drop rate, that makes more sense.

The extreme blur that occurs when your inside something can actually become annoying at some point, I was testing it when opening a door that turned on the side I was on, and when the door end got close to me it had that extreme amount of blur for a quick second. I already knew of the fact that the blur was somewhat of a focusing element in the camera to focus on certain things, so yes when you face-plant into a tree you see it just fine but everything else, not so much.

Since of this low performance computer I always have resolution scale on 60%, but it couldn't affect that much could it?

6, again, isn't that much of bug, it's just a problem with how it rotates when it's flat with the ground, because you constantly need to raise it and turn it upside down if you want to completely empty the crate to make sure it doesn't go inside the ground. It would be much easier if the rotation was in the centre. I'm not saying that the way rotation works doesn't work right, I'm saying that the centre of rotation on the crate should be raised to the centre.

Now that I was completely aware of how bulk producing alloys doesn't work, I don't do it anymore. I put in the two things, copper and tin for example, then let those make the 2 ingots, turn the furnace off, put in another copper and tin then turn it on and let it finish and repeat that over and over again. Note that when I was talking about what happened with me, I put in the 5 copper and 5 tin before I turned it on, to make sure they all started at the same time, but that obviously didn't work. I don't feel like trying any other method as of now than the one I said about putting a mix in at separate times just to not risk losing anymore ores.

for 18, I think it should detect when there's no longer fuel in there to properly turn off. I've had a few times where I tried turning it on (thinking it was on) and checking the starting of it, but it still wasn't on, and it still happens, must be a habit of hitting it once to work.

It good to see that the tree thing has been recognised, it does kind of annoy me the way it doesn't want to fall over but instead get itself stuck in the stump.

I'm aware of that the chest has spawn points designed for 2 ingots, and have gotten grips before (of course) with the other launching at the same time. You could probably make the spawning points beside each other, not on top of each other, maybe?

I understand that some of these are bugs, and also bizarre things that shouldn't be there but are not exactly bugs. such as number 2, 3, 4 (Which I now understand why), 6, 10, 11, 13, 15 and whatever else you think belongs. I just make lists of bugs and things that aren't so much bugs but are still wack.


22. You should also drop the tool you're using if you equip a different one instead of it disappearing into the void.

Alright well my problem here is, after i pass the the copper and start selling Tin weapons, the max amount of copper i can have is 1k. And after it goes past that it restarts to 0 or however much the amount was passed by. Its really irritating.

Can you elaborate please? Maybe a vivid story of how this happened to give a better understanding of what this may be

First recommendation, Try reloading one of the versions from itch, or from itch app, That's definitely a first I've heard that, unless you have like 2200 charisma or something... even then I don't think Tin is expensive enough to zero out.

Also I would try to recommend starting a new save, as I feel like maybe it almost sounds like you're using an old save where the Currency was a different type.

Previously the current was just " a currency" and you'd have hundreds of millions of "currency"

Now its Copper, Silver, Gold, etc coins, and I know Slipcor made a save fixer related to money issues from one specific version to one specific update, but if you save and reload, before using that, you're pretty boneroned I think.

I didn't have either of those cases, so I don't know how "being boneroned" looks like, but what you describe does sound like what I could imagine would come from that.

as 1000 copper, is 1 silver

and hitting more than 1000 copper, Turns that into silver, and any extra beyond, turns copper, until 1000 silver, which turns to gold.

Also keep in mind that alloy bronze, is a wonderful thing.

Bronze (1 tin 1 copper) creates 2 bronze, and each bronze is worth 650, instead of tins 500 and coppers 10

Brass is 750
Steel is "enough" more than Iron to be noticeable, but then again, you get 2 steel for 1 iron (and 1 carbon)

(1 edit)

i dont Know if this has been said already but when ever my character walks the noise cuts out v 0.0.9e

I'm not sure what this is, but it may be related to there being a random chance to have a crate change the song when closed :/

All items are registerd as a grip

Then you're probably not building them correctly, 9e iirc starts having item names.
1h grip 1 ingot blade
1h grip 1h guard 2 ingot blade
1h grip 2 ingot hammer
1h grip 2 ingot axe
2h grip 2h guard 3 ingot blade
2h grip 3 ingot hammer
2h grip 3 ingot axe
2h grip 3 ingot pick axe
pole grip 1 ingot blade (guard optional)
pole grip 2 ingot blade (guard optional)
pole grip 3 ingot blade (guard optional)
pole grip 2 ingot hammer (guard barred)

polegrip 3 ingot hammer (used to I think, not tested in 9e, feel like 9(something) I saw it not work haven't tested since)

It must notify you that you've created an item in order for it to be correct and saleable.

The blacksmith can equip any 2 ingot hammer, 2 ingot axe, and 3 ingot pickaxe.
This includes a 1h grip 3 ingot pickaxe, used to and possibly still includes a pole grip 3 ingot pickaxe
a 2h grip 2 ingot axe, and a 2h grip 2 ingot hammer, used to include 1h grip 3 ingot hammer, used to include pole grip 2 ingot hammer, can't say I tested pole grip 3 ingot hammer
Most of the things the Blacksmith can equip, cannot be sold.
BS can also equip stolen items.

the glare is every where and i cant see

The glare may be the focusing on certain things, you probably want to turn your post processing to medium or low. Medium will be the lowest of the glare, and low should turn it completely off.

I just started playing but i can't get the items to join to make the tool wondering if there is something else or is just a bug.

tried to make a greatsword but it was stuck as a common two hand grip and i couldn't sell it. please help

Version is (0.0.9e)

There are two problems I kinda wanna say, first is that I was making some basic items just to catch up on random requests, and I heard the little customer bubble sound, so i check, and no one is there, the little [x] is there at the bottom left, but it won't go away when clicked. Even when I close my shoppe, or go to bed, it doesn't go anywhere and It won't let me get anymore customers.

For the second, it seems weird that it will start getting really dark outside, and I cannot go to sleep, it will almost be the next day before I can actually sleep, does your tiredness get affected but how much you do in a day in game?

Thanks for an amazing game and your time.


First, this problem should be getting fixed in the new release with the person arriving but not being there. The only way to get out of this so far is to reload the save or go to sandbox and back (Make sure to save). Also, your tiredness depends from the hour you wake up to approx. the time you last went asleep.

Sleep is I believe 16-18hrs "tired" and 24hrs "Tired (exhausted)/level 2" (its one or the other, not a range between 16-18hrs) if you go to sleep at 10pm, you will get tired around 9ish or so, give or take the difference in change from what was past the hour.

If you go to sleep at 5 in the morning, you will wake up likely in the later hours of the afternoon, and not get tired again for that "tired" frame of time, and you can't go to sleep till tired or exhausted, soyou will essentially be off schedule for days, until you slowly reset the schedule, or be tired for a very long time (exhausted/level 2) until you can sleep at the proper time to keep schedule.

I personally find it best to sleep between 10 and 11pm if at all possible, to keep the most store hours available, if I'm "bored/done" with a particular day, and tired too early, I'll wait around messing with stuff until its between 10 and 12, if possilbe, if its already well past 12, I don't bother sleeping.

I cant get it to show up on my computer

I'm running version 0.0.9e and for some reason on day 11 single customer comes in and gets stuck. I've tried both canceling them (pressing "X"), and giving them the item they want (they take it) yet still speech bubble dissapears but customer keeps standing and I can't progress further. Already happened twice (replayed the game after customer got stuck for the first time).


This is a known bug that is hopefully getting fixed in 0.1.0f, this usually happens when you first start the game with a rarer chance of it happening any other time. What you can do to fix this issue is when you serve them and they get stuck, go to the spot in the attached image and they should leave the shop, allowing more people to come in and you can continue selling your goodies.


Thanks, it worked ^^

Hi Dasius or whoever is reading this. I need help. I can't choose anything from the radical menu and I cant hammer items on the anvil. Someone please help

P.S. My version is 0.0.9

Is the version 0.0.9 or 0.0.9e? They're two different versions.

ehmmmm help my shield is stuck in the sawmill any idea how to get it out??? pls help

Try grabbing it and walking away and try to pull at it, or rotate it out of the sawmill


thank you. it worked 

I can't close the chest that i have. Can some1 help me with it

Thx all

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LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\Build\++UE4+Release-4.17+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line: 233] D3DRHI->GetFactory()->CreateSwapChain(DXGIDevice,&SwapChainDesc,SwapChain.GetInitReference()) failed at D:\Build\++UE4+Release-4.17+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\Windows\WindowsD3D11Viewport.cpp:85 with error E_INVALIDARG KERNELBASE.dll!0x00000000746C08B2

Could u help i tried win 64 and win32 the game opens and i can play normally the first time but whenever i close the game and try to open it again it just doesn't work

processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20GHz 

Installed RAM 8,00GB

version Windows 10 home

Version 0.0.9

Compilation system operator  16299.12


if no one's mentioned it, Check the common issues Pinned thread, I believe Lowlevelfatalerror is listed there, good chance you'll get a solution from that. Sorry about the delay, Normally someone would've pointed that out and I (a random user) haven't been nearly as active checking here since I've been sitting on their discord

There may also be some kinda issue with Adminstrative permisions, Firewalls, and etc..

Yo Dasius! I have another bug for you. I'm running version 0.09e, and I have a pretty big problem with the mine. You see, there are only 2 veins in total down there, and so I can't reduce my expenses and progress to tin. Do you know how I could sort that out?

A little secret...*cough cough* there's 6 veins available straight from the get-go, also they 'reproduce' their contents randomly in about an in-game day

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I knew about the reproducing part, but what do you mean by 'get-go'?

Straight from the beginning

(1 edit)

So like around the mine? I know I found 2 veins around it yesterday

2 in the mine, at the door to the mine if you stick to the left you'll find two and 2 more if you stick to the right of the cliff.

Thanks bud! I'll go and search for them in a few hours. Right how I have some important stuff  to do.

Hello Dasius I have a bug report my version is 0.0.9e .

i have a gtx 1050,6d bit pc,16 ram

My bug is that while i was trying to make my box lid go upward (full of zinc ore and day 2) it threw me height up because i was standing on it and when my charecter fell of the border the game crashed (kinda my fault) 

We are all fully aware that if you have an item underneath you and you pick it up, you will start flying. A fix for this may be coming to the soon-to-be-released version.

How does the save work? because when I save and go back to play it, it doesn't go back to the save it creates a new one

The save is located in APPDATA/Local/ShopSim (%appdata% brings you to APPDATA/Roaming)

If the game is not allowed to access the save, or is not allowed to access other folders and the like, Then it's likely to run into problems.

Chances are pretty high, that your game is either Not being allowed to do that, Or some program is being an overprotective pest, Like certain antivirus programs that need to chill the hell down.

the mouse in menu is really mis aligned and I cant press a lot of the buttons any reason why

Lots of factors, if its way off, Try adjusting UI scale, Resolution (in game and out of game) and Font size/DPI (Out of game)

Some of these things can interfere with how some things function, including matching/syncing up correct positioning of items and cursors

i've got a problem with downloading it in the browser. Download stops in about 1/4 of the process. I've tried downloading it in google chrome and microsoft edge but it everytime stops and says "failure-network error". What do i have to do to download and play this game?


I would probably suggest checking the usual suspects (space, firewall, admin,etc) and/or trying to download it through the itch app, or while running perhaps incognito or what not, it's certainly an interesting issue you have.
Try also different versions, trying maybe Gamejolt as well, (it should be up to the public version (0.0.9e) (might be written differently based on site criteria))
Maybe also try a different browser, there's a ton of them out there.

You could also try emulators for mobile (which have a crapton of small browsers) to try and download the file somewhere where you can then locate and unpack it like normal, but that'd be something I'd say to do if nothing else at all works.


So, i just got this game because i was watching IGP play it and when i get into the game, no matter my graphics settings, the game seems to hiccup every half second or so, but only when im moving. I thought this was view distance but changing it dorsnt seem to do anything. Its really annoying and kinda hard to play. Any help would be appreciated. 

Specs of PC (need more info for the most part)
Try redownloading the file, something could've been corrupt
try updating drivers if that hasn't been done in a while.

Check to see if graphics settings for (Insert control panel type) have been restricted in some way, perhaps toy around with your graphics' control panel to see if you can get better responsiveness out of it, some programs don't really like certain settings or modes, so there's always a possibility

well I sadly dont know the specs, and am on a vacation and dont have my pc. But my friend called me and said he was having the same problem. But he has a beast computer that handles really big games so i dont know the problem. 

well no computer is safe really...  a Beast computer can run one thing fantastically and struggle to run another thing all the same, compatiblity of parts and optimizations of games matter in that aspect.

Particularly Foliage settings in most games can be very taxing, even more so when in general, the settings aren';t super fine-tuned and optimized - and even more more so when computer parts just don't like dealing with that specific element, Parts can also fail or begin to degrade, and one thing might trigger it, while another, almost identical thing or more, might not.

For example a few years back now, I had a PSU issue, my PSU was pretty much dying, but it ran so biger, more intense games just fine still, for hours on end, etc. so it didn't seem like it was actually a PSU problem,
and it would crash on very light intensity game(s), sometimes immediately. sometimes after an hour or two.
Replacing my PSU completely removed that issue, at the time, hours on end, left it running overnight just to ensure it, etc.

and there's no real saving grace on computers. we hope and expect them to work outta the box, and last for years.

but randomly some just don't work outta the box, or die shortly after, and may not even perform well at the start. there's all sorts of those.

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I'm having an issue that sometimes when I cut down a tree it sometimes falls a far distance away from me, sometimes half was from the mine to where I was standing next to the shop fence. Also sometimes the trees don't drop wood. 

Another issue I am having is when making alloys half the time it won't mix the metals and gives me normal ingots of what I put in. There have been a couple times I put metals in the mix and it glitched where I had to restart and I lost all the ingots I had put in.

Last issue I think I'm having is I named my shop on the sign but when I brought the game up the next day the name wasn't showing. I clicked on it thinking it just didn't save the name but nope it was there yet I had to hit esc to exit the menu because it wouldn't let me click Done.

