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Relogging renders shield bases useless

A topic by Miss_Lana created Jul 29, 2018 Views: 143 Replies: 5
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Twice now I've had some shield bases cut out with no components added to them. When I closed the game and reopened it, the bases were rendered useless, as no components would attach to them. I tried this with a few different conditions, and this was what happened:

Pre-logged shields won't accept pre-logged components.
Pre-logged shields won't accept post-logged components.
Post-logged shields *will* accept pre-logged components.
Post-logged shields will (of course) accept post-logged components.

"Logged" here means "closing the game".

Also, when I made "uncommon" shield bases, relogging turned them into the same colour as the common bases. No search I've had has come up with someone having the same issue.

This is with release 0.0.9e


Hey Miss_Lana,

Thanx for the bug report.

You mention that "Pre-Logged" shields would not accept "Pre-Logged" components. Is that correct? So when you create your shield board and the components, putting them together doesn't work, but after loading your save game, all the shield parts are now able to connect to each other?

I believe these bugs are fixed in the later versions.

Sorry, let me clarify a little bit.

Shield bases that I make during a session of the game are fine as long as I don't close or restart the game (or if it crashes/freezes). I have no trouble with bases that I have made in that particular session.

If I have any left over, close the game and come back to it later, the shield bases won't connect to any shield components (handles, boss, trimming) that were made either before or after restarting the game. They just refuse to take anything at all.


I understand now. 

I apologize for the inconvenience. 

I suppose the best approach until the next update is try not to make more shield boards then you need. So when you re-enter the game, they don't become useless. 

I'll be pushing out an update this month for everyone.


I am also experiencing this issue, but I think the issue also happens to me after sleeping, although I haven't checked with a newly crafted shield, only one that I did the below 'fix' to prior to sleeping.

I have found that by putting the shield base on the anvil and hitting it once, it will then be able to be used in crafting. (alpha 0.0.9e)

Same issue as Miss_Lana.