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patch Win64 Alpha 0.1.1

Like many others here, when starting a new game, everything is smooth and fine.

Then I quit the game and Continue Game or Load a Save File and some of my grips and guards are gone - those that remains can't be used to make weapons for some reason (won't fuse on the crafting table).
But this isn't the worst thing - the worst thing is the fps is horrid. 8-15 fps NO MATTER WHAT I DO - I tried restarting, lowering the graphics, moving the whole game folder to another place - nothing works.

These all only happens if I quit and load the save file/continue game. 

Oh, also, I can't make shields no matter what I do - the rims just won't attach themselves to the shield.

I LOVE the Easter Egg for Pom and Shibe!

Wow, what a fast reply! Thank you for addressing my questions :) It is apparent that you care about your customers!

Thanks for having GXG romance in your mind! I will definitely be following your next game too. You should be more confident! The writing is one of the best VNs I ever see! The choices are well thought out and have some impact rather than most! 

I'm still very excited for this game to be released! Thank you for taking the time to reply, I understand you are very busy :) Good luck!

Foolish me, I just read your FAQs and there are actually... 4 and a half romance options? And you included the female bard! 

But, I'm still hoping for Jeisa...

Sorry :(

Hey, made an account just for this. What a very well done VN! I rarely like VNs, you are very talented group of people, truly amazing! Definitely will buy when the full game's released. 

But I can't help but lament that the only romance options are 3 men. Most VNs have 4 or 5 romance options. And I know this is an otome game where the target audience are women that like men but... I can't help but fell in love with Jeisa (that's her name right), the lady-in-waiting! I suppose it would be way too much hoping that you will develop a romance route for her? :) 

(actually, pretty please with cookies on the top)

I believe this is an almost perfect game, just the romance option is very lackluster... it's a bit disappointing to be honest. 

If you read this, thank you very much for your time and for making this amazing game!