Oh and if I premake a shield's wood part and/or rim then I save, close the game then come back into the game then the customers won't take the premade shield and the wood parts and rims won't go together either. I have to make all new parts.

Version 1.0j rev 47

I made a round shield, with everything I needed. But now it is stuck on the table. I can't add anything else to it, cant hammer it or remove it by hand.


in Dev Build, You can move furniture around, You can probably do it that way


In all builds, Items can be rotated, and pulled at, If you rotate it to certain points, its hit box will try and force it out of the table, as well if you keep pulling at it,, it may spring free, pulling and rotating would accelerate the process

I posted this question in a separate topic and the Dev said the same thing. Thanks for the reply though!

Every single time i try to craft anything, they just act as if they are only the handle of said tool/weapon, and i am unable to uncraft the object of said item to attempt to fix it

(1 edit)

Crafting can be finnicky, I am not understanding what your problem is. But to uncraft or dismantle an item, move it to the Anvil and use you hammer on it.

If they're assembled wrong (For example, a one hand grip and a pickaxe head =/= an item - The blacksmith can equip that, but it will not notify you of creation, update the name of item, nor allow a customer to buy it) they won't update.

If they're assembled right (for example one hand grip, one hand guard, and a 2-ingot blade) and they don't rename themselves
This is not necessarily "an issue" - not all items do indeed have a name. - If it tells you "You created an (insert item)" You're still fine, whether it labeled it or not.

if it is assembled corretly, it doesn't rename itself, AND you do not see a notification of assembly - THEN, there's a problem...
you can unassemble it, maybe for some reason the blade didn't cool off properly (FOR EXAMPLE, You dipped it in oil while the forge was running, and then proceeded to turn, with a cooled blade,  and dragged the blade over the forge, causing it to heat up, but not enough to update "cooled" to "heated")
If everything else checked out, and it didn't work, and reassembly didn't work, multiple times - Then there may be a corruption in your files, you can either try unzipping it again, or downloading free, or trying through the itchio app

I think I know what you mean. I have the same problem. You made the item correctly, but the customer wont pick it up. Or you didn't make it correctly and the item doesn't tell you that.

If that it correct. When I know I made the item correctly, I just leave it by the front desk and a customer will automatically pick it up. If they don't, I know the order or customer is glitched.

If not correct, I am sure someone else will come around and see your post, or ask again on separate post. Good luck!

Not sure if this is the update which allows for up-selling or the rare materials (as seen in IGP's videos), if it's not, never mind. Also, the chest can be re-opened multiple times if you save and exit to the main menu (might have been planned but still)

0.0.9e can Upsale, by 1-tier.

Should still be 1-tier in the newer IGP videos

The reopened part is known. - It deals with the fact that it is impossible (currently) to save the contents or lack thereof of it, thus, the game has to deal with it that way..... It's probably going to be resolved in some time, 

kinda figured that the endless chest thing is not that easily fixed atm, just thought I'd bring it up. also, what's with the standard grips? the customers don't want the old, standard grips. little frustrating. same with the overabundance of rare polearm grips and lack of rare 1 or 2 hand grips. I have like, 40 polearm grips and they can't be used

This might have already been answered but there's hundreds of entries, the charisma modifier hasn't been working for me or my brother. I haven't seen this issue be reported anywhere else. Does anybody else have this issue, or is it just us and how can we fix it?

Just to clarify my build I'm running, it's build 1.0 and I have an easy save with 26 charisma. I compared two identical orders for a two hand copper axe and both came out to 47 copper as the sell price. Is it that there is a variance of prices people pay? Or is it just stuck to the default value and charisma doesn't actually work in this build. Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

It has been mentioned on the discord - Charisma is currently broken on the dev version - It probably has to deal with how the difficulties interact with stats and custom difficulty and stuff, From what I know, there's some... Crossed wires... that seem to happen 

1 (additional) point of charisma will drop the bonus to 1c, I think, Hard to say since I haven't got that build to play around with it.

Thank you for clarifying that for me. I hadn't been able to find anything on it myself so I appreciate it. Here's hoping the issue will get fixed sometime xD

I am running on the version (Development Build Win64 0.1.0m)

The bug causes customers to overlap on spawn, making multiple customers spawn at once and come to the shop at the same time

This bug seems to keep happening, just from playing for more than 30 minutes at a time, or from simply opening and closing the shop a few times in a row.  I am unsure if I am doing anything special to cause this, but it keeps happening during normal gameplay, and only happens after serving 2 or 3 customers.

I am running on Windows 10, with a GTX 1070, 16 GB of ram,  Playing on max settings at 1920x1080, but keeping at windowed mode.

I am unsure if I've missed any steps, but I'm pretty sure I got everything, please don't be afraid to contact me with any questions on this specific topic, I'd greatly appreciate any form of fix for this bug.

PS. I am enjoying the game heavily so far, the only problem I've run into as of my time of playing, is this bug, it doesn't ruin or break the game, but it does make it veritably harder to play.  You're doing a great job so far Dasius, keep up the great work!

I dunno if you've asked on Discord

but its been reported/added to try and alleviate/be a clearer sign of AI pathing issues

If you're getting more than one customer, check around the map, see if there some kinda AI/NPC issue brewing near the Bridge, or the two Exit portals (left and right of the shop)

If there is, good, coming near it and helping clear it up should help the issue

if not, Switching free mode/shop mode, and saving/resloading, will help by despawning npcs, but it may not change the overall situation.

we still, or rather, I still, which is rather unimportant, seen a reasoning to explain the issue.

it could just be overzealous codework that was introduced in the dev build that is reacting to even the slightest NPC issue.

Hi, i don't know if this has been posted yet, but i have noticed that around the chest next to the king's castle, if you log out while crouching you end up falling through the world when you log back in

(4 edits)

So i've just discovered there's Prop Flying, which is kinda fun actually, but definitely fix that in the following updates please.

1. I'm running Alpha 0.0.9e

2. Prop Flying. Basically if you take, say, a shield, stand on it, jump and pick it up simultaneously, you will slowly start floating upwards.

3. (I'm standing on a cloud or something idk, the mining field is down below, the polygons in the top half of the screen are trees)

4. As i said in #2, you take an object, stand on top of it, jump and pick the object up, you will start ascending (and possibly spinning as well).

5. I'm not sure if it's relevant, but i'm gonna do it anyway (Edit: should've cropped it better, the blank space is filled with ads. Whoops)

Hey, why is there less minerals in the mine?

There's roughly a total of 12 ore veins

Some are outside of the mines entirely.
Some are in the mines Foyer

The rest are in the mines behind the door to the mines.

I'm running Alpha 0.0.9e

I believe the Charisma boost my character has is actually making a change to the profit I receive, but on the board it won't have registered. For instance with the last few sales I've had, there have been unaccounted for bonus coins.

EG. My last order:

Parts - 39
Mark up - 3
Rush - 3
Charisma - 1
Customer - 10
TOTAL - 59

The total there should be 56. My charisma is 3, so that *could* account for the difference.

Minor bug, but considering my husband is an accountant I want to keep my nose clean. Please don't tell the king I've been laundering money >.>

Actually, it can't be the charisma modifier, because I've respecced my character to have 1 charisma, and I'm still having orders where the total is more than the sum of what's on the board.

You can kinda get stuck in the left corner of the crafting table and when you rotate items close to the wall they go through it.

Ahoy, there seems to be a hole in the ground in the canyon walking through the forest towards the lake, from the back side of the  shop. walking towards the lake, it is just before the closed door. Happened upon it when carrying some stuff and it dropped me to death and respawn at the church. 

intel i5-4400

gtx 750ti


full epic quality, 1920x1080 fullscreen

8gigs of ram. 

Also experiencing some other issues ive found here and there but it seems like theyre mostly reported already

Okay, so with the regular patreon build (0.1.0) I have found a few rather frustrating issues, but the two that affect me the most are as follows:

1. Charisma does not work, as I have only been receiving 1 credit per transaction and my level for the charisma is 30. I should be receiving 30% more than I am.

2. Customers will slowly accumulate over time, making it hard to see the text as there are like 3+ standing in the doorway, whihc also eventually leads to customers getting stuck, never leaving and never entering.

3. this one is not quite as important from a game-play perspective - I just sold a wolf katana and the blade was upside-down, and when I made a polearm (an angelic guard accidentally got stuck to it but I rolled with it) the price of the component guard only sold for 4 copper, which considering it is a rare component seems a bit unfair.

Charisma was mentioned some time ago by Patrons for this version, I'm not sure why it went on this long without recovering, but its possible its intentional, as 1c is impossible even at 1% It could be getting reworked, similar to intelligence/quality/item stats.

Customer stack can be removed with save/reload, but its being caused primarily (might not be solely) by Customers who request shields (or more than 1 item)
when They get one item and then "wait", the game has gotten confused, the waiting isn't the sign of that, but for some reason, it has started to think the "first customer" is ready to leave, and when you dismiss the shield customer or complete his request a "second customer" is ready to leave, and "both customers" are leaving - So the game sends in a new customer so the game sends in a new customer.....
and if you do another shield customer  - - - So the game sends in a new, a new, a new customer.

Another shield - new new new new customer

and another 30 shields newnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnewnew~~

Infinitely. So don't even give shield customers anything and just dismiss them, and you should be good, for the most part.

The same, almost, can be said for Sword "specific" customers.

The ones that specify guard, blade and grip they want for their sword
These guys will currently spawn guards if you hold any item that doesn't match their order, and also has a guard, that isn't stolen, btw, stolen and not items don't count. but any item they can detect, that is wrong, will cause the issue.

So if you avoid these two, most problems will be resolved.
(the latter problem hopefully is already resolved)

For me, the charisma bonus doesn't work.

Always give me 1C for Charisma Bonus.

This is a very fun game, but I've ran across my fair share of bugs... I'm sorry if there is some of these on here.

First, none of the NPCs will pick up two handed axes. I've restarted and made new worlds to no avail, but they can take one handed axes.

Second, for some reason, if have absolutely no idea how this happened but I had a couple normal sword guards on the shelf and I'm running around making stuff until I notice that at least 15 guards are on the ground. I note this and continue to work until I look again and there is maybe 30 on the ground? I don't know how this happened but I know I'm not going to need any guards soon...

Lastly (for now), when a bunch of NPCs pile up at the door they get stuck in each other and can't leave or let any one else in. I have to leave to the menu to fix this so, it's not too much of a problem. Also, could there be a way to see all of the requests of the NPCs at the same time instead of them all piling over each other. Thank you😃😊

I'm playing on Windows 10, 64bit download, version 0.1.0

Ok, I have figured out why a couple things happened to me. First I'm stupid for not making two headed axes, Secondly the guard appear when a NPC asks for a pacific guard to be on their sword. They will throw in maybe 10 guards of that kind, I know this because one asked for round guard and they spawn in the ceiling, which is cool, but one asked for hero guards and continued to spawn in those guards... I had to go to the main menu because there was so many guards I thought it would break the game, at least 50.... While all of this was happening the NPCs where piled up at my door....

This is indeed correct, Hopefully it has also already been addressed, so the next version you shouldn't see it
If you avoid holding items that are not the requested sword and parts, It will not occur, If you're holding anything that has a blade, guard, and grip, that isn't their order, they will spawn 

again, hopefully already addressed

You can also for the most part completely avoid them by dismissing the sword specific customers immediately (This applies for shield customers as well, for a different reason, as they are currently the primary cause of multiplying customers)

Im trying to press the order buttons and they dont work.

64bit version

Nvm i redownloaded it a few times and it worked fine

I just loaded my save to this...

You loaded an old save it looks like

in 0.0.9e, Stations were spawned by the engine every time you saved and reloaded/shut down the game/etc

In 0.1.0o, stations are only spawned on new game, and from there, Save to the file, and reload from the file
This includes position data, as it is now possible to move stations around.

You will need to restart in 0.1.0+

I know for a fact that it was a brand new save from the previous day when it was version 0.1.0

Love the game and am recording a YouTube series on it, but what's with the insane taxes? In 20 days (normal mode) I've been taxed 4 times for about 80% of my total profits. I have made/sold hundreds of weapons, yet after all this time played, I still have not made a single silver!

I don't want to stop playing or give the game a bad review over this issue, but imo it makes the game unplayable. Suggestions?


Hey RookNastyGaming, 

We'll take a look at the tax issues and try to get a fix out.


That would be great! I'll be uploading the first of my MLBS video series today :)

Dasius, when I downloaded the game, there was nothing in the zipped folder, no WindowsNoEditor, no nothing. Help please?


In 0.1.0 theres a bug where normal guards just appear (like 100s of them) it happens at seemingly random times. This is after I furnaced about a hundred.

It has happened again only this time it was with round guards, also it appears it happened with the normal guards as well. It doesn't make it unplayable it is just laggy if anything is dropped on to it moved within it (i.e. picking anything up from around it).

It's been mentioned a few times ( not sure about on here, but it was mentioned almost immediately on the discord when the public patch went live)

Hopefully, It has also been addressed already, But I cannot swear to that, as I'm not in a position to speak for the team, But *uses magic 8 ball*  signs point to "quite likely"

You can avoid this issue by Not selling to Sword Specific customers (They specify the type of guard, grip, and blade they want)
If they see you holding anything that is not the sword they requested, they start to spawn the guard they requested under the shop
again, expectation is that this has been addressed

There's also a problem you may also run into, With shield customers, or multi-item - If they ask for more than just the tool, (like a tool and shield) serving them EITHER ITEM will make them believe they've left, and cause a 2nd customer to spawn when they actually do leave (dismissed after one or completed with two)
This stacks infinitely, and eventually will become impossible to have customers leave.
again, Can be avoided by dismissing immediately, customers requesting for more than just "one item"

OK thank you I have noticed the multiple customer thing

I found a new bug with saving in the mine.

When loading the save i was falling while outside the map and got teleported to this church place

Not a bug,  (technically) - Just don't save in the mines, There's areas of the map, particularly the mines right now, that don't load with the engine, they load (or unload) based on you, and it doesn't load the mines when you fall into them, cause that's not normal, and other things.

It's a great game and I love it, but there are a few issues I have found. One of which is more severe than the other. 

