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Super fun! Look forward to what's to come!

That would be great! I'll be uploading the first of my MLBS video series today :)

Same issue as Miss_Lana. 

Love the game and am recording a YouTube series on it, but what's with the insane taxes? In 20 days (normal mode) I've been taxed 4 times for about 80% of my total profits. I have made/sold hundreds of weapons, yet after all this time played, I still have not made a single silver!

I don't want to stop playing or give the game a bad review over this issue, but imo it makes the game unplayable. Suggestions?

Loved this game! Very well done. Looking forward to whats next form Creaky Stairs Studios!

This game made me jump and scream several times. 

Fun game. Looking forward to what's next.

Great fun! Looking forward to future development!

This game scared me! I love what you have done with it!


Enjoyed this greatly! Look forward to a full release!

Thanks for your reply and, more importantly, thanks a million for all your wonderful work on this game!

I knew going in that it would be impossible to feature the full erotic beauty of the game in a YouTube video, but I still wanted to showcase as much as I could without violating their terms. 

Keep up the great work. If you ever want some assistance on English phrasing, I'm happy to help. Let me know and I'll give you my email address.

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The game looks really great so far. I just uploaded a 2-part YouTube video preview.  

You can find it here: 

Looking forward to what you do with the game!

I was so enamored with the game I just couldn't wait to get started recording play. I normally like to capture in 1920x1080, but have begun this capture in 1440x960. It looks pretty good. Got a date yet for the next release?  

The artwork in this game is spectacular! 

I look forward to a full screen option!

If full screen is forthcoming, I'd love to feature Faulty Apprentice in a YouTube video "Let's Play" (censored as required).  I hope you won't object. Let me know.