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Unfortunately I'm not and it's ok Ill wait for Dae to just fix this, I did what these releases are intended to do..... find bugs for him to fix.  I just wish I could of look for more but it just got sooo bad lol I was getting more annoyed then anything so. 

Thanks tho.

Until these game breaking bugs are fix and the game is playable I can't continue sorry <3 I'll be back.

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Yea ….. this is basically what I have to do almost every time I open a save file to try and fix the lag issues, this needs to be fixed, that or ill be back next release. (duped wood from geoffs place)  Even this doesn't fix the issue 100%

Fire wood infront of Geoff's place or w/e is duping as well hard to keep up with...…

I know I touched on the save issue a tad bit but I got a bit more insight on it as I had to start a new game. So when you save it asks you if you wanna overwrite your old save and when you do even if you have the same name, it just starts to multiply now you would think I could click on my "Meow" day 1 the oldest one and delete it.  NOPE don't do it lol for some reason they are all linked somehow.  In my old game I deleted all the earlier saves of the same save and when I left the game and came back all my saves even the ones I kept were gone.

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So I know of 6 now is there anymore? 2 to the west of the mine and 2 inside the mine and 2 to the east I can't find any more.

High jacking this thread because it has the same idea..... but customers wont buy shields or at least the ones I make lmao.

So yea took break and came back a few times and ofc I saved before I shut the game down now I get a weird "loading ring" in the top left hand side of my screen and all the bottles, books, pumpkins ect are multiplying starting to lag my game out.

The way I fixed this is saving and restarting the game.

So by the looks of it the save didn't overwrite the original save it just added to it lmao

Ok another bug report commin.  So I played the game for a bit and decided to leave and saved the game before I left and it took everything from my first save and brought it into the second save how IDK but I have two horses now and 8 boxes and yea everything's doubled.   I had to make another pick axe as well I know that has nothing to do with it.  Its something to do with the saves.

I would like to see something done with stone maybe a refiner or something..... put stones in and they have a chance (a small chance) to be some type of resource.

copper would have like a 10% chance and it would go down from there.  The higher ore types would be like .1% ect.

So just installed this again haven't played for awhile wanted to see what's new.  Problem i'm having don't know if its a bug or what, but every  mining node I go to in game just gives me stones.... Any ideas? I'm running 0.1.1