The first issue is that customers will come into my shop and order, but not one at a time. They will randomly spawn in and pile up. They are fine until you get 3 or 4 of them. Then they start blocking the exit and they can't get out causing a pile up of more and more customers until the game crashes. I am on version 0.1.0 

The next issue is that items will fall through the floor and disappear. it rangers from a one handed grip to a tower shield frame.

The second issue is any tool part
Any grip, any guard, any metal head.
You shouldn't run into a problem provided you don't throw (left click charge) or fling (turn+release rightclick) - oh, and also provided you don't actively try and push the item through objects (namely the floor and walls)
I can't claim whether this issue is scaled back or not, in some ways, it is seen as partially a feature, that is being a little overzealous to try and alleviate certain instances of "stuck"

The first issue should hopefully be addressed already. - It can be "alleviated" with saving and reloading (should despawn them, bringing the customer count back to default)
The MAIN cause but not swearing its the only cause of this, is shield customers. Completely avoid selling to shield customers at all for this version (0.1.0o) This should be considered "extended" to customers that ask for more than just a single weapon, too.

There's also a third issue you may eventually run into, that should also hopefully be fixed by the next patch
It deals with Specific Sword Requests, Customers that specify what guard, grip, and blade to use for their one hand sword, should either be avoided completely or.... Do not get their order wrong. If you get their order wrong, or rather, if you're holding Any item that isn't their correct order  they will cause guards to spawn, quickly, in the shop causing lag and probable crash.

Again. your first issue and this should hopefully already be addressed.

The copper creat sword doesn't work

"Greatswords - Specific Greatsword orders appear no different than Non-specific. If Items properly assemble, and customers are accepting otherwise, expect the reason is specific for the greatsword, probably best to save time and dismiss em.
(Unlikely) veerrry small chance that polearms may also be afflicted." #confirmed-bugs 

(quote that I took from my confirmed bugs post on the discord, already had it copied cause I was talking with someone else about it)

(2 edits)

i started playing today and came across a few mentioned bugs, random 100s of guards apearing, items gliching into walls and multiple customers coming in at once blocking each other so they cant leave

Although after i tried to close it the game froze up my pc, now when i launch it, it shows the unreal logo then goes black doing nothing apart from using alot of my ram and processing power like it is running but no music or screen is showing, my drivers are upto date and i have tried re downloading both 32 and 64 versions, always do the same thing, unreal logo then black

EDIT: fixed this issue by removing my save games in appdata

Hey I cant Interact with any of the menus in game ie. the shop and merchant dude


Chances are it failed to download, Try downloading again, or try using  itch's app

(1 edit)

So I was previously playing on 0.0.9e and updated to the 0.1.0 and whenever I port my save it doesnt load in my anvil,  table that the customers walk to and ask for a weapon and my crafting table! I have my gold but the most vital things are GONE!

It wouldnt let me take a screenshot with the pause menu off

0.0.9e did not have the stations saved in the save file - they were loaded by the engine itself.

0.1.0(x) loads the stations from the save file, but does spawn them with the engine on a new game.

If you load an old save - there's no entries that register the stations, and the engine is told "this is a load from a save, not a new game" so it doesn't spawn them.

Resulting in no stations being found.

There's but only one possible fix to this that I can possibly think of that you could TRY and do to try and "salvage" the save - but it'd require having 100g to purchase the house on the hill, as well as a backup hammer (possibly not assembled) - as, for as far as I know, everyone that has shown trying to load an out of date save, all have "copper empty" for their hammer - which is incapable of the necessary jobs of the player.

In general, the only real option though is, to restart and make a new save.

k thx, ill create a sandbox with more moneeez then when u start

i'm having an issue where every once in a while a bunch of gaurds will spawn in my shop and i have no way of getting rid of them and it's lagging my game and quite frankly a nuisance

Guard spam is caused by Specific sword Requests

If you're holding an item with a tool head, guard, and grip, that isn't the correctly requested item, The guard requested by the customer will begin to spawn in the middle of the floor under the house, eventually the physics of which will cause it to erupt upwards from the floor.

You can AVOID this by either A) dismissing the Specific Sword requesters right away
OR not getting their order wrong, or not holding the wrong item.

This should hopefully have already been addressed, along with many of the other things I was just talking about in other posts.

Note This gets incredibly harder to avoid if you allow customers to pile up without reloading, as their requests can merge and you'll fail to be capable of even having the chance to notice their presence.

Specific sword requests look like this
blacksmith I need a tin one hand sword with a rare grip, hero guard, and  a pointed blade

If you hold a for example

iron, rare grip, hero guard, pointed blade the spam will happen
if you hold a tin common grip hero guard pointed blade
if you hold a tin, rare, normal guard, pointed blade
Even if you hold a spear in which you've added a guard to while completing it, the spam will happen. (at least it did for me while I was testing one of the times)

If you however hold a stolen version, or a non-existent item, The spam will not happen.

Example of a non existent item
A one hand sword blade, on a two hand grip and guard
A dagger with a guard
A pickaxe with a one hand grip
A hatchet with a two hand grip (small axe head)

i'm also having an issue where a lot of the time i cant mix coal and iron to get steel, it works some times but a lot of the time it only wants to make a coal ingot and then the ingot of coal looks like it'll be made but it never is

Coal ingot and Zinc Ingot do not exist, thus of course it'd never be made, though, It's really not supposed to show coal ingots at all.

As for steel alloy - if there's ever an issue with it not displaying, try removing the ore and putting it back in, and/or moving the smelter, as the detector might have gotten blocked by something (unlikely)
If those don't work, go for a save reload rather than trying anything else, but first, remove the ore that you can, then do the reload.

also every once in a while an ore will be completely frozen in the furnace and it'll say i dont have enough fuel to cast it no matter how much fire wood i have placed, i fix this by moving the furnace but that's really annoying to do

All ore is *supposed* to get "frozen" in the furnace when you try to input it for smelting - The "actor" is supposed to get locked

Currently only "one" actor is getting locked, resulting in some misc bugs/exploits with the other ore and smelting - but the one that is locked, is not a bug.

The "not enough fuel" is an entirely different issue altogether.

Not enough fuel can be caused by various thing
1) other stations/physics hit boxes could be in the way of one or more of the detectors - From my observation I ASSUME... there is a "Fuel detector" an "ignition detector" and an "output detector".
The Fuel detector is tied to the meter that visibly displays how much fuel is present - you can exceed this, though the meter will just remain in red for the majority of that. - The "ignition" detector IMO is what causes the majority of "Not enough fuel" as this would be the detector that targets a piece of coal or wood and starts burning it for heating and smelting. - If this detector fails in some way, it won't burn wood, won't tell there's wood to burn, and thus, nothing will occur. - Output Detector will allow heat to work, but prevent smelting to work, if only the output detector is blocked (near the casting tray) - when only this happens, its usually simple enough to fix.

2) a second possible way is both fake fuel and fake readout - Not much I can really say about this one, sometimes it just seems like fuel disappears or that the readout is empty with fuel in it. - saving and reloading will usually eliminate this - as its usually either the fuel is actually burnt already, and for whatever reason their visuals remained,  or perhaps the fuel detector had something happen, I don't know.

3) This way is more user error, and can be avoided by not trying to smelt more than a small small number at a time - and that's by putting too much ore in, and requesting too much output - not only would it take forever to heat up for each additional ore chosen, but the thing only reads so much fuel at a time, right? - even if it can have more plaed inside that it knows what to do with.

Note: there's probably several other ways that don't fit in with the ones listed here,

also a bunch of customers will come in at once, like 10's of customers and they won't stop coming in and it lags my game a lot, and if i satisfy one he won't be able to leave because the others are blocking him and then more come, i fix this by saving and continuing my game

you know there is a "edit" button on each of your posts

Saving and reloading will purge the non-save file data, yeah - which includes customers

The reason the additional customers are spawning IS NOT LIMITED TO WHAT I'M ABOUT TO SAY.... but what I say below here is DEFINITELY one of the main ways.

Shield Customers currently cause an issue when they "Wait" for the second item, No matter what, if you sell anything to a shield customer, they will cause one more additional customer to spawn, one for every time you repeat this. - These are not intentional spawns, and as a result, other issues associated with them are not necessarily bugs, because the additional customer itself is the bug.

Avoidance can be done by simply dismissing Shield customers right off the bat, and if you accidentally allow two or more customers, it is likely safer to just go ahead and save and reload then and there, rather than wait.

additional as I said, not limited to Shield - There could be some other less obvious things that are triggering additional spawns as well - and while I've never seen it personally, The custom difficulty also has a setting for "Multi-order" which sounds like a customer could ask for two or more items, not necessarily being shield(s)  - if this DID occur ever, that customerr too would likely cause another customer, as well. - since it seems tied to the "Waiting" 

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I'm having an issue where the paper signs are blurry and unreadable. The blueprint paper is the same way, so I can't figure out how to do anything

This is what it looks like

I'm running on the latest version of the game which is 0.1.0

My pc specs:

Nvidia GTX 970

AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Quad-Core


And it isnt my graphics settings because every other texture in the game is clear

Ensure first that if you downloaded 64bit before, that you redownload 64bit as it was accidentally a reupload of 32bit originally

However, now beyond this.

Go to the the blueprint or to the podium in your room, keep the contents of either to one side of the screen, and pause the game

go to graphics settings, and with either effects or shadows, keep futzing with them until the clarity changes - You can keep doing this until your setting is what you want it at, and keeps clarity.

Why specifically it decided to start breaking/failing to trigger, I don't know, but it has something to do with those two settings primarily, and with the settings failing to update or trigger or something. (possibly as a whole)

If you keep adjusting those one of those two, though, eventually it'll correctly update

sorry for the late response, but thanks for the advice.

I'm not currently at a point to use my pc right now, but i will try out what you said as soon as possible and report back.

Thank you!

1. Alpha 0.1.0

2. When changing resolution to 3440x1440, I am met with a black screen. I run two monitors (utilizing my primary which is a 34in ultrawide 3440x1440. The game still shows as running and music is still playing. This happens in both fullscreen and windowed for me. What really strikes me as odd is even if i force close the game, my primary monitor remains blacked out until restarting the PC.

3. none.

4. I havn't checked to see if the problem is reoccuring, but will do.

5. Aorus 370AX Gaming K7 Mobo, Ryzen 7 1700, 16GB Ram, Gigabyte GTX 1080, 750W PSU

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Dear Dasius, I have found a bug in the game, not a visual one, but related to the crystals. Please notify me if this has been told to you already, but i doubt it. I am 99.9% sure that this is a bug, and not me misplacing this; I put my all crystals but the fear crystal in a crate - Light Crystal, Fire Crystal, Ice Crystal, Earth Crystal.  I did this and went to the mines, bringing the crate with me, finding out from a walkthrough that the mine door would open. I found a crystal door. I fell in the green void (accidentally), i found the Fear Crystal, i put 2 + 2 together and put the Fear Crystal in the door. I fell in again (accidentally) and i came back to put all of the crystals in the door, when i got back to the mine from the cathedral, they were GONE. Yes i have looked EVERYWHERE in the mines, and i did not bring the crate past the door.  I even turned my gamma up all the way to try to find it, and i still did not find it. Is this a bug? My version is 0.1.0

For the most part, if you could please re... eeehh...  I guess theere has been video postings.. it doesn't really matter... but feel free to redact some of the info here, I won't stop you if you decide to, and would encourage it.

anyway onto the matter at hand.

Yes. Some places unload (partially?) when the player is not within their cell/region - This causes foreign entities (anything that isn't ore is foreign, this includes the player(save/reload)) to fall through the now unloaded surface, and generally, into the void, however its not always directly into the void, (player mostly), but it is always "gone"

The area unloading is not specifically "a bug" as that is the intended purpose.

Lost crystals can (somewhat) be solved with Slipcor's save fixer

the most recent one (for 0.0.9e) can be used for some features in 0.1.0o - there is MINOR support for difficulty and primary save file - if you have 3 normal files (I think) and this one in particular is your "2" (3rd, I think) then the save fixer will have a lot of trouble being of any help, as it will be next to impossible for it to identify the save file - it isn't yet designed to support multiple saves.

but if its the primary file (of a difficulty, I believe, so if you have 1 hard, 1 normal, and 1 easy, you can fix any of them.. I think.... I'm not sure, as I haven't had the need to, and it hasn't been priority in my mind to check it cause it isn't updated)

There's no way to recover the crate, though that's small potatoes cause you can chop essentially infinite logs for essentially infinite crates.

If you can't recover the crystals, there's a few options still that remain.

one is to wait till you can
another is to just forget about it for the time being, as the [redacted(long)] this version
And the last, very last, would be to restart your save... 
technically there's one before that too
you can try to be like Slipcor and break open your save and edit the crystals entries yourself - If they don't exist, the engine is programed to make them exist (when you use them, correctly, the engine will reload them on the next save and reload, ) 

as Slipcor does, you should backup your save if you try this, just like his fixer, as 1 wrong step can instantly bork the save file.

I have a bug where a BUNCH of common round guards spawning in my house.

If you look further up this page, and possibly some of the previous pages, you'll see me talking about why this happens, and how to avoid it for the most part, among a few other things as well

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eu esto tentando instalar a versão 0.1.0 mas ela esta dando erro conexão e depois que eu coloco para ela continuar ela fala que esta proibido o dowload  oque eu devo fazer

Hey Dasius i just got 0.1.0 and loaded in my game from 0.0.9e and i noticed my smelter, the workbench, the table at which i give the people what they order and the anvil are missing

Not a "bug" per se

0.1.0o has a new station system as well as smelter system, among other things like save slots and difficulty.

Your 0.0.9e doesn't have equivalent difficulty identification - would default as a primary(non numbered) save slot - If it had the smelter, it's possible that could update smoothly however

There building system aforementioned includes the stations being saved to the save file, so it can track their updated positions on the map and such.

now that they're scripted to save in the save file, they're also scripted to reload from the same file - meaning if their entry in the save file doesn't exist

They don't exist.

