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I ain't afraid of no horse, I'll be playing the game without being scared of the psychotic horse :)

Thank you for the info!

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Near the castle (opposite of the stable) you are able to get under the map, the ground is open.

And I'm not shure if the horse is supposed to follow, but it doesn't.

great game! keep up the good work.

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Have you tried adding the fourth piece (round piece, sorry don't know the name)?

It would look like the shield has a big circle in the middle

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It's a problem with the physics in the game, you can fly by standing on an object and then (try) to pick it up. I tried to pick up a shield and it send me flying ( was fun ;p ).

there is one side of a wall missing in the cave (one side doesn not exist) and some in places items can go trough the floor or wall.

If I crouch under a tree My vision gets blurred out sometimes.

My pc won't save my screenshots so I can't show you what I mean, I'm sorry.

Love the game and I hope to see more of it!

ps: shield-surfing should just be the normal form of transportation ;p

My Little Blacksmith Shop Win 64 Alpha 0.0.9e

I just played the demo and I loved it! I can't wait until the full game!

Hope it will be fun to make.