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Battling the lag..... (time consuming :P)

A topic by W3eD created Apr 02, 2019 Views: 317 Replies: 3
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Yea ….. this is basically what I have to do almost every time I open a save file to try and fix the lag issues, this needs to be fixed, that or ill be back next release. (duped wood from geoffs place)  Even this doesn't fix the issue 100%

Until these game breaking bugs are fix and the game is playable I can't continue sorry <3 I'll be back.

if you're on the discord you can dm me privately, I know some workaround info that may help, though it may also contain spoilers

Unfortunately I'm not and it's ok Ill wait for Dae to just fix this, I did what these releases are intended to do..... find bugs for him to fix.  I just wish I could of look for more but it just got sooo bad lol I was getting more annoyed then anything so. 

Thanks tho.