And 0.0.9e - didn't save them to the save file, it spawned them in with the engine, unloaded them, and reloaded them, all engine.
So a 0.0.9e (or earlier) save file doesn't have entries to reload them.

0.1.0o on a new save trigger - spawns the stations in for the very first time and that alone. - which gives them an initial entry to reload from

Long story short. - Due to drastic feature changes and inclusions, it is impossible to use that save

While it was possible in many cases to ignore changes and continue a save before, these are fairly game-breaking 



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There are two main problems I am facing with the newest version. One, the customers collide with others as they try to leave and also pile up in the front of the shop causing a great deal of headache because you have to go around them to read what exactly they want. The only solution to this has been to save, go to the main menu, and then load back in. The other issue is that old shields (shields or parts that have been made and left in a save) are not considered shields anymore, and customers do not bother buying and the parts do not combine. Thanks for your time!

Version: 0.1.0


Well the weapons sometimes fail to be made and instead show up as "two handed grip" seems to only happen with the two handed grip but it stops me making any money in the game, also i have no idea how to make a pickaxe (but thats not your fault im just dumb)

everytime i try to make a pickaxe it bugs out and says its still a grip dispite being a pickaxe made correctly and wont let me sell it to customers, it happens with alot of other grips currently for me too its becoming a hassle and i cant actually play much because of it

I have a none game breaking but, but an irritating one all the same. I opened the mine door, and for a while it was fine, but a bit later (invovling a few reloads because of other issues) It was closed, I checked the sword altar but it was still in place, so I couldn't take it out, or make a new one; thus I can't open it again. Is there a way around this or am I sol?

So I have this bug when making weapons. If I make a weapon it will sometimes craft as whatever the grip i put on it was. So i'll make an ax head, and put it with a one hand grip and it makes a one had grip even though its an ax. Npc's wont accept it either so it wastes materials.   


I hawe a big problem with my little blacksmith shop...

When i try to play, get some stuf and than save game and exit the game, the next day i wona play i dont hawe any saiwed games!

I tried lot of stuf, and i play on wersion 0.1.0.


I found a bug with the shields. so far its been happening only with the round shields. but I've only made 1 other shield and thats the heater shield. when I put all the pieces together on the table in the blacksmith shop It gets stuck inside of the table. Maybe to fix it you can make it so that when the player completely finishes the shield it can fling or something. :/ I never have good suggestions. Also I encountered a bug with the NPC walking into your shop. Sometimes I see that when I sleep and move to the next day, MULTIPLE npcs walk into the shop. this causes me to get trapped and have to leave through the back of the shop.


Alpha version 0.1.0: I gave a man the wrong sword, because I read his request wrong, and it then started to rain normal guards into my shop. I haven't been able to recreate it, but man do I have some cleaning up to do...

lmao thats kinda funny, at least you wont run out of them. make sure not to give jesus the wrong sword again.

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First of all I have to say that I'm really enjoying this game even if it is still an alpha and there's not very much to do, but is addicting.
I wanted help the developer to improve it so I decided to make a list of the bugs that I get through the game.

v 0.1.0
- Guards spawn (well known): It seems to happen when you give the wrong weapon to a custom order. It will spawn guards until you remove the item from the "selling zone". The guads type spawned seems to be the last guard you touched or that you used to make a weapon.

- Guard not showing on greatsword: When you load into a saved game, if you have Greatwords already combined, the guard model is not shown. The customers will still accept them.

- Zinc addressed as a material: Customers accept one grade up of the desired one, but when it comes to Bronze they would accept Zinc even if it is not refinable, making them refuse Brass which is the next grade.

- Greatsword guard (not sure if a bug): Not sure if is a bug because it's not clear which guards are one or two hands. Greatswords are only accepted if they're made with Strong Guard. (Moon Guard seems pretty big to me).

- Fresh Shield: Customers will not accept shields already combined. They will not accept them even if you combine it on air using an already done form. To be clear, the problem is in the wood component. In order to sell it (if you have the wood part ready), you have to place it on the anvil, smash it to "reset" and then combine it with the other pieces.

- Miracle Blade Copper Axe: Copper axe is faster in cutting woods then other axes (tested till iron), because it makes more percent damege (20%).

- Stay in place: Not a bug, but surely a thing to fix. Making custom shapes is frustrating due to items falling down from the anvil. I think that the game spawns all the items in the same position, but probably the Pivot of the 3D model was not carefully placed, making them load in weird positions which cause them to fall off or even jump when they compenetrate.

- Fuel overload: Putting too much fuel in the smelter will result in it stating "not enough fuel". Exit and reload the game will not solve the issue. You need to remove the fuel from the smelter.

- Cheap Alloy: When making alloys the smelter will use 1 unit of the higher material and all but 1 of the lower material. For exemple if you have 9 Tin and 9 Copper you will obtain 9 Bronze at the cost of 1 Tin and 8 Copper.

- Metal residue: The smelter will never use all the materials, leaving always 1 unit of it.

- Metal farming: Due to the previous bug sometimes the last one get stuck and you can melt an infinite ammount of ingot from it. (got this bug from a Tin ingot)

- Material stuck: At least one material will be stuck in the smelter and you can't interact with it, preventing you from removing it. You have to melt it out.

- Free Zinc: Sometimes when making Brass the smelter will act different from the "cheap alloy" bug and will use 0 unit of zinc to make Brass

Mine and Mining
- You got tricked: Metal ore vein will change color model upon getting closer fooling you most of the time

- Laggy: Not a bug, but mines are really fps killer

- No crystal no party: If you put the green crystal in the right spot, but not the other ones and you exit the game, when you reload in, the mine door will be closed with no chance to open it again.

Last I suggest to work on customers because they always glitch each other, overlapping orders and often force the player to log out and reload. Force them to follow a queue could be a good a idea. Really, customers are a mess.

Edit - Charisma: Forgot to mention that Charisma doesn't affect price, it gives 1 extra copper, but as is described it should affect the price %

I hope this will be get as a constructive post reater than a complain.

PS Sorry if my english is bad.  XD

I agree with the customers. Maybe a double door entry or even just another door might help sort the  NPCs? Have an in one door and out the other door path, maybe?

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Whenever i did the crystal thing my special door closed after logging out and logging back in. I cant get it to open back up, not even if i do the special crystal thing again. (0.1.0)

(1 edit)

0.1.0  Apparently, in this general area, Steel and Adamantine ingots like to fall through the ground, especially when they are from special treasure chests, even more especially when the best ingot you have is Copper.

(This is by the bridge that is being built over the river)

(1 edit)

Hi I read all the bugs and I didn't see one that I'm experiencing (sorry if it's there and I missed it). The problem is that whenever I try to craft a weapon and I put the handle and blade together they go together but it reads uncommon one hand grip or whatever grip used, the problem persists past restart and the weapon is unsellable I have tried deconstucting the weapon and putting back together but that dosnt work. My computer specs are and my version is 1.0

It is actually there, but it happens.

It sounds like you are making improper combinations. Can you tell me what you are trying?
A great sword is made with a large blade, two handed grip, two handed guard,
A regular sword is made with a regular blade, one handed grip, one handed guard. 
You can not forget the guards, if they are not made right then you get that text.

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I understand what you mean now thanks for your help :)

You are certainly welcome! Im glad I could be of help =D

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Hello, Dasius. I really like what you did to the game, but I have some bugs, as usual.

1. Infinite customers at the same time (I already know, how to fix it)
2. When I spend too much time in the menu, it's freezing, and I can't even close it (have to reload my computer)
4. Grips and metal parts aren't so easy to put together (not sure if it's even bug tho, maybe just feature?)
3. The physics sometimes are funny - chopped trees, ingots and parts are all over the place
4. After I save the game, quit and continue again, customers don't want to buy any shield I made before, so I have to break all of them on the anvil and remake (and I have A LOT of shields, so it's kinda annoying). I remember this bug was with any other weapon in previous versions, but you fixed it, and now only the shields do this thing - weapons I made earlier are completely fine, and customers buy them.

Thank you for improving the game tho, It's amazing how it changed since very first versions. Keep up the good work <3

When a customer with a special order comes and they want a specific guard,  like 20 guards just appear at my shopfloor and it has happened 3 times now plz fix it i am sick of cleaning my shop

(2 edits)

It appears, there is a bunch of smaller bugs (but they are still kinda annoying):

1. Some customers don't have a cancel button (with a red X).
2. Some customers don't leave the shop after cancelling their order.

They leave after I close my shop and reopen it, but
3. sometimes a bunch of customers stuck in each other and can't move, so I have to relaunch the game.
4. Sometimes cusomers magically appears in my shop - one right after another, without any time between them. Relaunching the game or reopening my shop not always works (fix - close the shop for a day or two).

5. When I continue the game after closing it, all the guards on my swords disappear, but customers still buy them as fully completed ones.
6. Some items on the workbench are crazy: I made a polearm once and it jumped so high in the sky, I've never seen it again. Normal axes and hammers  are also very jumpy. Shields are completely fine tho.
7. When I try to make more than one ingot in the smelter, some of the ore chunks stays in it. After relaunching the game I can smelt them again. It's great for the gameplay, but still a bug.
8. When I put more coal in the smelter after I had not enough fuel for smelting, it still doesn't count. To fix it I have to relaunch the game.
9. I can't put ore chuncks out of the smelter after I clicked something in the smelter menu, so, when something stays in (point 6), I can't take it out. Fix - relaunching the game.
10. Wooden logs, that I stored, are slowly losing their... health? indexes: from 100% to 10%, 1%, 0,01% and 0%. I can use them for shields even when they hit 0%, and they are completely fine, but these numbers are strange and... disturbing. Something tells me it's not normal.

11. The door in the cave is closed since I relaunch the game. No way to fix it yet.

Hello it's me again, thank you so much for helping me out with my last problem so quickly it's really nice to see game developers that actually care about their players. The problem that I am having is that my game is not properly saving, I have restarted 3 times and every time I go back into the game my save file isn't there.

So Im playing on easy, Day5 V0.1.0 Alpha and after completing each customers needs i get tons of iron guards from the ceiling...

I dont know what to do with them :P .


AMD FX 8350 4.0Ghz CPU

16G ram



(1 edit)

Not sure if this is the right place to put this considering that you said there's a new place to put bug reports, but that one seems to be closed. I'm running version Alpha 0.1.0, and whenever I play the customers seem to stack on top of each other, multiple speech bubbles (only one is readable at a time), and will rarely block me from giving the item a customer wants because the other one thinks it's for them. I could not get an image, for some reason I could not get it to happen. I'm unsure as to how one would reproduce the issue, but it happens almost every time I play.

System specs:

  • OS: Windows 10 Home (64-Bit)
  • CPU: AMD FX-8350
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Edit: Fixed my awful spelling

This is... somewhat normal for now. It's a well known bug that Dasius is trying to fix, so if you want to, I suggest you message him directly about any ways you can replicate it. It would probably help him a lot.

(1 edit)

I have found that when I open the incinerator/furnace door in the creative map, I fall into the void.

EDIT: I have found that it is actually pressing the red button that causes this. It seems to me that deleting whatever is inside also... kinda... deletes the ground too...

Here's a video: very much the video

please help me the game is super laggy 

Hallo Gibts einen Deutschen support? (use Google translate)

ich hoffe,  Aller dings ich und mein Freund spielen das Spiel und hoffen auf einen Multiplayer. :D das spiel ist Sehr gut und hatt potenzial. LG phili17bozz

not a bug report but is it possible to talk to npcs in the new update because i see little yellow things under their feet and im confused

(3 edits)

1) 0.1.0 

2) Eu entro no jogo ok alguns segundos depois minha tela congela, o som do jogo continua tocando mais a tela congelou e nada acontece, tento fechar o jogo e ele não fecha!

3) não tem 4) não tem 5) não tem

Charisma doesn't work? I'm playing 0.1.0

No, not yet

I've changed my resolution to one my current display can't display essentially so I just get a blue screen instead and I accidentally made the change permanent and so I have no way to revert the change essentially rendering the game unplayable! I would love to be able to try it out so the only other way is to maybe go into the games files manually and change it but Im not sure where it would be stored

Ive encountered a bug that makes the entire game unplayable. every time i make a one handed weapon of any kind (sword, dagger, hammer, pickaxe) it combines the handle and head of the weapon fine but it will be called "uncommon one hand grip" and the customers wont accept it. ive also had it where shields will get stuck in the work bench and i cant get them out so i have to start a new game.

same version 0.1.0

(4 edits)

I found a bug that in the latest Alpha 0.1.0 update and it makes it so that when you're selling guards that it increases the selling price for more than it actually sells for. You can do this by having one other item and a guard and repeatedly picking up the guard to increase the selling price. plz fix.

please help me when I start the game the screen turns black and then I cant close the game

pls help me when I start my little blacksmith shop the screen turns black

pls helpme

Hey this is pretty minor but easy to do. so I was messing around and noticed that apparently I had sold a hammer but it said it had a guard. I began experimenting to see if there was a way to get the extra money for selling guardless items. As it turns out, if you take a grip, attach a strong guard to it, anvil it to remove the guard, then attach something like an axe, dagger, or hammer to it (anything that doesn't use a guard. This works for polearms too) and then sell it,  the game will add the price of the guard onto it despite not selling it. While the max extra coins you can get from this is 6 copper, it is really easy to do, and handy when starting out and needing copper. It isn't that big of an issue, but if higher tier guards ever get added, this would become a bigger exploit.

Alpha Version: 0.1.0

Regarding Geoffrey's Shop

Problem: Breaking the bank

How to reproduce problem:

     1. Buy 2 guards (doesn't matter what type)

     2. Take guards to Geoffrey's

     3. Place guards on table (where you sell them)

     4. Take one guards off of table.

     5. Place guard back on table.

     Repeat steps 4 and 5

Two Common Normal Guards selling for 244 Copper. (Image below)

System Specs:

Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz

4GB Ram


i need some help because when i open up the game it says powered by unreal engine then after that fades out it does nothing and just sits there and i have tried everything o get that not to happen but nothing with fix it please help

What version of the game you are running.

