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Looking forward to playing your stuff this dd.

No, not at all, that's why I wrote a disclaimer on it on the bandcamp. I am very pro sharing, and not a big fan of how intellectual property rights are mostly set up.

Hey, cool that you used the music! Thank you for the shoutout too. 

The lovestory between Cabernet and Plummington will be an epic to behold...

Thank you, its long and will get updated again soon! Probably tomorrow, so you might want to wait. Have reworked a lot of the beginning. 

Thank you, they will be lovely to read, nothing to apologize for though. 

Post devlogs please

Cant try it out, but it seems fun, make a youtube video of it so I can watch it!

This looks very cute, I have so little time but it's on my to play list for now...

Hello! Thank you for playing through it, one of the endings for chapter 1 is up too, another one is coming. So far you will only be able to reach them by using the cheating room. Thank you for your very kind comments.

“although I must admit I find the wilderness music more appealing than the city stuff, although that might be on purpose because that place is gross in general.”

The music is themed to the locations and will change with the chapters too, chapter 2 will have its own musical styling etc. I quite like the citysongs, but they are supposed to feel more oppressive and “modern”.  


“but reclaiming the mariner set is far too tempting because it's the only one where you know exactly what you are getting ahead of time. It's also significant for the story and Sarah's personality.”

Once I have gotten further along the game is meant to be played several times, some of the choices are weighed to give points against different results and endings, this goes for the abilities too. Going full “bad choices” do give you the strongest Sarah at this moment, depending on how you set her up you can defeat her final bosses in two attacks or something like that, but it takes some optimization. Thematically reclaiming the mariner skillset is a way to put her on a brighter path, it is a requirement for the most “happy” ending. 

“By the way, I was rather impressed by how Mosca's card was the only one available for a long time, I didn't expect it to have that much relevance.” 

Yeah, I wanted it to have an impact, it will be usable by later characters as well in the future. 

“On an unrelated note, I wish the toaster robot had more to say, I tried talking to her multiple times but she only repeated her introduction every time.”

An additional “social scene” is planned for her, like the ones you can get with Gordon and Sally. She is a part of the “Saviour Ending” for chapter one too and getting that ending will trigger her making a return in a future chapter. 

“He also loses his one nice attack buff near the end of the demo.”

This is actually a bug I need to fix. His attacks are tied to his weapon category, he changes weapon category once he gets “Manhunter”. Your comments here are very appreciated, the combat system still needs a lot of work, the lack of descriptions for some skills will be fixed someday too, it is lack of polish. His role in the future will be more clearly multihit glass cannon. Anger stat keeps certain enemies from using special skills, not usable against most bosses though.

In general the combat system has improved, but still needs some real balancing. 

“On that note, the idea of having 2 separate stories playing at the same time was pretty cool and served to greatly increase tension so that was a good idea.”

More of a hassle to set up than I initially thought, but I think it did give act 3 a unique sense of pacing. It also has another purpose, the “Billy parts” will be completely exchanged for another story depending on player choice once I am done with the new alternate act. It's a darker version you get with Billy´s father, Arthur, as a companion. 

“When it comes to the item system, I beat the whole demo without spending a single dollar on consumables and I'm not sure what to make of that. I also butchered some enemies and never used the items they dropped. I think I'm an idiot.”

Game is beatable with minimal grinding and not a lot of item use, you can do some crazy things by using the items though, such as making child Sarah more or less unkillable. One of the key ideas behind the system is to make it intentionally very abusable, there are some things planted there for the purpose of breaking shit, not a lot of people have done so however. This goes for the entire combat system, not just the items. 

“Finally, I think we might have a similar taste in literature or perhaps the volume of references is so big that I managed to get a bunch of them. The one about the Night Land caught me particularly off-guard for some reason. Perhaps because the end of the world scenario in that book is the opposite of what someone like Billy would expect, that is, the wilderness becomes uninhabitable and the only "safe" places are cities, or city, strictly speaking.” 

Whatever you choose for the comparison at the beginning of act 3 you get actual information about the world and its characters, although poetically described. The Night Land is a very difficult book to read, but I did love it and it has influenced the narrative in some big ways. You will get to see more of how it is relevant in the future. 

I am very thankful for your post, sorry for the late reply, working fulltime and using most of my freetime for the game is getting a bit hectic. The fanart is lovely.

Looks cool, will try it out soon!

