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Awesome title, really enjoyed it

Solid 8/10 game

An alright game. The monochromatic theme is novel, but quickly becomes a logistical nightmare. Projectiles, doors, enemies, coin, and the player's own orbs are all the same color and roughly the same shape; this makes it impossible to keep track of multiple objects on screen at the same time.

I like the orb concept in general, however it is a little underdeveloped. It would be cool if orbs had to be replenished by killing enemies, or picking up coins, or if there was a timer visible for the orb regeneration, but it pretty much feels as if you posses infinite orbs, as is.

I couldn't tell, but the room generation seems static (i.e. no randomization). This is fine, just not what I was expecting from a rouge-like with 5 different classes to choose from. I accidentally found myself wandering down the same path and fighting the tank/bomb boss multiple times.

In all, a neat proof-of-concept, would love to see more gameplay and synergistic depth between the classes. For now, the classes all feel a little "samey."


The beats don't reach down to the yellow squares, and when you press F or J, the beat that disappears is way up at the top

The art is really cool, and I like the idea

hmm, the numpad doesn't work and there's no way to backspace. Also, I can't tell if the equations use PEMDAS, or if the equations just read left-to-right

Beautiful little indie game. I really dug this one

Fun project! I liked the ideas in this game. The boxes were neat and there's a lot that you could do with the 3-D moving box element. That last level was my favorite. The maze elements that tie in with each, forcing the player to find keys to unlock certain doors/etc. was a super enjoyable puzzle. I think more could be done to make that maze less claustrophobic and fit the theme of the rest of the game more. I obviously couldn't read Indonesian, but it would be cool to see a story told in this manner (using the laboratory setting and snippets of letters/notes). I had a ton of trouble trying to figure out where the boxes where supposed to go because the holes blend right into the wall.


Really cool title. I think the atmosphere and art direction is great, and the gameplay is pretty solid. For a first title, also very impressive. 

I think the shooting mechanics need extra work; I felt there wasn't enough control over how high the player can jump, and so it was really difficult to aim my shots. I also felt that 45 degrees up/down was way too much of an angle to actually shoot with. The shotgun was a cool addition. Reducing the delay before the shotgun fires would help a lot, because the shotgun is already short-ranged and slow. It doesn't need another handicap. Enemies don't telegraph their attacks until the second area, so it's really hard to visually keep track of how close an enemy is to firing back at the player. The first boss had some projectiles that would spawn in on top of the player with no warning. On the subject of bosses: The second boss has a laser that follows the player... I think it's fine to have just a millisecond of telegraph (which is what you do), however the state of the boss doesn't change once it is firing this laser. Thus, I feel the player needs to be directly told precisely how to deal with this new boss-state. Learning boss patterns by memory is common, but the player has to be able to learn what the pattern actually is.

In all, a captivating visual art-style and it immediately intrigues the player into exploring this game. With some more explicit telegraphing to the player on what the objectives are and how exactly to complete them, I think this could be a super challenging title in a great way.


I played your game! It's a really unique idea and captivating. With a little bit of polish, this could easily be a great game. I like the analogy for reading as typing; it seems pretty apt. I wish the energy mechanic was less taxing. It seems to completely run out every 15 seconds. Also, the food is not as fleshed out as it could be. Would like to see where an idea like this could go!


Gave your game a playthrough; looks really cool and reminds me of the storytelling in Davey Wreden's Beginner's Guide, so I think you're doing things really well. However, I got stuck on the invisible platforms bit. Unreal threw a bug message about rendering lighting, so I'm not sure if it's intentional but on the part that says, "Now you're really lost," I uh... got really lost. If you give that part a bit of reworking I'll give it another go!

Very cool little game. Got all of the endings ;) Very small game, could use more depth, but it remains very cohesive. The artstyle, music, and general tone is coherent and permeates every aspect of this game. The poems for each ending are fun which, again, contribute to that similar tone. Easy 7/10

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Interesting little game, very cool art direction. The platforming felt pretty decent to use, and the main concept was unique and felt polished. However, while a cool concept, it's a very unpolished game and there's not much depth to the mechanic. Extra game features don't make use of the main mechanic very well and it leads to a daisy-chain of unrelated button mashing. The windmill mechanic is also horrible. Wall-jumping was nigh impossible to use, and platforms we obscured by the background. Respawn points were mediocrely placed. The main teleporting mechanic was consistent. The slow motion mechanic was never useful. Solid 5/10. Not bad at all

Interesting little game! Would be cool to see your highscores afterwards or your times for each level

Very cool, a little difficult at the beginning but once you get the hang of it, it takes off!

Great stuff mate! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, I put a lot of work into the game!

Awesome stuff man, thanks for playing it!!