Description of any issue or error message
no matter how much charisma i have i only get 1c bonus. Even tried "hacking" the game to 1000+ charisma and it still was 1c

An image(if possible)
cant gyazo fricked up my printscreen

Steps to reproduce the issue(if possible)
1) open game
2) charisma doesn't matter

System specs.
processor: 64 bit intel i7
graphics card: AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5800 Series

im using a windows bootloaded mac, incase that matters.

Charisma is not a feature yet, it's not a bug, it just doesn't work

What version of the game you are running.


Description of any issue or error message

i can't combine great hammer with two hands grip

Steps to reproduce the issue(if possible)

1) make a great hammer head with 3 ingots

2) try to combine with a two hands grip

System specs

amd x2 250 3.0 ghz

nvidia geforce gt 730

8gb RAM

windows 7 64-bit SP1

(2 edits)

hi,first your game is really interesting and i have lots of fun when i play it,but i was crafting an one hand sword with a common one handle then every time i touch the sword it starts respawn grips every where in the shop and the game starts lagging.

my game version is alpha 0.1.0

working on windows 10 64 bit 

processor:intel(r)core i3 40005u


vram:1gb nvidia geforce 820m


my computer is not that good but the game works on high setting

and please how can i destroy iron in the cave

Hey Dasius, I'm playing the windows64 Alpha 0.1. While playing I've run into the issue a few times where when attempting to make one handed swords it would glitch and say I was only carrying an uncommon grip after combining all the parts. I had to take the weapon apart and than attempt to put it back together by holding the blade and attaching that to the grip/guard instead of adding the rip to the blade. Not sure if this is something other people are experiencing or not. 

(2 edits)

I just downloaded the 0.1.0 version of the game and i extracted the folder like it says to do, so i try to open the game and i get this message:

The code execution cannot proceed because XAPOFX1_5.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. 

So I rezipped it, tried opening it from inside the zip, tried running it as an Administrator, and did all of that with the x32 bit version as well, all with the same error message.


Edit - downloaded the file from : and placed inside the "WindowsNoEditor" folder. Tried to run game and it works, I've been playing for a bit; however, there is no sound. Tried placing the file in all of the "WindowsNoEditor/Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/" folders where the rest of the .dll files are, but received the same error message. Placed the file in "WindowsNoEditor/Engine/Extras/Redist/en-us/" and received same error message.

Edit 2 - Placed file in "WindowsNoEditor/ShopSim/Content/Movies" and "WindowsNoEditor/ShopSim/Content/Paks" but recieved same error message. Placed file in "WindowsNoEditor/ShopSim/Binaries/Win64" and was able to start game, still no sound.

Any idea what else I can do?

(1 edit)

Try reinstalling directx from the web installer here While that file does indeed deal with audio, it is not a standalone library, so it won't work no matter where you put it without the other libraries as well. The self-contained installer from that link will automatically determine what files are missing and install them.

edit: I forgot to mention, you should also delete the version of that dll that you downloaded from all of the folders you put it in. I don't know where you got it or what version it is, but if it is the wrong version and it is still present in the game's directory, it will override the correct version that gets installed in the system folder. Best to just remove it to be safe. 

Just started playing this game today, was working fine. But then, randomly it stopped showing item names as I looked at them. And now I can't buy from Geoffrey, tried to reload the game, start a new one. No luck, every once in a while I can see item names again, but still no luck purchasing from Geoffrey. Anything I'm missing?

Hi Dasius... I just downloaded the game and started playing and that's what happened:

1. I'm running the free - Alpha version (0.1.0) 64 bit - of the game found on your itch page;

2. And no I'm not talking about any error message of any sort;

3.This is what I'm talking about ^;

4. I just downloaded and started the game, opened the shop, then received my first client and pressed the "Z" button to chose the hammer form. IT WON'T LET ME DO IT! If i hold Z my mouse icon will appear and i'll be able to move it around freely while the game freezes... as long as I keep pressed Z of course. In fact the term "freeze" is not completely correct... is more of an "escape button" idk if i'm explaining my self correctly or not;

5. I'm running the game on Windows 10 - 64 bits.

PS: my computer matches the game requirements don't worry about that.

When you put heated copper ingot on the iron anvil, ''Z'' will be useful.

Upsie! I'm sorry... I really didn't think that that could have been my issue... thank you by the way

(2 edits)

I open the game, the introduction of the developer starts, after that there is a black screen, I open the task manager, it says "no answer", I saw your bugs correction post I did everything, I'am dont solved the problem, my PC has 8 GB of RAM, and your operating system is 64bit

(1 edit)

when ever i try to attach a handle to the large hammer and axe other than the pole arm it doesnt accept it

  Try again. I just test for you~.

Don't worry,  my client will buy all of it.  XD

(2 edits)

Ok ill have to try it out thanks

also i can not attach anything to the tower and heater shield, and this is all in shop mode

i just tested the wheapon handles and it looks like it was just that handle, weird. And for the shields that could have been my fault, i might not have material matched it

Use ''a'' heated copper ingot and chose shields. You can make four kinds of parts.

Use ''two'' heated copper ingot and chose shields.  Make a shield rim. 

shield Boss,  Hand Enarmes,  Wrist Enarmes,  shield rim  ----------- necessary to make a complete shield.

shield Laurel ------------ unnecessary  (Unless client want.)

Attach all of them and you will get a beautiful shield.

AAAAAAAAATTACH  ''Shield Laurel''  AT THE END! Or you will not be able to attach other parts! (Maybe a bug?)

yeh i tried messing around and i have to start with the rim then the boss and then handles

when ever i smelt tin and copper for bronze, the smelter only uses one tin bar against what ever i have of copper f.x. i just smelted 20 bronze and used 20 copper but only one tin

and that is a problem? you literally got bronze bars at the cost of only copper, that is a very large profit margin

(1 edit)

And THAT'S how you get to reset your save file folks!

Alpha 0.1.0 64 bit

Playing on windows 10 64 bit

Started an "easy mode" file... ended up at day 8 or 9 starting with 40 ingots of copper and... by the end of the day... this happened... save file unplayable.

I'm theorizing of course... but... is like the game generates customers based on the amount of materials you've got

(1 edit)

no, it doesn't. i played a game where i only kept the necessary materials around (3 bars and 1 of each grip/guard) glitched like that on day 5, only got worse each day. found out if you save, exit and reload the save that there is a chance it will fix it, but only if there are no, or at least not supposed to be, any customers in your shop (close shop and wait a minute before reloading file)

If you find that they are teleporting in after reloading then you need to walk over to where they spawn so the game loads in their pathing A.I.

So i was just playing minding my own business when randomly a bunch of hero guards start flying around and it was saying something to me, idk what i did but i feel  the game thinks i cheated but itd only dupe everytime i picked up a crafted item or made something on my table

(3 edits)

my game wont open it is just a black screen

and I played the game yesturday and it worked

can somone help me pls


i have a bug where i got stuck in a boat near where they are making the bridge and i cant get out

maybe you could add a teleport to shop button?

Alpha 0.1.0

Ok, some glitches here, 1, the mine door is closed even with the earth crystal, 2,costumers dont come and i've been waiting for 10 minutes and its 10 a.m (ingame).

if you save inside the mine you sometimes fly above the map.

 Geoffrey Guard appears to be stuck.

(1 edit)

Hi Dasius, i have been having a problem with making shields. the pieces wont snap together when i put them on the workbench. Another problem ive been having is ill make the weapon for the customer perfectly but they wont accept it so i have to cancel the order. Also one time i was making a weapon for a customer and all of the sudden round guards start shooting out of the ground and start filling up the workshop.  pretty funny now i have roughly over 200 guards laying around my shop xD

with the shields, i have to start by putting the edge ring and then i can put the other stuff, also every thing has to be of the same material.

hi dasius, i have a problem when i try to start my game it just says the ue4-shopsim game crashed and will be close. lowlevelfatalerror 

please help me fix this 

Hi! Erh I really like the game, I just have a few issues... I'm running it on 0.1.0 64bit. I keep running in to a problem where if I attach a guard to a grip and then that grip to a blade, then it makes the weapon with it's statblock and all but it reads as a grip. Like the item says grip. And i cant use it and the customers wont take it so it's just wasted materials. Also when i have more than one customer they cant seem to find a path around eachother. If I'm not careful, then eventually my whole doorway will be filled with customers running in place, trying to exit the wall or the blocked doorway. It's kind of buzz killing when you have a few dudes blocking the customers and the only guy who actually made it in is asking for a one handed sword that he won't take because it's an "uncommon grip" and not a sword.

(3 edits) (+1)

Hey I encountered two annoying issues. Sometimes there's double customers which is more work.  And one time I couldn't make any weapons at all I couldn't attach it to the grip so I had to restart multiple times which was frustrating. I'm running on 64 bit. Can anyone please help?

I've gotten more than five customers at the same time clipping through each other. Makes it very tough to read the requests and slows down the game a bit. I think it happens when either you don't sleep or when you are able to quickly get through requests.

(1 edit)

Okay umm... well i was moving my anvil around and accidentally put it exactly where I am standing. Anyone got a fix for it? PLS? PLS HELP DASIUS...... pls.... I cant move or anything........

NVM I just crouched and I walked under it. Gonna leave this post here so that if anyone else has this problem they know the fix

(2 edits)

Not sure if these have been mentioned, i didn't see them but my shields keep getting stuck in the workbench and the NPCs keep blocking my doorway and getting stuck when more than one or two visit at a time. I know by saving and logging out and logging back in will reset the NPCs but I've had a shield pretty stuck in my table for days now lol I've named it George and it keeps me company.

Oh also, none of my stats show up on my weapons when I check them out. 

Hello everyone, a good game so far and have enjoyed it. I finally figured out the forest shrine and ventured into the deep part of the mine beyond the door. I found the large round door and started with the crystals. I had some type of issue and I saved the game and was carrying the last crystal into the mine but found the original door now closed again. The forest shrine is still complete....what do I do? Not sure if its a bug or I'm missing something.

im running 0.1.0 and i went over to the bit where the king stands on the hill and noticed a small hole next to the cliffside and i got stuck in it im running on a amd fx-8350 with a gt 1030 2gb, 16 gb ddr3 1600mhz ram 

(1 edit)

I've been playing the game quite a lot recently and there are a few small bugs. 

1. The new furnace gets bugged occasionally either not allowing to heat up claiming there isn't enough fuel when there is and after already being heated up not allowing the pouring of ingots. In both cases the relevant button becomes grayed out. Fixed by adding even more fuel and going to main menu and reloading.

2. A phenomenon where an ore or ingot in the furnace does not get used up after being used for smelting. When it first happened I named the specific piece of ore and the shop as "The Divine Copper".  This bug may make a fun idea for a feature, divine ores that are extremely rare but everlasting. Fixed by reloading from main menu.

3. Shield parts don't want to attach to the wood. Fixed by taking the wooden shield to the anvil and hitting it. Parts then attach normally.

4. Customers don't grab the finished shields when given to them or when within reach. Fixed by taking the shield, bringing it to the anvil, hitting it and reassembling it. They want it freshly baked apparently. : p

5. Once had lots of hero guards spawn around me after making a onehand sword with a dragonhilt, was fun. Floor is very messy now though.

6. When crafting the greatsword blade the first version still causes the blade to fall off the anvil. Not a problem really just a little bit of a nuisance.

7. Sometimes a large amount of customers (clearly far more than intended) pile up with their orders clipping through each other making them difficult to read. Also causes some framerate issues when enough customers pile up. Fixed by reloading but reoccurs.

Great work however, I'm very impressed by your continued advancements.

I have the same issue with the hero guards dropping around my shop, thought it was cool and funny the first time. got tired of it the third time, ALOT to clean up lol.

i got this error message when I tried to run the game after installing/unzipping. please help, what is wrong? why won't the game run at all?

Hey so when ever i start My Little Blacksmith Shop is starts up then does the Unreal engine animation but then gets stuck on a black screen. I'm using Windows 10 and have tried both the 32 bit and 64 bit but both have the same problem.

(2 edits)

After I open the first mine door it keeps closing again when I close out the game and reopen it and the only way to open the door is to do the process of opening it all over again how would I fix this Bug?

So just installed this again haven't played for awhile wanted to see what's new.  Problem i'm having don't know if its a bug or what, but every  mining node I go to in game just gives me stones.... Any ideas? I'm running 0.1.1

The way I fixed this is saving and restarting the game.


I start up the game, all runs well, start a new game, loads in. And it loads to this, frozen I believe, can't move, can't do anything other than close the game lol.


Hey Vampire2221,

Was there a loading screen with images before the issue happened?

(1 edit) (+3)

imma jump in here for him, considering i think more than one of us is getting the same thing, it loads in fine, title screen, loadinig screen and all but once we get in, we are frozen in place, everything outside is still moving but cant move or look around, and it would seem our height is small as well. i hope that helps

Same issue. So sad, I was really looking forward to jumping into the update :( But I can wait


Ah i see. I would seem that your characters are having trouble spawning into the world. I'll look for a solution. Thanx guys and I apologize for the trouble.

all good man and thankyou!!

Exactly as Strifeyboi described it.

Same problem here



Just in case, ill post the fix here.

on Win 10 64x and 32x, both produce the same issue

yeah i have the same problem.

i do as well, could just be a bug or a overlay within the game that goes into a head on collision with a command in the game, pretty sure he can or/ is fixing it 

Well when I start the game & load a world I seem to be stuck and cant look/move or even do anything.


Hey TimZ02,

Here is the solution.

Ok another bug report commin.  So I played the game for a bit and decided to leave and saved the game before I left and it took everything from my first save and brought it into the second save how IDK but I have two horses now and 8 boxes and yea everything's doubled.   I had to make another pick axe as well I know that has nothing to do with it.  Its something to do with the saves.

So by the looks of it the save didn't overwrite the original save it just added to it lmao

So yea took break and came back a few times and ofc I saved before I shut the game down now I get a weird "loading ring" in the top left hand side of my screen and all the bottles, books, pumpkins ect are multiplying starting to lag my game out.

Same issue, makes the game unplayable.