I have no problems with it, if its not you changing windows and it not loading I unfortunately do not know what the problem is. 

Game only loads while the window is up, which version did you try? 

Loredump section, I approve. I am kind of hoping for a b-plot with a vampire villain, since they have the “evil lore”. 

I choose reading for the hobby choice, Eva route on full blast I hope. My friend chose gaming. She asked for customization for Gabe in some way, not sure how that would work since we do not know how he looks. 

The philosophical messages in the game are interesting. I personally do not believe in moral objectivity, but I can see how that makes sense if your perspective is based on faith. I do think my general conclusions concerning how someone should live their life and treat other people are not that different from the ones I think the game is generally trying to convey however, if you exclude the ones that directly relate to god. 

I base my moral assumptions on a sort of practicality of progress I guess, what I think is most useful for a person and for society at large. 

Sympathy is better than selfishness, pure nihilism and self-indulgence does not lead to a higher amount of happiness in the world, pretty much sums it up. 

I skipped basketball btw, my friend went to martial arts. 

There is some visual bug I have noticed, screen flashes black sometimes and gets some sort of visual noise, not sure what triggers it but it seems to happen while changing from one image to another. 

Game recommendation section. Quite like the type moon games as well, never played Muv Luv. 

Monsterdev gacha-addict confirmed. 

Played until clubactivity choice for now.

Combat gets a lot more complicated later, act 1 just introduces some of the core stuff. It's a big boon to grind a little early, game can be cleared without it but it is much, much harder. Lots of things concerning the combat is still being worked on and will be polished when chapter 1 is completely done. Lots of balancing and stuff to do and animations to rework.  

Sorry, there are no translated versions planned at all at this moment, would be cool if we could make it happen in the future though!

A very cool environment, I wish I had an interact button to do something with some of these objects, the phone in particular. 

Thank you!

I have two games I want to submit, one of them: I submitted but it got removed and now I cannot submit it again?  What is the reason for this? I am actively working on both games. 

Not a lot to comment on here. Why does your track get removed when you change category from one sort of piece to another? Seems like a pretty fatal flaw, even in a tech demo such as this. I can imagine there being a future for this project though, perhaps going micro machines rather than the train route, or both. 

It took me a few moments to figure out that I need to align the small dot with its parent circle, this is not at all obvious. At first I tried collecting all the dots in one space, moving them together, then connecting two circles of different colors, then the same. Thought you might find this interesting. All in all it is a interesting concept, trying to focus at more than one thing at the same time eventually, I wonder how it looks when someone actually good plays this. 

It needs a restart button. 

Barely touched your game but I am writing a comment to remember to play this more later. Seems pretty complicated, with a lot of story and lore, which is very interesting to me. 

Pretty sweet Dune-game. It simple but fun, would work well as a minigame for something bigger perhaps. I do wish the fuel mechanic was a bit more lenient, but on the other sand that just means I was not that good at it. 

Thank you, I really appreciate it. I am, but I almost never post there, I am very active in the kalemonvo discord however. It's a very welcoming place and a lot of devs hang there and post progress, both from aggie and other places. 

Thank you, very curious to what you will think about act 3 if you get to it. Its a big departure. Just so you know, there is more divergent paths planned, one for the entirety of act 3 which would be the "darkest version" of the story, but its not done yet. If you play as a monster you will still get into the normal version of act 3 for now. 

I think some character themes might do this game very well. Concerning the music it does have very high production values, its clean and well put together, but what I felt it lacked was indeed personality. Out of the tracks I have heard so far they all fit the scenes but there was not much I latched on to or something that made me feel: I want to hear this again. 

Character themes is probably a perfect solution, even a solo piano with some clear cut and distinct melodies will probably add that extra feeling. Such melodies, depending on how they are put together, could also fade in and out over other songs as a character has a specific moment.

 I would also consider creating a strong main theme eventually, something to use for trailers and such. I would go full cathedral pop if I were you, a blend between organs and something like a classic anime intro. It would fit the blend of themes the game has as well and you could reuse melodies from the theme in key scenes. Just a thought. 

Hopefully I will feel I have some time to read this summer, Earthsea will be put on the list. The Ender books has some religious themes running in the background of the narrative which you might appreciate , even though the author is a mormon and not a catholic. This is more apparent in the second book than the first. Among Atwoods works I think my favorite is the Oryx and Crake trilogy, it portrays a very specific and dystopian view of the future, but she is overall just an excellent writer, although her thoughts concerning things do not always align with my own. 

