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Only thing I'm encountering right now is the occasional hiccup in performance.

If it ever becomes planned, I will be quite excited.  I'm actually planning to eventually buy an HTC Vive, as it is currently one of the most popular VR systems alongside PSVR and the Rift.  Smacking ore veins with my hands will be sooo satisfying.

Awesome, I'll make sure to buy it, and will build the most amazing raft there ever was.

That looks like the infamous BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).  Sounds like your comp crashed.  If you see it again, check the error message and then Google it.  Could find the culprit and how to fix it.  Usually the culprit is a virus, but it could also be a hardware problem.

This is an amazing game, and I'd like to play it even more.  If I could test the game and report back with any bugs I find, that would be wonderful.

Just curious, but could the player not have such crazy arms?  Makes it near impossible to get parts where they're supposed to go. Tried several times to put a body part in the fridge in-game and it keeps flying out due to the arms flailing about like Barry's having a weird arm seizure.