(1 edit) (+1)


Fire wood infront of Geoff's place or w/e is duping as well hard to keep up with...…


I know I touched on the save issue a tad bit but I got a bit more insight on it as I had to start a new game. So when you save it asks you if you wanna overwrite your old save and when you do even if you have the same name, it just starts to multiply now you would think I could click on my "Meow" day 1 the oldest one and delete it.  NOPE don't do it lol for some reason they are all linked somehow.  In my old game I deleted all the earlier saves of the same save and when I left the game and came back all my saves even the ones I kept were gone.

I haven't been as active on the forum recently cause I got auto-logged out but

to go to the topic at hand....
The issue is they're all the same save.

You're saving wrong.

When you start, with absolutely no saves, and click save in game, you'll see a square for that current save, right?
This isn't a save.
This is "New save slot" with all the information attached to it for the current game/save
if you click "New save slot" - it will make a new save, regardless of what you name it.

The only way to truly overwrite the previous "new save", is to (well first create one and then) scroll down the list, until you find the one you actually created - If you only have 1 real save, It will be the bottom slot, while new save slot will be the top slot.
 As for changing that save-slots name afterwards.... mmm... I dunno I think that would probably act like new save slot, hard to say.


I have no idea what could cause this, but when I load up a save file this happens and I get maybe 4-8 fps on the game. The deer disappears, the cart gets teleported into the house and spazzes out, the anvil, furnace, water bucket, counter, workbench, and a few other things dont load in. I can't make any real progress in the game since I  have to start from 0 every time I want to play. :/

I get the same error. Tons of FPS lag and my mouse speed is insanely high.

I know a bit of a workaround for this, but I do not know what causes it, if you message me on the MLBS discord, I can talk you through it or help apply it

(1 edit) (+1)

There's a bug where you can create items with the wrong number of ingots by putting the correct number of ingots on the anvil and selecting the style of weapon you want  and then adding or removing ingots before hitting them. For example you can craft a Greatsword with a single ingot by putting 3 ingots on the anvil, selecting the Greatsword style "0" and then removing 2 ingots. Interestingly this will often result in a different style of Greatsword than you first requested and you can choose to go the other way and craft a dagger with 3 ingots. This also works with Hammers, Shields and Axes so long as you leave the minimum number of ingots for that class (for example you need at least 2 ingots to make a Pickaxe).


I'm in 0.1.1. Alpha, and for some reason I can't sleep (I just SPAM the left button on mouse and it DOESN'T WORK D: )

it seems to only freeze on normal mode for me, tried easy and hard, and it works good with both. but normal seems to always freeze and stick me in the ground. even after deleting the saves.


at win32/win64 there is game breaking problem. When u save and go to the menu and back to the game, deer and the cargo spawns in the house and all of your stuff is gone (win32) / bedroom items duplicate every time you save and come back. I cant play this game with out saving. (win64)

(Loaded game 2 times, you can see that there are 3 cheese and other items. This is causing huge lag when done more than 3 times, and i have 16g ram and RTX 2060 OC) (win64)

(down there u can see that all items are gone and the cargo is inside the house) (win 32)

I dont know solution to these problems but i hope you can fix them.

RTX 2060

16g ram

2tb memory 225gb ssd

Z270F Gaming Motherboard

Win 10


I love this game so much and i hope you can fix these issues, i will buy this game 100% from steam when it comes.

that with food hapends to me too and all handles dissapears the deer and ingots doubles as you'll respawn in a "new game"

All the nodes are gray and give 12 stone and nothing more. Sometimes if i sleep till the next day they disappear. I tried Saving quitting and restarting but still just stone nodes. This is 0.1.1

nevermind. after another restart they are all good. But some things duped and now my save wont load.

Hey! Love the game, really enjoy playing it. My only complaint is that I'm not able to load previous saves in game. The game runs extremely smooth on the first load in but as soon as I save, leave and then return I get a frozen screen or 1 frame per second. Any fixes?


if you go to the bedroom do you notice anything weird?


I believe the pumpkins multiply and are scattered everywhere, I read that they may be the issue but I'm not sure how to fix it

If you try to modify and i get like for example 31 to the stats, and then move my cursor to the next position it resets to 1, pls fix, game breaking bug

나는 버그를 발견했다.

나는 게임에서 가서 올 때

하나 개 이상의 객체를 생성에 오류가 있습니다.

에이, There are several errors that cause a serious break during a good game.

Only thing I'm encountering right now is the occasional hiccup in performance.

(3 edits)

Cuando trato de cargar cualquiera de los salvados que tengo, una copia exacta del carro de alces se generará en la casa, causando toneladas de retrasos y rompiendo mi guardado, haciendo que un nuevo juego no ayude, ya que este error ocurre en todos los salvados. yo creo. Por lo tanto, supongo que este es un error de última hora. (By the way im using the Win32 version)

1.  Alpha 0.1.1

2. When Playing the game There are large sections of the view able area that are just blacked out, they disappear depending on what direction I am facing

4. I don't know how you'd be able to reproduce the problem as it starts when I load in.

5. CPU: AMD Atholon II x4 635 Processor 2.9GHz

12GB Ram

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 

OS: Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit 

All Graphics are turned to the lowest settings, and V-sync is enabled

At first I was going to say "That's a bug I've never seen before"

But... a gt240??
I've my doubts that is capable of properly running the game... Its extremely old, and isn't even gaming oriented technology (x50's are entry levels in their respective generation, 60/70s would be what most 'gamers' would consider 'pretty much required' and 80(and potentially some special models here and there) are top tier, 40s are just high-tier non-gaming oriented, and the 2xx was.. quite some time ago. I wonder if it was even at the point where HD was becoming more mainstream....

Anywho. Your PC specs are... darn near brick imo.. and its quite likely that something in the game just doesn't run on your hardware properly. - From what I hear, The next version should bring back Foliage low = no foliage, which will help graphical load.. but... I don't think it'll help THAT much...
You should consider getting pretty much any graphics card you can to replace your current one
You could pick up a pretty much any x60 or x70 GTX and it would make a world of difference, and not all of them, particular some of the older ones, are that expensive

You can also use this site to see some of the price-point choices for the previous.... "well known?" tech
More than likely, apart from the RAM amount, everything in the absolute bottom tier (at the top of the chart), is better than what you have.. whether or not that will actually be enough to properly run games like MLBS.. that.. I do not know. but almost assuredly its better than what you have.
your Athlon is bordering a decade old tech, the Athlon 200GE will almost assuredly outperform it, even though it may not necessarily be to the point of properly running MLBS and other games
of course the r3 2200 and 2400 would be better choices, but its not always simple to just say "yeah go out and start spending money, no no, more than that, higher." and actually expect to see something of it.

If you can get one of those three, and it work just fine with your motherboard, That would be best, then you would simply take your gt240 out, and rely on the vega integrated graphics
If your motherboard can't properly support, or even interface, with the newer chip, that's less ideal, as that means far more reassembly and price.. and/or those that don't like to take apart and rebuild their computer... buying a new computer altogether.

I figured my hardware had something to do with it, when your game tells you that the device drivers have known issues and you can't update them, it's a giveaway, I thought it had something to do with how the shaders are done just because of the way they appear and disappear, and I was hoping there was a software fix that I could try before a hardware fix. My PC was built in 2009 ish, and I've put quite a bit of work into it just keep it running how it is now. I get decent frames on most games I play, and very rarely do I see problems arise from my hardware. I have played games made with the Unreal 4 engine before with no problems, but there is a first time for everything. I definitely see the point in upgrading, but I'm hesitant to do much of anything to the insides of the computer because of how temperamental it gets, when I added ram 6months ago it took me half an hour for it to decide to post and it decided to burnout a stick in the process. So if you can think of any software fixes I should try before hardware upgrade it would be appreciated, but I know it would only delay the inevitable.

I understand where you're coming from, but if your PC/laptop is THAT temperamental you owe it to yourself to get a new PC/laptop and just upgrade, my own laptop is about year old it runs Windows 10 and for the most part my laptop runs the game just fine, but if in a few years I'm able to afford a newer, better, faster system I'd jump on the opportunity to get it. If being able to afford it or the monthly payments is your biggest concern I suggest taking a look at Fingerhuts', selection they have a few laptops that can run Windows 10 no problem and they've got really low monthly payment plans. either way whatever you decide good luck.

what the actual fuck, now thats a big ass bug

To anyone having the problem of extremely low fps when loading a save in the current version (0.1.1):

Make a backup in case you screw up! Open the savefile located in the main directory of the game with a text editor and delete everything between the PurchaseStructures tags


delete this


note the plural.. if it doesnt have the "s" delete it.


<PurchaseStructures> //leave this its harmless

<PurchaseStructure> //delete this

whatever is here //delete this

</PurchaseStructure> //delete this and any other groupings like this

</PurchaseStructures> //leave this - it closes the group

I am not sure why this is causing a problem (likely an error elsewhere that is calling this info), but my fps went from 3 back up to 60 after deleting this purchase history. The duplicates in the small house, and at the grips shop are not causing me any trouble. It was solely with the purchase history. This will need to be done every time you load and notice the issue, clearing or erasing the info from your board in the house does nothing. When you load back in without deleting it from the save file you can see that it will load it back on the board. I am not sure if this will effect taxes though. It didn't seem to in my save since I still had to pay, but idk how taxes are calculated.

Also I noted a potential typo in that <MailboxSettingsStructures> returns without the plural </MailboxSettingsStructure> but this didnt seem to affect anything to me.

If you want to remove duplicates in the house, remove the simple actors with the Object type i.e.:

(this will delete non-smithing objects - grips, guards, heads, ores, etc.. are not of the simple actor object type and completely safe from this)


Notice the Data: #. These are the duplicates, if it doesnt have a number - I strongly advise against deleting it. This will not delete the duplicate wood - or any wood for that matter. The numbers seem to be 1-8 and 11 for me should be the same for everyone else. It will still spawn more duplicates though, and even if you delete the spawner it will add the spawner back the next time you save, so just like the puchase history noted above it will need to be deleted again from time-to-time. Honestly though, this doesn't seem to cause much of an issue for me, I notice virtually no difference whether there are dups or not. All of the lag seems to come from the purchase history.

I have not played the Patreon version yet, so idk if it has been patched there. I'm hoping it has because I definitely want to support this game.

(1 edit)

There is a bug in my 0.1.1 alfa version. When i start a new costum game everything works ok, but when i go to main menu and go to same save again the deer starts glitching and doubles. One works and another joust stays there. The cart spawns later so it turns and starts glitching.  Bellows( the thing to heat up furnice) starts dubbling and in's weard. Everything else deletes from my inventory. I have joust the copper hammer.  Only thing that stays ok is the money. The copper bars double on the shelf and all handles and gards dissapear( the ones that i bought). So the game literally resets and the things that you can't spend (deer and the bellows) double. If i take the gun from parts shop it teleports back to its original place. the food and paper also double. I don't know if i installed something wrong. In other easy, medium, hard modes it's ok but the food and papers double and sometimes you must buy new handles, because old ones do't work( the handles aren't fuse to the head of weapon).  The game is so good. It's my favourite, but i didn't like when i had Expensive tools and lots of ingots and grips and everything joust dissapeard. I know that it is hard to make a game so it is popular, but i think that this is a big bug. Could you fix it so i could enjoy the game. Thx for reading and i hope you'll fix it (if it's a bug).

Whenever I load up a save, I spawn in the shop halfway in the ground, and the input of the keyboard and mouse won't register.

(1 edit) (+1)

first at all, i pretty love this game and i'm Korean. so my English may be bad (using translation)

1. version: 0.1.1

2.  when  i saved game and loaded, there were double amount of pumpkins,apples(?),potions, books in bedroom.

2-1. the FPS sharply drops to such an extent that game play is impossible.

2-2. the error continues to appear when i save and load the game.

3.  4.

5. i7-6700k(X64) 16GB gtx970

Please fix this bug for players...

Just a few suggestions, but how about a designated shield crafting spot next to saw table, it could have a clamp or something to hold the shield in place which would be better cause all of my shields just get stuck in the crafting table.  Also, customers should be able to specify the kind of boss on a shield e.g laurel 1/2 or the others rounded bosses; shields should also, be orders that can be picked up the next day, or a couple days later. This is because they take 5-25 minutes (depends on the players' skill, PC, and familiarity with the game) it would be a lot easier to fulfill shield orders that way. Next something needs to be done about how to select things on the radial menu especially for making shields; perhaps players could use the right shift+B (blades), or A (axes), or H (hammers), and S (shields) this could then be followed by a number 0-9 and that number would be a hotkey for a specific blade type or hammer head (I realize that this might seem a little silly for axes with their being only a handful of styles, but for everything else it would be a huge time saver). Last thing I had on my mind was the possible addition of like the main character having a son or apprentice, I'm leaning more towards apprentice, the apprentice could in the early game help with making some basic weapons like daggers, one handed hammers, and one handed axes; as the game progresses the apprentice could start making swords, great-swords, and even shields. Finally maybe after discovering some of the borderline rare metals the apprentice could even start taking care of the shop, while the player is out getting some more ores and chopping down trees to make shields, the apprentice can take orders from customers and fulfill them on behalf of his master. 

(2 edits)

So, I'm not sure what causes this, but in normal mode I can't move upon starting a new game. Easy and hard work perfectly fine, so I'm not sure what could be different. This below is what it gets stuck on.

Here's my specs if it helps:

  • OS: Windows 10 Home (64-Bit)
  • CPU: AMD FX-8350
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Edit: I'm using version 0.1.1

Edit 2: I tried again, it just said "fatal error" 


check the FAQ for 0.1.1 or the discord bug list( for New Version, New Save). They relate.

Details When I save the game it appears that saved but when I leave the game and enter my save is not there
NOTE: my version is 0.1.1

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when i start a new game my camera freezes in place a little below the height of the player but i hear the birds and people are still walking by. please help.