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Its really good, in both meanings of the word.

Saving the fish or not saving them is an important decision, congratulations, you are on the path of becoming a good person. 

There are quite a few bugs unfortunately, broken collision being one of the more common ones. The titlescreen will be completely overhauled at some point, plan is to have it change as a player progresses through each chapter and make it more representative of each part of the story. 

Many people think it is pretty difficult in the beginning, a few have not, I have nerfed the enemies before, might consider doing so again. Once you get additional partymembers and more combat options it might be more clear how you can influence combat. It happens at the end of act 1. Infinite ladder bug can be triggered in the house, it's a way to "keep getting ladders".  This is not something required but at least for now leads to optional secret content in the first chapter ending.  There may be other secrets in there, and more coming. 

Environments get increasingly varied and complex, I have grown a bit as an artist since I began, gonna rework a lot of the earlier ones, meaning those in the beginning of the game. It's a long ride if you are willing to stick with it. 

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Would love to see youtube-videos, there are some major change ups coming up between the different acts, think you have scratched act 1 a little. Act 2 ramps things up, Act 3 goes full rollercoaster. Same with the music. Very curious to hear your thoughts if you do get further in. Act 1 is almost a tutorial when compared to the rest. There is bunch of foreshadowing both in the environments and in the writing, see if you can figure out how it all fits together. 

Thanks! The beginning is probably the slowest part of the whole!

It is a full release more or less, some bugs and kinks to be worked out. Hope that some people will get through it all and tell which ones are there. You can get to the credits my man. Really glad you enjoyed it.  The music in the motel is intentionally set up that way, and then you get another track for the final fight. It is supposed to trigger when the door opens though, so there actually is a bug there but not the one you thought.

The darker aspects of the story become more apparent with time, but no, there is no real eroticism. Some demons are themed on those kinds of subjects though but with the intention of having sad or horrific implications rather than something being sexy. 

Playing through this a bit more properly this time, we shall see how far I get. I will be writing down my thoughts along the way. 

Early bible quotes, even as an atheist, I am in favor of this. If your game goes bible, might as well go full bible. Interesting transition into the monstergirl lore as well. 

I like the protagonist so far, Gabriel has a good mindset. 

Father John works out. Damien looking sleepy, very good. 

The expressions on the characters are really well done and creative. 

Clover and Eva are both lovely, not a Sera fan, yet. 

Background visuals are all extremely well put together. 

Aria is nice too, the confessional scene was interesting. Overall it is an interesting premise, Catholicism and a "dating-sim style VN". Writing is steeped in it, which makes it fresh and different in a way. 

This is even more evident with the teaching of the nun in the first classroom scene. There is a lot here I would not agree with, but that does not really impact my appreciation of this work. 

Gabe does seem to be a bit of a blank slate, not a lot of personality going on here just yet, except for being a representation of the morals the game wants to convey. I get that some personal flaws, or some quirkier characteristics might not fit the purpose of this project, and it's a bit too early for me to form any more definitive opinion concerning the story and the characters overall. 

Except that Eva is the best, this is evident right away. 

I should mention I am playing this alongside a friend, I chose socializing for the first major choice, she took gaming. 

Not that impressed with the music, kind of bland, but I have some offbeat sensibilities. I think the songs do get the job done and fit a VN. Perhaps a really strong main-theme or two might be good to mix things up, this might already be in as far as I know. I am at the gym sequence. 

The basketball query is funny, you get Wren path points if you choose Bruce Lee? Stephen Curry, naturally. My friend chose Bruce. 

Clover library scene very good, not gonna lie. Eva scene even better. This art is gorgeous. 

Book recommendation section, now this I can get behind. I have read a surprising amount of these titles, just a few of the philosophy ones though. But no romance recommendations? After having it being teased earlier? For shame. Have not read Earthsea either, although the series has been recommended to me, really should. I think you might like the Ender books and some of the Atwood works. 

Will be playing more soon, it's a big game. 

This saddens me, I have really enjoyed my time with fantaswat, but then again I am excited to see what you do next. 

It's a beta version, it is the full game, you can play until the end and finish it. After the sewers the game opens up a bit, more unique encounters, sidequests and minigames. I would say after the sewers you have gotten perhaps 25% through it all, but that depends on how thorough you want to be. A full playthrough usually lands somewhere around 8-12 hours. 

