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Ok, I have figured out why a couple things happened to me. First I'm stupid for not making two headed axes, Secondly the guard appear when a NPC asks for a pacific guard to be on their sword. They will throw in maybe 10 guards of that kind, I know this because one asked for round guard and they spawn in the ceiling, which is cool, but one asked for hero guards and continued to spawn in those guards... I had to go to the main menu because there was so many guards I thought it would break the game, at least 50.... While all of this was happening the NPCs where piled up at my door....

This is a very fun game, but I've ran across my fair share of bugs... I'm sorry if there is some of these on here.

First, none of the NPCs will pick up two handed axes. I've restarted and made new worlds to no avail, but they can take one handed axes.

Second, for some reason, if have absolutely no idea how this happened but I had a couple normal sword guards on the shelf and I'm running around making stuff until I notice that at least 15 guards are on the ground. I note this and continue to work until I look again and there is maybe 30 on the ground? I don't know how this happened but I know I'm not going to need any guards soon...

Lastly (for now), when a bunch of NPCs pile up at the door they get stuck in each other and can't leave or let any one else in. I have to leave to the menu to fix this so, it's not too much of a problem. Also, could there be a way to see all of the requests of the NPCs at the same time instead of them all piling over each other. Thank you😃😊

I'm playing on Windows 10, 64bit download, version 0.1.0

I've found that the eye patch man can show up and command before you actually recruit him, otherwise I didn't find anything