P.S. im on windows 7

Please check this post and/or this post
as they should contain information related to this issue (I even was just testing it again on itchio app just recently, reaffirming the findings, playing around with them a little, etc)

Alternatively, come onto the Discord and talk about the issue, or dm someone (like me) if you want further counsel

thank you i will try that

windows 64

issues: NPCs wont take weapons, weapons get stuck in crafting table

have a system capable of running AAA titles at 120 frames or more

Also i get stuck in loading screen for sandbox

(1 edit)

sometimes costumers has a special list of parts and if they don't match up they wont take it read what they say carefully and the shield has 5 parts to it that through me for a loop for well over a few real life days  to figure out why my shields wouldn't sell oh and if the customer ask for a common grip you have to go to the part shop just head out the front door look a little to the right and there is a house behind a well that's the part store grab wooden grips those are common and just make the weapon to how the want the rest of it and now if your tools get stuck press v on the bench and move it and it will leave the items there and they will drop to the floor then you can move them after you can move your bench back

My save files are completely screwed up. Played for the first time on normal with all graphic settings set to epic since my pc can handle it, and everything was fine until day 8. Then i noticed a heavy  frame rate drop, but changing to the lowest settings didn't help. Tried to switch to sandbox mode and the game froze. Restarted the game  and my save file was literally unplayable, so i deleted it. Restarted on easy and proceeded until day 3, then i saved to quit. The next day my newest save file was back to day 1 with all my stats resetted, and my older file was back, with a clone. 

First: the file coming back is likely based on how the save was handled - if you had multiple versions of it, at any time,  - to completely start fresh, I would go to the game folder, and delete the slots along with the saves - Slot file stores the header info for the game to associate with the new save files, if it says a save slot exists, it exists, if it doesn't, even if the file is there, the save doesn't exist to the game/engine.

As for lag spike - If you join the discord and dm me, I can help you out with that, when the time arises, as well as the other thing you mentioned, I can tell you what contributes to the lag, and how to mitigate some of it, and also what may be contributing to the other thing (more or less speculation)

(2 edits)

You have done a wonderful job in building this game. I've had fun playing this game and if I wasn't broke i would pay or donate the price of a full pc game.  NOW the downside it was a little confusing at first at why my shields wasn't selling till I found out I had to make the  arm and wrist mounts too. I've had some problems in the boot up sequence which steam might help with that once its all done but what was going on started it up the first time it go to a black screen cant close it nothin  and it goes to a small window so I can at lest see my dashboard so I can click the icon again and it works fine then. Also, when I go to continue a game all the items in the first shop spawn again without despawning the last so it just piles up in my room I haven't gotten to the big house just yet so I don't know  about that  oh and with the enhanced hammer once its made the name changes and then you cant sell it to the customers that ask specifically for that head oh and I had tried to build and a few times and deleted them after but one time it didn't let me pull up the radial dial to destroy it and after a while I could and then soon I got off and when I got back on it was back.  One time I had place some rare golden polearms just the shaft on the top shelf of the 3 long shelf and I left the game and I come back later and it said i crafted them and yet they had no blade and one costumer came and bought one but since it had no head i didn't get the full price and I've had other problems like that to one time i crafted a hammer the enhanced hammer and and the costumer wouldn't take it since it said cylinder hammer and so i left it sent on a shelf next time i got on the head despawned and it sold to but no head price. Last thing  I had move some ore in a crate and once when i got back home they despawned. But even with those problems I'll still recommend your game to my friends.  You did an awesome job and I hope you are still working on this game since its been 2 years and I cant wait to see it released on steam I cant wait to play the complete version.


wagon with a deep spawn in the forge after loading the game, because of this game stops working and hangs, and have to recreate the world. i`m on windows 10 

not entirely sure the issue being reported here, but, if you join the discord, and DM me with the save file and potentially an image of the issue, I can probably help you work around the issue and fix it from hanging. (I'm not actually sure the issue you described, and the hanging, are actually related, also, There's other things that are more likely to be at play, but I can help you with fixing those, too)

(2 edits) (+1)

Alpha .11 every time i load save all decor items in bedroom spawn on top of the previous ones. Same with firewood at geofferys. Win 10. 64 bit.

Edit: Is there a Hotfix?

The dev team is impossibly small, So public hotfixes are few and far inbetween. Patrons tend to get updates every so often, which would usually include "the hotfix" - unless its something that completely borked the game period, not just for some.

However. you can mitigate/workaround the issue on your own end by incinerating the items from the bedroom (you can do it one by one, or, you can manuever the furnace into place so that the majority of the bedroom items just spawn inside the furnace, and then you can just press the button until they're clear, every so often
You can also purge them, and the firewood, and other things, via the save file - if you want, you can also join the discord and dm me your save file(s) and I can do that for you, I know what I'm looking for and can do it quicker. (within reason, if i'm actively present)

A different bug can also be used to mitigate geoff's firewood, You can place the furnace within the "detection" area, and it will stop Geoff's spawns from despawning, and, respawning, even if you leave.
this will prevent his firewood from just spawning everytime you enter and exit his detection box -though, in a good, and bad, way it will also stop all guards and grips, too. - Good, because you can keep some rares or choice grips present until you can easily pick them up, bad, because you have to remove the furnace any time you want him to spawn fresh. (I do not recommend leaving the furnace within the detection area, and saving - there's no telling what problems that could cause, and they would be a bug derived from a bug, so, they wouldn't even be within the scope of reporting.)


Hello there, recently i was having strange things happening in my game.

The thing is every time I get back to play the game, in a room (where the bed is) all of those items duplicate. For example pumpkins, drinks and others. This caused my game to crash and it's very hard to play. It would be cool if you could fix this.

By the way I'm in the version Alpha 0.1.1

You can workaround this by incinerating the items, however  unless you have a lot of the items in the bedroom, they're not likely the cause of crash or playability, I recommend joining the discord and dming me the save-file you wish to rescue, as I suspect a different issue is causing the trouble, or a combination of multiple things - after we see what is the issue, I can address some of the things and others to hopefully keep you running smoother and with less issues


Hey! I found a bug!

1     Alpha 0.1.1   2.Whenever I load into a save, the horse trailer appears in front of me, in the shop. The anvil ,furnace and others are gone. The game keeps on loading, I can't do anything..3. Image:(srry for quality) idea 5. i7 3770s 3.1 ghz, gtx 1060, 8gb ram. The game can normaly run with everything on epic, at 60fps..

(1 edit)

I also have this problem. If I save again and reload, ANOTHER carriage appears clipped into the one that is already clipped into the shop. This is gamebreaking and it seems a decent amount of folks have this error.

Win7 64bit, 16gb RAM, Intel i5-7600k @ 3.8GHz, GTX 1050 Ti 4gb.

All of my drivers are updated.

Eidt: Was originally playing the 32bit version of the game because people said it was more stable. I DL the 64bit version and the cart in room bug was gone. now, I get the bug where the items in the bedroom multiply upon saving and loading a game. It is playable at least.

I recommend joining the discord and dming me with your savefile and i can probably help you with the issue, and other information about it, and other things, to maybe help keep you running smoothly ( if you haven't already joined that is, if you have, I still recommend dming me your save file)

I am in alpha 0.1.1

I had a bug where i somehow manged to build a shield inside of the worktable. it was a round shield with the side the handles attach to was against the table and once they were attached i couldn't move the shield, and reloading the game didn't fix it. 

Also any time I reload the game all the movable items re spawn in the house. so after loading the world a few times the bedroom is full of stuff. and similarly the firewood outside of the grip & guard shop re-loads similarly to the items reloading in the house

If my character gets at all tired it won't let me sleep very often. i'd say about 50% of the time or more it won't let me sleep until I reload. 

With the forge either I can only melt one ore at a time or if there are several of the same ore it will let me melt all of them but only two ore will be used so i essentially get double the bars for the ores. Also if I have two different materials in there like two different copper parts it will delete the extra part same with if I have ore and a part in the smelter it will delete an ore if I melt the part. 

I'd recommend joining the discord for the reload problem you described, I can help you about if you dm me your savefile, More than likely, I can tell you what seems to be going on, as well as advise you on some things that may help keep you running smoothly and some potential things that may help the situation (but don't put too much weight in that)

(1 edit)

Launching the game now after the update I've noticed that hitting things on the anvil no longer produces as many sparks as it used to. Moved around the graphics to see if it'll help but no luck. The change notes don't state this as a change so I assume its just me bugging out. And by not as many I mean it now barely throws a few little sparks. far off from the glorious explosion of light and fire of before.


Hey I really love the game, it's so much fun and cool. I play version 0.1.1

These are the problems I have:

1. Sometimes from day 6 or 7 on I can't sleep anymore. Somehow it doesn't do anything when I click on the bed.

2. Almost everytime when I try to reload a save (it doesn't matter if it's just a few minutes or hours or even days) it gets frozen on the loading screen  (see picture underneath) furthermore does the music keep playing.

I'm trying really hard to like this game, but it's one bug after another. I want it to succeed because it is fun WHEN it works. I am now having  the freeze on load screen as well. I can start a new game, but I cannot load a game.

If you haven't joined the discord yet, I recommend doing that, And then dming me your savefile in question that is freezing, I do have some ideas for your issue(s), and I can go over what the specific issue is when I see the file, and some things that would hopefully help you stay running more smoothly, and not being faced with 'bug after bug' - hopefully.

For the "can't sleep anymore" issue - Its the wagon. 9/10 times it'll more than likely be the wagon, with the other time being something related to the game, items, and when it takes an item away from you suddenly, or you lose it unnaturally (releasing it yourself) - Which can be fixed almost immediately by playing around with another item.
the wagon variant must be saved and reloaded, though you can avoid having that by not driving the wagon, if you want to use it, just have the deer follow you instead, for now. (at least the deer isn't like the horse was, the horse identified as an Apache attack helicopter, and used your items as ammunition)

For the later half, I recommend the same to you as the person who replied to you, Please head over to the discord, if you haven't already, and dm me, particularly with the save file that is having trouble - I have ideas on what it is, but until I see it, I can't know for sure,  Once that's handled, I can relay the same info to you as I do to everyone I try and help, between what seems to be accurate, and speculation gathered from others and myself

(1 edit)

when I start a new game my view and character is frozen. I need help!

(Apologies, this is going to be reposted info quite a bit of times)
you can either
A) check the stickied "FAQ 0.1.1"
B) check the confirmed bug list ported from discord (paraphrased, should have confirm and discord in the title though) (on here)
C) Get on the discord and check #confirmed-bugs under "new version, new save"
D) (this is a lcomment link, of an image/comment I posted for the location, as well)
E) Alternative workaround (not a fix in the slightest) Change what difficulty you're playing on. (this will most of the time, work, As its usually your old saves that are causing the issue, and unless you have saves of every difficulty, it will avoid creating the conflict when you choose a new save difficulty that you didn't have previously)
If you still have issue past that, feel free to tell me (you can get faster results over discord)

Hello! First I want to say that this is one of my favorite games. I adore games where you can have a shop and stuff and I have invested hours upon hours in this game. I even thought about streaming it because I love it.

Because of my love for your game, I figured I would go ahead and list bugs I've come up with so you can work on them at your leisure.

  1. The saving mechanic doesn't seem to work. Once you save, and you try to load into your save later, the game loads for a few seconds and then opens up a screen where you can't move, turn, or interact with anything on the screen. When opening the windows task manager, the game is unresponsive. Everything before you save works fine, however. When the game does load, the frame rate is extremely low. After you try and save, the game(at least in my case) never opens up correctly and you can't play unless you uninstall and reinstall
  2. Shields have a tendency to get stuck in the Workbench. You can move the workbench however, and this solves the issue.
  3. You can't open a custom game at all. This could be because the sandbox is disabled. I don't know if there is a connection at all but it behaves the same way as it does when you try to save.
  4. At one point, one of my customers, after being served, walked to the teleportation stone, and just stood there. He never despawned so no other customers could spawn in.
  5. I can't ever find anything other then stone when I go mining, This could be a bug or it could be that they just aren't loading correctly. I don't know. It's been a while since I played last and things could work differently.

Again, this is one of my favorite games. I think it's tons of fun and I can't wait to see what becomes of this project.



Custom difficulty part sounds like new version new save issue
Particular with you saying this is one of your favorite games, I would assume you've played older versions and have older saves

(Below is repeated info)

(Apologies, this is going to be reposted info quite a bit of times)
you can either
A) check the stickied "FAQ 0.1.1"
B) check the confirmed bug list ported from discord (paraphrased, should have confirm and discord in the title though) (on here)
C) Get on the discord and check #confirmed-bugs under "new version, new save"
D) (this is a lcomment link, of an image/comment I posted for the location, as well)
E) Alternative workaround (not a fix in the slightest) Change what difficulty you're playing on. (this will most of the time, work, As its usually your old saves that are causing the issue, and unless you have saves of every difficulty, it will avoid creating the conflict when you choose a new save difficulty that you didn't have previously)
If you still have issue past that, feel free to tell me (you can get faster results over discord)

(End of repeated info)
the save reload... I would want to see the savefile for before I could say for sure... It vaguely sounds like a few things, but some of it stands out
Shields part is at least known, it's being worked on...
The customer - a save reload normally would fix, but in your situation, during gameplay, using the furnace might be an option, since it can delete most things in the current public version... it would probably work... probably... (not tested)

Ore veins
All ore veins start as stone on a fresh save/new player - anytime "new player" bug occurs, it'll be stone again (along side all the duplications that occur)
Your two options here are either wait around for the "Depleted vein" to kick in and recycle them, or, save and reload - which would end up forcing them to unload and reload, usually resulting in various ores - Non-depleted vein recycle time is shorter  (usually occurs at midnight/turn of the new day), depleted vein is longer, though I can't swear to how long
I've had reports of people waiting and getting veins, even though I myself wouldn't be that patient.

I keep running into this issue where no matter what I am doing, if I exit the game and go to the main menu or just go to the main menu and exit to desktop, whenever I try to load back up any save, the game goes from full screen to windowed mode and drops the fps so low that it's essentially unplayable. On top of that, the cart spawns inside my shop and is "glitching" out by the wheels bouncing around wildly. I never run into this issue while playing, sleeping, or anything. The issue only occurs when I try to load up any and all save games. I've had to restart my playthroughs every time that I want to play.