Originally there was supposed to be a joke where you never got to see the face of the Veteran, where his picture did not show his face. One trophy you get shows the whole sewer family, his face excluded, but I went with showing it in the end. I will consider making him turn around. 

Glad you liked it, there are a lot of skills coming up as you progress which you can freely swap between outside of combat in the menu, some trophies also change a lot such as the stethoscope which auto-uses items  that takes away debuffs or status conditions without taking time out of the turn order. It's going to get cooler, it might be worth continuing. Combat is a lot more like old FF than pokemon at its core, there is a lot of turnorder manipulation possible.

The time has come, will be playing through the new missions, writing down thoughts as I play. 

New wizard and cleric class, also read through the class writeups properly this time. The lore is good, quite like the overall implications about society and different races in this world. A storymode campaign might be good at some point with some characters, but that depends on how big you want to make this. 

Still playing like a maniac building killteams and not thinking that much about score... 

First team is all dwarves, extra armor + 1 cleric and 1 wizard. Focusing on damage output. 

Hostage campaign was really fun, my setup worked well. Not many arrests got done, but civilians did get saved. 

Wizfluencers turning lich, now we are talking. 

Oof, the new song is fucking heavy. The mimics did give me a scare. A lot of good men were lost fighting the barricaded wizard. 

Damaskustime, new banger song here too. This level is really fucking fun, shows of the potential of your game well. Big ups for including the lines of the characters. Mission was a complete massacre. Including these fantasy elements for crooks really ups the fun, more strange enemies will only improve this game. 

Grinding hole lore was appropriate and made me laugh. Design of the level and the music reflects my stupid game well. It even has nonsensical collision. 

On another note, kind of love it when the whole crew starts reloading. Did not expect a boss sequence, the entire level was great. I loved it. 

No hurry, love your work and will keep on playing it. 

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The backstory and lore on the gamepage is on point. Really enjoy your writing. I really enjoy the texture work too, and the alien landscape. Character creation worked fine. 

This Resca awoke almost naked in an hostile and alien landscape, intrigued by the unearthly sounds and faraway trumpeting she began to explore. She did not find the gun. 

She did find a temple of sorts in which she hoped to find new perspectives, she did not and failed to climb up upon its roof, instead doing a few laps in the tunnels of the wall which contained it. 

She wondered if she was Mongol, or if she would meet Mongol, or perhaps if Mongol was a symbol of man all along. 

She did eventually decide to move towards the vibrating walls, perhaps containing the creatures created to torture Mongols mind, and their tracking had put them all in a corner, gathered together like a clump of fear. 

She suspected this might work to her advantage and that she could cliphit them through the corner, alas their reach did get her and she was slain. Luckily some presence had saved just before trying. 

This presence wished he had a bow and arrows, so he could cheese this shit like in the Morrowinds of ancient ages past. 

Resca climbed up upon the vibrating wall, jumping maniacally at a nearby cliff, and there she saw a humble rat on it that was flipping the fuck out. The rat flew off into space for some reason, and mirth was had. 

The zombies kept hounding Resca as she walked along the wall and the presence thought that perhaps the name "zombie" was a missed opportunity and that something else would me more intriguing. 

The rat returned, or perhaps it was a new rat, but neither it nor Resca could hurt one another. A companion had been gained. 

A few huts, or blackened eggs could be seen at the other side of the wall. The presence already knew there was a person inside one of them. But how to get there with the constant presence of an angry horde? 

Ratfriend got stuck on the wall and could not further join Resca on her journey. Resca decided to see if blocking made her immortal against the threats of the world, it did not. 

Resca did manage to jump to the top of a mountain to witness the creature that hovered above, also contained by vibrating flying walls, perhaps as stuck as she was. 

In the end Resca did run to the humble Bottlesnake, but after noticing his words were those of the background lore she decided to hit him. This angered the man which promptly made him hunt her which in turn actually turned him against the zombies. He killed some of them. Two rats were seen stuck in a wall. 

Eventually Bottlesnake and the zombies turned into a sort of clump in a corner, spazzing out. 

Thus my experience has ended. 

Curse is explained as a part of the tutorial, I want to add a status effect symbol outside of combat for it too at some point, but that goes on the polish list. I want to grind through all of the story content for chapter 1 before I seriously start fixing and improving things. There are a lot of small issues here and there, and some major ones,  I will look over it properly when all of the story is in there.