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Share your soundclouds or bandcamps Sticky

A topic by leafo created Dec 15, 2015 Views: 8,686 Replies: 129
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Musician/Composer from Denver, Colorado. 

Have made music for short films but would love to get into making music for games.

Here's my soundcloud. I make songs for it sometimes, tho not very often.

Hope you like the songs in the collection!

This piece is from an ambient album released recently, quite a characteristic tone 

Hello everyone My name is Daniel Teodoro. I am media composer. Graduated from a top film scoring college, and I would love to dive into the gaming world more! If you ever need music please feel free to contact me! Some of my works are on here. My email is 

Se Habla español

Also, does anyone know what the right Height X Width is for album covers?  Part of the title for my Universal Wars songs keep getting cropped out.

Hello everyone, I'm new here! Composer currently in LA
Here's my soundcloud:
Also if anyone has spotify, this be me:

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