The latter part of your post is why the first part has FPS drop - If you DM me the save file over on Discord, I can help you fix that part.
Someone, whether it is me or not, must absolutely fix one of your saves, or give you a non-afflicted save, For the few people that have the issue you have, it always happens no matter what when saving the initial time.
As for the windowed mode.
It boots in fullscreen by default, but the settings file it creates is a small resolution + windowed mode - have you not altered your in-game graphics settings...? Personally I recommend making it match your desktop resolution, and leaving it windowed
with a matching resolution, you won't even barely be able to tell its not fullscreen.

if i get into the game i cant do anything i cant even press esc

(Apologies, this is going to be reposted info quite a bit of times)
you can either
A) check the stickied "FAQ 0.1.1"
B) check the confirmed bug list ported from discord (paraphrased, should have confirm and discord in the title though) (on here)
C) Get on the discord and check #confirmed-bugs under "new version, new save"
D) (this is a lcomment link, of an image/comment I posted for the location, as well)
E) Alternative workaround (not a fix in the slightest) Change what difficulty you're playing on. (this will most of the time, work, As its usually your old saves that are causing the issue, and unless you have saves of every difficulty, it will avoid creating the conflict when you choose a new save difficulty that you didn't have previously)
If you still have issue past that, feel free to tell me (you can get faster results over discord)


for some reason every time i reload any save everything in the game stack-resets on top of each other as far as i can tell -all 3 furnaces lantern workbench misc starting metal and grips front desk thing wood working bench sharpening wheel crystals anvil crates starting wood starting coal and copper ore deer and wagon thats as much as i can see im not sure if its just me but i imagine its not very desirable for most people and if there is already a fix that would be very appreciated

(same for ya too)
Unfortunately I do not, and afaik, no one does, know what triggers "New Player bug" If you dm me on the discord with a savefile and tell me the issue(s) you want fixed/looked at, I can help - in this case I can help clear out the duplicates, restore lost gear and levels (maybe) (and if not, add replacement that makes it like I did) and potentially some other things that may or may not need to be addressed. Other than recommending the discord route I would say do the "standard" "failsafe" type "debugging" actions you might do with any game backup save Delete the existing Data from the game-folder and local Appdata folder (ShopSim in appdata's "Local" folder), and then redownload the zip and extract it again - I recommend not downloading it to, nor extracting it on/to, the Desktop - I recommend that it be placed somewhere else, and preferably a place where you would assume you have full access to (read, write, rewrite, etc) - as well I often recommend games have their own drive, if you have multiple drives.

and with erased settings, I would often also recommend trying to use windowed mode, with a resolution in game, that matches your desktop resolution, Resulting in a borderless windowed fullscreen looking game, that is hard to tell is windowed. (this is unlikely to be factoring into the issue at hand)


so every time I relog into my savegame it gives me back all my items that you start with on top of my stuff ive bought.  Not a bad thing except it also duplicates the sawmill, deere w/ cart, etc.  which in turn causes issues with using the sawmill and such as you cant quite click on things.

(sorry for reposting, but same information for you if you're having "new player" bug (as I call it))

Unfortunately I do not, and afaik, no one does, know what triggers "New Player bug" If you dm me on the discord with a savefile and tell me the issue(s) you want fixed/looked at, I can help - in this case I can help clear out the duplicates, restore lost gear and levels (maybe) (and if not, add replacement that makes it like I did) and potentially some other things that may or may not need to be addressed. Other than recommending the discord route I would say do the "standard" "failsafe" type "debugging" actions you might do with any game backup save Delete the existing Data from the game-folder and local Appdata folder (ShopSim in appdata's "Local" folder), and then redownload the zip and extract it again - I recommend not downloading it to, nor extracting it on/to, the Desktop - I recommend that it be placed somewhere else, and preferably a place where you would assume you have full access to (read, write, rewrite, etc) - as well I often recommend games have their own drive, if you have multiple drives.

and with erased settings, I would often also recommend trying to use windowed mode, with a resolution in game, that matches your desktop resolution, Resulting in a borderless windowed fullscreen looking game, that is hard to tell is windowed. (this is unlikely to be factoring into the issue at hand)

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ok and this is new for me.  I went to the mountains and harvested a crate of copper,  closed the crate.  When i got back to the forge,  I took the crate to the smelter, opened it and couldnt grab the ore.  grabbed the box and it moved as if nothing were in it, leaving the ore in the pile as it was in the crate.  still cant grab the ore.  not sure if it helps but the ore did glitch through the lid when closed.

edit: put the box back over the ore, opened and closed the box and now i can grab the ore.  Good luck,  I love your game.

If you used the deer and wagon, This is likely what caused your issue

driving the wagon leads to a lot of interaction breaking, particularly the bed's ability to activate sleep - save and reload is the only thing known to reset it if it was a seat on the wagon.
The wagon's lock sorta somewhat overrides/replaces the crate's lock.
If you lock the crate and then set it, contents full, on the wagon, and lock the wagon - the items interaction will, largely, break.  - if you instead "lock the crate, place it on the wagon * AND THEN * *unlock* the crate, you will likely have no further issue

you don't need to worry about the crates contents going nuts just because you unlocked the crate, because when you lock the wagon, the contents will get locked again, anyway.
So instead of Crate -> Lock applied -> Wagon -> wagon Lock applied to "Lock applied items" - you'll be crate -> locked applied -> wagon -> crate unlock applied -> wagon lock applied


I really like the game but the Save and Load system is whack.  When I load in one of my games, everything that your only supposed to get in the beginning re-spawns.  the un-common grips. copper bars, lantern, one piece of wood, the 5 crates, and even the deer spawns again.

exactly like me

Unfortunately I do not, and afaik, no one does, know what triggers "New Player bug" If you dm me on the discord with a savefile and tell me the issue(s) you want fixed/looked at, I can help - in this case I can help clear out the duplicates, restore lost gear and levels (maybe) (and if not, add replacement that makes it like I did) and potentially some other things that may or may not need to be addressed. Other than recommending the discord route I would say do the "standard" "failsafe" type "debugging" actions you might do with any game backup save Delete the existing Data from the game-folder and local Appdata folder (ShopSim in appdata's "Local" folder), and then redownload the zip and extract it again - I recommend not downloading it to, nor extracting it on/to, the Desktop - I recommend that it be placed somewhere else, and preferably a place where you would assume you have full access to (read, write, rewrite, etc) - as well I often recommend games have their own drive, if you have multiple drives.

and with erased settings, I would often also recommend trying to use windowed mode, with a resolution in game, that matches your desktop resolution, Resulting in a borderless windowed fullscreen looking game, that is hard to tell is windowed. (this is unlikely to be factoring into the issue at hand)

Hi¡ I have a big trouble. The first time you play the game , its all perfect but, when you load your last save, all the items double and the game start to get lag. So if you can fix it. Thanks.

(reposting similar information for yourself, sorry)
Unfortunately I do not, and afaik, no one does, know what triggers "New Player bug" If you dm me on the discord with a savefile and tell me the issue(s) you want fixed/looked at, I can help - in this case I can help clear out the duplicates, restore lost gear and levels (maybe) (and if not, add replacement that makes it like I did) and potentially some other things that may or may not need to be addressed. Other than recommending the discord route I would say do the "standard" "failsafe" type "debugging" actions you might do with any game backup save Delete the existing Data from the game-folder and local Appdata folder (ShopSim in appdata's "Local" folder), and then redownload the zip and extract it again - I recommend not downloading it to, nor extracting it on/to, the Desktop - I recommend that it be placed somewhere else, and preferably a place where you would assume you have full access to (read, write, rewrite, etc) - as well I often recommend games have their own drive, if you have multiple drives.

and with erased settings, I would often also recommend trying to use windowed mode, with a resolution in game, that matches your desktop resolution, Resulting in a borderless windowed fullscreen looking game, that is hard to tell is windowed. (this is unlikely to be factoring into the issue at hand)

i got a bug, all the grips when i load a saved game, the grips appear like daggers, and i can't use these in any weapons 

my game will oad up and then enter but when i start playing abd load in i am stuck like this 

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Dunno if these already reported but,

1. The carriage start.... dunno how should i say it, kinda like, the carriage just went on rampage and then it's gone, only the deer is left, this bug happen when i went to a cave on the back of the starting shop, when i went inside, i command my deer to follow.

2. When i load the game, the game i saved isn't the same with what i load, when i saved the game, i have a greatsword with handle on it, and im still on the outside, but when i load, i spawned near the bed with a greatsword without handle on the anvil, i never save my game before the greatsword finished. and i havent close the game yet, i just went to the main menu because the game wont pause when i pressed ESC so i save the game and went to main menu

3. Sometimes the NPC who want to buy, got stuck outside the door and the text bubble appeared just like normal, and i can sell my weapon just fine, its just the npc stuck outside of the door.

Whenever i try and load a save the framerate just goes crazy and makes the game unplayable. It seems to be loading something and it doesn't stop. But starting a new game works fine.  The version I'm playing on: Alpha version 0.11

I don't think my specs are the problem but here they are: CPU: FX-8350, 8GB DDR3 RAM, Graphics: RX 570 

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Bug report: The decorate items of my shop is duplicating every time i load the game and when a load the game it drops to 17 fps.

Version:Win64 Alpha 0.1.1

I don't have a error mensage

Steps: Save game and just load it '-'

Specs:Gtx 1050 TI , I5 4430 3 GHz , 8G ram

Whenever I load a save the cart glitches into the main area of the shop and lags everything and makes my game unplayable. 

Im playing on version 1.1 on windows 64 bit. a glitch is occuring where i cant move when i start a game, I dont know what my specs are but i do know that i have a 64 bit computer, im playing on windows 10

im gonna try reinstalling the game


after the recent update i have come across a new bug: can't make shields. i cut a log into planks and made a round shield like i had been asked by the customer but when i went to put the rim on it didn't assemble. i tried putting it on after the grips and shield boss but to no success. i have not tried this with any of the other shields yet.


Hello! Love the looks of the game, but when I click on the sign I cannot type in anything. It is the latest version and the resolution is correct. I tried restarting but nothing is working, do you know how to fix this?


When i double click shopsim.exe it says windows protected your pc, does that mean that it has a virus? I dont want a virus on my pc


it means windows is not familiar with the program. there should be a info button on the pop-up, when clicked it will give you the option to "run anyways". the pop-up is just windows way of warning you of unknown programs being potential threats to your system.


ok thanks man

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it doesnt start and when i try it says 

Couldn`t Start

"C:\users\my  name\Desktop\shopsim/binaries/win64/shopsim-win64-shipping.exe"shopsim

createprocess0 returned 2

please help i was playing windows 64 version


Check if your antivirus isnt blocking/deleting any files. You might have to reinstall.

when will it be available on Mac users:<


After the recent update (0.1.1 update 1) alot of the game breaking stuff is gone but now, the list of customers and what they bought and how much they paid is bugged, It just says 0 copper on everything. and Iv made 3 new games and they run great until I start smelting tin. After loading a saved game that I recently reached tin smelting the frames dive down to mid 20s and iv seen the fps counter flash at 11 fps and I normally run smooth on  highest settings. starting a new game makes it run great again.


Hey, trying to isolate the issue. 
Were there a lot of weapons/ingots/ores in and around your shop?


no weapons, a few grips and guards. Maybe 20 to 30 Ingots mostly tin.


Cool. Thank you!

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I also have the problem with sales saying 0 copper on the board. Also my shield rims wont attach to the boards (yes same type both). 


you can use the papper to fly just like how it was on raft at early days

(sorry if this bug is alredy fixed, i'm still playing on the 0.1.1)

1. hold any of the 3 pappers that are on the board

2. go outside and place the paper straigth down

3.drop it and make sure that is nailed to the ground

4.step over it

5.hold it from the center and use the mouse scroll to put it as far away from you as possible

6.try to move it under your feet whitout you moving (if nothing happen try to put it away from your hit box for a sec and try again)

7.eventually it should make you fly and spin like crazy!

I'm sorry for my grammar, I'm not speaking my native language

Patch 1 - 0.1.1

Noticed some bugs when playing

1. It is always raining no matter how many sessions i tried. I can turn off the weather but turning it back on will still make the world rain.

2. Bird is stuck in place just outside the shop near the oil.

3. Can't change shop name or do any thing when modifying the name

4. AI customer did not pick up my weapon even though i met the requirements for their requests. (Only happened once)

5. Crates start launching in directions if you order a continuous supply of items such as ingots and grips

Hope these bugs get fixed and that this report is useful ^^

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patch Win64 Alpha 0.1.1

Like many others here, when starting a new game, everything is smooth and fine.

Then I quit the game and Continue Game or Load a Save File and some of my grips and guards are gone - those that remains can't be used to make weapons for some reason (won't fuse on the crafting table).
But this isn't the worst thing - the worst thing is the fps is horrid. 8-15 fps NO MATTER WHAT I DO - I tried restarting, lowering the graphics, moving the whole game folder to another place - nothing works.

These all only happens if I quit and load the save file/continue game. 

Oh, also, I can't make shields no matter what I do - the rims just won't attach themselves to the shield.


Hey KGNao,

We're still trying to isolate the issue with why that is happening. Good chance might need to rewrite the save file structure. Hopefully not. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Would you be able to send me all of your save files with the problem.

Im getting a bug where the shield rim won't connect to my round shield. It is all the same metal, and I've connected all of the other parts, but no matter what I do the rim won't connect. Help!

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Debug version 0.11t rev 626

When i save game and continue or load...

Deer cart teleported in my house

And fps down from 29 to 9

(2 edits) (+1)

as some people said above a bug where all the movable objects buildings and decorate stuff (chair table racks pumpkins furnace anvil basically everything that moves) gets duplicated whenever i load a save and it gets annoying cause you will have double everything and the game gets too buggy

(if it helps this duplicate bug happened after i changed the graphics settings)

also the shield rim bug happened to me then i tried different rim which was the heater rim for the round shield and it somehow worked (i got a round shield inside a heater shield)

thats all the game breaking bugs i got i really think this game has much potential keep working on it and thanks

EDIT: also here is a screenshot for a tiny little bug the cashier machine doesn't show the total price


I have this too


Thank you Zakoos.
It is a known issues and I am investigating the cause of the issue. 

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