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So i've just discovered there's Prop Flying, which is kinda fun actually, but definitely fix that in the following updates please.

1. I'm running Alpha 0.0.9e

2. Prop Flying. Basically if you take, say, a shield, stand on it, jump and pick it up simultaneously, you will slowly start floating upwards.

3. (I'm standing on a cloud or something idk, the mining field is down below, the polygons in the top half of the screen are trees)

4. As i said in #2, you take an object, stand on top of it, jump and pick the object up, you will start ascending (and possibly spinning as well).

5. I'm not sure if it's relevant, but i'm gonna do it anyway (Edit: should've cropped it better, the blank space is filled with ads. Whoops)

Just a little tip, you can take inspiration from a game called Warface. It's got that style of ranks and you could just work off it. It won't be blatantly ripping off the game as long as you change it into something different. Again, just my 2 cents.

Important: Do as I did and, after clicking the "register" button, wait a few seconds. If you click it twice, you will get a glitch.

I LOVE this game. It's like COD but for weaker PCs. The only problem is, as people said below, the playerbase is very small. But hopefully we can fix that. I definitely think this game has potential to become a big thing.

Another thing i've noticed is that the rank icons stay the same when leveling up. Is this a bug or is it a feature? If it's the former, please fix it in the following updates. I would love to see a complex ranking system. Oh, and guns too. More guns would be awesome.

You can also download the client and get it from there, as I did.

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It's sooo laggy... I get 10 fps at most. Please add an Options menu.